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I have started on my journey.... I'm a 41 y.o....

I have started on my journey.... I'm a 41 y.o. mommy of 4, and after turning 40, started on my journey. I have had a TT and BA, and am pleased with my results. However, I am ready to complete my journey to having the complete body and face that I have always desired. I am... "going all the way!" I look good in my clothes now, but I am looking forward to looking drop dead gorgeous totally naked. I love this site... All of you ladies are awesome! Never been so excited!

Contacted Dra. Yily... trying to get a...

Contacted Dra. Yily... trying to get a confirmation of a quote and a date. Have been reading about all of your trials and tribulations with getting scheduled with Dra. Yily, so I am frustrated, but can be patient... I guess! LOL! I have been looking at all of your pictures from after surgery (those who post) and you ladies look amazing! Congratulations. Hoping that more of you post. I plan to. I have before pics that I will post soon.

Super excited... on the phone with Yily's office...

Super excited... on the phone with Yily's office now... My husband agreed this morning to the surgery (long story) and I am trying to get a final quote and date!! YAY!!

...on hold again... "un momento, por favor..." argh!

...on hold again... "un momento, por favor..." argh!

Ok... no outcome to this morning's call... still...

Ok... no outcome to this morning's call... still no date. Still no quote. But I still have hope b/c my husband is supporting me in this. Was told that I will get a quote later today, and can confirm my date as soon as I get the quote... argh! ;-( I hate waiting.

No response after speaking with 3 ppl today at Dra...

No response after speaking with 3 ppl today at Dra. Yily's office... :-(

Ok so after a few drinks at the bar (we are out of...

Ok so after a few drinks at the bar (we are out of town for the weekend) my husband and I had a chat... or rather he told me his thoughts behind why I want a nice behind... I have loved this man for 20 years and I have always been "average" and he's always been "that guy"... well, long story short, he thinks I am looking to move on and am "tuning up" first! I cannot believe him. I have no plans to change anything in my life but my looks... I have 4 kids and now I want "that" body. He thinks its for the attention of others, but to be honest (b/c I can be that with strangers in like situations...lol), I want all of his attention. He's always been an ass man, likes 'em thick. I want to be his complete fantasy... and his wife. Is there anything wrong with that? But he acts like he doesn't get it. Anyway... today is going to be a long day. But I am sti

Heart hascgrown dark. Can't wait to do this 4 me...

Heart hascgrown dark. Can't wait to do this 4 me...

I can't sleep thinking about this surgery! OMG! I...

I can't sleep thinking about this surgery! OMG! I know it has been less than a week, I can't stand waiting to spend my own money! Lol! It's burning a hole! Can I get a quote and pay for my date already?!? All of you ladies have great stories and beautiful results that inspire me. To all that I haven't "stalked" yet and that have surgery soon, hope all goes perfectly. Congratulations! Hope to be where you are soon.

Yay... Quote received, date agreed. Making deposit...

Yay... Quote received, date agreed. Making deposit today... Yay! Yyyyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy!

Deposit made... Booking flight and accommodations...

Deposit made... Booking flight and accommodations now! ;-)

Was nervous as hell... couldn't find my passport....

Was nervous as hell... couldn't find my passport. Who travels out of the country several times in a year and can't find their damned passport? Lol! SMH!

Just read a review and wow... she had me cracking...

Just read a review and wow... she had me cracking up! I am so worried about how this surgery will affect my relationship, but I really want to do this for me! I hope it all works out ok, and am praying that we can work through this. I would hate to throw 20 years away due to what he calls my "midlife crisis"... (can't believe he called it that!)

I left Yily a message in Spanglish on her cell,...

I left Yily a message in Spanglish on her cell, and she accepted my pay pal payment! Yay!! I am elated. Gotta make me a margarita and celebrate! I know that I am going to have to stop drinking them soon to get into surgery shape, so I better have one now! LOL!

Why is it that every booty themed song is my theme...

Why is it that every booty themed song is my theme song now... lol. Ms. New Booty, Back Dat Ass Up, Pumps n a Bump, Baby Got Back, Big Ole Butt, (Doin) Da Butt, Shake Ya Ass, Bootylicious, (Feeling On) Ya Booty, Rump Shaker, Daisy Dukes, Thong Song, Laffy Taffy, Hips Don't Lie, She Get It From Her Mama, (Dance) Ass Ass Ass, My Humps, Drop It Like Its Hot, Pull Over (that ass is too fat)...lol

I may need to change my date to later... life is...

I may need to change my date to later... life is not always fair, is it? (I hate that saying.)

Ok, just when I started to feel crappy because of...

Ok, just when I started to feel crappy because of all that is going on around me, Yily sent me an email... ok. I am refreshed. Everything will work itself out, I am sure! #TeamYily

Just finished working out. Im 5'8, 175 lbs, trying...

Just finished working out. Im 5'8, 175 lbs, trying to get to 165 before sx. Hoping to tone up my arms, maybe they won't need lipo...lol.

Okay, so I am asking Yily about the Puffy Pee Pee...

Okay, so I am asking Yily about the Puffy Pee Pee Pastry (lol on the name), and know that at my age, I have lost volume in many places (and have gained them in others). The wonderful thing is, I have some to take and some to give... even exchange on my own body! How amazing is that!?! Love all of the information and support that I am getting on RS. I appreciate it!

Well, All... I am changing my date to mid-August....

Well, All... I am changing my date to mid-August. Need to push it back due to heavy work travel and family travel... (so so sad... hate waiting)! But, the good thing is that it gives me some real downtime after surgery to ensure that Miss New Booty remains BootyLiscious (LOL...) and heals properly through getting adequate R and R!

On a serious note, I have been reading and reading and reading on RS, and it is extremely important that we allow for adequate recovery time following surgery. It appears as though some of us have been only allowing a couple of days for recovery. It is completely understandable that we have work and life demands. But if you are spending all of this time, energy and money on surgery, it is best to try to schedule it at a time when you can afford adequate recovery. Safety is key! I would hate to lose any of my BBL sisters due to self-negligence or have anyone report that they are dissatisfied with their results based on not allowing for adequate recovery time. I had BA and TT at a PS in California last year, Dr. Joseph Togba, and he did an excellent job on the BA and TT. I had silicone implants and my TT is awesome. However, I wish I had more aggressive lipo, AND, I wish that I had known more about recovery from lipo, as I may have been able to have a positive affect on my results by being more knowledgeable. That being said, I have learned a TON on this site since researching my next procedures, and I must say that I already feel 100% more prepared, not only based on my past experience, but also based on the knowledge that I have gained from all of you on this site.

Still waiting on date change confirmation... other...

Still waiting on date change confirmation... other than that, looking forward to surgery still.

