BBL Round 3 with the King - Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

I told myself I wasn't going to write shit!...

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I told myself I wasn't going to write shit! Especially after what happened last time on here, but the good side in me says to try this again and give back to all the soon to be Barbie dolls interested in taking on the bbl journey, so here is goes AGAIN!

BEFORE I BEGIN LET ME JUST SAY: HATERS, DR BASHERS, EXIT MY PAGE NOW. I've done my research on my doctor, I'm confident in him so your opinion matters, NOT! Carry on!

Today marks 29 days before my procedure with Hector Cabral in DR, I, like everyone had doubts but I must say Cabral and I have a real good line of communication. We talk at least 3x a week since I booked with him here months ago. He answers all of my medical questions and silly questions regarding results. He's very patient with me especially when I use book form Spanish translation lol (that means nothing like what you think) my total quote for lipo and bbl is 3500, plus 350 each for arms and inner thighs 600 for my mini tt. So about 4800 all together. In case y'all don't know....NOTHING is included in hectors quote other than a night stay in CIPLA, so labs 130 and consultation, 45 is all extra, but if you need iron shot or blood transfusion, 100. Massages at CIPLA 20-25, fajas 100. Pretty much bringing an extra 500-1000 to be safe. Regarding housing I've decided to stay at CIPLA, I'm getting mixed reviews some people say it's bad because of the language barrier and food while some people praise their stay. Either way what matter most to me is having around the clock access to the ER should anything go wrong as well as my doctor and nurses. Health first. I've been priced at 75-80 a night, private room with private bathroom, 3 meals, wifi, after care included.


The past 90 days since booking my date I've been drinking 1 tbs Geritol daily, taking my gummy multi vitamins.
60 days ago I started including 1000mg vitamin C
30 days days ago Iincorporated SSS tonic, much stronger version of geritol.

Yesterday I got my labs back, EKG, Chest X-ray blood work, all fine! Hemo is 14.6

My PCP is very much okay with me having this third procedure, he says he'll look after me so in case I need to be drained etc he's got me, either than or a visit to the ER. He also gave me the strongest antibiotics so I can prevent any infections.

I'm pretty much done with my shopping list, I've got just about everything. Take a look:


Large blanket*
Large towels
2 large pillows*
Wet wipes*
Towelettes facial*
Tooth brush*
Tooth paste*
Q tips*
Gauze pads*
Surgical tape*
Arnica promenade
SSS Tonic
Colloidal silver*
Nausea meds*
Pain pills*
Protein powder
Triangle foam-back*
Lipo foam*
Ab board*
Maternity pads
Stool softener*

Stage two fajas*
Wife beater*
2 Maxi dress*
5 Granny draws
3 Xlarge shirts*
House slippers*
Flip flops*
Glasses/contact case*
Bose speakers*
Compression socks

* ASTERISK = what's been purchased


Bust 37-38
Waist 32-33
Hips 44.5

Wish measurements

Bust 34-35
Waist 26-28
Hips 46-48

>>>>Pretty excited overall. I'll post current pre op pics a few days before I depart.

3 days Away!!!

Hey loves! Sorry I've been away. Been doing a lot. Moms been in surgery and I've been trying to get time off from work. Finally was approved to work from home a week after surgery for about 6 weeks. That means no one at work will look at me funny, and I can wear my fajas all day and chin strap!! ;)

I withdrew 4000 from my account and my hubby is giving me 2000 to make up for all my expenses and surgery cost I'll have while in DR. Not feeling carrying all this money but I have no choice. Don't wanna pay that stupid wire fee.

Been talking to Maria Isabel, cabral's assistant she is super sweet!! she works all hours of the night to tend to your needs. Cabral answers all of my phone calls no matter the time unless he's in surgery. He's amazingly responsive. We talk about all the random things. Like my past bbls. My hard fat, my desired look, the fact that I don't want laser assisted lipo. He's the sweetest. I've spoken to some of my Dominican friends and they said to bring gift, so I'm bringing him and Maria Isabel something nice. I'll post a pic of them when they arrive.

