Cabral Cake..Goin back 4 Seconds!!! 4/13/2015 - Dominican Republic

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OK. this is my second sx so it needs a second...

OK. this is my second sx so it needs a second page, lol
so far i am staying at FAMILY RECOVERY AKA BETTYS RH
im staying from april 12 to 20th
i have already booked my ticket
surgery is april 13
i have an sx buddy
im ready…… ;)
i will start my vitamins tomorrow
I am excited, i cant forget to get my visitors card, last year, i got it online , it was such a help getting thru the airport.


hello….. ok, here is my own personal list of what i will take, the other stuff is staying at home!! ….. experienceis da best teacher.
1) "Plenty O'Pads "…yes, not just for the incisions…
a) u also use them to pad ur faja shoulder straps from digging in ur shoulders
b)ur coochie area.. cux d faja cuts you there… ( those fajas are tight!! they r supposed 2 be anyway, if they are loose ,its too big)
c) the seams around the thighs of the faja.
2)TANK TOPS ( especially if they are white …write ur name inside with a magic marker) they wash alot of those tank tops a day… umm they start to look the same.( another experience that will take a whole another
3) alcohol pads, bactricin spray, burning spray, bandages.
4) private treat stash… miniature applesauce and crushed fruit sippys ;)
5) MEDICATIONS : DIFLUCAN( 4 yeast infection..just in case from antibiotics)
PERCOCETand watever i can find!!!
AMBIEN…( no excuse 4 not sleeping well…even just to pass
the healing time faster .


WISH PIKS. ..nope … not gonna… ya can't make meh !!!… hahaa.. i want Dr. Cabral to do his thang!! i would not go to Piccasso, and say ""Hey… Mr.P !! , Here's a Rembrandt, Can YA copy dat 4 me???? "'" LOL.. IM SILLY YALL…
I left it on the shelf…. it was the last one,… I felt guilty taking it. Someone else might have needed it. ( truth….. NOT N MY EXPENSE BUDGET 2DAY…. I had to buy sum Bojangles and Iced Tea! ) …. I Digress….

Some Dominican Republic information to help …. :)

hello everybodeeee….. ;)
here is some info that can help you when you arrive in the Dominican Republic. When the plane lands you will go into the airport and you will see a very longggg line building up to the right. That line is for the tourist card..( unless they have automated machines available) but it will still be a line…… OR…….. YOU CAN GO ONLINE AND GET IT NOW FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR COMPUTER AND PRINT IT OUT…. it's only $10.00 ten dollars, and the hassle when landing is sure worth it. The website is .

also during my surgery last year these applesauce packs came in very handy while recovering after surgery at CIPLA before going to the recovery house. Because after surgery, they want to give you fluids or food, and they gave m etheir brand of apple juice in a juice pack…. REMEMBER LADIES, THIS IS NOT THE USA!! IT WAS NOT USA MADE… my tummy is sensitive, so when i drank it cuz i was so thirsty, i vomited very badly and the juice gave me severe stomach pains, the packet said it was made in Columbia. So i grabbed my applesauce , and had immediate relief… the applesauce flavored packs and it settled my stomach… ( of course.. i rinsed my mouth out with bottled water first ) they have reputable good brands there.

more photos of the tourist card needed for entry into Dominican Republic

more photos...


what i like most about Realself is most of the girls on here are on my facebook page , secondly you meet all kinds of people on here, so for safety reasons , please safeguard your piks everyone and not show your face because there are alot of strange crazy people out here but you can tell by the crazy messages they leave, so beware!!! lol.. ok now moving on from my Public Safety and Sane Announcement….

I am having such a hard time finding Geritol where i live, i am almost finished buying all my stuff, im eating spinach every day!! I have arranged for everything that i need ..what will i do different this time????
I will exercise more and get toned, that is my promise after 3 months of healing.

One month ready to go

It's getting real. I'm taking my vitamins. Last Sx I needed a blood transfusion but I'm trying to raise my hemo higher this time so I'm taking these pills vitamins. Orange juice but I keep falling weak and eating Oreo cookies. Not a good look.