I am still having trouble with my husband. He is the only family member that I told, and he is still being insensitive about the fact that this is for me, not for attention. I am 41 y.o., he is correct, but so what does age have to do with self-improvement. If I was still in my 20's, I'd be wasting my time, as I was still having kids. And he'd be trying to still get me pregnant, which would cause a whole other set of arguments and questions about why I didn't want more kids... so... someone on here told me to try to equate it to a nice car... men want nice cars, with the nice trim packages, all clean and shiny, so why wouldn't you want a wife that is the same? I am confused and sad and angry that he is not trying to understand... or that it seems that he is not. I am frustrated, but am not backing down...

Family member opinion and our decisions to make changes to our bodies: What questions do we ask ourselves to determine what the threshold is for criticism and when do we give or accept ultimatums?

So..... (drum roll please...) Yily has confirmed...

So..... (drum roll please...) Yily has confirmed my date change of 19 AUG 2013!!! I am freaking elated! I mean ELATED! Now, I feel like I can plan... I feel like I can finally plan!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

So, family matters... I am moving on into getting prepared for surgery. Putting my PTO request in and booking a flight soon.

Anyone going to Yily ~19 AUG, let me know.

++++++++PREPARATION IS KEY++++++++++++ So, of...

++++++++PREPARATION IS KEY++++++++++++

So, of course, I am an anxious as everyone else on RS to get this party started! I have, as everyone else on RS, been doing some research, making lists, gathering up supplies from around the house, etc. Here is what I have planned so far:

Flight scheduled to arrive in DR on Sunday, August 18 at 1:30pm and return to the US on Sunday, August 25, leaving DR at 11am. I am flying coach there and first class back home. There is NOTHING better, trust me, than flying first, as there are meals, wider, more comfortable seats, and you will not get the service and attention in coach. Your body will need it.

I am awaiting confirmation of JMSpa. Since I will only be there for a week, FOR NOW, I decided that I will stay there for my entire time in the DR. I will reassess this in a few weeks (right now I have the luxury of time).

I have looked around the house (always a great place to start), and have found the following supplies:
1) Dermablast spray - Ladies... I was introduced to this little blue aerosol can when I had my 3rd child... when I tell you that his big head came blasting out of there, no epidural, no incision, no grease... man oh man! I LOVE my son, but he has the biggest head IN THE WORLD, and he caused a lot of friction and a little tear (which I NEVER had before). The next morning, when I had to go to the bathroom, I felt like a dragon was blowing on my ass from inside the commode. The nurse handed me the magic blue aerosol can, and I sprayed everything in my vaginal and anal area - shit, I probably put a hole in the ozone layer myself! ... but voila! Like magic... all sensation went away! It was a miracle. No burning, no itching, no irritation, no pain, even after wiping. I spray it on every skin irritation and it works wonders! I am NOT leaving the US without it. It is an antiseptic spray, so it is safe for all wound types, and it works like lidocaine on the skin, and does not burn.
2) scissors - the cute little cheetah handled ones, with a 2.5 inch blade, just in case.
3) tegaderm - this bandage type is the best at keeping areas dry, so if you need to wash an area or cover an area, this works well, especially as to not get something dirty or have it rub (i.e., covering the area where the drain enters into the skin when needing to put on clothing). Used in hospitals over IV entry areas.
4) tylenol PM - eases me into a deep sleep, without me feeling groggy in the morning.
5) diurex - water pill (OTC)
6) children's benadryl liquid - I use it to wash down pain meds that I know will cause me to itch and avoid the reaction, especially the first couple days after surgery. That way, no additional pill to swallow and the dosage is easy to control. Also, not as much drowsiness for me as when I take benadryl pills in adult strength. Don't want to be comatose... not in another country and not when needing to assess pain levels.
7) alka seltzer - I, personally, am an alka seltzer junkie... It calms my stomach, especially when eating something that my stomach may not be accustomed to when traveling. It settles the extra stomach acid. And it travels easily... very easily.
8) halls cough drops - great to sooth throats after anesthesia, long periods of sleep, in drafty planes (even if you have a blanket on)
... MORE TO COME... (this is just what I found after a quick look around the house)
1) thin capri sweat suit bottoms with zip jacket (think: bebe summer sweats) - I keep seeing people put that they are taking over the head sweat shirts etc..... no, no, can't do that. First, it is going to be HOT, so I am not trying to wear any long thick pants. Capris will be long enough to go over my garment that includes legs due to having thigh lipo. Second, as far as the top, I could NOT have pulled anything over my head after I had my TT and BA. I am not getting those procedures again, of course, but with arm lipo and full back and stomach lipo, I am SURE that I am not going to be wanting to pull anything more than a sleeveless tee over my head. Zipping will be all of the arm exertion that I can take the first few days, I am sure.
2) maxi skirt - I am not going to want to pull a maxi DRESS on; again, nothing over my head. Also, this will be easier to take on and off. It is also easier for managing the hiding of drains, if needed, and keeping pressure off the skin.
3) stretchy tanks - will work fine to take off and put on. Different that wearing a maxi dress, as there is not all that added material to manage pulling over your head and the stretchiness makes it a manageable amount of work.
4) toe socks - I guess "to each, her own" but I don't like being in strange places without something on my feet. Now, I will certainly be wearing ted-hose (compression socks), but with the toes out. I like toe socks because they keep my toes from sweating, but also I can slide on flip flops easily. Loved these after my first PS.

Anyway, this is just a preview... I have also looked online (amazon.com) and found the p-style (my girlfriend had thigh lipo and she SWORE by it, as she could NOT squat), various faja's (not sure where to go with this yet), lipo foam, chin lipo compression garment, and chux pads. The vitamins are also there (pre-/post-surgical), but not sure of where the best deal is for those yet.

From all that I have read, I plan to do the following:
1) print out, bring receipts of all payments, including quote email, leave and bring copy of passport (recommended for all foreign travel), and flight information
2) complete payment of Yily prior to surgery via her chase account (only bring $$ for possible additional procedures, i.e., puff pastry and botox, and JMspa)
3) bring a plastic mattress cover and at least 1 personal pillow case
4) double check about calling to and from (within) the DR through your wireless carrier.
5) download a translation application to your phone, iPad, other device

There is more that I want to include, and will do so later... Have a great weekend ladies, and good luck to all going to surgery next week!

Yily set me an email this weekend, confirming my...

Yily set me an email this weekend, confirming my date again... yay! Happy to keep hearing from her. Can't wait until August!

Changed date again...... AUG 27th

Argh! business meeting taking my date over.... guess I cannot complain, otherwise how would I be paying? Also, gives me more time to plan, I guess... just anxious!


Hey Ladies,
I know that we all want to go from where we are right this minute, in terms of body weight, size, shape, and image, to that of "damn near" a (place whatever your ideal image holder's name here)-body look-alike. This world, in particular Westernized society, generally favors beautiful people, whether it be face, body, etc. And typically, only those "in favor" discredit this theory or believe/argue otherwise. (Note that money plays a huge part in being favored as well, but I am not focusing on that right now, as at the end of the day, the result of being "in favor" also leads to somehow attaining money...)