I've decided to stay at CIPLA. I need the immediate care in case anything happens. Besides I've seen pictures of the Rh at CIPLA and it's not bad at all. Looks like a regular hotel room big enough or a family. The food looks good as well. Per night it's 80$ laundry services, 3 meals unlimited care is included. There's also a spa in the same building to have massages done. Massages are 25 each or 10 for 200

I'm flying out Thursday morning and having Cabrals driver (Carlos) pick me and hubby up. I asked cabral if I could his first patient he said yes so I'm getting my labs done Soon as I arive.

My period came today. Not too happy about it, it's orrery light so far but I'm hopeful since my hemo is so high it doesn't effect me much.

Not sure where I am with weight loss. Last I checked I was 11 lbs down. Fingers crossed I haven't gained any....eeeeekkkkkk

I'll post pre op pics tonight, bloated and all. Much love dolls. Ttyl

Tomorrow is the big day!

Last night I went for a pre op lymphatic, ultrasound and manual massage. This is recommended two days before for anyone going to have lipo. It help make the liposuction process smoother. This all good and dandy, by why the hell it gotta hurt soooo much!!! My usual lady patti was walking out at I was coming in so I was left with a newbie at CS POST LIPO MASSAGE. she killed ME!!! I mean she manually broke up my scar tissue as if she was massaging pizza dough, wtffff! So my concern is I'll have soo much backed up scar tissue that it'll make it difficult for Cabral to remove my fat. I mean I have large scar tissue in my sides, back and def my stomach. Wish he could just cut it out. Ugh!

Anyways I've checked into my flight, printed my boarding pass and tourist card. And now I'm ready for my flight.

Oh I must say for anyone dealing with cabral you will be working with the most responsive assistant ever! Maria Isabel is super kind, speedy and attentive. She's dedicated and makes sure you're comfortable throughout the entire process. She's sending a driver to pick me up st the airport and then I'm going straight to the cardiologist office and then to CIPLA for my SURGERY. Oh and btw I'm cabrals only patient tomorrow. I hope this means more attention to me. Anyways goodnight loves. See you on the flatside.

Post surgery update

Hey dolls, sorry I went ghost.

Surgery was a success. Had my surgery with DR. Cabral on 9/4. Quick run down.

Cabrals driver picked us up from the airport SDQ. (Nice and organized airport btw)
Google translate worked wonders to communicate with him. He took us straight to CIPLA. I called Maria Isabel (cabrals assistant) on my way there. She told us to come straight to the fifth floor because Cabral was waiting on me. We hauled our luggage up the elevator and I met with Maria I. She is such a darling. I love this woman. She held my luggage behind her desk and she walked my husband and I into cabrals office. His office was eloquently designed. Classy yet still manly. He gave me a big kiss on the cheek, shook my husbands hands and said "what can I do for you" with the biggest smile. I told him " you can give me the best body possible today" he laughed and said "mami, I go to make you beautiful" (Spanish accent). Before we continued. I pulled out my luggage and removed the gifts I brought him and Maria I. He was very pleased gave me a huge hug and placed the memorabilia on this desk facing the entrance. He asked me to remove my clothes and begin to assess my body. He said just lipo won't give me the snatched look because I had too much scar tissue from previous rounds. So we agreed to a tummy tuck. (Good thing I came with an open mind, and extra cash). He marked me up. I told him I want, arms, thighs, full back, chin and he said it's too much at once, for hemoglobin reasons. So he said choose between thighs and arms and of course I chose arms.

