Surgery first week of FEB 2013

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Hey Girls I've been wanting to do surgery for 2...

Hey Girls I've been wanting to do surgery for 2 years now. I have been doing research for 2 years and off and on here's my opinions and thoughts. I was looking to get lipo in the stomach, back and waist and fat grafting to the buttocks. I was quoted 13,000 just for the bbl in my state. GTFOH

First off here's my measurements 34-28-37 and I weight about 130-135 and I'm 5'2. I also wanted that video vixen body's and I must say from doing research most of us women do. If not, then we want something more natural looking.

I've decided to look for doctors in DR no specific reasoning more because its cheaper to get there. I got quotes from Hector Cabral, Agustina Duran, Robles, Alejandro Hernandez, Yily, && Juan Fuentes(Tijuana).

I must say Alejandro and Juan gave me more information than the other doctors as to whats possible, where i may stay, the cost of fees and procedure and how many cc's maximum can they put in the buttock area. They even attached documents explaining everything it made easy I didn't really have to ask to much questions.

So here are the doctors quotes and my thoughts.

Alejandro Hernandez:
Quote- $4200
Maximum cc's - 800
He also informed me " Not all the fat removed ,qualify to be injected" which is pretty good cuz i had no idea.
Opinion- I haven't seen a post op from his procedures that wowed me I guess I wanted here a few doctor quotes for me!

Juan Fuentes(I looked him up before I decided I was going to stick to doctors in DR)
Quote: $4000
Maximum cc's: 800 cc in each cheek
Opinion: I loved the fact he attached 4 documents for the procedures and whats included in the quote so much help. But To me he couldn't perform the procedure that I wanted. He said, "There are limitations with the surgery, and among them the liposuction does not make the skin tight, so I cannot offer you that the rolls on the back will go away 100%, maybe about 50%. Another limitation is that the liposuction can improve your body contour, but cannot change your bony body frame, so it is unrealistic to promise you a body as the model that you send me in the photos, you body can get a more hourglass shape, but it will not have such small waist or such a big buttock area." So I said fuck tht on to the next. Cuz what I really wanted was a small waist and bigger butt.

Quote-$4500 inclusive package
Maximum cc's- ??
Opinion: Her assistant was the one emailing me and I guess she showed the doctor my email and pictures $4500 dollars is a lot. Looking around she quoted girls a lot less than me and I'm a petite girl. I guess her prices went up within a month(rolling my eyes) But Robles will not inject a lot into the buttock. She's very conservative when i t comes tthat. Look around and read.

Agustina Duran
Quote-$4300 all inclusive package
Maximum cc's- 1200 depending on my tissues.
Opinion- She's very great at giving small waists. Her butt work are more naturally looking not too big. Her deal is pretty awesome!! But she did inform that she wont be able to transform me into my wish pic just like a few of the other doctors. I'm glad she was honest. But I could understand lol I mean come on here my wish pic is Yaris Sanchez. My little ass compared to her is not to be compared lol. And she can respond in english but after she told me her english wasn't great I translated my writing into spanish so she can respond quicker.

And Now to my top two choices which is Yily and Cabral

Yily is very good with trimimng the waist down and so is cabral. Cabral seems to give the video vixen bodies that we all want. Going to cabral maybe a little risking but he will perform the results that I'vve been seeking for. Yily to her shaping are great I too would be satisfied.

Quote- $2900 It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, clinic expenses.
Opinion- That is the cheapest price ever from any of the quotes I got from the doctors and her work is amazing.

Quote- $5000
Opinion- the most expensive pricing out of all the doctors who quoted me. But I seen his work through postings all over makemeheal and he did a great job.

**I already know about recent histories of Cabral no need to tell me.

But if you have any thoughts or comments please fell free to comment.

So girlies im so excited. I was a bit upset wen...

So girlies im so excited. I was a bit upset wen Cabral quoted me 5000$ . Just because the other women who received quotes was a lot less. And i realized pictures can be very decieving im a petite girl but wen u look at my pics i look bigger than what i am. I called the office and his assistant told me to call tomorrow and that he will be available. So i called they told me to call his cell and i did. I spoke to Mr. Cabral and explained to him the wuote he sent me i felt was a bit high since km 5'2 and 130 lbs . He told me to email him the pics again. This time i wrote my height weight and measurements. Now it was the waiting game. I waited a few hours til he emailed me. He quoted me $3800 for fat grafting and lipo in back waist stomach. I then called to schedule my date for December 10. I pray my procedur goes well .