That being said, it is not that I am leading into stating that we should not be trying to become or seek whatever we feel that we lack or otherwise desire, as why else would I be here? And no, I am not here to say that we are all already beautiful the way we are so we should just be happy with what God gave us, or again, why would I be here? I am preparing for my transformation now...

But (there is always a "but"), I am hoping that we are being smart though. As we all know, instant gratification, although desired, is rare. It may seem as though it can happen, but typically unless we change something, we tend to fall back into whatever state we were in before hand.

What I am getting at is that we all have to make sure that we understand that surgery can be dangerous, no matter who performs it. We need to make sure we are preparing our bodies: that we are working on our health before hand. We need to be exercising so that our hearts and lungs are prepared... So that our muscles are prepared. I don't mean that we need to go in at marathon runner or Beyonce dancer health and fitness, but we need to get moving, break our unhealthy habits (we know which ones are contraindicated for surgery) and ensure that we are in a mindful state of health before surgery. That means not eating everything we see, drinking more water, taking the stairs at work or home, taking a walk around the block or the mall every day or every other day, doing those exercise tapes at least 20 min a day, playing dance dance revolution with the kids or your friends... Anything! Don't get discouraged, you don't necessarily have to lose 30-40 lbs to be healthy. Skinny or fat, bad health comes in all sizes and being small does not equate to being healthy.

Ladies, let's make sure we are going in it to win it...Meaning, let's make sure that we are in it for the long haul, setting ourselves up for success. We all know that there are inherent risks with surgery, but we can do our part to ensure that our bodies are ready to undergo these very rigorous and exhausting procedures.

I am a fan of Plastic Surgery! I think that the advancement of medicine and science, to this end, is fascinating! I can't wait to have my procedures done.... And I know that once I elect to have my procedures, I am putting my life at risk. I know hat I need to do everything I can to be prepared... Talking to you ladies and reading your stories, and understanding what ladies on here are experiencing, is part of that preparation. I appreciate you all. I just know that I want to do my part for my health going into it (because I do plan to get "the works" when I go!), and I don't want to lose any more of you...

Back on-track and moving quickly...

Hey Ladies...
I have been away for a bit. For various reasons, I have had to postpone my surgery, but now am back with a vengeance, and scheduled for surgery on March 26th... I will keep you all updated, but as I just made my appointment, I now find myself a bit behind. I am going to be in the DR from the 24th through April 2nd. Who is going to be out there at that time and where are some of you staying? Any last minute recommendations? HELP!!

Oh... And going to Cabral...

No do'over's allowed, so I cannot get it wrong the first time...

Staying at Healing Haven

So, last minute me found a place to stay: Healing Haven. They have a great package that have options to include a roommate or not, transportation, massages, meals, excursions, nursing care, etc. I am excited!!!

Yikes... so many changes... still not gone yet! On my way for surgery on June 26th with... Yily (back to her again)

Hi Ladies... apologies, but I have had so many changes in so little time. I could not get Cabral's office to confirm in writing, for whatever reason, we were like ships passing in the night, which made me uncomfortable. I was ticketed and even had a RH reserved... so... I canceled my trip, got back in touch with my original choice of surgeon, Yily, and am now booked for June 26th. There is no turning back. I have paid airline change fees (hate to waste money!!) and have everything in place to roll out on the 25th... Just getting final quotes from a couple of RHs, based on the reviews that I have been reading. I am choosing between the one that Yily recommends in her f/u email, Gianna's, and Healing Haven.

I am super excited... trying not to be too anxious, and hoping that I have the support I need when I leave... but either way, I am out... gotta do this for me! Will update more as I move forward. Again, apologies for all of the switching around! Hate to disappoint you all that were waiting for a review of my experience and results, but I promise to update when it gets to that point, because I sure appreciate all of you that have provided your experiences and pictures to all of us still awaiting our turn to become a doll.

Anyone going to the DR for surgery June 25th - July 4th... want to possibly buddy up?

DM me and let me know your plans... double occupancy is everywhere, and may be good to have someone there as a partner in crime. Just a thought, let me know...

Wish Pics

I want a tiny waist and a bubble butt... round at the bottom without a shelf...

Dreaming about surgery... 24 days until I fly out

Still have to pick up maxi pads, more wipes, compression socks... Otherwise, ready to go!

Going to tell my family that I am going on a me-cation

Hey... So I previously stated that my husband was not super supportive about surgery, and more recently, he decided that he did not want to talk about it at all... (Tried to use that "is it really that important" and "there are other things we can do with money" sh*t on me as well! There will ALWAYS be something else we can do with money!) Well, it is not only important to me but it is simply something that I want to do FOR ME... And it's my money I'm working for and saving! It's not interfering with bills, family recreation, work, etc... So... I have decided that I am not going to argue about it with him anymore... I am taking a me-cation! He has been on 2 "men's trips" in the past year (AND has not kept it 100%, but that's another story altogether!) so I am changing the game. I'm "me-ing" and that's it!

I hate having to do it this way and I hate feeling this way, but... he owes me and I deserve this and so damn much more...

Thanks, ladies, for letting me vent... Back to surgery discussion now...

So hard to not have anyone at home to share this journey with!

I have not been able to discuss my surgery with anyone at home, as when I tried to discuss it last year when I was first planning to go, I did not get a positive response. I got a BA in 2012, and although hesitant, my husband supported me. He LOVES the results... and so, that is water under the bridge. However, now that I want something else, he is stating that there are other things we can do with the money (it is my money I have saved, and yes, there is always something else we can do), and is asking why I want something else when he thinks I am just fine. I let it go last year, but time has passed, I slept on it (for about 200 nights!) and I still really want to do it. Sooo, I brought it up. He doesn't want to discuss it. He will not talk about it, and insists I am being unreasonable by wanting to do something for me... so, I am going it alone, leaving on the 25th on a "me-cation" and coming back home in a compression garment and on medication... not sure what else to do. Anyway, sorry for venting ladies, but this is really bothering me...

Ordered my arm compression garment and a chin compression garment

I am getting my arms/armpits and chin lipoed while there, and am also getting a BBL with lipo to the stomach, back, flanks, waist.

Does anyone know if the garment from Yily that is included is good for the first couple of weeks, or do you recommend getting a second one (next stage garment) right away?

Mixed emotions

I have mixed emotions about my husband not knowing or being a part of my preparation for surgery. I really want to do this, like I said - slept on it for over 200 nights trying to decide, and I still really want to have this surgery. He is going to be upset, say it was a waste, he loves me how I am, etc.... but I really want this for me, my own personal reasons, nothing to do with him or how he feels about me... that's external. My reasons are internal. He will never understand, and I don't think he wants to really understand, to be honest. Not sure if I should just tell him, because I feel bad about keeping secrets from him or not being open with him about things (after all, he did say that he did not want to talk about it)... I think he will try to sabotage my leaving or will give me such a hard time or find 1000000 things that we need to do monetary-wise "right now" that my trip will end up being sabotaged indirectly. Ugh!! Don't know what to do...

