i found this good dr gustavo , i need some picture if you know him and i an looking foward to use him. - Dominican Republic

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Hi guys , I found this Dr. Gustavo Almsnzar, he...

Hi guys , I found this Dr. Gustavo Almsnzar, he sounds really great and he speak english with no accent and he used to live in the USA. I am thinking about using him. any advice?
he sounds like he knows what to do. He said to me he will give me a butt better than the picture.
IF any of you had used him before please let me know , i need some advice and picture.
is there anyone who would like to have a surgery before and after my date? i just need a traveling Buddy lol.

need traveling buddy


does anyone going to the dominican republic on june 24,25,26,?. i need a travel buddy for support.even though my friend is going , the more the merrier. i am going for a bbl, from dr. gustavo office.please message me. if you have any advice or any sort, i would appreciate. i am goinf a brazilian butt lift. i have been communicate with him via whatsapp and text

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HELLO I HAD MY LIPO / BBL DONE YERTERDAY BY THE GREATEST A D NICEST DR I have ever know DR GUSTAVO ALMANZAR . I am in no pain but I am little sore . The hospital is a 5 STAR hospital it's like a HOTEL. It's clean , organized and quiet . He will answer all you questions and make sure you are comfortable. He speak good English

29 Years Old

I have been waiting a butt ally days . I tried everything excersise curvy diet pills and all but nothing works.i came in real self I did my homework. Post my pictures, but dr Gustavo was the first dr who called me and I new he was the butt creator right seay. I book my flight and went to the DR.

Finally the monent I have been waiting for . I went to the DR with back fat and come back with ass

14 days post OP

This is the butt Dr. Gustavo Almanzar Give. He's the butt Hero
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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