Ok Ladies Im confused as heck Im trying to book 2...

Ok Ladies Im confused as heck Im trying to book 2 other doctors just in case Cabral does some foul shit like raise my price when i arrive. I tried called Agustina's office but her assistant doesnt speak english and neither does yily . So I'm kinda thinking maybe I meant to go to Cabral. I will keep trying.

I keep researching Yaris and man wud I die for her body type. I just dont know if a surgeon can perform and make my body look like hers. I think her measurements are 34D-26-44. and Im a 34-28-38 . Yea to get me like that its drastic.

Hey Ladies, I think I'm going to go to Yily...

Hey Ladies,

I think I'm going to go to Yily just because her pricing is more affordable especially since I have other responsibilities I want to take on later in the year. If I go to her I can go earlier than my booked date. So I decided that I'm going to stick it out with her. I'm excited to be going in early than expected. Right now I'm jumping in the air clapping both of my feet lol. Wish me luck ladies :*

This research thing is becoming annoying with...

this research thing is becoming annoying with finding patients yily performed on lol i found soo many patients tht cabral performed on.

Hey Ladies, So I booked my flight this past...

Hey Ladies,

So I booked my flight this past weekend to DR and it was fairly cheap. From Boston to DR NONSTOP FLIGHT back and forth cost me $390 for 10 days. So I emailed yily to let her know to make sure my surgery date is book then she says to me I have to put a deposit if I dont I can try and come the day I want surgery and if shes not busy she will do it for. So Im like omg wow, I never met her and I'm sending money. I was mmh and a lot of girls were sending there deposit so im like ok waterer. Let me just send her $200 not $500 like everyone else is doing cuz $200 aint nothing for me. So Today I send it to her so my date is book :)). So Im officially counting down. 46more days too gooooo!

Ive been a little weary about my iron level, so thanks to Mystina on mmh and youtube, Ive been making my spinach smoothie mixed with any fruits that i like. I chose to put mango, pineapples, cantaloupe, bananas and spinach. the spinach only effects the color but girls you cant taste it. I've been eating other home cooked haitian meals that have iron and I have also been take my iron pills. So I have a good month and some change to do this.

Ive decided Im trying to really budget on this trip as little as possible. I wont be buying new clothes for this trip because im spending money on clothes idk what my size will be. Also I plan on buying things a little last min.

I did find a buddy to buddy up with me and her name is maddiemat on mmh. Shes sweet and i actually got the chance to talk to her via phone. Her surgery date is the same day as me so this is awesome. I am trying to buddy to go to jaqueline's spa but depending last minute i might bring my butt to doming. Although i did hear a bad review on mmh but thats only one bad review.

Ive decided that i might get implants but just looking at all these video vixens and random ppl who has that i just scream omg wtf. i hope that doesnt happen to me. lol But i will only consider that if she doesnt give me 900+ cc's in each butt. But Im praying she does me justice and makes me extremely happy. I dont want an average butt I want a butt and body where guys and girls have to do a double take. lol I think we all want that.

any questions comments feel free to post. I'll be glad to answer :))

Its been a while, yes I kno srry guys I apologize....

Its been a while, yes I kno srry guys I apologize. I am still going with Yily even though i have been going back and forth with her and Cabral. I leave in 2 weeks. :) Im happy cuz a well needed vacation is what I need. I need to be away from my family and work for a while but not too much of work. Cuz lord knows I can use tht money. I'll be gone for Thanksgiving and my bday is two days after I come back I would love to party but I know I'm not yet ready to make a appearence with a faja on. So I'll wait. Im hoping everything goes right with my surgery and Yily gives me a banging body I'm more concerned with the sculpting. I'm very last min with everything I havent packed anything yet but I will soon. If anyone has any questions plz let me know

Yilys website for those who are asking and seeking...

Yilys website for those who are asking and seeking................

Many ladies are having Surgery done by Yily check out and search the forum JUST IN CASE UR WORRYING




I decided not to have surgery with YILY last minute actually a few days before i was suppose to fly and thats because of two reasons.

#1 I decided to buy a car
and #2 i didnt like the recent procedures she did on her patients based on pictures.
I just think she coldnt give me the butt that i want, imo her recent patients butt looks the same or just a little difference and didnt wow me. And seeing her pictures made me realize she is not the right doctor for me. If i go to her im sure i wud have to do round 2 to get more projection in my butt.

So i will be going forward in Feb 2013 on my surgery!

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