Frm booty greed to booty NEED :-(

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Part 2 of my BBL journey!

This is a continuation of my part 1 BBL blog. To first read part 1, please click here.

Will call Jessjca today ..

So dolls I'm shooting for rd 2 at vanity or elite plastic surgery.. I've any dr salama my pics.. The $ is steep ($9000) vs vanity's $4500 and by the looks of it I'll be paying 4 this by myself this time , which is fine (my love paid 4 every penny for my BBL and BL with Dra Duran on nov 5th)..

Will post later to hear what Dr Fisher thinks and def gonna try to get official word about Dr Ghurani who is also incredible at bbls from when he was? Working with Dr Salama..

Me now and my wish

Yes I'm only 2 months and I need to be patient and fluff but wanna grab opportunity while I have a Chevrolet got this quote. I just hope I don't have to gain that much ..

Gonna call vanity again ..

Jessica seems sweet and maybe they're crazy busy there particularly cuz of the confusion of Dr Ghurani's office location but geez the Custer service is like Cipla all over again.. LiterLly gotta stall and be patient until you get an answer .. Well def gonna "stalk" in a couple hours then hopefully make my decision

Ugh Vanity STILL hasn't returned my call but it's kk

Ok dolls ..

So @ Vanity the quote for bbl is $4500 I think it's lipo abs, back and flanks that are included..

Attached is the sweet and professional Nancy's email for my quote. Unfortunately dr salama wants me to gain too :-( 10-15 lbs to be exact.. Like I said dolls maybe id do 10 lbs tops. I want a big bubble but I'm feeling some type of way of getting my face fatter for a fatter ass and never want a knife touching my face.. Salama's quote is $9000 (don't quite understand the $8999) deal instead of adding the $1 but yay I guess.. But geez I mean that's damn near Dr J price.. And I'd get quote from him but I think for those who read my part 1 understand knows my views on that whole situation although no doubt he makes big booties..

Who I want for my round 2..

1-dr salama and dr ghurani (tied)
3- dr fisher (he holds records for performing most bbls in U.S. And also isn't conservative :-)

I love Dra Duran and would go back to her in a heartbeat of she were here in the States. Oh pls come open an office here..

Will call Vanity once again (wtf) tomorrow and demand a legit full consultation from Dr Fisher and Dr Ghurani ..

Went out last night ladies

Sry didn't take pics but will take some new ones soon :-) honestly hungover but several ladies complimented my body and booty n even asked if they could touch it lol before I could answer one snuck one in n my bf was cool about it :-) my bf kept saying my ass was huge n while I can say that lower back curve looks nice n I have a little booty now I def don't think it's huge and it's a little annoying he keeps saying he waiting for me to "admit it" or when his insecurities come out and he says what reason do I have to want a fatter ass or why I'm not satisfied and that there's a "reason" obsessed about my body and etc. Ugh men. But anyways when we were leaving several guys gave him a pound , shook his hand and "bigged" him up (which means gave him props ) for having me by his side which was cool but I truly don't see the booty everyone talking about. I'm happy but my vision isn't complete .. I hope my booty greed doesn't take over my mind until my round 2..

Had a great workout yesterday too..

3 sets 10/ torso rotation 30 lbs
4 sets 10/ bicep curl - 5 lbs
4 sets 10/ tricep press- 7.5 lbs

30 squats (which kinda hurt) but like my homegirl said it's the squats that will make my booty become a DONK lol

Here r some gym pics.. I'm wearing a cheap light control shaper underneath with butt n hips cut out cuz I feel consistent compression helps mold body but see why I want/ need more booty :-(

Gonna find tape measure but waist def smaller :-)

Gonna blow up the office @ Vanity ..

.. Tomorrow morning. I've sent the kind Priscilla my pics for consultation with Dr G. And will take it from there. Like I said I highly doubt my bf will pay for my round 2 so I gotta her back to work and save up and make it happen for myself.. I can do that in a years time so I'm pretty optimistic about it..

Ugh ladies I'm trying not to become obsessed but I'm just crushed cuz I was fit with slimmer legs before I gained my 20 lbs for my bbl.. My legs have always been a problem and after spending literally half my day at the gym every day to slim them down I'm left with them after my sx. I got minimal inner thigh lipo I think cuz of a matter of timing and that I was doing so much (7 hr sx isn't a joke)

I don't effin get it

So I was told by a doll that some hater bought my boob pic to her and said I was talking shit about her. Listen if you THAT jealous and can't stand it get off my page. I've noticed a lotta ratchets and birds joined RS but this is just ridiculous. U don't even know me but it's all good. Ur actions speak for themselves.