I put my clothes back on, paid Maria Isabel for labs, and surgery and she sent me downstairs to have everything done while doctor saw a few post op patients. I did my labs. Everything was fine. I weighed in 178, 5'6 hemo 14 (DR standard). I went back upstairs and paid for my marena garment (100$) then they showed my husband to our post surgery room. They brought me the blue pill and water and like five min later said they were ready for me. I hadn't even taken the pill yet. I begged them not to take me until I saw my husband and I could kiss him. So they did. My husband looked more worried for me than I did for myself. They placed me on the stretcher and rolled me to an elevator all the way to the "basement",. 15 min later blue pill hadn't done a damn thing. I said I'm still up don't put the IV in yet!! (I'm terrified of needles,) they said "mami, the doctor is coming now, we must" so I allowed them to put the IV in my arm. They begin to run the local anesthesia . Next, was the epidural. I felt the poking in my back as they entered the needle back there. I swear my anxiety was at a 150%. I begin to loosen up slightly and then I dozed off. I woke up as I was getting my arm lipo. I started screaming because I could feel it. I kept yelling "PaPa OUCHHHHH"! He said something I couldn't fully comprehend with the face mask on. A kind lady gently rubbed my hair and then I knocked out again. Pretty much thru out the entire surgery I kept waking up and I could feel the poking, probing and pressure of the lipo and tummy tuck. It was very strange. At one point I just gave up and stayed up thru the remainder of the sx.

My surgery was a total of 5 hours. My husband was worried sick, he was freaking out and flipping shit while I was in there because no one could give him answers on my whereabouts. When he saw me he looked like he wanted to smack the shit out of Cabral lol.

Something about the epidural made me feel paralyze . I couldn't move my legs for a good 4 hours, it scared the hell out of me, the nurses came in and reassured me it was only the anesthesia. I've have sx before and I've never exp anything like that in my life, totally frightening.. .

The nurses kept checking on me all night, giving me antibiotics, pain meds, heparin. They were very kind. There's a bed in the room with me so my husband slept there. The first two days were just as such, I didn't wear my fajas until the second day. I was sooo swollen and my hemo was a 9. I did not need a blood transfusion but i get iron via IV.

Day 3. We moved to the Recovery house side of CIPLA. Very clean, vey neat.
There was a large queen size bed, recliner chair, two other large leather chairs and a hospital bed, so I slept in the reclining hospital bed and my husband had the queen bed to himself the entire stay. The food was great, but we didn't learn til day 4 that we could make special requests. So we def took advantage of that after. The cost of housing was fairly responsible FOR DR. CABRAL The rates are 80$ for patient, 30$ for guest. TV, laundry services, 3 meals, unlimited bottled water, fruit juices. Etc, other doctor rates carries up.

I really didn't need as much of the things I brought. I only needed wife beaters, chux pads, alotttt of maternity pads, and a whole lot of wipes. Everything else was a given while staying at CIPLA. The nurses station was down the hall so if I need them I dialed ext400 and they came running to my aide. I hear people say CIPLA nurses are mean, not in my case they were a bunch of sweet hearts, as log as you're nice, the feeling is mutual with them. It didn't hurt that I tipped then as well, 10$ USD to my faves.

As for massages Cabral says his tt patients typically don't get massages until days day 8 and since I left DR on day 8. I couldn't get any massages. But at CIPLA they were super cheap, 21$ to be exact.

Ladies please make sure you get wheelchair access when returning home, it will make your life so much easier. Also ask Maria Isabel for a discharge note, that way you can just hand it to a SDQ agent and they'll understand you without you needing to use a translator app.

I'll post pics when I heal. I'm tending to a fajas burn, so right now I'm not wearing a fajas, Cabral told me to let the burns breathe for a week at least, Im sure it won't set me back too much. But I gotta heal first and then think about my results second. Out of surgery my butt was a 48 from a 45, now it's 47. I'm not too concerned about my butt as I am with my waist. So best believe this fajas will be on minimum 4 months when I get back in and I'll be waist training again.

Thank you to all who wished me well. I'll update when I can.

Forgot to mention

I received 1000 ccs each butt check and 300 ccs in hips. Would've liked more, but heyyyy, any bigger and my chicken legs would cave in lol
Dr. Hector Cabral

So far Cabral has answered every text, phone call email with no wait. He's very thorough with his answers via phone than he is via text. I'm so far comfortable with him. I'll update this, post op and elaborate.

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