TT scar - before pictures... gained some (unwanted) weight

Sorry for the dark picture, but I tried to capture my TT scar. It is low, that is good, but my shape is hideous! And yes, my daughter can draw a better happy face than that, but... lol... Also, gained some weight... ugh! Here are some before pics (dark, sorry)... hope Yily can take all of this raggedy fat out and give me a coke bottle shape... (begging!)

Have all of my RH quotes, now just trying to choose one

It is out of Sillohette Recovery (Angie), Healing Haven, and Janets at Centro de Estetica... Will decide by Monday

Simulation... lol

Love this app... just downloaded it. Front and side... this is what I want... this app is awesome!


sorry, so dark...

simulator side

Want vs have pics... side by side

Ok, I know that I am losing it when I have all this time (that I am creating while I am supposed to be working... with my overfull plate of sh** to do)... time, of course, that I really don't have, but lol, oh well... will bring these to Yily... don't mind my big tit on the want picture... couldn't control that part of the app and am not changing my tits... love those to pieces... guess though that they will stick out more with less stomach under them...

21days to go... Just 3 weeks!

Counting down!!! Can't wait!!!

Adding more supplies every day...

...ordered my urinary funnel...

In the teens regarding number of days pre-op... Countdown is real!

Wow... Less than 3 weeks until I leave for the DR. I am nervous, a little, but tired of waiting! I keep thinking, this time next month I will be over 2 week post-op! Crazy!

Not sure if I should order a faja. Yily will give me one, but I will need a second for when I am having mine washed. Not sure of what size, though. Don't want to waste any coins guessing. Oh well, guess I will just be out of garment while mine is getting washed or purchase a second one there??

Arm sleeves came in, and they seem like they fit fine now so I am wondering if they will be enough compression after surgery. May have to put pads in them to make them tighter. Also, chin compression garment came in (getting chin lipo as well)...

I am thinking while writing, and I may just spring for a second faja now, 1 size smaller than I measure per their sizing guidelines. Just don't want it to be too big.

Any advice, please comment. Thanks!

I'm so close to 2 weeks pre-... can't stand it! `

And... my husband agreed to the back lipo. I can't help it if the doctor throws in all of the other areas, can I?

Ordered compression socks!!

Wow... I almost have everything I need. This is serious! I will post a list soon. I would really like to have everything fit into a carry on roller suitcase, and not have to worry about checked luggage if I decide to come back early (as I'd probably have to return on standby to move my flight up)...

Question: For you ladies carrying cash, where are you carrying it?

14 days until I am physically transformed is making me mentally transformed... AKA CRAZY!

I am really excited about my forthcoming transformation... but have SOOO much to do between now and then that I am going crazy! The fact that I am traveling for AAU basketball this weekend and then leaving from that trip to the UK for a business trip, leaves no time for getting ready for my trip to the DR. The good thing it that it keeps me busy and hopefully, helps me not to obsess over this surgery... I guess that is good... right? I just don't want to be unprepared...

And the dreams... OMG! I have had dreams about everything about this surgery, the best one of course is that I turn out absolutely PERFECT!! lol... I know, I have to have realistic expectations, but a girl can dream right? Anyway... gotta get back to work. Oh,and still planning to post a list ASAP.

Date changed (obviously). Going July 24th... Just anxious to get this done

Congratulations to all of the dolls that got transformed this week... I am waiting, yet again, as I had to change my vacation to accommodate work meetings and travel. I put my foot down. I am going! Leaving on the 23rd and coming back on the 30th. More updates as I get closer...

New Flight Booked!

Arriving in the DR on the 23rd! Excited...

Less than 3 weeks away...

I'm down to the teens in terms of #of days until surgery. Not nervous at all just anxious to go! Now I wish my date was sooner!!

Packed in a carry-on sized roll-aboard suitcase... Even got a blanket in there! Here is what I packed:
-2 packs of Huggies wipes (natural care)
-28 Kotex maxi pads (overnights - old school thick pads)
-3 maxi skirts
-2 Capri length sweat pants
-7 tanks
-2 thin zip up jackets
-1 pair spa shoes (rubber slippers)
-1 pair flip flops
-1 pair tennis shoes
-toothpaste/toothbrush/listerine/ deodorant/Vaseline/lotion (all travel-sized)
-compression socks
-ankle socks
-compression calf covers (go from knee to ankle)
-feminine wipes
-Benadryl extra strength cream
-Neosporin +pain gel
-Dermoblast spray
-alcohol wipes/sterile gauze pads/waterproof tape
-Benadryl liquid
-trail mix/jelly belly tropical mix (these make me happy!)/fruit cups/granola bars
-bromelian and arnica (pills and gel)
-iron tabs and super B complex
-Clorox bleach wipes
-shower cap
-faja compression garment
-arm compression sleeves
-chin compression garment
-paperwork (quote and proof of deposit)
-short thin cotton robe

Working on getting antibiotics before going.

This list feels LONG, but it all fits in my small bag so... I'm going to re-evaluate in a week and update.

Also packed...

-stool softener

Traveling with Money

Question: how did you ladies travel with all that cash? I read about cash belts, etc. any questions or trouble getting through security??

Massages on the weekends...

I assume your RH can set these up? I would like to start massages ASAP and continue over the weekend, but need to know if I can get them at CIPLA or need the RH to set them up? Let me joke if you know...

Leaving tomorrow... Surgery Thursday

Pushed my date up... Excited!!!

At the airport... On my way

A little anxious... No sleep last night. Can't believe I'm here... Actually can't believe I am doing this!

at CIPLA, waiting for surgery tomorrow... review of Day 1 in the DR...

So, I am at CIPLA, waiting for surgery tomorrow. My room is actually not bad; looks like a hospital room, with a little extra "bedroom" feel, based on the black furniture, leatherette chairs, and black lamps. I don't have a pillow or a towel yet... want to shower so I can settle in a bit more. Waiting on that...

