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Hola Hola Hola ... well laDies Its boOoOtay Time ....

Hola Hola Hola ... well laDies Its boOoOtay Time .... Ive had the procedure done before so i know what to expect ... but now im very very very excited because i know im going with the King Of Barbies MR Cabral ... I know I know ... Hes Been Bad very Bad Very Very Bad well u get the picture ... But im positive, I have a lot of support and motivation ...Plus my mom just had her bbl done not too long ago with him and my goshhhhh am I jealous LOL :D .... Im very excited and cant wait .... sooooo I will keep u ladies posted and any questions feeeeellll freeeeee too ask :D :D :D Im all Smiles :D

Hello hello ladies .... So my surgery is scheduled...

Hello hello ladies .... So my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning ... I had my test and exams done already ... I'm so excitedddd and cannot wait ... I'm glad to be here plus I'm visiting my family ... I'm so ready for this ... Dr cabral es un Amor :) .....

Hello mis big nalga ladies .. So today I'm 7 days...

Hello mis big nalga ladies .. So today I'm 7 days post op ... And boy it's been a journey ... I was taken to the op room at 230pm and did not wake up till 8pm so I don't know what time I got out lol I was enjoying my anestethia ... I asked for a private suite so I'm not with anyone else just because I like my privacy ... I had a/c .. A tv and a sleep sofa so my mom can sleep in ... I went back to sleep but around 331am I woke up in pain so the nurse gave a pain meds in my IV and I was on my way to Lalaland .. Around 740am cabral came in and took off garment and I was wrapped in pads and plastic I felt like a burrito lol. He said all good and then nurses came in to clean me and they put on my faja aka girdle that u purchase from him mines was $4300 pesos ... So I was dressed a bit in pain and drowsy ... The wheelchair guy came in and off we went. The ride was not comfy of course but we managed .. Rented a Tahoe SUV so I was laying faced own with a pillow on my belly it helps :). That first night home since I guess anestethia was going bye bye I was feeling the pain a bit more but thank god for percocets right away to bed ... I started getting up by myself in middle of night and in morning I moved around the house played with my daughter and ate really good ... I have a lot of help from my mom aunt daughter cousins sister in law ufffff the whole bunch so help was all over the place ... So surgery was Thursday got released Friday and on Monday I went back to cabral to get checked ... The nurse came in said I had liquid so she rubbed some arnica cream to massage and pushed all that liquid to my back where I had and open incision and all that warm water fat blood came out ... Of course I felt drowsy and they rubbed alcohol and poured cold water on my head ... That really help ... Then she cleaned me and my mom got me a frozen fruit drink ... I'm good friends with cabral a wife so that night I stayed with her so that the following morning I can go and get drained again since they were going to be closed on Wednesday ... So today I went in early got drained again and back home to rest ... It feels great after they drain me .... I feel much better ... Walking straighter but I had my inner thighs done so I'm a bit sensitive there still ... Haven't been able to shower nor shave anywhere. because. Water is not that healthy here so I'm wipe showering lol I did wash my hair at clinic they have a spa ... So tomorrow back to cabral to see if he clears me to travel back home Saturday ... I hope it's a go. ... I miss my hubby and baby boy ... Plus I wanna showerrrrrr omg yesssss :) ... So now I will post a pic of my mom .. She had bbl done in sept 2012 and she was flat as a board I swear ... She looks really good .

Sooooo ladies ... Today I went back to clinic to...

Sooooo ladies ... Today I went back to clinic to see cabral and to get drained again .... Cabral saw me said I was healing great and he cleared me to fly as long as I start my massages ASAP ... I got my letter to travel just in case I can't walk that much I get wheelchair assistance ... Then I wait not happy because it was draining timeeeeee ... The nurse came in and I had taken a Percocet 20mins before ... So when she started it wasn't as uncomfy as usual ... Boyyyyy do I love percocets ;) .... She said I didn't have much fluid but she was going to take out what was there and so she did .... Next it was time for my next girdle after a week of surgery ... Mannnn that hurt trying to get my thick thighs and this booootayyy in there uh uh no no ... Not cool but had to be done ... I swear I felt like I couldn't breathe lol I felt like a wrestler lol .... So I got dressed ... Said my good byes and off I went .... Now home relaxing a bit getting things packed so I can get going tomorrow afternoon ... Gosh can't wait to get a bath ... Ohhh my lord ... Well off to bed ... Nite nite

Good day ladiesssss ... So I flew in last night...

