March 2016 Duran Doll! - Dominican Republic

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She is the best when it comes to those upside down...

She is the best when it comes to those upside down heart shaped buttocks not to mention snatching those waists! I was team Dr. J curves when starting this journey but I've been introduced to realself and have since broadened by horizons. I've received three quotes so far Dr. J being my first and most expensive Dra. Duran and Dra. Yily.

Deposit Paid

I have paid my deposit after years of researching and being overdue for a change. I'm using Laura Rodriquez with SurgiCoordinator. Laura has been quick to respond. I'm looking to have surgery done March 2016. I have a few pounds to lose but I'm so ready.

Deposit Paid

So I've paid my deposit to Laura SurgiCoordinator she messeged me back asking what date I wanted after I had already asked her if late March was available. She has yet to respond back to me giving me a yes or no. She was so prompt with previous questions now it's like taking forever to get a response. But I'm off work tomorrow and have nothing to do but get answers from her to questions I have. I have started following a few ladies who are planning to be in the DR around the same time i would like to be.

Date is set

I finally for a message back from Laura with my date late March 2016. I'm excited my weight loss journey has begun, I'm not to worried because I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm now looking for plane tickets which seems insane.

Weight loss journey

So I'm losing weight which is awesome. My aunts friend r3 went to Roblea and she asked me how does it feel knowing your getting ready to go to the Dr and your like 500 pounds lol. I'm losing the weight Duran suggested I want to get the best results and possible I know Robles is a beast she can turn a whale into a Barbie no offense ladies I'm a thick chick myself that's just how good she is.

Username and photo change

I've updated my user name and profile photo as I'm getting more serious about this and the crazies out in the world.

Medical tourism

Having your surgery coordinated is not unheard of or unusual. Some of the surgeons are in higher demand then others. Some are much more accessible. When I first started researching I got quotes from Duran and Yily via e-mail. It took me the longest to get one from Dr. J in atl. If you are in no hurry then wait it out send e-mails, call the office, Dm them on Instagram, send messages via Facebook do what you have to do. Bella vita consultants have instgrams that are very informative. They show you photos of the interactions they have with the surgeons. Now the process of getting them to assist you isn't as easy as it is for the SurgioCoordinator which is the reason I didn't use them. But ladies do your research.

Duran March 2016

I'm waiting for my labs that I had drawn during a visit I had with my pcp. I will begin taking vitamins once I know my levels. It's a lot of work preparing for surgery I about need to take a short term leave just kidding I've made my lists and I'm checking them twice. Good luck to everyone on these journeys we may not have the same surgeons but we all have the same goal in mind.


So I had a regular check up with my pcp not even knowing that I was going to pay my deposit and book with Duran anywho I requested routine blood work you know CBC, CMP, HgbA1c etc. I get a call today and my hemo level is a whooping 11.5 so I'm gonna have to have more labs drawn then I will talk to pcp about boosting that baby up.

New doctor

I have let my surgery day come and go and I have switched doctors. I am now going with Dra Robles my aunts friend had surgery with her a few years ago and she turned her from a whale to a Barbie literally. I decided to go with Robles because she works more with bigger framed girls as Duran is doing the smaller girls and I feel I will get the best results with my body type with Robles.
Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán

Dra. Walkiris Robles

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