So, this is how the day went... I arrived in Santo Domingo. The customs process was not unlike the process in other countries. Right away, when looking at the line for Dominican nationals, first thing I noticed is that most of the women look snatched... it could have been my imagination, but I don't think so. They must run around here like "oh, I am going to run some errands, go to the grocery store, stop to get some ($7/gallon!!-yes, it is!!) gas, and oh, grab some plastic surgery while I am out... " I mean, really! We are so fat and out of shape in the US... so anyway... then I went to get my bag at baggage claim... was paranoid when my bag was taking FOREVER to come out. I was really going to be tripping then! So, Jose Brito was outside, as promised, sign in hand! That was a real relief! We drove to CIPLA, and it was a really busy place. There is a lot going on here... but in Cabral's office... serenity! He has a really nice office. I went to the counter and received my orders for blood work, cardiology exams, and xrays... overall, the process was smooth. Jose walked me all around, and helped me get through the process. I was also impressed by how thorough the cardiology exam was. The equipment was all electronic and state-of-the-art, but the cardiologist was thorough. Could barely speak English, so we spoke Spanglish together... ha ha! He was very accommodating, but once he found out that I could speak a little, he starting going in on me so I had to just nod and say gracias and call it a day... With that paperwork, the x-ray, and having had my blood drawn, I was back up to see Cabral. He only took about 5 minutes to come into the reception area, and he called me into his office. Beautiful office... very very nice! He checked my email, we discussed the particulars, and then he gave me a quick once over. I asked for very little ass, just enough to fill in some unevenness that I feel that I have, and we were done. He said "I am going to make you beautiful! Small waist, very beautiful!" and that was that. I paid for the surgery, paid for my extras (faja, arm sleeves, and chin strap, and was taken down to admitting to pay for my first night's stay (before surgery). As I waited upstairs for my room, I met a really nice girl that came here to the DR with her friend for vacation. Her friend told her this morning that she wanted her to run an errand with her to see about a doctor she heard about, came to CIPLA at 6:30am, ran into Duran, got fit in for consultation, and then had surgery!! Her friend didn't even know she was coming for that. More soon...

More Day 1

so... Cabral came in a just marked me up. I'm super excited at this point! One of the issues that I am having though, is with connectivity on my phone. I added the global data and voice plan, but I cannot seem to get it to work consistently. Not sure what is going on. Guess I need to call Verizon.

Anyway, I am all marked up. Oh, forgot to mention, hemoglobin was 13.6!! whoohoo!

So anyway, I wish I would have showered before he came in. Didn't know he was coming, but he said he wanted to do mine early. Good...

So, where was I? Oh yeah, so once I got my room (took about 30 minutes), I headed out to eat with Jose and Angie. Had some really good grilled shrimp and vegetables... drank bottled water. My commemorative last drink was the night before I left home. So, I found out a LOT of interesting fun facts: 1) you can drink and drive here (;-/) 2) you can drive on the wrong side of the street 3) there is no right of way... you go when you want at the intersections without lights...

After an early dinner, we went to Angie's so that I could check it out. I think it looks great. The girls there look comfortable, she has 2 nurses there, everything is clean, and the view from her balcony and the room windows is awesome... Jose brought me back, and once back at CIPLA, that's when I got marked up. I also went down to the nurses station to get weighed, bp taken, and to do the pre-op questionnaire... I am going first at 0700... (thank you, Dr. Cabral!) Going to snack a bit on some trail mix and drink some water until 9pm (that's when I have to stop eating and drinking), then I'm going to try to go to sleep... without a pillow, mind you! Oh, going to take a bitch bath too (for those as old as me... that is a splash around in the sink). Feel gross not having showered before being marked up. Ok, update you more after I get to the other side...

Up early...

First, it was really great to wake up and find that you ladies are on here wishing me luck and prayers on my journey today. Thank you all so so much!! I really appreciate it, and it makes me feel supported. Almost coming to tears...

I am really nervous this morning. Had trouble sleeping.... probably mostly because I NEVER GOT A PILLOW and because I NEVER GOT THE AIR ON... I cracked the window and made a pillow from the extra blanket I got. I was hoping that having the window open didn't make me stuffy, but if I would have laid in here and sweated to death, I would have felt miserable this morning before surgery.

I will take some pictures today to post during my follow-up review.

Again, thank you ladies for the support.

I'm alive!!

Praise God. It was rough, not going to lie... Surgery was like a science fiction movie, I swear. I took the blue pill, laid down to wait for them to come, and was knocked out, so I can't tell you about who came to get me, how the surgical suite looked or anything. I did wake up once and had a mouth full of saliva, and turned to my left and spit it out. Felt like I was going to choke on it. Somebody wiped it, don't know who as I went back to sleep. Woke up again feeling back lipo and was moaning ouch... I did actually know that they flipped me over from front to back earlier. That was it. Was back out after moaning ouch then woke up in my room. More later...

I'm ok still... Just ok

Fainted 3 times already, Hgb went from 13.6 to 7 after surgery. Still at CIPLA getting IV fluids and vitamins. Trying to follow the aftercare routine as well. Urine cath out today so used p-ez 3 times now. Started my period last night, about a week early. No Cabral today. :-( Eating ok. Drinking water and juice. Only fainted when getting the faja on and all of this blood started running out of my arms. My husband is disappointed in my not telling him I was coming... I had to because I'm sick and can't go home from this trip as planned. I know, bad judgement on my part. Anyway, will provide details on a later post. C Gray has been my lifeline and the best support in the world along with Jose.

So much to update, but...

Still at the RH waiting to go home. Angie's is nice, love the nurses, but am missing home. My Hgb was still 7.8 on Monday, so I am not released to go home yet. I am able to get up and walk around ok, but I am super swollen and get tired really quickly.

Arms are still draining. Had my first massage yesterday. Close to fainting again... Probably because my blood count is so low still. Taking the vitamins and everything, but still the same. The masseuse said that I have some fluid on my back, but not much. Lots of fluid on my arms and sides and thighs. I feel bloated. She was great... 1300 pesos (~$30) and did lymphatic and ultrasonic massage. More later....


Fainted again... Cabral came in and told me that I have to get a transfusion. On CIPLA's patient care floor now... Waiting.

At home and doing good

I got home on the 18th, after having to stay at CIPLA again on the 17th due to fever post-transfusion. I will backtrack through my experience on the DR, but for now just wanted everyone to know that I am at home and doing ok.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I do appreciate it very much. I was really scared for a little bit, and had to really rely on faith to see me through. Thank you again. More later...

More about my time in the DR

I must say that I had quite the experience in the DR and at CIPLA. Wendy at the RH at silhouette is a really good nurse. The other ladies that are working there are really sweet but they are not nurses. In all reality you really really need a nurse to be with you during recovery from surgery. It is very important that you not only take your meds as prescribed but also that you have your dressings changed and that you start your massages as soon as possible. It is really important to stay at sanitary as possible. One of the most important things that I did not bring with me is alcohol. It is really important that you do your best to clean with alcohol and make sure you keep your wounds clean and change your bandages and also that you wipe your skin down with alcohol. You can just put it on your wipes that you bring. I think one of the worst things for me was not feeling like I was clean enough because you can't take a shower and you wouldn't want to in the water there anyway but it's really hard to feel like you're getting better if you're not feeling like you're clean. The other thing is to make sure that you visit CIPLA whenever you feel like there are any issues, if you're not feeling well, if you have questions about your drain or your woulda, or just anything you have questions about, make sure you're following up with the doctor right away. also while you are staying at the hospital after surgery I had a person from the RH with me for 12 hours a day, from 7 PM to 7 AM, but I really wish I would've had someone with me 24 hours a day. And I actually really wish that that person would've been a registered nurse as opposed to just a caregiver. There are no call lights at CIPLA and the nurses do not check on you as often as they probably should, so you really need to have someone with you who can help you and make sure that you're getting the care you need. Again, I think you should have an RN with you.

