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Round two for me. Hope doctor beaz hook my body up...

Round two for me. Hope doctor beaz hook my body up .this is my second time doing a bbl .I had it down in new york and my butt shrink after the doc.did it doctor did a terrible job with the lipo he left me with a lot of scare on my body . I still do not know what doctor I want to work on my body I am inlove with duran. I have met her and she is so sweet and profession but am concern with her breast and I really want my breast done more than anything . Beaz does excellent boobs job ..I have appointment with both doctor buran on the 25 july and dr.beaz 26 of july..

confirm my appointment

Will I spoke to doctor beaz today I have confirm my appointment no turning back now ..I hope my blood went up.we will see when I get to DR.

bad news

My doctor call and told me my blood level Is 11.4 I was shock I cry how could this happen I have been talking all my vitamins and the irons he prescide for me for 3 months .what going on he told I need to see a hemoglobin doctor so I can get a iron transfusion .I call jetblue cancel my flight last night and u belive the fucker s charge me a cancelation fee of a 160.00 out of my $530.00 that I paid for my ticket .I told them I have a medical clearance little from my doctor saying that I cannot travel.
I spoke to yasmin she told me she rather have a alive girl than a dead one and she has a space for me ever . I had sent her$200.00 for my deposit so that is safe..thank god. Dr.Beaz was so understanding we talk last night and she said whenever am ready.I felt so stupid because when I first contact Dr.Baez and told she my experience and what happen when I came to DR in june that my levels had drop from 11.8 to 11.1 I just taught it was because my period came the very day I arrive in DR and I bleed really heavy and I am anemic . I taught my blood had went up I eat green leafy vegetable ,I drink a a glass of vegetable juice every morning . I take floradix everyday and the iron was not cheap $25.00 for that small bottle . I was doing everything right and my irons are still down .the sad thing is DR. baez told to see a hemoglobin doctor and I did not .

hemoglobin doctor

I saw my doctor my hemoglobin went up am 11.9 am so happy. he told me to stop taking iron tablet because my iron is too high. he told me I have a disorder 2 to be exact sickle cell trait and alpha-thalassemia trait .that the reason my anemic . he gave me my result and I am happy to say am healthy . I wont die when I do have surgery. I am going back to see him in October . I am going to send my information to Dr. baez because she is the one who told me to see a hemoglobin doc. I am pretty sure my hemo will go up to 12.5. by October. I am taking all my supplement , vegetable , am drinking my beet juice am even eating livers. floridix , and a green supplement juice that I got from the health food store , I drink vegetable and fruit juice everyday. and am going to a doctor. so am happy I now know the cause of my anemic . other from being anemic am healthy.

changing doctor

I am having second thought and to be honest I am tired of taking iron pill. my hemo went up and to be honest I don't think I am going to reach 13 . so dr. baez is going to out of the picture for me the reason why I was going to baez was because of her cheap price and I love her breast. I want a nice cute ass, lipo to my arm and that a must I will not settle. I am going to go back to my number one doctor Duran, she is charging me $5,500 for lipo , arm stomach bbl and breast implant with lift. I already sent doctor baez my deposit of $500 .what a waste now I will be sending Duran a deposit also so I can lock in my date. I am a little bit worried about dr. duran doing my breast , I have nightmares of them being fuck up and no sensation. other wise from the breast I love her work and her. when I met her she was so sweet and concern about my health. so I think am going to go with the person I am comfortable with I know she will give me a tiny waist and hips with a cute little booty. am praying for the breast to turn out good I love my boobs.

schedule with two surgeon

I have 2 surgery date one with duran and one with baez November 6 here I come . In my condition being anemic I have to have am back up plan. I will have surgery my hemoglobin is 12.3 . Am going back to see my hemoglobin doctor before I go .

got ticket

Just bought my ticket and book with yasmin . I am only going stay there for 7 days. I need to find someone in new york that does massage. Preferably queen . I got all my supply and med. I plan on spending no unnecessary money in DR this time .

working on hemo

That baez is not my doctor anymore . I am anemic and my hemoglobin will never be 13 . The doctor told me. I have found a couple of doctors even though my hemo is low. I already informed them and yes I did get permission from my medical doctor and my hemoglobin doctor to have surgery .I got my paperwork from my doctor and when I go I will consult with a hemoglobin doctor in DR just to be safe. I am very healthy . I am not risking my life for surgery. I had cosmetic surgery in the US . When I go to DR if I am not comfortable I will not have surgery there . I will do it in Florida since I already paid my deposit to another doctor. I am trying a couple of home made remedies. Hope they work out . If I can just go to DR and do bbl n lipo not aggressive I will be ok with that.
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EDGAR CONTRERAS was my doctor $4000

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