Less than 2 weeks Dominican Republic Bound!!

hi everyone.... i have been worried about my hemo because last time i went Dr. Cabral for sx..i needed transfusion, so i went to my doctors office...reluctantly..ready for a lecture, and i got one after waiting 3 hours in his office, and "yes" i had an appointment!! LOL .. when he saw me he said "wow, u waited that long, I'm surprised u didn't leave !!! ""... i didn't kno how to respond.. swore i heard a cricket rubbing its legs(....uncomfortable....) describes THAT situation. !!!....

on to da next.....
Doctor: " SO HOW WAS UR SURGERY?? U LOOK GREAT!!! " .....
Me: ..." Umm... i didn't leave yet Doc..(smh) "
Doctor: .. Then why are u here???
Me: .... i would like u to prescribe me iron pills.
Doctor: but ur hemp is fine, ur at 12.3 thats normal an 11 is normal.
Me: doctor, last time i went 4 sx, i was at 2.4 after sx i dropped to a 6.9
ME : i said.. never mind, i will just get another blood transfusion and risk my life.
Doctor : " well. I'm sure the blood is safe..."
Me: WHAT DA F**K?? !!!! ( i thought dat... i didn't say it..) I felt like i was defending myself in Court...
Doctor: I don't just go around prescribing pills , ur hemp level is fine in normal range, i cannot prescribe you pills, everything i prescribe i am accountable for."
DOCTOR: Don't get upset with me , u can try another doctor and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ... .....................................i zoned out at this time and was tryna think of a way to steal his prescription pad. THE THIRST IS REAL !!! .. '''' YES, I AM *THATTT* GURL ! """ LOL !!

FINALLY... he said.. ok , go take a CBC from Labcorp, and i will write you this prescription. so i thanked him and came home.

now i have been taking d iron pills for a week, i just went today 2 labcorp, my blood was zoo dark, it ran out so fast in the vials, i said..."this looks like a "14".. LMAO!!!! i will find out in 3 days y'all !!! i started taking 2 of those pills a day instead of 1 as i was prescribed.


my hemp was at a 12.4 before surgery dropped to a 6.9.. after surgery.

Hemo not "ON FLEEK !""

Been on prescription iron pills n everything. Jus got this today yall ... It's not bad. But could be better b

Let's talk about Packing...????

I started packing. I'm a round 2 and I understand I'm a Vet and "blah blah blah" ... Lol. We are still a lil nervous but better because at least we know what the airport looks like !! I Will include my packing list in my next thread. Just wanted to mention how getting the tourist card ahead of time is a stress reliever to just get off d plane. Go straight to customs while everyone else is lining up for that card.

whats in my suitcase???? ....lets find out !!!!

* bbl pillow from bbl ( cost $78 incl. tax .expensive) and i had to fingerprint over the words "BBL PILLOW " in BIG BOLD LETTERS !!!! ...smdh.
*wifebeaters (7) (wrote my name with sharpies on inside)
*baby wipes
*soft soap antibacterial
*maxi pads.... lots!!!!
*applesauce and chocolate snacks ( 4 those midnight cravings)
* maxi dresses ( 5) ( will mostly be in a faja and robe ) and believe
*underwear and soft sports bra
*chuks ( didn't see this on many peoples lists anymore...hmmmm
* gloves
*surgical tape latex free
*2 pair of shoes .. 1 flip flop and 1 pair of 6 inch pumps..(jus kidding)
*compression socks
*3 washcloths
*meds, diflucan, oxycodone, ambien, etc..toothbrush toothpaste..deodorant
*lil makeup for the ride home !! LMBO!!!
*luggage lock
*lil flat iron*
*passport and ticket

my luggage

i got my Victorias secret duffle bag free along with a2 cosmetics bags.. awesome Sauce!!!

my story...... thoughts to process for first timers to Dominican Republic...

