39 Years Old 2 Kids Having Liposuction on Back,flnks,waist and BBL. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi everyone!!!! I'm a very private person and...

Hi everyone!!!! I'm a very private person and didn't plan to write a review, but after reading other ladies review I changed my mind. You ladies are Awesome!!!!! The before and after pictures and the sharing of your journeys was very helpful and I didn't want to be self-fish by not sharing. I have been preparing for this surgery Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. This is something I've always wanted to do since after giving birth to my first child. I am 5'5" presently at 145pounds. I am trying to gain about 5 more pounds so that I will have enough fat to do my BBL. I am excited about this change in my life and excited for all you ladies as well. After researching several doctors I've decided to go with DR. Tania Medina. My deposit has already been made. My Surgery is scheduled for July 2. I have already started taking my Iron, vitamin C, B-Complex, Folic Acid, omega 3 and Bromelain. I have Most of my supplies and I,m basically just praying and waiting. I will upload pictures of my supplies soon and will eventually post my before pics once I build the courage to do so. Until next time be safe Ladies and God Bless!

Supplies I will be taking to DR includes:

*Adult Bath Wipes
*Chamin Ultra Wipes
*Sanitary Pads
*Arnica Gel
*Open Front Nightgowns
*Compression Socks
*Tank Tops without the lines
*Iron Pills
*Vitamin C
*Wash cloths
*Face Towels
*Bath towels
*Tooth paste
*Tooth brush
*3 loose fitting dresses
*Throw blanket
*3 bars rail soap
*Boppy pillow
*Neck pillow
*Female Urinal
*Clorox wipes
*Travel Biget
I purchased my supplies from Walmart and Amazon.
Dr. Medina also sent me a list of things to bring to include Rose oil and bio oil.

Supplies Pic!


7 Days Away from Surgery!!!!!!

I don't feel Nervous or Afraid. I'm just trusting that God will take care of everything. It's still unreal. Let's see what happens when the day come. Keep me in your prayers Ladies. I trust that God will see me through I Claim this in the name of Jesus!!!!

2 days to Surgery!

Here goes my before pics! Can't believe this is about to go down. I'm ready!

Arrived in DR safely!!!

I already did my blood work. Waiting to do ex rays. I meet Dr. Medina she's wonderful! Patiently awaiting tomorrow.

surgery went well.

I made it ladies. I'm in some pain but was given medication for it. But I can't complain I have life. Praise God!

Sneek Peek.

I haven't seen my body yet. This is a picture my friend took.

a litte sneek peek


ALL Those supplies are really not necessary!

Girls i hardly used any supplies that i packed. I used the bath wipes, chamin wipes, iron, vitamin c, baby tees, pads, a few bed pads, your normal toiletries, open front growns, two dresses and thats about it.

39 Year Old Mother of 2 Had a TT,Lipo to Back,wait,flanks,BBL

Dr. Medina is a Very Caring Doctor. She is very much concerned about your health and what's best for you as her patient. She is always sweet and so is her entire staff. She treats you as if she knows you and makes sure that you are provided with the best care. I would highly recommend Dr. Medina for all your Plastic Surgical needs and I will be going back to her. She is a God's Sent! I Love You Dr. Medina!!!!

13 Days Post Op Pics

The WiFi in DR is not that good. It goes in and out. My recovery has been a rollercoaster ride and I just wasn't up to doing anything. These are my pics 13 days after the fact! The struggle is Real!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Tania Medina is very Sweet but she is no nonsense! If your hemo is not right she will not touch you. So before you take this trip check your hemo ladies! She will not put your life at risk and i respect her highly for that.

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