4'11 130 LBS. I'm Highly Considering Dr. Tania Medina - Dominican Republic, DO

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She's extremely professional . Her staff or...

She's extremely professional . Her staff or assistant who gave me my quote listed everything that my quote included. I've seen her work , I'm pleased. And best of all SHES BOARD CERTIFIED!!!. I thought about going to Dr. Cabral but umm (sips tea) nah. Dr. Duran ....anti social lol. My hope is that I can get the surgery date that i want . I want to go late June early July. I want a bbl and liposuction or lipo sculpture. I wanted a tummy tuck but I'm not sure if that's possible with my height (if it makes a difference at all)

I have a date for JUNE 27TH!!!!

I received my surgery date for June 27th i'm pleased. however I received TWO DIFFERENT deposit amounts. In the initial email about my quote the down deposit was $300. I got a email after 1 am last night saying that the deposit is $500!!! Why the sudden change ? So I contacted her on whats app immediately and via email to see whats real . Has any other dolls or future dolls experienced this ? could it be that her assistant is getting future patients confused with one another ? It could be just a honest mistake but I want to make sure before I make my next move!!

Sx date :JUNE 27TH. with Dr. Tania Medina Surgery Buddy where You AT??!! Lets link up :)

okay question: has any future dolls or current had any problems booking their flights ? whens the best time to book ? Should I really pack heavy? or light? also , what recovery house does Dr. Medina use? I've recently heard disgusting news about Maria's Recovery house so I hope its not there!! I'm leaving from Chicago,IL . I'm not sure if I should go two or three days sooner. I plan on making a IG specifically for my special journey!! let me know !! Later Dolls

Having Second Thoughts Maybe??

Well today has been a cat and mouse with Medina today. I told her I would be making my deposit on friday (today). well, today came and I contacted her via email and whatsapp to find out exactly how and where I needed to send the deposit to. She didn't respond back til A HOUR AGO!! I was frantic a little because I didn't want to lose my surgery date. In the beginning she would respond back in UNDER 10 MINUTES!! but now that the ball is in my court and I'm trying to make the deposit she responds back less and less. I understand she's busy but i'd think that if someone is trying to give you money you'd make yourself more available. does she not want my money?lol I just think its weird. she made it sound like if I didn't make my deposit before Jesus returned then it'll be too late. I shouldn't have to chase someone I'm paying. Its possible that I could be over thinking it but seeing other amazing work from other doctors lately and this happens its kinda discouraging me from going to her. Oh when I did hear from her (8:45 pm) she told me to use bank of america or money gram I truly feel that this pertinent information should automatically be included in the email with the quote ...just saying. This makes me wonder if once I do make my deposit will I hear anything from her again BEFORE i'm on her operating table ? Anyway how I'm feeling right now I may make the deposit tomorrow I may not.

Sh&* is starting to get real !!

I made my deposit today via money gram. money gram is available at Walmart (I think all Walmart stores do). Anyway Tania responded immediately and when she couldn't one of her assistants did. She requested the receipt (for some reason she needs to see the FULL receipt even AFTER you give her the important information off of it) I asked was it the patients responsibility to locate a RH she assured me not to worry all of that is taken care of once you arrive. stuff is really starting to sink in. I cant believe IM DOING THIS!!! LMBBBBOOOOO LOL am I the only one who feels like this ??!!! its like Im happy and excited but at the same I'm thinking to myself "wth am I doing"??!! How I see it is like this; hoping ,wishing, and dreaming isn't going to make ANYTHING happen . If It doesn't happen now then ITS NEVER going to happen. That applies to anything that you want to achieve in life. FYI for future dolls Medina accepts payments for deposits through western union, bank of america , and money gram. personally money gram is the easiest. Also there's some very helpful and supportive IG pages I've come to love : @bella_barbies , @chiseledlux , @phenombeautyconsultants , @surgicalessence these pages have been extremely informative and helpful. I plan on making a surgery page on ig soon just to document this journey. Anyway the next thing to do is submit my passport application then book my flight !!! ttyl dolls!!

High Hopes and Good energy!!!!

Good morning Dolls!!! I feel like this site is a open diary !! lol I love it . I know I dont have to update my review on every little thing but I like it !! and you guys are the only ones who aren't being judgmental or opinionated so I feel like I can talk you guys freely !! (Im lame ,I know !! lmbo). Any way , I tried to tell my boyfriend what my plans were this summer. he said he couldn't be supportive over something he knew "nothing about ". (dumbest mess I've ever heard ) any way I had a feeling I should've kept it to myself but I went against my gut and decided to tell him I assumed he would be supportive whether or not knew much about it. long story short he must be REPLACED!!! lmbo Has any other doll experienced negative feedback from their significant other ? how did you handle it?. I'm not upset , disappointed a little but not upset. he's not my husband so he's very replaceable. I realize I cant force people to understand me or my choices. Anyway I made a IG sx page!! its dry !! lol unfortunately , alot of dolls who are going to MEDINA or have gone to MEDINA wont accept my request !! whats that about ? (sips tea) anyway what I've noticed is that alot of dolls who've gone to other doctors have been extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive and NICE. I assumed I would receive that same kind of treatment from the ones who are going to Medina but oh well !! :-) anyway my ig name is : medinadoll627 if you'd like to add me ,share journeys ,vent whatever go ahead!! :-). On another note , I asked medina , if I wanted bigger results , would she recommend me gaining a little bit more weight . she hasn't responded yet. I'll keep yall posted (whose ever listening !! lmbo) have a wonderful day dolls!!

Wish pics and that Thang! !

I hope Medina can copy wish pictures .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Havent had procedure yet.

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