26 No Kids Lipo on Waist + Arms + Flanks + Full Back + BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'll be leaving Jersey on April 28th early in the...

I'll be leaving Jersey on April 28th early in the morning. A roundtrip non-stop to DR was $462.
I'm getting liposuction on abdomen, flanks, waist, armpits, back + Brazilian Butt Lift for $3,900, i chose to go with her VIP package for $4,500, which includes 6 day recovery house with home cooked meals, transportation pick up & drop off, & medicine. I contacted her thru email with pictures,
height 5'7, weight 210lbs, measurements 35-40-45.
She request a deposit of $300 to reserve my surgery date, thru paypal, western union or wire transfer. I chose western union. Only two weeks to go, and I've doubled up on my pills with iron & vitamin c, taking the mega food blood builder, drinking tea with unsulphured black strap molasses, juicing beets & carrots, spinach & kale smoothies. I take my CBC (complete blood count) test on Monday the 18th, & will see if I've gone up; 4 weeks ago, my hemos were at 11.7 on March 18th naturally, I wasn't taking any pills or juicing. But I'm hoping that these last 4 weeks got me above a 13.0 or even higher. Below are pictures of me with underwear on and without underwear. Happy New Bodies Dolls.

2 weeks ...wish pics on fleek

I've been looking at pics of girls with fuller butts, who also have thick calves like myself & some knee fat too, just to have an image or idea what i will look like naked with a full butt. i see a lot of pics where all the girls look great after their bbl's, but their thighs and calves are smaller, so i feel like i can't relate. ...
i'm excited, anxious, and nervous all together...
& i take my CBC (complete blood count) test on Monday, i'm hoping it reached above 13.0, i'm tired of drinking beet juice & carrots, & spinach smoothies....but i gotta do what i gotta do..lol

took my CBC TEST..& list of things to take

got to take my lab test today, just waiting on results, hopefully their posted by Thursday :-) ...I've been following a few girls on here, every one is swollen and looking great, i can't wait to post my post op care, feeling swollen and flat and fat in the rights places...so far I've started packing, taking a few things and leaving most of the items home

In Luggage:

1. Feminine Pads & depends & disposable underwear
2. Compression socks 3 sets
3. Body wipes & feminie wipes & alcohol wipes & clorox/disinfecting wipes
4. Black Face towels & Rag & Bath robe
5. Toothpaste & toothbrush & mouthwash & deodrant & face wash
6. deodorant & anti-bacterial soap
7. Summer dresses about 3 or 4 (loose fitting)
8. (3) tank tops & (2) loose pajama shorts
9. Diurex & Bromelain
10. constipation pills (Colace) & (Benefiber Packets)
11. Travel Belt to wear under clothes (not bringing a purse) & Secret Safe disguised as a book... thank u amazon
12. (3) Sports bra/ Comfortable Bras
13. portable chargers for phone
14. Slippers & flip flops ( for showers & walking)
15. Boppy pillow / donut pillow
16. (standing portable urinal) EZ Urinal
17. medical tape for the gauze
18. Back Scratcher
19. Pill Organizer with Pills
20. Chapstick/Vaseline/ Cocoa Butter/
21. Foam Seat Cushion for Plane Ride & Train Ride Home home
22. 700 dollars (for possible emergencies, oxygen tank, blood transfusion, iron shots, tips, massages, extra faja)

For Home Care:

Plastic shower curtain for bed ( no stains)
Foam pillow & Ab board for faja
Bbl Pillow
Bio Oil
Avocado Oil
Brookstone Massager
Bed Wedge Pillow ( to help me sleep)
Compression Sleeves
Stage 2 Faja

sx date moved to july 26th

I got my cbc test results back & i'm at a 14.0 for my hemos, which is good, but unfortunately i was told some depressing news, what I thought was my period was actual an early miscarriage, my obgyn informed me to postpone the trip and let my body recover & seek counseling services. I experienced all types of moods today from confused, sad, disappointed, depressed, and denial. I let Dr. Robles Assistants know, and they wish the best for me & there next opening isn't until July. I chose July 26th for my sx date. I'll still be watching all the other girls and praying that everyone makes a full recovery and wish everyone a safe trip & post-op.

I'm back & ready for my SX

After my miscarriage i was very emotionally, I've been taking care of myself and & have been eating better & taking my vitamins to raise my hemo levels up, it was last at 11.8 in April, & I need it above 13, I will be taking another CBC test end of this month to see where I'm at. Also, I lost 15lbs, now I'm at 195lbs, but my measurements are now 36-38-46...i lost 2 inches off my waist & gained 1 inch on my hips and bust. I will also post an updated before pic of me a week before my sx date. And I think i found a sx buddy on here too...i see that as a sign that everything will work out.