Good day ladiesssss ... So I flew in last night back home ... The flight was great cuz I got first class and the chairs recline to a sleeping position ..... Got home so happy to see my hubby and baby boy .... I took my medications and had my hubby drain me ... He gave me a massage he used to do it pro but not anymore but he knows lymphatic .... He drained me and thank god I don't have much fluid left .... After that I took a shower and boy did that feel good I think I was in there for like two hours lol ..... After that I put on my girdle and straight to bed .... I slept the whole night boy am I happy ;) ..... Woke up today hubby massaged me again .. Nothing drained so happy ... And now time to have fun with my family ... Till soon ladiessss

Hello ladies ... boy its been a month huh!?!? wow ...

Hello ladies ... boy its been a month huh!?!? wow ... i feel great .... ive had my massages done ... i was so nervous cuz everyone kept saying it hurts it hurts but i didnt feel much pain at all ... maybe my skin still numb lol i dunno .... i do feel that my skin is sensitive still but thats normal said hector .... i ordered another faja from hector today ... my other one broke from me pulling on it :) ... im eating light .. but i miss my big meals ... uuuhh im a eating girl lol ... i cant wait to hit the gym ... and now im planning on getting my breast bigger ... dunno yet .... lets see when im completely healed ... my therapist says i still have inflamation ... sooooo cant wait for that to go away ..... well ladies i will post some before pics ... eeww i cant believe thats me .... Un Millon De Gracias Hector :D

Hello bbl ladies ... So I'm 2 months and 5 days I...

Hello bbl ladies ... So I'm 2 months and 5 days I believe ... Lol I lost track .... I feel good ... I have not been on top of my game and have not done massages since 3 weeks now ... U can see in the pics that I need my massages a few more ... I'm ok with my body ... I actually wanted a smaller waist and a bigger donk but it is what it is for now ... I gotta wait I guess .... My hubby and family love the new me but I guess I'm a perfectionist in my own way lmao ... I have had to buy a new wardrobe .. Dresses have been altered to xsmall ... I left cabral with. Medium size faja ... Then two weeks later I ordered a small size ... And Monday I have to order a xsmall so my waist is getting smaller .... I'm doing weights on my arms since I did not have lipo there ... Well that's that I think .... Here are some pics of me tonight after bath ... Wat do u ladies think ... :/

Almost 3 months ... More pics

Almost three months wooohoooo ... Everything is going great except for hubby being a bit Ggggrrrrr ... Thinking everybody looking at me and blah blah ... Amazing what a surgery can do lol .. But he knows till death do us part ;) ... I feel great ... Not doing much massages that's my fault but will start on Monday yayyyy .... I will be three months on the 21st ... Here are some more pics ladies ... I know this may sound horrible but ... I think I'm going again lol bigger bootayyy n much smaller waist ... Like my mom says Con Dios delante amen ;D


Hi ladiessss been gone for a bit .... Feel good .. Have not controlled my mouth so eating is taking over me lol .... I still plan on going for round three ... I feel good but still want a smaller waist and bootayyy again ... Plus I'm thinking of doing other things too .... Here's a pic ... Thank you ladies

Made In Cabral .. 7 Months New Picss

Buenos noches ladiessss .... Sooo it's been 7 months since surgery .... My body is still the same I actually gained 8 pounds ... Not good but mi love some food ... Since I love to cook lol horrible combo .... I still wear my faja four to five days a week that helps me lots ... So I don't eat as much lol ... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm still thinking about round three ... I feel like my arms are huge but I wouldn't do lipo on them ... I rather do excersice and weight loos massage to them ... I've seen horrible outcome on arms don't know why ... Here are some pics ... Thanks for your compliments luv u ladies and ask any questions I will try to answer if not some of our bbl Luis will do it for me ... Well night night Muahhhh

Wooaaaa long time ladies ..

It's going to be 2 years on the 21st of tx February month .... I love my results still have my boootayyyy but I'm going round three .... Here's a tip DO YOUR ARMS because if you don't all your weight gain will go to your ass and arms .... So I'm going again I a few days to do arms and a bit more lipo lol .... Just a touch up ....
Hector Cabral

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