And to the non hatin and congratulatindolls , thx 4 ir continued love and support :-)

well I hope Dra Duran believes me..

Sent her email saying the hater was just making ratchet gossip so it's w/e.. Duran and I keep in touch and send "kisses" in our emails so ***** I ain't worried about nothing (in my French Montana voice) Lol

Anyways I called Vanity at 9 am this morning and Priscilla said pls give her time and that she'd get right back to me and that she just stepped into office but never got a call. I'd rather her take her time than rush or just give me a bs answer. I wanna make sure Dr G sees my pics and lets me know exact what he thinks it'll take to make my wish pics come to life which I honestly don't think is an unreachable goal ...

I resent the email again just In case she was flooded with too many to find mine and will call back tomorrow and update you dolls.

N like the beauty Dra Duran n I (and prob other dolls) close our memos..

Kisses !

Geez RS after 20 min of writing stop deleting lol

Maybe it's a sign I'm still too obsessed with this site but to make long story short...

1- Dra Duran responded to my email and said not to worry cuz she didn't think the girl was talking about me and don't pay any mind because "Internet gossip" happens all the time and that she loves me back. Yay

2- vanity BETTER not raise their quotes particularly not Dr G's from $4500 to $9000 ESP after their lack of communication particularly with deposit instructions. Both Jessica and Priscilla said $4500 is the quote for BOTH Dr Fisher and Dr Ghurani even after I repeatedly said I also wanted my inner thighs, inner knees added to my bbl which included lipo of flanks, back and abs . Smh wouldn't we all get it all done of the additional areas were free so come on ..
3- is it crazy to consider butt implants? I really don't want them but I also don't wanna gain any more than 5 lbs for my round 2 bbl. I hate my rounder face (no more bony cheekbones) but I can deal with it. I refuse to get face lipo (I don't want anything sharp touching my face - except u know what lol sorry dolls I'm a freak)

Ok love y'all n following y'all journeys . You all look great!

NYC stripper Nya Lee exposes her bbl (honorable)

Haven't measured recently but still looking small n will admit I haven't with my squeem in 2 days . Why? honestly cuz I was lazy n like being able to move after sitting or laying in one position without my skin running.. Skin still sore , ALTHOUGH I had a kick ass but very relaxing hr long massage yesterday b4 my workout which we dumb cuz oddly enough my skin became lumpy afterwards n I felt more soreness which was weird.. but was still. Wearing my other cincher but starting tomorrow will continue to be religious with my squeem (haven't stopped my foams or anything else)..

Went on my usual ratchet gossip site n too story was popular stripper Nya Lee (who is on Love and Hip Hop New York and dances at Sin City in the bx ) post video of her post op bbl at her docs office. Brave girl


in past 24 hrs two things happened .
I broke up with my man and truly mature enough to end such mess. I'm 25 and have a lot to learn but I've learned sooooo much and this was confirmation (and y'all know I broke up with him b4- insecurity n jealousy was on the no no level ).. I considered marrying him several times (dodged a real bullet, thank you Lord for revelations and clear messages) ladies $ & words don't mean shit. But will say while I'm hurting bad (crying like I'm doing now-and sitting on wondering why?) I am relieved , liberated, and happy I ended it knowing I can ignore the signs and our future was gonna be a reck .. Ignorance is bliss but it's a blessing as a young lady to wake up and be aware and assertive for her own self worth and respect. This hurts but it's ultimately the best thing .

Secondly - Vanity Cosmetic Surgery

I get a call from Jessica and she tells me she sorry for delay, how I've been, etc (i appreciated that) and goes on to say I still need to gain 15 lbs (not happening) for my wish projection. I don't plan on adding any more hips and that weight gain would be unhealthy for sure and that it's Dr Fisher who would be doing my surgery.


I got quote for both b4 and now I'm effin told that that the doctor of my choice, Dr G (Fisher I've heard is great but I haven't seen any Fisher dolls except for Rs sis feelinmyself (lookin good girl!) , and tell her that while I've read on RS and understood another dr may want more dolls I've only can go from what I see from their OWN website are 3? B4 and after pics (and for a do tidy who has "the most bbls in a yr record? I have to double check my facts but chillin with Mary Jane now (haven't been with her for about 7.5 months time- I let her go about 5 months pre op to be as healthy as possible so now I'm too lazy to remember lol) -- back to Dr G/ Dr F- on RS and there are flooded pages of Dr Ghurani's bbls.. So I felt some type of way and then was told he was unavailable and after I asked why got no explanation and then got my quote of ($5000 ugh he went up $500 but was told it was to be so at the beginning of tax season ..