So I took my blood test and guess what its at 13.0, so far I've doubled up on my vitamins & started taking the SSS Tonic to raise hemos, before my sx date I'll be getting my period, so I gotta make sure my hemos stay up. I also got my booty buddy pillow or bbl pillow. I've started juicing, drinking more juices and leafy smoothies. I'm more excited than nervous. All my friends, family, and a few co-workers downloaded the "whats app" to keep in contact with me, & they have a copy of the list of phone numbers Dr. Robles gave me. I'm excited. I'm sure when I land in DR the nerves will kick.

it came early

So i'm happy that my period came yesterday, 3 days early, i don't know how, which means it will be done by Sunday. I'm going to take another blood test on Friday to see if my hemo went down by a lot, a little, or none.
Also, I order the Always discreet panties. They are soft, breathable, and very comfortable. I wish I had these during my teen years when I had my monthly. I thought they would be good to wear after the bbl, and its disposable underwear. I can wear it under my loose fitting sun dresses and baggy sweat pants.

losing blood from cycle

I thought it was a blessing my period came early, but I forgot how heavy it was. I feel like i lost too much blood the last two days, so far i tripled my vitamin intake, and one of the ladies on her recommend I make a smoothie out of (beets..spinach..oranges and molasses) and drink it over ice, I will be drinking that on Sunday & Monday & Tuesday morning before I fly out. Also I'm still taking the SSS Tonic. I hope this works ladies, I took time off from both jobs, and bought supplies & equipment for this sx, no turning back, i'll keep u guys updated.

only 2 days away

so excited that I can't sleep, I leave tomorrow for DR..and I'm packed and have been taking my vitamins triple the dose and drinking this nasty beets, spinach, oranges, molasses smoothie, and sss tonic. I'm so ready for this, I just need to go sleep ????????????????????????,i even packed a book to read on the plane and while I'm at the airport....gave my family & friends a copy of the contact list Dr. Robles provided, and my friends & family downloaded the "what's app", and are on a group chat on Facebook. so much love at home..just ready for SX and can't wait to meet my improved body. ????????

at the airport flight delayed 3x's

at the airport, I was suppose to leave at 8:15 a.m., but so far my flight has been delayed three times..my sx buddy will be there before me..i hope it doesnt get delayed anymore. there saying the plane is going thru maintenance, I just need to be patient.. side note, I used the bbl pillow as a cushion for my back while I sit and wait.


ok ladies..sorry i've been gone...been tired and exhausted...ok so lets start. I arrive in DR & pay a $10 CASH TRAVELERS FEE...on my way out there's a crowd of people with signs. I find a sign that said "DRA WALKIRIS ROBLES" by the way there were others with signs of other plastic surgeons. Then he pulls his phone out and ask which am I, and there was my name with the flight number and airline.Then the guy sat me down and told me we're waiting for one more girl. I sat at a table for an hour and a half. The other girl never showed up. Then he takes me to his car, nice car, air conditioning, and Hip-hop & R&B music playing like Chris Brown, Rihanna, Flo-Rida. And there was another girl in the backseat waiting.
We drive to the CECIP Hospital and take blood test, urine, and EKG and X-Rays of the Chest. Then We Paid $110.00 CASH and said that later it would be deducted from our total. Let me remind you its about 7pm at night. By 10pm we go see one of Dr. Robles assistants at The "Plasti Center" and she tells us our results, my hemo stayed at 11.8 and she told me no surgery tomorrow I will be on iron shots and see if it goes up. And that I had to pay $156 for iron shots. So I paid the price at the recovery house, which was 11pm.


So we drive off to the Recovery House, I stayed at "Virgina's Rcovery", only cause my SX Buddy requested me as a roommate & she was staying there. that was love, cause they were going to put me at the other one. Virgina's has a great Wifi, great staff, great food, great air conditioning in the rooms, and the other girls who we're staying are sweet & nice. That night I received 2 iron shots, and the next morning 2 more iron shots, and drank 1 liter of beet juice.


The food is delicious, they serve 3 meals a day, and plenty of all natural fruit juices., That night on the 27th the day I was suppose to get my surgery done I re-took another blood test for my hemo, and paid $6....Ladies PLEASE BRING AT LEAST $50 in change like $1,$5, and $10 bills, because no one has change for a 20, 50, or 100..you will get your change back in pesos. Also download a currency converter app & if you haven't the "what's app to communicate with family & the doctors, and nurses at the recovery house.

