Breast Reduction and Lipo Revision on Hips - Dominican Republic, DO

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?Dr. Molina I felt is a very nice doctor..

Dr. Molina I felt is a very nice doctor based on mannerism and careful attention to his work and patients' health.  However, I would not recommend his practice nor return to him.  It was frustrating trying to communicate in a timely fashion and get full answers to my concerns.  I was not happy with his system/practice and his attention to patients post op.  I can't say he did a bad job because I'm only 3 weeks post but not happy with the care I received. Just the fact I have smaller breasts is worth it but concerned with incisions, stitching and look. Hoping it changes.

After BR

3 wks

Doctor M called me.....

Well I must say I was surprised today that doc responded very quickly on wasup and more that he actually called. I was very happy because I wasn't previously getting much. He was very caring and eased my concerns about my breasts. As a doctor he is great but he must do something about his practice.

One month update

It's my 30 day post breast still not healing as nicely as other but slowly getting there. Not much pain except soreness, itching and pinching sensation which doctor said it's part of healing. Stiches still poking out some but doctor also said it will takes time. Able to sleep on side a little bit but on back most times. I am staying positive and hoping they even out, one still shaped diff.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am still suffering consequences of breast reduction - My experience was not the best and I should have listened to my instincts. Dr. Molina would take too long to answer my questions, when he did answer he was vage. At his clinic he was a bit rude and condescending to me. I got feeling he didn't like working on older chunkier women and breasts work isn't his strength. He acted totally different to my companions who were doing bbl and lipo. I also noticed he is way too busy. He has too much going on and takes like 4 to 6 patients a day on top of consultations, though he says he doesn't. He has his wife doing post ops and only brieflt talks to you afterwards. He has patients come in at 6am to wait and wait..and wait. Very chaotic practice. Don't get me wrong he is knowledgeable and nice but, I regret my experience. I am very unhappy with results. I have no sensation at all on niples since July when I had work done. In fact the hurt to the touch I have a hard time during intimacy. The breast's are smaller but not shaped right and too far apart...something is not right. I did everything right post op and have had no weight gain or loss to account for the little drooping...not perky as expected. I wouldn't go back to this doctor even if he offered free revision. Too shamed to altho I did post some from first few months

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