Overall, CIPLA was not at all what I would have hoped for with the complications that I encountered. Everyday that I went to Cabral for follow-up, I fainted when his nurses were trying to drain me. My first time was the day after surgery when they attempted to wipe me down and put my faja on. Come to find out, my 13.6 Hgb was down at 7.8. They do not give blood unless you are under 7. So, when cabral came to see me, he told me that I needed to stay at CIPLA for 2 more nights and that if be getting "vitamins" via IV. I ended up getting the standard saline solution, IV iron, IV potassium. The potassium prevents heart attack. I left CIPLA on Day 3 following surgery, and on that day, when Cabral's nurses came to change my dressings, I fainted again. Day 4, when I went to CIPLA to get drained, I fainted again. Cabral asked that I stay in the DR for at least another 4-7 days at the RH. At this point, I really wanted to go home. The next day, I came back to be drained and fainted again. That's when he admitted me to CIPLA again and when I received 2 units of blood. I was alone and very very afraid. I have a medical background, so I know all of the transfusion reactions that can happen, and what made me even more worries was that I would be receiving blood without being monitored with the standard equipment that they use here (3-lead vital sign monitor that is at every hospital bedside in the US and without a call light). I cried like a baby and the driver from the RH came and sat there with me. Although odd, I found it more comforting than being alone.

After the blood, I went back to the RH. The next day, I started to feel hot and cold, and shaky, so the RH owner called the clinic and Cabral told her to bring me in.... To be continued... (Sorry, gotta run...)

Last Day in DR

So, after I got back to CIPLA, I saw Cabral in his office and he asked his nurse to start to drain me. He stated that he wanted me to get more blood, but after he and his nurse chatted, he decided that I would get more IV fluids, but first gave me a shot of antibiotics. Once on the hospital floor, they took my temperature and it was 39, about 99 degrees F. I received meds for fever in my IV, and Cabral stated that I could go home.

What I got done...

I had lipo of my back, flanks, waist, stomach, arms, underarms, thighs, and chin. I had fat transferred to my face (cheeks). I had bruises everywhere... On my thighs and arms, sides of my breasts, throat, butt, back, and hips. I did not get a BBL.

Leaving the DR... And how it has been at home

After being at CIPLA and having my fever go away, I booked my flight home for the next morning. Cabral did provide a prescription for 2 meds I am not sure of the need for, and a prescription for Gentamyacin, another antibiotic. This one requires an intramuscular shot 1x/day for 7 days. I didn't know that when I purchased it, it else I would have asked for an alternative. The plane ride was ok; I rode first class. I took pain meds and tried to walk and act as normal as possible. I did not get a wheelchair assist, and don't feel like I needed one. ... More later...

Plane ride/ First couple of days at home

I had an ok plane ride. It was uneventful. I left my P-ez in the DR, so I had to squat and hold open the hole in the garment so that I would not pee on it. That was rough, and it still is (I am still doing it that way). I can't wait until the last minute to go pee or I will pee all over the place. Anyway, I was in swell hell for a few days. My ankles looked like stumps and were very hard to walk normally on. You have to elevate your feet in the bed. As you at not very active, your circulation is not great so you get fluid build-up, and your ankles suffer the most. Still today, my left ankle still has some noticeable swelling but my right ankle looks ok. Note that I am now very active and following my normal routine minus the exercising.

Getting home felt great. I think that I instantly felt in better spirits. My body was still very swollen, and I thought I hated my results at first and felt some regret, but every day my results are improving. I feel like I am leaning against or sleeping on rocks, and my arms are very very sore, even to touch. I am in a large faja, and I ordered a medium that should arrive tomorrow. I had my first at home massage on Thursday, so 6 days after getting home. I found a private masseuse on Craigslist and she was great. She will come back on Monday. I am paying $90 for 90 minutes, way more than in the DR, but I am so so happy with how I felt after her massage. I plan to have massages 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks and then maybe 2 per week for the next month, then once a month.... Forever (lol). It's going to be expensive, but I feel like it is worth it. I really want to make sure that I pamper this new body, as I feel like I risked my life to get it. I am also going to start yoga and Pilates. Anyway, about the massage, it did hurt a little (I took 1/2 a Vicodin and a Benadryl capsule 1/2 hour before she came), but I feel like once she was done, it was the first time that I got a peek at what my results would look like and let me tell you... Cabral did his thing!!! I neglected to take a picture, but will on Monday when she is done.

I think the most irritating things have been the constant itching, mostly on my back and sides, and the tightness in my groin area every time I rise from a sitting position. It's like I'm stuck in that bent position and have a hard time straightening up at first. I am using a lot if Benadryl. Also, my chin is tight. I am at my son's basketball game, and a lady that I know walked by and said hi and then Said "you look so beautiful!" Omg, that was the first time someone just came out and said that to me (besides my husband and niggas tryin to holla)... I have to say that my chin is smooth, he took the "double" out and the fat he put in my cheeks does make me look younger and make my cheeks more round and pronounced, but that was sweet...

Last, my husband, who is still struggling with this daily, said that I should have just went ahead and got my ass done too since I went ahead and did what I wanted to anyway... Lol.... Now he tells me! :-(... Oh well.

A couple of photos

I am still very swollen, but starting to see my shape... I'm pleased...

Side view before

Back is not uneven, I have a bandage on it...

Also, moving to a medium faja today. I got my 2nd massage at home this morning, and it was great! Arms hurt like hell! I think that my left arm has a seroma, as it is really swollen and seems like there is an excessive amount of fluid in it compared to the right. If there is not less fluid in it by Wednesday, I am going to go to urgent care to get it drained.


Felt ok today, not as much itching. Getting bored at home, wondering when I can exercise. I am afraid that I will start to swell again, but I am nervous about sitting around eating. Starting a diet tomorrow and going to walk the dog. I have a massage at 9am, and will go walk after that. I am only taking Benadryl every night before bed (no pain meds) but am taking 1/2 a Vicodin and a Benadryl capsule 1/2 hour before each massage.

I still haven't put on my medium faja. I will after my massage tomorrow. I will shower tonight for the first time.bim nervous about that. Wish me luck!


Rumor has it that a woman died in the OR under Cabral's watch on the same day that I had surgery. Heard she had a heart attack and they brought her back once but she had a second heart attack that they couldn't bring her back from... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I can't help but thinking everyday that it could have been me. Thank God I came home safely. Prayers for the family of the woman that passed. God bless all of you on your way to having surgery...