I said yea, you're truly pushing fisher . She replied yes we push him
Because he is a great doctor and truly provides the best results for my body type - btw was told I wouldn't get belly lipo cuz "there's no fat there" and that Dr F would lipo elsewhere instead and included in my quote.
To stay at the Vanity Recovery House, for $2000 more (hmmm) you get 7 days /6 nights , 7 lymphatic massages , 1 compression garment , all surgery fees, and of course 3 meals.. Dunno if that's really a deal but that massage deal is a steal.. But $2000? We'll see ..

Ill still find out why Dr Ghurani isn't available cuz something's sus.

Short update

Down. Sad. Shocked. Hurt and disappointed (I really loved him y'all n was considering being his wife one day) Pretty much cried n slept all day but even though a doll got plenty options (maybe too many haha) choosing to remain strong, not go back n just love myself.. Get this body right and possibly get that night life paper (you feel me?) lol

I see Dr. Fisher (my likely doc for round 2) booking a lot lately and soon so I can't wait to finally see more of his work here and on their site -- I mean geez y'all wanna push fisher but can't post patients to convince us first ? Smh..

Anyway thx 4 the well wishes love y'all

thx yall

Lost in cab or while bar hopping and frustrating but maybe i needd that to keep away from my ex.. Love yall n.will give thorough up to date post with pics, deposit info n more .

i've recovered more.. emotionally and physically...

Hey dolls! Ahhh where do I start? Well if y'all read my ex pathetic comment post on this page SMh u could c I was dealing with a lot but thank God for good REAL friends (shout out 2 prettyphysique) and family I am feeling a little better but def stronger. I still reminisce and think wtf and cry but I'm coming to terms that we weren't a match for several reasons but I can say that I'm more sensible and will love me first as I deserve from this day forward... And effin stay single. Relationships can start so beautifully and grow into overly stressful and emotionally draining distractions so I'm over the heartache... So on to better and more important topic - my body :)

mi cuerpo... (my body)

OK my loves...

One -- I've gained an estimated 10 lbs in last month-- od'ing on rum, wine and all sorts of mess and while it includes food I've been drankin (in my Beyonce voice- love that song) waaaaay more... Y'all dunno and I'm not sure if I addressed this in my part 1 but i easily gain weight from hard liquor which was a huge reason why I stopped for 2+years about 2 yrs ago (hence my Mary Jane relationship) so bar hopping with my cuz wasn't smart esp since swell hell is sooooo real with my body particularly with wine , carbs and salt.. The enjoyable stuff.. So that's the bad part...

The good part - I've lost 5.2 lbs in last week by getting back on track, cut out drinking, and yes finally including wine, carbs and keeping my salt at a minimum... My tummy is flat, waist shrinking but back roll needs to go and my thunder thighs are causing more storms than the good Lord is here in NYC... I'm working out at least 2 hrs a day-- 1 in cardio other in weight training ... The food I've been consuming weren't junk food just moms delicious home cooking which I successfully kissed good bye exactly a week ago today.. I been away from my apt for my healing .. I plan on losing 10 note lbs (praying I don't lose my booty although I'm dead set on round 2 and I have my mothers support.. Not approval Lil hut support which means a lot to me.. Who better to take care of me ? :) *shout out to my moms 4 being perfect *

I've been going out and good gawd men & women act like they never seen a woman with an hourglass before.. Feelsgood to get tthe compliments from the ladies particularly cuz it means more.. Men compliment everyone just to get a shot at ass (,pun intended) Lol.. I had approx 400 thrown at me at strip club but I gave it all to the strippers who showed me a whoooooole lotta love and admiration .. Can talk say spanks and more ... They alltried to persuade me to dance there but not 4 me.. Ugh too many drunk and overly thirsty dudes..

I'm still in btwn jobs and while my ex was holding me down financially I've been blessed to have an awesome mom and support team ..IMA be OK...

I was officially 3 months post op February 5th (yay) .. I still sit on my boppy but as of a week ago stopped carrying it around everywhere and sit with as little pressure as possible on my booty..

