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I've been on this site since 2009, and Ive been...

I've been on this site since 2009, and Ive been doing this "research" well over 8 years now....Lol, I think its about time. Funny thing, my mom is talking about getting a tummy tuck as well.

I been strung out over Dr. Jimersons results on all his patients, not so much on the price. Some other Dr.s I have been checking out (or that I see a lot of reviews on are: Yily, Salama and Duran.

I am 5'11, and about 253 (with clothes) the last time I checked (me and the scale dont have a good relationship. 2 years ago, I lost well over 40lbs doing P90x and taking Oxy Elite Pro. Never completed the complete 90 days only did about a month and a half before I got sick. And starting back over was a tough thing for me.

I wish to have a TT and BA. I know Dr. Jimerson is booked up completely this year. And I want to get this procedure done before this year is out. And truthfully speaking hoping to get it done around my bday which is in October. Being a Travel Agent, I dont mind taking the trip to DR or where ever to get this procedure done.

I will upload photos soon. When I gain weight, I gain it everywhere; Face, Arms, legs (lets not talk about these legs they are huge)...Everywhere! The smallest things on my body is probably my wrists lol...The last place to leave is my stomach. I will also throw up some wish pics soon, I need to get my mind motivated...

Feel free to comment with what Doctor you have been to and your plans to maybe hopefully go in the future. Never hurts to have a travel partner

The procedure date and cost is not exact, I havent been quoted, I just had to put something in the field

First Quote

I finally got my first quote back. $4500. I want to check some more reviews on Dr. Yily as well as some other doctors...Not yet ready to reveal my pictures yet...They are horrid, but I will post them soon...No worries.

As Im reading the quote and the suggested amount of days they want you to stay, I wonder has anyone stayed the whole 2 weeks, or even 10 days. And if you do leave, who are you having remove your drains, and if not a doctor, was it difficult? Painful? I can take pain, an extreme max amount of pain (I dont know if thats a good thing). I've had two surgeries before and could only take the pain pills they gave me about twice.

Wishful Thinking...Wish Pics

I need to upload my pics, but I will try to take some better ones...But for now, these are my wish pics...I was trying to find people around my height and shape that I like, but there are not too many tall curvy ladies out there...well not that I know of.

I dont want a lot, just to fill out my hips and my butt...and put on a dress without looking like a block with a girdle on...Its bad enough I stand out because Im taller than most people in Boston when I go out...smh

Second Thoughts

Ok, even though I been on this site since 09, I haven't really done a thorough review since my first initial post.
I been on this site every night (almost faithfully) trying to make sure that Yily is the doctor for me. I started sending requests to other doctors. Now I have my cousin looking at the same procedure and most likely we will go together because we are both born on the same day.
And now even though I know I need it, Im not sure I want a tt. I dont want it to be just my luck that something happens during my procedure. Someone please help.

Don't Worry, I will be posting pics of myself soon....

At least these pics will motivate me to get this ball running. I haven't taken a picture in a couple of years because when I gain weight, I gain it everywhere. And I haven't lost in a couple of years either...
I've actually received two more quotes:

Almonte quoted me $5150 for TT, Lipo (Flanks, Abdomen and waist) with bbl, and her price also includes:

10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring
Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations
Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray.
Post operation medications
1 Pair of compression socks
1 Post op garment
1 night at the clinic
Post operation consultation.

And Robles quoted me: $5200 for TT, lipo (waist, armpits and back) and bbl, it also includes: Medical Fee's
- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra
- Medicine
- Transportation
- Recovery House 10 days

But the other offer she has is $4350, which is just for medical fees and the post surgical support or bra...

So you ever see that one photo, and your like Im done, don't show me no more, this is it. I had that moment, and It was a before and after photo. Her patient had on clothes, and I was completely sold....Robles here I come...Now to convice my cousin that this is what we going with. She wanted to do something in the states, but I support her decision on whatever she choose. But I showed her the same photo, and shes like "What doctor is that" I think she was SOLD too...

I must admit this site is so damn addicting...Every night Im looking at Bodies and ass lol and houses (I plan on moving to NC in a couple of years)

But Im calling it a night, pre op pics will be up soon, and down payment with a date

Error in Last post

I said I was sold on Robles, it wasn't her...It was Duran, but I'm still waiting on a quote from her...Whatever it is, I'm SOLD (sorry for the confusion....damn confused myself for a second

So its been a while....

Between trying to figure out what school I want to go to, and working my business, I finally put a deposit with Dr. Ortega. Yes I completely changed my mind. I was waiting...waiting....waiting to hear back from Duran, but you can only wait so long...

I talked my cousin into it and we both put down our payments...Im excited

Karla from Spectrum said to lose 20-30 lbs...So back to P90x for me, and I was thinking about doing a cleanse (Im allergic to a long list of things- food wise, so trying to add things is a fail for me) My bmi is currently at 35, so losing the 30lbs will put me at 32 I think...

Finally Made My Decision

So after endless nights of being on this site, I finally made my decision a put a down payment on Ortega. I havent set a date yet, but the end of November/Beginning of December is my goal. I also have to lose 20-30lbs by then. Karla said not to lose anymore...Im 250, and already had figured that losing 30 lbs would put me at the right bmi to have sx

My cousin is also having the same sx, we both did our down payment today...5000 includes a 5 day stay...

I was also interested in a tt as well...But she said I cant do both at once, I would have to wait 3 months before I can get a tt, and out of the two its best to get the BBL first

I will be starting school soon, but luckily Im doing online classes...
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