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Deposit paid!!! :) its def official:) 6 months...

Deposit paid!!! :) its def official:) 6 months till the sexy new me:) next step: plane ticket!!!

hey!! Guess What?? I MADE IT!!!

everything happened so fast. Nurse woke up at 3am, told me to put on gown and im first. She gav me another blood pressure bill and then came back with the blue and a wheelchair. I couldn't get a chance to update. She wheeled me in the or. And i sat down. Gave me an iv and stuck anesesia in it and i was out! I didn't feel anything, toward the end they were putting on my garment i feel a liitle them puting it on and rolled onto the bed. I was sleep from that point. I could move my hands, i had to manage tho cuz i wanted to update my mom. After that i was sleep again. I dont feel the tt pain just tightness, but i do feel the lipo in my sides and back. They brought me lunch. Why are they stingy with the water? Lol. .they brought soup apple juice and water. But its hard for me to sit up and eat. This drain is filling up fast af. Oh yea... my cbc was 12.2 still. After taking vitiman for 3 months.... but robles told me that after she was done. She still managed to everything. Lipo of armpits,waste,flanks and full back, tt and bbl. Have seen my results yet, im still stuck under this cover cus im cold. Right now they are giving me iron through a iv.

Post later huns and hunsettes.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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