My faja burned or lemne rephrase that I burned my faja after washing it mad late n throwing it in the oven (a lot of us tried quick drying lol) but unfortunately left it too long and parts of it legit melted and burned and after cutting out the damaged parts I officially stopped wearing today.. I'm wearing a moderately firm body shaper by Valentina brand (paid only $15 at Burlington at shaper section). . it comes down to knees -i still hate them fat things and covers back not too high but high enough and I cut iyt butt and hip part and wear with my lower tri back board and foams and my squeem- which I temporarily stopped Cruz it appeared to make my lipoed tummy bumpier and lumpier even with my foams which is hideous so I gotta see what that's about.. Getting another lymphatic massage (which is prob why my lumps n bumps seem to be chilling around Cuz I haven't been religious with them which us dumb.. ) anyways will answer all in my inbox soon and post pics in next couple days... So far I'm still set on Dr fisher at vanity and will hopefully drop that deposit soon .. I still feel soreness and tenderness in my arms, my entire back smh and tummy - yes, I know my lack of massages and prob weight gain is to blame ...

Job hunting this upcoming week but omfgoodness so effin hard to find a suit set.. Various folks tell Me I need the blazer in particular , tailored Cuz these boobs which are a 34 DD are huge and waist small at 26.5 inches and these blazers make me look fat Cruz they just add three inches to my waist on each side due to boob width.. I'm considering getting them replaced with smaller implants but will admit they're sexy naked and in club wear..

Thx again for ur support dolls and posting pics in next couple days. I love DRA Duran and cant wait to send her another email but again just wish she were here for my round 2..


Almost 4 months post op ..

Dolls!! Been away for a little bit but was busy figuring out my life bit by bit, vacationing in the Bahamas with my honey (had a lot of fun n was confident on beach for first time in my life yay but booty still not as big as I wanted ) - def ate too much on the cruise BUT was working out and still working out and officially officially starting my low sugar low carb diet tomorrow and yes y'all officially stopping my daily rum and wine sippin'..

Will post official measurements on March 5th which will be my 4th month anniversary (I honestly can't believe it's been 4 months omg)

How do I feel? Great just fuss pointed in my weight gain - I have a 1/2 back roll on each side - terrible I know- n arms are a little chubbier but I'm on it y'all . Birthday in a month and half so ima get it in.. Here r some pics.. Much love to y'all. Will post more pics on my 4 month anniversary ..

Think I'll be a Fisher doll for my round 2 although the lack of organization at vanity is a little frustrating but so far so good with Jessica and Priscilla .. Sent Duran an email for my round 2 as option but all the press on ax in DR is a little troubling but remember ladies deaths and complications happen EVERYWHERE so def keep that in mind ..

A little annoyed my last post didn't post ..

Ok my beautiful dolls..

I'm officially 4 months post op Duran doll today ! Yayyy ! Didn't get to take pics (not home n gotta take the full mirror pics at gym )..

But the profile pic I've attached here is my ideal body.. The smaller tits (love my breasts but want a bigger booty and won't want to look like a freak of nature) and tiny waist in the black and white pic is my dream.. I've also attached pic of the sexy vixen Stephanie Santiago (Dr. Salzhauer patient) and a sexy pic of Ashley Logan, but I've heard she got implants) all if which I borrowed from another RS sister page ..

PleAse go to BOSSBOOTY page and show her love

My boo just got her round 2 (although she already looked super hot) .. She in recovery now .. Congrats again mama!

Hey dolls

I still have measurements to take 4 y'all.. Burning calories and losing weight :-) booty doesn't appear to have shrunk since my 43" but will let y'all know ..

Sounds crazy or not?

So in back to being a gym freak and very happy to see my back get slimmer , waist, arms and legs getting smaller .. I honestly don't want to gain any weight for my round 2 and I'm seriously considering for my round 2 full body lipo, fat grafting to butt PLUS semi soft silicone implants (FDA approved) . I truly don't want a round 3 (at least for booty, I'm getting a breast smaller implant revision down the line) and would be damned to gain weight and still have fat left over. DR Duran is amazing and I love her lipo and fg skills 100% just wish my naturally big thighs were non existent ..

What do u ladies think ?


And yes dolls will be posting birthday suit pics soon tryna take off Tats but phone buggin :-(

ok yall just sent vanity an email..

lets see how long it takes to hear back from them.. and i personally think paying half for procedure for deposit is ridiculous. ive never heard of such a thing.. but in my email asked for quote for lipo in inner and outer thighs, arms/full abs (if i'll need it im going ham on em), back (2 get it super skinny) plus round butt implants with fg to butt ..

my quote with dr fisher is currently $5000. with pkg $7000 but i hope they answer my ques in regards to nurse care cuz in email it says 24/7 nurse care but ive read on RS that its only for 24 hrs after sx which is another ridiculous proposal.. update yall soon.. dont let me down, Jessica... hope to hear from you without me blowing up office phone...

