23 Year Old TT LIPO BBL W/ Dr. Walkiris Robles - Dominican Republic, DO

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I wasn't going to do an review until after I gt...

I wasn't going to do an review until after I gt home but im bored so I'll do one day by day hopefully while I'm here....I arrived here at Dominican Republic sept19 greeted by driver Conrad he speaks English very well so after he picked me up he ask who is my Doctor I told him Dr.Robles so he takes me to the clinic to get my lab work done total for that was$115 u pay at the clinic but is also deducted from ur quote so after getting my lab work done we drive to Dr Robles office and btw I didn't get a CBC done n the states they was giving me a very hard time getting one saying I needed orders so I gt that done here in DR....so we get Robles office nice clean I get my EKG done there signed all kinds of papers told the assistant what I wanted done and after I probably waited about 30 mins her assistant calls me to the back she takes pics of me completely naked she let me know that my hemo was 13.5 and I could get all procedures done which I was shocked because I thought the plane ride would lower it so much so she told me come in Sept21 at 7am to surgery I went ahead n paid my money the same day I was there also because I didn't want to go to my recovery home with all that money so sept20 I'm so bored at my recovery home so anxious for the next day my room mate I had had already had surgery with Baez that Wednesday before and looked real nice....so Sept21 has arrived I was told to b ready about 6:40 to go dr Robles office I prob was ready way before but Conrad my driver came at exactly 640 on the way to clinic we witness a wreck driving here is wayyyy different than back home so b aware of that lol we get to the office at 7:00 on the dot prob waited around for 30 mins I met with an pulmonologist because I smoke marijuana even tho it's been about 3 months I still told them to b on the safe side that was $150 to pay to him personally so after I met him I met with Robles so gorgeous only because she has one picture on every site she looked totally different to me she marked me up she's nice I told her nothing too outrages just natural and she said she will do that but she told me my surgery would b at 12 was very disappointed that mean I had to wait like 3 hrs but lucky I brought my phone charger and was on YouTube the whole time so time went pretty fast at 12:05 they called me to go up stairs they put u n the room ur going to stay in and want you to take off everything and put on the hospital gown so after that I'm getting hooked up to IV and take blue pill the wheel me n OR I remember getting on the other bed after I was out I woke up n my other room around 5 no pain from tummy tuck at all just back lipo and please bring extra money even tho my hemo was 13.5 it dropped down after surgery I needed blood transfusion and iron shots they hurt so bad nt even gone lie so be prepared you never know what will happen the nurses are nice stay coming to check on I'll upload a pic of my stomach because I can't move to take a pic of anything rise

Couple hours after surgery

3 days post op

Starting to feel better back just hurts...get plenty rest while u can sleeping is very uncomfortable Robles has been keeping track of my progress via whatsapp meet with her Monday hopefully drains will b out very soon ????

Last day here n DR

Today was my last appointment with Dr.Robles...she will give u a date for ur appointment but she never has a time so she'll contact ur recovery home with a time so today ik I had an appointment didn't know the time so my nurse comes in my room at exactly 9:05 saying I have an appointment at 10 I'm like wow so some way some hw I gt dress by the time my driver gt to the recovery home which was at 935 traffic was crazy made to Robles office about 10:05 didn't the wait was so crazy didn't her to see her till like 12 she was saying everything looks good they only took my back drain out but nt the front I really didn't want to go back home with this annoying drain but she was saying she didn't want me to get sermoa and showed me hw I would take it out and to take it out when I drain less than 50cc n two days...so glad today is my last day here I'm just ready to get home to my nan and relax in my own bed

Faja Blues

Excuse the mirror lol had enough time n energy to write another review...I can't make up my bed so I've been sleeping n my guest room until my bf comes home to help me I still need help with changing clothes putting on shoes and getting in and out that faja it's so uncomfortable I'm ready for it to loosen up so I can breath...still have little back pains I also went back to work yesterday it was fine the until I came back from lunch I started catching cramps n my legs I was walking like a old lady all day long everybody was asking what was wrong with me I had all kinds of excuses ready lol...but no pain other than my back I can get in and out of bed better I just hate getting in and out my car I really need to invest n a truck recovery is nt bad at all at home u may need a little help with things like getting things on the floor reaching for things high up...I also feel like this faja is for short ppl I'm 5'10 and the straps kill me to the point I had bruising so I can't wear my straps at all my under arms so sore it hurts to put deodorant on...but as the days goes by the recovery gets better and easier this is nt for the weak at all I can say that !!!

1 month post op

Studying for midterms, working, and taking care of my baby with pneumonia I haven't really had time to do an update....but so far my butt is starting to fluff and soften so excited about that, the numbness in my stomach is going away it's still kinda there on my sides, I'm on my second hook on my faja prob can go to the last row if I tried but I'm taking it slow I really don't want that ultra tiny waist look, I wear my faja pretty much all day u will swell so bad if u go a couple hrs without it it's like ur stomach and sides is filled with water ; my belly button is still healing I clean it daily with alcohol and put scar cream and bacitracin ointment on it my tummy tuck is healed but like in some areas I had scabs the silicon bandages work and I apply scar cream on my tummy tuck scar also and bio oil...recovery is going good I can say don't expect to come straight out of surgery body looking like a goddess lol my butt was so disformed my hips was spread like the lady off norbit I was thinking to myself what have I done I was seriously bigger than I was before I had surgery but I read that it was normal that's why I say u gotta have a strong mind set during recovery it's tough, as time went on my hips went down thank god and butt started to fill in i started to look so natural it's like a waiting game full of surprises because ur body changes quicker than u think and ik this isn't my final results but I'm just happy I can finally get an idea of hw my shape will be...I'll try to upload more pics later it's been a very long day


Before and after

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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