Medium faja and first shower

Had my 3rd in home massage today. It was great, except that my arms are very very sore and still hurt a lot during massage. I definitely have a seroma in my L arm and need to be drained. Going to urgent care when my husband gets home. Took my first shower, and while the shower felt good, I feel like a whole layer of my skin is peeling off... Not sure why that is. Hopefully that lessens with each shower. Put on my medium faja and I really didn't think I would get it on alone, but with some tugging and breath holding I did. And I am in itch hell right now after doing so, so I took more Benadryl (took one before my massage). Also, I can't button the top 2 hooks because they are too far under my breasts. Anyone else have that problem? I look super skinny in this faja, like I am straight up and down with no curves or ass at all. I did not gets bbl, but still I looked like I was working with something in the large faja... Guess we will see.

More DR pics and mark up

Just thought I would post more DR pics. I am still in my medium faja, on the first (widest) hooks. I feel like I can't get any smaller; this garment is crushing my ribs. Still stiff and itchy. I would like to get my waist smaller, at least, but I don't see how unless I truly am still swollen. I came to the gym with my husband and son but really don't feel up to doing anything so I am not (had planned to walk on the treadmill but I don't feel like it now).

Anyway, here are some various pics...

But I have to say...

... That I look f&$@*> awesome in my workout gear.... Thank you, Dr. Cabral! ;-)

In the gym

Full body

Jacket hides the full view, but waist is snatched...

I think I'm getting sick

I am experiencing the chills, and am having radiating pain flashes, or rather skin sensitivity. I think I am developing a fever. I will go to the urgent care clinic in the morning... :-( sucks! Thought I was moving forward, not backward! Has anyone had this issue?

One more thing

As an FYI, I would NEVER do this again, knowing what I know now and based on all that I have been through. I think that Cabral is very compassionate about the aesthetics of it all, but he needs a partner to deal with the complications and patient post-surgical issues. That is really not his forte, I promise. Also, CIPLA needs more patient care guidelines implemented. They should have call lights and patient vital sign monitors. They should also have a gloving requirement for the nurses and other staff and should supply adequate linen, like pillows and blankets. They should change the beds and dressings more often as well. These are really standard in-patient care guidelines and basics for infection prevention. This is major surgery...

I hope I did not offend anyone. These are just my thoughts. I do like Dr. Cabral and am do far pleased with my results, just worried about my general health and well-being.


Slept without my faja last night, as I developed a fever and was really hot to the touch. I was extremely uncomfortable without my faja... My skin felt weird. My husband fed me cold watermelon and ice and I was going through being hot and cold, so covers on/ covers off/ covers on/ covers off... I took 2 Tylenol and finally went to sleep.

I did not go to the doctor this morning, as I woke up feeling fine. I had noticeable lumps and fluid pockets from not having the faja on. My masseuse came by at 10am and gave me a massage. She could tell that I didn't sleep in my garment, I had a few fluid pockets and one in particular at the base of my spine and it is warm. The massage hurt a lot more than normal. I felt ok right after the massage and put my medium faja back on. Now, I have the chills again.... Ugh!

3 1/2 weeks post-op

Decided to initiate the gentamicin antibiotic regimen that DR. Cabral prescribed before I left the DR. I didn't initiate it at first because I felt ok when I left and because it requires a series of 7 shots, but since I have developed a fever, I decided to do so now. My husband gave me my first shot on Friday, I gave myself a shot yesterday. If he is here at 6pm he will give me today's shot; otherwise, I will give myself a shot. I did double-check the prescription and it is correct per our standard here (in the US) for a broad-spectrum (covers many uses) strong antibiotic. I still developed a fever yesterday of 102.3, but it went away with Tylenol. I slept much better last night than the night before. I think the antibiotic is helping. I would recommend that if you feel you may have an infection, you go to the doctor... I am just telling you what I am doing, but NOT recommending anyone self-diagnose.

I am back in my large faja. With my fever, I felt like the medium was so tight that it was making me feel sick. I feel like my large does not have enough compression. I put a stitch up each side and the back, and am using lipo foam on my flanks (where I got my bra rolls lipoed) and my ab board in the front. That has helped, but it is not really tight. I am ordering a medium squeem vest, and am going to also order an extender for my medium faja. Hopefully that will give me a way to transition to my medium faja more comfortably, as I am like an extra medium... Lol... In my upper ribs and hips.

My arms are really painful, as is my lower back. I am hoping my massage therapist can do something about my arms...

Right alarm vs left arm and lumps on L arm

You can see the lumps on my L vs R arm. Sorry, but I took these pics myself so they are not great. I am going to see if my massage therapist can work the knots out more on Tuesday.

Back to Work... Wearing My Arm Compression Garments

I am back to work... ok, so it is just my home office (don't have far to go), but I do have to sit up and have teleconferences, manage people, resolve issues, prep for a presentation next week, and actually DO WORK, so... I was exhausted yesterday, but ok today (had to take a power nap at lunch time)...

I have been wearing my arm compression garments and I think this is helping with my lumps and soreness... My massage therapist was sick this morning, so I get a massage tomorrow... too many days have passed. I feel like I have built up fluid a lot.

Back in my M faja... tight, but bearable. I think I needed more compression than my L could give me. I am hoping this helps with my swelling.

Medium faja under clothes

Massage this morning and moved down a notch in M faja

All good today....

Work Out

I feel like I have sat around and pigged out. I need to start working out. I still feel really stiff after sitting a long time, and my skin feels weird, but I know that I have been horrible with my diet! Time to get up and moving. Tomorrow will be the first day hitting the gym and I am nervous about it. I know I will need Benadryl and I am hoping it is not too uncomfortable. I still need to order a waist cincher. My faja leaves my body with so many lumps and marks. Need to order more lipo foam and need to start lining my faja with foam to prevent the marking, I think....

If anyone knows what will help with the marks from the faja and to make getting back to working out more comfortable, please respond... Thanks!

Omg!!! I just realized yesterday was the 10th...

Exactly 1 month since surgery! Wow... Time does pass! Also, as an FYI, I have completed my antibiotics the other day and have had no illness or fevers since... Thank God!

When am I...

.... Going to stop feeling like a victim of abuse? I know this is a lot of complaining but I'm itchy and I'm swollen and I'm just ready for this healing process to be over!

Down to the last row on M faja

Will post pics shortly!!! Yay!!!

Pics of M faja on last row and back shot

Sorry so dark... When I first put this M faja on, I thought I was going to pass out with it on the first row of hooks. Now I am on the last!! Wow... I haven't gotten a massage in a week and I need one bad!!! Masseuse coming tomorrow morning. My husband asked me to sleep 1 night a week without the faja and sleeves. I will try that. I just feel so uncomfortable without my faja and sleeves on. We work the s*^% out of that hike down there, but still (I know, TMI)... I have a lot of mystery stabbing pains, still itching like crazy at times, skin is super dry, and my arms and thighs ache. My back has burning pulling sensations at times. Hope all of this ends soon...

No faja last night... a little back swelling resulted

I was really really really itchy yesterday, so I did not wear my faja to bed... skin still feels sensitive and weird... hope I didn't swell too much. Going to put it back on now...