Update with Vanity..

So I just hung up with Jessica from Vanity who actually gave ME a call in response to my email. I'm very impressed and satisfied with her customer service skills. She's on it so if u reading this (and I'm sure you are) , thanks a million doll. Can't wait to see your big booty in person ;-)

Ok y'all. So I have my quote with Fisher who we're seeing more dolls from and they look great .. However I was referred to Dr. Bass who is apparently the butt implant specialist @ Vanity and was notified that Dr. Fisher does NOT do implants.. Only bbls..

My dilemma dolls...

1- I can either go with Fisher for my bbl and pray the fat and big booty 2 be stays despite my workout regimen (which makes me feel so alive)

2- or I can go with Dr Bass who I don't know much of but will definitely run my investigation on him.. He will do lipo to my arms, bra line and thighs (can't do more areas unfortunately with my butt implants as it poses a danger to my health since the implantation alone is 3 hrs) haha keep in mind my lipo + bbl+ bl/ba was 7 hrs but with epidural not general anesthesia ..

I'm actively losing weight (at 8 lbs now yayyy) and working out as I used to b4 I gained the 25 lbs for my bbl -- u can c my regimen on my bbl part 1..

So ladies. Honest opinions. What would you do?

Lose weight, get super fly and NOT gain 15-20 lbs (as I was told to do for my booty projection wish and walk around looking cray for months until my bbl ) and get the lipo to arms , upper back , bra roll (can't get lower back ) and thighs (I substituted love handles and stomach for back since I had to choose due to lipo limit cuz my stomach n love handles are almost non existent as of now and working to make them disappear 100% , and get an IMPLANT which is permanent so I'll never have to worry about a shrinking booty (yay) with DR BASS for about $7000

Or gain the weight which I know I'll need to cuz I'm going HAM for the summer and maybe or maybe not get my wish booty with Dr Fisher with my lipo to arms, full back, and inner and outer thighs.. For $5000


By the way ..

FAT GRAFTING IS NOT "POSSIBLE" TO BUTT WITH DR BASS. Just the lipo + implants.. But then again by then hopefully I won't have enough fat to make a huge booty difference cuz I plan on getting in tip top shape ..

I also want lipo to knees which I forgot to ask about but was told each doc can make that determination in person altho they're obviously fat ..

Still unsure more bbl vs implants

I've sent Dr. Góngora in Mexico an email after I got a response from my inquiry for bbl plus implants. While Jessica @ Vanity been helpful I think an in person consultation would do Me best cuz I need to hear this sh*t from the horses mouths ..
BUT gonna see if I can get a consultation with Dr Salama and Dr Ghurani cuz I'm not impressed with fact that Dr Bass is the butt implant "expert" but haven't seen a single patient pic on Vanity's page.. Very sus :-/

OMG Kim k looks damn good

Homegirl looks like she got the ONLY re up! Just wish we knew her doc.. #we'llneverknow ..

Wish I knew video vixen miracle watts doc too ..

Ok dolls..

So in addition to my quotes from Dr Fisher (rd 2 bbl with full body lipo) and Dr Bass (who I have yet to see booty with from smh but he the butt implant "expert" ) , I received a $9000 quote from Dr Góngora for full body lipo, fg, and butt implants plus 5 day stay at their RH.. Aaah what to do? While I truly wanna stay in the States my gut (or lack thereof -- yay-- I'm officially down 11 lbs dolls but honestly suffering severe migraines from lack of natural sugar and carbs so I had a piece of cantaloupe this morning) .. I feel like the implants r my best bet cuz y'all know I don't wanna gain an OUNCE .. I know you all have been very helpful and suggested the round 2 bbl ugh the possible complication or shift in implants freak me out, but with a great doc I feel like I'll be ok.. Guess I'll make a final decision at my 6 month mark which is when I'll have reached my weight loss goal (another -10 lbs )

And damn it, Kim k . Spill the got damn beans you da queen of bbls/full body lipo so drop a hint or something geez! Lol

Ok y'all

Emailed jessica of VANITY for quote for all I ask for NO EXCEPTIONS

quotes from dr fisher and dr Hasan (shay08 is smokin hey boo)

For lipo to-


With fg to butt and maybe hips .. Maybe a rounder booty will give more hips naturally .. I don't wanna "waste" fat for booty for hips altho I do need them rounder ..