SURGERY ON THE 28th I'm Cleared

Thursday morning around 6am i get a knock at my door from one of the staff at Virgina's telling me to wake up the driver will be picking me up, I'm clear for surgery. She also tells me to pack 2 tank tops, compression socks, slippers, 2 dresses in a bag. So I get to the "Plasti Center" and signed some papers....GIRLS THERE"S ALOT OF SIGNING..more than 15 pages of signing. I also noticed that it had blood results, my HEMO WAS 12.0....she still took me at 12.0. I was slightly nervous. Then they took me upstairs to my room. I was told to strip naked. Dra. Robles & her assistant Talverez shows up and marks me up, she also told me that she won't be doing lipo in my arms because my hemo is not high enough. Next thing I put on the little paper robe they give you, and the anesthesiologist comes in, speaks perfect english, ask me a bunch of questions and gives me the blue pill. It took like 15 minutes for me to fall asleep, because I was texting family & friends, that I was going in. Next thing I know I was asleep and woke up back in my hospital room with the faja on and an I.V. in my arm. I was told I lost a tremendous amount of blood and that I needed TWO BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS and TWO IRON INFUSIONS. I felt normal when I woke up, I felt stiff and VERY SORE and sensitive, but I remember saying my butt hurts from laying on it. I didn't get discharge from the hospital until the next morning which was Friday the 29th. Talverez showed up friday morning to check on me and to collect the payment. She also charged me $400.. but instead said $290..she deducted the $110 for the blood test. She also said I would need to pay $300 at the recovery house for 2 more iron shots, 2 more iron fusions, and for medication. I wasn't surprised because I read reviews about how girls hemos dropped after surgery.
Later on she wanted me to pay for the oxygen chamber which was a $100...i denied that, told them I didn't have enough money and they didn't bother me about it. I didn't understand why I needed the oxygen chamber because at the hospital she said I had no bruises. Be careful ladies they will try hard to get money out of us. Last the surgery took place at "Plasti Center" not Ceicp place.

8 days post update with pics

Here are some pics 8 days post, I left the recovery house yesterday, & the scale says I gained 10 pounds , I don't see much of a difference, just in my stomach, i don't have a pouch, its almost solid flat, but not cute feminine, more man-ish looking stomach. I don't see any hips, but from the side my indent is filled. The back isn't looking attractive at all, still looks like I have a square butt. Not liking any of my results at all. But everyone says its too early just to be patient. So i'm hoping with time it looks better. I'm still swollen and sore. I have moments where I have energy & moments where I want to sleep. But I'm glad to be home in a soft bed and able to take my own vitamins. I'll post a 4 week update. So far my family hasn't noticed a difference, they think I look the same, I'm just going to be patient.

2 week updates

So far i feel better, and starting to see improvement in my back, no bra fat, and no love handles, my butt is rounder, and i can see hips finally. I also order a compression garment on amazon for only $20. I wear it 24/7 except for showers and I ordered 2 in the same size, so I can wash the other one. It's easy to sleep with the garment. Without the garment my body feels like hell, tingling, burning sensation. I feel like the garment is an extra layer of skin. I also eat healthier because of the compression garment.
***So far I have been itching like crazy, I wake up in the middle of the night to itch all around my side, waist, and back. Dr. Robles said its normal, its my skin healing...and my nerves. I gentle rub the itchy spots or I take a Benadryl, can't wait for this stage to be over.

2 weeks update pics

sorry i don't know why the pics didn't post

3 week update with pics

feeling better with each day, this week the itching has calm down, I'm still itchy not as much, I'm still wearing the compression garment 22 hours out of the day. I can finally sleep on my sides with little discomfort. The swelling in my butt has gone down, there are some spots still a little swollen..but I'm still swollen in my stomach, back, and sides, not as much as before. My current measurements are 36-36-46, 4 inches down on my waist, I'm still the same weight. Although my hips are the same measurements, I have fuller hips. I'm still working and I now can bend down to pick things up off the floor. My clothes do look a lot better. I'm able to wear high-waist pants, jeans, and skirts. No more love handles and no more back fat. Can't wait to go back to the gym and tone up. My friends told me that my butt goes well with me, especially since I still have cellulite on my butt. I still wish Dr. Robles could have done my arms. I'm going to workout on them and if 6 months I'm not satisfied with my arms, I will go back for Round 2.
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