Med faja with ab board and some foam

Pics with ab board and waist looks smaller

Not yet using a waist cincher and still in M faja... Plan to use cincher soon over M faja but don't plan to move to a S.

Faja brand

Swell hell and faja-related stomach lines

Lower back is super swollen and my stomach is lumpy from the faja. Went without my ab board during the day and was cleaning so my back swelled

Random photos... No bbl but small waist makes it look like it!

Stomach looking a bit better

Don't know what's up with my belly button... :-(

Its officially time...

...for a smaller faja and/or a waist cincher in small, but I am scared to try one... I think it is causing the back swelling to continue. I know that I am going to be in pain... any suggestions or getting through it?

Pic before my very first surgery.... Wow!


Playing around taking pics

Pics with M faja and M waist cincher

I have on a M faja, M squeem vest waist cincher vest and abdominal/ stomach board. Also have on arm sleeves. Need to add lipo foam to prevent creasing.

Update on how I feel: 9/10/14 will be 2 months exactly!

Can't believe it will be 2 months tomorrow! I still have swelling in my lower back, that really does take away from my butt looking poked out (or projection), and even though I did not get a BBL, I should still have some projection with my natural butt. When thinking about why my butt looks like a BBL, what may be happening is that I am gaining weight in my butt because I am still eating as much as before, but where I got lipoed, there aren't as many fat cells to fill and I therefore am gaining weight in areas where I was not lipoed. If I could just eat my way to a fat ass, I would be really happy with that! Otherwise, I know that over time, I am going to have to change my diet a bit.

I also have not started exercising. I had a long walk this morning that went really well. Other than that, I have not been exercising at all. I really need to exercise! I think that some of my stiffness will go away, and I will get the complete feeling back in my skin quicker. It actually felt ok to sweat, and I did not get itchy, which I thought would happen.

Itching is getting better (somewhat). I still feel odd when I try to sleep without my garment on (to my husband's chagrin). My arms are the worst, still very lumpy and hard, but you can't see it really, just feel the lumps. They are smaller though, and no longer flabby at all. It hurts when anyone taps on them to get my attention, grabs my arm, etc. I hope that goes away soon.

My thighs are still a little flabby to me, but not in the garment. Out of the garment, I feel that they could use some support. Maybe working out will help to build the muscle and that will help.

The skin burning sensation has not gone away. I still feel like it is burning or ripping when I move around in bed without my garment on, or when my husband hugs me too hard (for lack of a better way to describe it). I really hope that goes away soon, as it is really painful and irritating.

I have not had a massage in 2 weeks. I will schedule one for next week, hopefully... ;-( That, I truly miss and think it has helped me thus far. I think it really helped with the fluid build up in my back especially. I may just order the personal heat or ultrasonic massage unit online instead.


I have to say Cabral has done a pretty great job...

Small faja

About to try to squeeze my ass into a small faja. My M has been way too comfortable for a while. I probably should have done this a month ago. Hope it's not too late, I will be 3 months post-op this coming Friday... Wish me luck!

Small faja...

Too big!!! Am going to now purchase the one with the hooks so that I can go down to extra small in the waist... :-(

Chin lipo

Chin lipo

Dress choice for this coming Saturday

And the back of the dress

5 months

5 months post-op

Going for Round 2 with Cabral - June 21, 2016

It's been a while, and I am ready for round 2. Will be going back to see Cabral for some additional sculpting around my waist and back and to round out the bottom of my butt cheeks...

Getting Ready for Round 2 - Supplies, Supplies, Supplies!

Super excited... Working hard to get everything together quickly. Just tried on my small faja from last year and it still fits, which just means that I need an extra small for my second stage faja. More $ to spend. Also, I started looking into other supplies that I need. List to include: P-EZ women's urinal, Benadryl pills and cream, pain meds, compression socks (2 pair), lipo foam, alcohol wipes, travel sized Lysol spray, wipes, large pads, hand sanitizer, gloves, surgical tape, neosporin, gauze. For the trip, 3 tees, underwear, leggings, slides, maxi dress, maxi skirt, flip flops, pillow, small jacket, small blanket, laptop, Vaseline, toiletries, light cotton robe, Tylenol, Alka seltzer, stool softener, iron pills, mirolax, fruit snacks, trail mix, granola bars, tampons (just in case), bar soap. When I get there, I will go to the store and buy Gatorade, fruit cups, and bottled water. Will fit everything into a small carry-on bag and a tote.

Moved round 2 review to a new post

Started a new post: Going All The Way... Again. Please see updates there. Thanks!

Husband - Update Post Surgery

So, folks have wondered what happened with my husband. Well, all is good. After surgery recovery, he was very happy with my results. I do get a ton of attention, and sometimes he still states that he thinks that I got surgery for the attention versus something for me, but I remind him that's not the case and he really doesn't say it that often. We have super fantastic sexy sex, and I feel so much more attractive and sensual with my clothes off. I love taking them off for him and love how he watches me. Sometimes he moves me to walk in front of him, depending on where we are, but he has made a comment that he's gotten used to people looking at me more. Sometimes he says things that make me feel like he has insecure moments, so I remind him that I would never cheat on him. You have to remember to give your partner extra attention after you undergo this transformation, as you get a ton of attention and it has to be tough for someone to constantly see people looking and flirting, basically coming after you.

I told him that I want a little additional sculpting, and he has been supportive. I know how men can be, so I hope he doesn't give me any trouble when it's time for me to actually go. Fingers crossed!

If I could go back to my recovery period until now, I would have maintained a post-op diet, exercised more, and had more massages. I didn't lose my shape but did gain a little weight in my thighs and arms, and a bit in my face. I love food, so I am going to need to work out! I am using this as a jumpstart, and 6 mo before turning 45...???????? I do feel like my face is getting older, although no one pegs me for being over 35, so I am going for eye and face enhancement as well as more body sculpting.
Dr. Hector Cabral

I have included specifics throughout my reviews above, but overall Dr. Cabral did a really thorough job on my surgery, and I got what I expected as a result. He was very attentive the entire time I was at CIPLA and throughout my follow-up period in the DR, and he provided the care that I expected. He accommodated me at short notice, I moved my date up, and going through the pre-op testing was surprisingly smooth. I did not wait exceptionally long to see him, and the evening of my pre-op appointment with him, I stayed at CIPLA, where he came to my room in the evening to mark me up for early morning surgery. I do not feel as though I got great instruction as to what to expect the next day, but I did not ask a lot of questions of him either. The fat in my cheeks has absorbed, but I do not feel like that had anything to do with him or technique... it's just the chance I took. I would recommend him to others, but feel as though they need a registered nurse with them to ensure that they get complete and proper follow-up. He does a good job, but it is really not an ideal situation to be alone in the DR without someone to advocate for you when you are ill. He is a great PS, but his forte is not internal medicine (medical follow-up). He is fine with PS follow-up. My surgical sites are even, I don't have lumps, and I feel good except that my skin is still pretty sensitive. That should improve with time.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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