MY BUDGET max- $5500 . As of now I DO NOT wanna stay at their RH but we'll see..

Anyways dolls here r new pics and anyone in the NYC area who could pls refer me to a top of the line lymphatic masseuse is be grateful cuz these lumps n bumps on tummy gotta go.. Dunno why I have them but I notice they worse when I wear my squeem ????

My lipo lumps and bumps :-(

Haven't found or had a masseuse like I did in DR. Think these folks2 gently or something. I'm on a mission to rid of them in a month's time (by my birthday) ..

To the NYC /NJ dolls pls refer me to a bomb masseuse. And if any of y'all open to letting me feel and discuss your butt implants I'd appreciate it. I sound like a creep but I'm not I'm just on the fence about them


ladies! shout out to thickchick1's profile.. her page shows most of our wish pics and what the girls REALLY look like before they were photoshopped! aaah things we believe/want. thank God for artists with knives though... i wanna walk around looking like an unbelievably beautiful photoshopped human in the flesh. not ridiculous but as close to flawless as i can be...

So yes dolls couple things

While looking for a new job, new school and new teeth (want a set of veneers as I've mentioned b4 lol) I'm a little sad cuz after my 11 lb weight loss as u can c lost a total of 5 inches of booty..

So what was booty GREED is now booty NEED ..

I'm 95% sure I'm going for the booty implants & I refuse to gain weight ..
1- I'm trying to be tight and right all the time lol
2- I won't have to worry about it disappearing /reabsorption

About vanity ..
Great prices only for bbl ..

My total for full body lipo and butt implants (with Sientra which is what gongora uses also n is FDA approved) is a whopping $12,800. Which is a jimerson/Salama/Salzhauer/Cortes price where I feel more confit table dye to their experience and the actual proof in their b4 and after. I still can't get or find a single booty implant patient b4 and after photo so that's crazy plus their customer service isn't up to par. I had better service with the beautiful dra Duran n Elizabeth (her assistant).. I don't like that I haven't been able to speak to a single doc at vanity so yea I'm just about done with them

So while gongora is still on the brain .. Can't do Salama cuz he doesn't do butt implants anymore and gonna send consult pics again to dr Cortes (who I had a skype consult with n also has my $500 deposit ) and dr Salzhauer (who I also had a skype consult with and also told me to gain )..

Will keep u posted.. Also about to purchase 3 velashape treatments on amazon local for $49 yayyy

Also classic shape wear still giving 40% off until 11:59 pm tonight here is the code ;)

Gonna send mendieta an email

I truly want to stay here in the US..

I don't think it makes much sense to travel outside of the country (Mexico) and pay same price although some Mexican doc results are stellar ESP with lipo ( like dr gongora and dr jacome)..

But I truly wish Salama was till doing butt implants .. He is about to perform a but implant procedure on a girl in a couple days (lucky)..

Gonna shoot Mendieta an email about full body lipo (May not even need it after I drop my 15-20 lbs and continue my gym rat and carb /sugar free lifestyle ) and butt implants under muscle ..

Vanity's quote for me ($12,800) is way too expensive for a doc whose butt implant work is non existent in my eyes (no pics on real self or vanity 's own page smh)

Gongora . Jacome. Mendieta. Fisher. Hasan (both r up for consideration if I decide to do bbl)

Thanks for your opinions and advice. It takes a lot for me to be offended. I'm not too sensitive..

Yay so I got my pkgs..

With my new size small (was a medium b4) full body faja from faja disenos de Prada.. I have been losing weight n going HAM at gym so yes butt is smaller but I'm
Not depressed anymore. Round 2 is in the works so no need for me to lose it ..

I also ordered their faja braless and sleeveless but down to calves but wrong order.. I called them and asked them to switch both orders to size SMALL (they were both med) n sales rep must've accidentally put in wrong order so I got the waist sin her instead which I don't want cuz not tight enough and I already have my faja on the 3rd hook.. (Yay)

I bought a black waist cinching vest from Salome in xs (my waist is 25 inches ) therefore according to it's size chart I'd be good money. Wrong . It barely fit my rib cage n my bro joked on how it looks like it's for a child .. It's crazy but anyway will return for stew medium n hopefully that does the trick .. Very beautiful & elegant waist cincher with wide straps.. Will post info if you'd like..

