BREAKTHROUGH! Finally Got in Contact with Dr. Duran, Scheduling my Date ASAP - Miami, FL

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Good Morning Dolls, I woke up this morning with a...

Good Morning Dolls,

I woke up this morning with a very pleasant surprise: A response to my numerous emails to Dr. Duran via surgicoordinator. This email included a quote and the opportunity to schedule my date.

A little bit about myself:
I'm 20 years old, this will be round two for me. I got my first BBL in December 2014, and although I AM happy with the results, it's just not enough for me. My waist is too big and there's not enough projection. I'm a very thin girl, so I'm a bit concerned that I don't have enough fat on me to achieve my desired results. But if you look at my pictures, I cary a lot in my back, and there's probably 5 lb or so in my abdomen, so maybe that will work... The email from surgicoordintor said, "she understand based on the pictures that you do not have much fat." I just sent a response email with wish pics asking if I should gain weight, and if my desired look is achievable.

I will keep you updated on the process of submitting the deposit and scheduling the date. I'm thinking the entire process, including flights and recovery house, will cost around 5,500. For all you dolls trying desperately to get in contact with Duran, go through surgicoordinator.


So Frustrated

Hey Dolls,

So, my initial quote from surgicoordinator it said that "Dr. Duran recognizes you do not have much fat." I responded to the email asking if/how much weight I would have to gain and if my wish pics are achievable. I did not hear back from her, so I sent another email, trying to get her attention, asking about the deposit payment process. She responded saying that my case is still under review and I've got to wait for the doctor to send me my quote, BUT I GOT MY QUOTE LAST WEEK. I emailed her back immediately, saying that I got my quote last week, and forwarded back to her the email with the initial quote. I am so frustrated, still waiting for a response.

I don't know what to do, I want to pay my deposit and get my date already :( I am hoping for late December/early January

Finally heard from Surgicoordinator

Surgicoordinator just got back to me, she said that the next available date is Jan. 23, and gave me "instructions" on how to pay my deposit. However, she didn't answer any of my questions regarding weight gain! I don't want to pay a deposit if my wish pics aren't even plausible. Her communication is just so spotty I don't want to lose her again. Ugh. This shouldn't be so hard, it's a bit concerning.

Makes me wonder...

So, I just got another email from Surgicoordinator, she said I don't have to gain weight?

What do you guys think? I'm 5'4 and 125 lbs... I've seen girls on here much "fattier" than I who were told to gain weight for their procedure.

I'm also thinking about Salama in Miami, but the price has to be right. The whole communication thing is so sketch to me, although DO I have my heart set on Duran, and I've been admiring her work since before my first BBL, I'm genuinely a bit scared.

Dr. Hasan or Dr. Fisher

Good Evening Dolls,

I was just wondering if you had any insight on what surgeon is better for this particular procedure. Both look as though they create beautiful results. I was hoping to go to Duran, but the whole lack of communication and booking through a third party is so freakin' sketchy to me.

Hello Dolls,A little bit about me:Age:...

Hello Dolls,

A little bit about me: Age: 20 Height: 5'3 Weight: 137 (up 12lbs since I decided to get this done) Previous procedures: Breast augmentation in April 2014 with Dr. Heller in NYC, BBL with lipo of back and abdomen with Dr. Schulman in December 2014 I'm getting "Hasanified" tomorrow morning at 8am. This will be round two for me. I got my first BBL in December 2014, and although I AM happy with the results, it's just not enough for me. My waist is too big and there's not enough projection. I'm a very thin girl, so I'm a bit concerned that I don't have enough fat on me to achieve my desired results, but I did gain 12lbs for the procedure. Since I'm a small girl, I'm getting it ALLL taken care of tomorrow to harvest as much fat possible. I'm getting lipo of the full back, abdomen, arms and chin. I travelled from NYC to Miami to have this done with Dr. Hasan, from my research I can confidently say he has the best results (IMO!) in this country.  I had my pre-op today. A lot of people seem to have problems with Vanity's customer service. I did not have ANY, my surgical coordinator was a little bit rude at times, but we'll talk about that at another time. Before I paid I voiced all of my concerns to her, and I was probably VERY annoying because I checked up on the status of my surgery weekly for about 2 months. I got my blood done at exactly 30 days pre-op to make sure there were no problems and called up every day until my results were given to me.  I got to Vanity EARLY this morning, 10 minutes after they opened, and did not have to wait like most people complain about. The location is pretty sketchy, but I was told by my Uber driver that that's just how a lot of these places are down here. My first BBL and Breast augmentation were done on Park Avenue, so having surgery in a strip mall is very different for me. However, Dr. Hasan works out of a different location.  My procedure was $6,400USD total, here's a breakdown: BBL with lipo of abdomen, sides and full back: $5,300 Chin Lipo: $600 Arm Lipo: $500 HOWEVER, there were additional expenses involved: Round trip flight from JFK to MIA: $180x2 Air BnB: $535 Pack of 15 massages from Rejuve Face and Body in NYC: $745 One massage from Vanity: $100 (two are included with the surgery, but they recommend that you get three before you fly... I was kind of opposed since I have 15 at home, but whatever)  One lipo foam, arm garment, face garment, and ab board: $180 (two lipo foams and your post surgical BODY garment are included with the surgery, but you need three foams and have to pay for any additional area's garments out of pocket) Dr. Miami "Booty Buddy": $119 after shipping Uber to and from Vanity: $150 (includes to and from Pre-op, surgery and three massages) Then of course there are food expenses and supply expenses, but I just put those on my dad's card! SHHHH!  Other things I have:  2 Vinyl shower curtains to a) protect the mattress in my AirBnB b) wrap around myself in the uber home Doggy PeePee Pads for extra protection on the beds Hydrogen peroxide for easy cleanup incase I get blood on anthing Arnica gel Arnica pills La Roche-Posay CICAPLAST BAUME B5 to soothe skin under garment Hair skin and nails vitamins Multivitamins Iron pills Gauze, medical tape and BandAids Q-Tips to clean wounds Neosporn P-EZ female urinal Miralax  Oxycotin because I hear Dr. Hasan doesn't prescribe very strong pain meds Prescription sleeping pills to sleep away the pain  Extra Strength Tylenol  Packing Essentials: (Other than what's listed above) Thin tank tops Baggy sweatpants YOUR OWN SHEETS (if you're staying in a hotel or AirBnB) Maxi dress to wear immediately post-op sweatshirts baggy Men's Ts  Underwear 5x your size Fuzzy socks  Bathrobe Sports bras Big soffee shorts  I'm scared shitless right now because my first BBL's pain was almost unbearable, I'm not sure what it's going to be like with the addition of the chin and arms. Wish me luck, ladies -- I'll update you when I'm feeling OK.

I got a round 2 BBL with Dr. Hasan at Vanity on...

I got a round 2 BBL with Dr. Hasan at Vanity on Sept. 29. My first round was in December 2014 with Dr. Schulman. I was happy with round 1, but I feel as though he was conservative with the booty and I just wanted more.

I did not get to talk to Dr. Hasan pre-op. The surgical coordinator told me that Dr. Hasan requested I gain 10-15lbs. I did as I was told, however. on the day of surgery Dr. Hasan told me that there was not much he could do for me because I was too thin. I really hope that I don't lose much volume or projection in the coming weeks. I also really hope that my waist gets significantly smaller.

Miami Physician

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