BBL & Liposuction Dominican Republic, DR

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Iam interested in doing a bbl in Dominican...

Iam interested in doing a bbl in Dominican Republic ....I want a fat transfer from different ares of my body in to my buttocks ans hips.... I have fat in the abdomen also in my back and inner thighs that I really want to get rid of. I would like a surgeon honest opinion, whether, you need more fat to get the lira galore body results....Breast Lift sx will be depending on the results of my bbl by the same Doctor, but of course that will be 3 months post bbl :) :)..Iam interviewing different Dr's in DR. Expected date March or April 2016
Buccal Fat removal, is questionable for now

Estoy interesado en hacer un bbl en República Dominicana .... quiero una transferencia de grasa de diferentes ares de mi cuerpo en mis nalgas ans caderas .... tengo grasa en el abdomen también en la espalda y los muslos internos que realmente quiere deshacerse de . Me gustaría una opinión honesta cirujano , si, usted necesita más grasa para obtener los resultados del cuerpo en abundancia de lira .... sx levantamiento de senos será en función de los resultados de mi bbl por el mismo médico , pero por supuesto que va a ser de 3 meses puesto bbl :) :) .. Iam entrevistar a diferentes Dr de en RD . Fecha prevista de marzo o abril 2016

Quote from Dr.Duran

My Height: 64
My weight:160
Allergies: NDA (No known drug allergies)
Hemoglobin A1c: 5.8

I sent my info to the Surgical Coordinator,and confirmed on WhatsApp
Procedure fees: US$3900.00
Suri coordinator Fee: US$200.00
Total: US$4100.00

Dr.Duran reviewed my photos and recommended Liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift. The price is only guarantee for six months, The procedure will depend on my hemoglobin level. 12gm/dl is the lower range. My hemoglobin have to be over 13gm/dl because Im getting 2 procedures. BIM has to be lower than 35 in order to have surgery done.

My Quote includes
Assistance from Suri coordinator Care team
Cardiologic Evaluation
Photographs (Before & after surgery)
Operating Room
Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)
Supplies and disposable materials
Medical fees
One Night at the clinic
One night of nursing care
Consultation & Medical Checks (before & after sx)
Physical Examination and consultation, Pre/Post-Operative

Quote does not include
Post-OP Medication (US$200)
Testing ($200)
Compression Socks ($35)
Blood Transfusion ($110)
Second Garment (?)

Dr.Duran recommend to stay at a recovery house to be sure, you receive proper care.

Expenses for Sx & Post-OP sx

• Duran SX- $3,900
• Sx Coordinator-$200.00
• Risk Insurance- $130.00
• Post-Op medication-$200.00
• Testing- $200.00
• Compress. Socks-$35.00
• Blood Transfusion-$110.00
Total= $4,925

What to bring

Here's a check list prepared by the ladies at The Body and Lifestyle HQ

Passport- DUH!!
Travel pillow- holy grail!!
Toothpaste and toothbrush- simple but easily forgotten.
Face wipes / skin cleansers
Strong deodorant
Dry shampoo
Female urinal (I personally didn't use them and don't like using them but some people do)
Baby wipes
Anti-bacterial soap - Hibiscrub
Alcohol pads to make the area sterile before taking your Heparin shots (to prevent blood clots)
Cotton buds to clean around incision sites
Vest Tops to wear under Faja to prevent burns and skin irritation
Lose tops and Bottoms to wear - Stay away from maxi dresses if you are having arm liposuction
Flip Flops- bring 2 pairs
Gauze pads & medical tape to redress drain tubes
Maxi or maternity pads- LOADS
Compression Sleeves- you can and should purchase these at your surgeons clinic as you do not know what size you will be.
Compression socks to prevent DVT and reduce swelling
Black knickers and tampons in case the bed bus comes along
Arnica tablets to help with bruising and swelling
Water tablets
Stool softener/laxatives
Pre-op vitamins
Plug adapter

Mansion Recovery Armonia

The following services are included in your daily rate at the Recovery Mansion:

24 hour Recovery Armonia offers full services to post operative surgery care. Our clients health is our main priority, maintaining a sterile and sanitized atmosphere, and supplying natural food/juices to ensure a nutritional meal. by our professional nursing staff

3 daily meals and 3 snacks
Juice bar
Free transportation to clinic/pharmacy
Laundy services
Housekeeping services
Flat screen tv with cable/English channels
Air conditioning

We offer childcare at the recovery house please email us for further details


Deposit of $100.00 to secure your services through our website

Private room $85.00 per night
Double room $75.00 per night
Triple room $65.00 per night

Companion $60.00

Private nurse $ 50.00 per night

Messages are $25.00

Transportation to and from airport $50.00 each way with private driver and wi fi equipped .You pay driver at time of arrival please .

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns we are happy to have you and we will make sure you are home away from home.

Thank you in advance for choosing Recovery Armonia !!!

Mayra Felix
Medical Tourism Spa
Account Manager
Armonia Recovery & Tourism
336-340-0456 cell
336-833-3586 office
336-358-4996 e-fax

Rocovery Houses in Santos,Domingo DR

Recovery Homes in Santo Domingo, DR

Maria Recovery House - (809) 819-2558

HighClass Recovery House - (718)781-9201

Princess Recovery Home - (829) 333-8083

Kindness Recovery Home - (809)209-6912

MyHome Recovery Home

Serenity Recovery Home - (551) 200-5873

Daisy Recovery House -(829) 423-2847

Armonia Recovery House -(336) 340-0456

Angela Recovery House - (809) 595-3109

NewLife Recovery House- (809) 801-1033

Diamonds Recovery House - (849) 342-3223

Janet Recovery House - (829)861-2731

Tropical Recovery House - (809) 956-4141

Fantasy Recovery Suites (240) 640-6131

Real Recovery House (849) 205-2018

Jazmin Recovery House (809) 685-4812

Healing Haven Recovery (646) 400-7740

Harmony Deluxe Recovery (829)972-6506
Dr. Duran

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