That's all for now. Will call Nancy tomorrow and get latest in my procedure, price, date etc .. I Ajax want breast implant revision. I'm convinced these are sub fascia (under fat/breast tissue).. They've dropped some more.. Def feeling heavy and a little painful at times but I'm keeping calm. Gonna get a mammogram this week .

Ok dolls will update you soon
xoxoxo :-)

Aaah can't wait until my transformation is finally complete ..

Ok dolls. It's btwn Salama and Cortes now..

I have a $8799 quote for butt implants. Lipo to one area which is included and fg to butt around implant with dr Salama. Sounds great..

As you know I want full body lipo again but may not be necessary after my 15 lb weight loss for summer but will def need my genetically large thighs , knees and arms lipo'ed so I'll find out price once I can drop deposit for the implants .. The very sweet Nancy told me that unfortunately I could not get all that plus breast implant revision cuz of recovery but may get a discount for both and to do the breasts two months afterwards :-( I guess it's for the best although I think I read that Cortes does both at the same damn time so I have to find out ..

As u prob realized I like to wake up dolled from head to toe. My last attempt was a partial success (couldn't get agg lipo to thighs due to the 7 hr multiple procedure.. Shout out to Duran. )

My frustrations -- I was at my dream weight and finally reached my goal waist-wise.. Thigh wise.. I needed my thighs and knees and breasts perfected and more booth. I wish I hadn't gained any weight cuz at this point my booty isn't where it was 2/3 months post op. I feel like I got a boob job and lil booty construction cuz I'm almost back to where I was due to my current cardio -weight training -diet regimen . I still have lipo lumps and bumps on my stomach (my stomach was nicer 4 months pre op- I was a gym rat- so I will start my velashape treatments to get rid of them next week )

I cried yesterday and day b4 due to shrinkage.. I'm going for breast exam cuz - my breast implants are heavy and hurt from time to time. They're too big point blank period and are dropping already. "Perky" for large breasts but I want them smaller and perkier and under muscle..

Sry for venting. Anyway I found popular doll - GISSYDOLL-- b4 and after pics and all I can say is wow. Heard she also has a bbl with implants (seems so) she looks great.

Almost 6 months :-)

Hey dolls!!

Will post more complete review 4 my 6 month anniversary (my iPhone died on me 3 times while writing this review last week so here is shortened version ..)

Yay so I'm almost 6 months..

Not-so-yay .. Id say I gained 10 over my bday /Easter week (too much delicious Caribbean , Haitian ESP , food & bread -- ahh my weakness)..

BUT! I'm going HAM at gym.. Burning at least 500 cal a workout but aiming 4 a 750-800 cal cardio burn a day .. My body toning up nicely .. Been dieting for last 5 days and officially set on dropping 25 lbs . Yes yes booty will go but I'm still wearing my faja (spent over $600 on various sizes) so next full body faja (I have pic in my review) will be XS (wearing S now) n yes I will cut the holes out to try n preserve it's shape :)

Can't wait for my bbl + implants! I've made my final decision to go ahead with them.. Still gotta contact Cortes office for quote but not finding his lipo as aggressive as I'd wish.. Then again -25 I prob won't need agh lipo anyhow.. Here r some pics. Xoxo

Hey dolls! It's been a while but..

Been focusing on classes as sure while I think about my second round literally every day I'm focusing on getting my dream diploma b4 my dream body..

I am losing weight! Lost 13 lbs in almost a month. Same deal as my round 1 review (no sugar no starches and 1 hr cardio plus 30 min-1 hr muscle training everyday )..

I think I may go for oval implants along with my fat transfer cuz while I had shorter butt cheeks I think it's close to my dream body (bernice / la olivia ). Flaca (skinny) with a fat ass -- both models hve oval implants .. And also I think the probability of my implants looking like two basketballs may be diminished with oval implants instead of round but I guess Dr Salama (who is my num 1 choice ) will help me decide ..

We also gotta realize no one perfect. Vixen La Olivia Marie , Ben with bangin doctored curves has a scar kinda similar to mine under boobs (look pic) except mine are flat and more flesh colored. Def wanna work on getting rid of my lollipop scar before I get smaller boobs. OMG a manicurist (Chinese ) told me she loves my boobs (while sitting across from her, and humorously said "ohhh your breasts big.. Very nice" in her broken English and then gabbed her own and said she wishes she had mine as reminisced on how hers were bigger while pregnant and I jokingly said to her husband at other end of empty salon "hey u love your wife boobs right?" He sarcastically said "yea yea" I was dying but we were all laughing together and waist (I got a massage) . But yea these r cool but too big (bigger than I asked ) and heavy..