Just a note of encouragement and my Story ........... Everyone heals differently. I believe in positive mental motivation. When I first went to the Dominican it was when Dr. Cabral was not everyone's " friend " and he was not the " King" or " Papa" he was looked upon as a butcher. I had a life changing moment a month before my surgery, my hemo dropped from a 14 to a 12. Much stress and drama.. U can't even imagine !!!!...
When I went to the Dominican... No one was going " alone " ..... So I was the brAve one. Everyone told me I would die that my Doctor didn't care about his patients..... Blah blah blah. So I chose Yily... But listen guys... Yily NEVER picked a call...... I never spoke to her or she never answered an email . A text, a watsapp.... But I still sent in my deposit to her. But all along ....... When I called Dr. Cabral every freaking time .... He picked my calls , answered my Whatsapp . So I go to Dominican with my fat rolls and flat butt and I had made panties and t shirts that read " Yily doll" yeah..... I went all out. I brought gifts for dr Yily her daughter , her son, her husband. Nice gifts yall.
When I got to the Dominican ... I was soo happy . " I'm going to be a Yily Doll " yay !!! I asked to see dr. Yily. But she was busy. I went to her office wearing my " Yily shirt " and told d nurse I had gifts for her and her husband n kids. She told me that she could give them to Yily... But I said " I want to since I never spoke with her. Did all my preops still never saw her.... Then ... I was seeing all these girls with vixen bodies..... They were not American. ....Most were Jamaican , African , Caribbean , I stared at them like "" ooh my damnnn!!" I asked.... Who did ur surgery????? They said "" Kabral" with sharp accents and smiles ..... So I had to rethink my situation . I immediately jumped on the elevator and pressed " 5 ". Saw the prettiest office , I walked In and talked to the secretaries and begged to have Cabral do my surgery. I saw him and I already had a quote from him plus the numerous whatsapp messages I had from him. And he agreed. When I went to my Rh that night ..... More bashing !! After my Sx..... I woke up and a doctor was standing over me ..... She said " why did you switch ?? " I said ..... Who are you???? She said "dr. Yily"... I felt like a child ready to be punished. But I thought of my money I had saved up, all my questions that never got answered by her, the illusiveness. And I says " I never spoke to you or had you return a call or text for 6 months. Dr Cabral was always returning a text. A couple of times he even called If I had spoken to u or received a text from u , things might have been different.
We have to put on our " big girl panties " Yall .. Meaning. We chose to buy the ticket , lay on that table , get our fat stomachs removed ... Sagging tits fixed... Fat rolls smoothed. Most of us go alone , not knowing if we will even wake up from "That Table " or not. So... Of course we will have blood dripping , soreness , rashes, headaches , faja issues , extreme swelling , more severe issues.language barriers , husband/ boyfriend / fake Friend issues ... I'm only saying this because we have to look at the " big picture " .... I went to the emergency room 3 times wen I came back. Each time I was fine. Just panicking and being cautious. The swelling. And i was worried about blood clots. But I was fine. I just want the preop round 1 gurls to know ... Ur not going to the Dominican to " plant daisies and make waffles " LMAO ! Ur going there to transform ur LIFE !! And with that ... Comes PAIN. BUT.... It's the kind of pain that is bearable with prescription meds. If you plan your journey well .... U will be fine. Proper health, diet, meds, aftercare , lifestyle changes. Etc... Having a baby is painful and wrecks our bodies ... But we keep doing it? That's 6 or more months of changes then we have years of staring at our stretched out bodies . This is maximum .... One year of adjustment. Worse case senario.. Mostly 3 months of faja . Let's decide wisely ....... and i would like to add that Dr.Yily asked me for the gifts i had brought her but yet didn't refud me my $300 security deposit !!! LMAO !!!! ... she's a beautiful lady and awesome doctor ..just telling my experience.........prayers and blessings...

One hour away from Dominican Republic

Can't wait for it YALL.

Bettys Recovery house aka family recovery is Awesone !!!!

Ohh my!! I love it here!! Cecil , and Betty Are so sweet. Hector and Susie are soo nice. So is Aiyanna. The girls in the Rh Re very nice also. I arrived 4 hours late Hector picked me up and took me to my recovery house. I said I wanted something special cuz I know tomorrow I will be in Sx. So they took me to Boca Chica. Very nice fish by the beach with fresh avocados. Plantain chips. Onion and tomatoes. Very nice. Yummy !! The recovery house is so clean nice and beautiful. They have a pool also !!! Tomorrow is Sx day . Susie the night nurse at Bettys Rh helped me pack my bag ... Or shall I says .. She did it for me!! Nice. I told them I like to eat tacos and fajitas. They said ... No problem !! I feel so pampered here.

Out of surgery.

Hi YALL I will write a detailed review. In a couple of days. Ur gonna love it!!!! I'm very sleepy and hungry today. Food at family recovery aka bettys. Awesome Rh.

my update post op... sorry it took so longggg

hi everyone!!
I'm about one month post op. i stayed in dr for 4 days after sx. i got home sick, and was done draining, and as a round2 u know wen its time togo, and... it was time. lol... i had thigh lipo...its still sore, bruising went away about 2 weeks after sx, the leg thigh swelling went down about the same time, so no more elephant feet.LOL. i have been juggling being comfy, well....... trying to be comfy, getting frustrated with that. i have nt started back to work choice, i just wanna go back en I'm completely 100 percentile healed, bettys rh was awesome, i ate the kfc in the dominican...... just wanted to try it , greed!!! lol. and please save ur money y'all.... not that tasty to me. but the mcdonalds there is good. this time around i will watch my weight more and tone better.... no ore sx for me. i will give a full review of everything soon, just still sleeping a lot and I'm getting tired of my faja!!!!!!


hey everybody.. i asked for more Cabral Cake, and omg !!! i got wayy too much !!! i made a decision just today to be in the dominican republic this week to see the king again !! i got alot a "junk in my trunk!" too much !! and it bothers me cuz i cant wear nothing but SPANDEX leggings and extremely stretchy pants.

ticket booked ! Will see The King on Thursday !! sx Friday !!

hi dolls , just updating , fast decision, i willl be staying at Bettys aka family Recovery House. will update with piks n all the good stuff!!

update.. sorry so late

Dr. Cabral removed my shelf and i had more back lipo, a girl can never get enough back lipo !!!! LOL!!! MY butt now measures at a 47 i am very happy with it.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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