I'm waist training with the wide shoulder strap Salome waist cincher vest which is more comfortable than the squeem and my squeem was growing too loose for me (yay)..

So I'm shooting for 20 lb weight loss to make my wish of 130 lbs by August. Here r some pics loves!!

God bless u all !!

My pics didn't post ..

Here goes ..

Also thanks 2 well for well wishes and advice 4 massage .. I did my first velashape treatment on abs to smooth out these lipo lumps. It's working but important to do diet n exercise before during n in btwn sessions :-) check on groupon/amazon local/living social deals . Heard 4 treatments is minimum to break down post lipo scar tissue ..

I'm still here dolls

Hi loves!! Will write up full update with pics and everything soon. Lost 28 lbs in last 2.5 months and feel freakin awesome. Yes booty is down plenty (I'm measuring at 40 inches) BUT waist Is at 24 and I got my erector spinae (lower back ) slim as hell that u could feel bone -yay- using my beloved back extension machine so it makes my booty pop out more. Also doing a lot of leg press and hip ABduction to define my glutes as well as the gluteal machine where u push weight back with your leg strength which primarily works the quads and butt the hardest of all muscles. Yay. Posting pics of all this soon. So sorry been busy with school and very jealous bf. I love him and I know for a fact that he "cares" about me and "loves" me but dolls y'all need to beware.. While he has no problem enjoying my body it's slowly making him more insecure than ever before, especially since I been working out like a maniac. He wanna time my day and say ridiculous things like "oh how many men tried to talk to you today ?" #wtf and having nerve to go thru my stuff and question my belongings #boybye and I told him about him self so he on his Ps and Qs but I obviously know more than how I act and know this is nothing but a cycle and I gotta use my brain but honestly it's tough when u love someone ..

So to answer questions..

Do I think gaining so much weight (over 5 lbs) is ok or neccessary before a bbl? Well I dunno if u read my part 1 review but I was literally 5 lbs away from my dream body (without an ass and WITH saggy tits after 80 lb weight loss from my highest weight which was y I got breast lift with implants which I love but think it's too big n hate my lollipop scar) but no. Why? Cuz after gaining 25? Lbs for a fat ass but with still excess fat is not healthy or aearicy pleasing esp cuz it's not smart or safe to go on a severe strict diet after sx so soon so I was a lil bummed. My thighs , inner knees were still big and yes arms got smaller after lipo but back wasn't completely smooth either and def beyond dr Duran control. I still love her to death and glad I went to her ur do I think I was crazy to do so much at once - yes. Would I gain again. Nope. I woulda stayed at my dream weight range and just get butt implants . After research and patience. But still don't regret this sx whatsoever .

My unevenness in arms and abs (what I call lipo lumps lol) have improved dramatically . It usually occurs from too much fat being sucked out .. I've been doing velashape treatments (check living social or groupon to try out for cheap) and is been working but still my 100% I've had 6 so fr on my stomach and 1 on my arm. But u eyes believe I got 10 more vouchers ????..

Will post more soon and thanks so much for the love, compliments and support :-*

Sexy & single

I'm ready to live . Loved him with all i had- apparently too much and like insecure imbeciles do, he took advantage & used my blind heart to control me n it's crazy cuz I'm against it n give the best advice but I'm happy I went thru that..

Facts-- just one example of how controlling me was.. This was last week..Told me not to get a job cuz I'll ruin HIS vacation n that what he gives me is more than I'll ever make in a job.. And your girl got hired 2 days later. Training esthecian to be bitch! Lol

Makes me stronger. Lesson learned . And for first time in my life I realize I don't need a man to complete me.


It's me :-)

Pics of me. Gluteal machine is everything. Workout ladies! No matter how many inches u lose (I lost 6.5 smh) from weight loss if everything else tight, your booty will look right!
Name not provided

Still choosing my doc for round 2.. I am planning on getting a round 2 (bbl revision -- with more lipo to arms, full back , inner and outer thighs and fat grafting to butt -- aiming for more fullness and projection in middle to bottom of cheeks cuz I've some dents I want to fill in due to fat loss/reabsorbtion .. I also eventually want to get my breast implants replaced with smaller ones .. I want to look more in porportion with my wish waist and overall body in particular .. It's also very tough finding tops :-/ but they're sexy in bikini tops and in birthday suit ;-) my love goes crazy for them ..

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