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Like most of you, I've been here a while. Since...

Like most of you, I've been here a while. Since 2012 actually. I lurked, then changed my mind about 500 times. Just a couple of months ago, I decided to move forward with my transformation. I mean, why not? I've been fit most of my life. I have my moments of weakness. Work and family consume my life, then there goes me. Less active, less fit, and unhappy. I'm 37 now. The body responds to weight gain and loss when you near 40. I can't accept these changes right now. In my mind, I'm still young, sexy, and full of life. My body should match. This is why I am choosing Dr Goico to perform a BL w/implants, inner thigh lipo and a BBL.

He and his assistant Karel have been very responsive every time I had a question. Being that I am going to another country for cosmetic surgery, response time is very important to me. My quote was clear and itemized. Their English is impeccable. I wouldn't mind if there was a language barrier, but if something is wrong, if feel better communicating in English. I also admire the fact that he does not post before and after photos everywhere. I have become acquainted with past and future patients of his. All are very happy with their results so I'm sure I'll be happy with mine.

My flight is purchased. I really need to buy supplies.

I'll be staying at Arelis Recovery House

At this point in time, I'm on an emotional roller coaster. All I do is look at asses and boobs whenever I have free time. My search history would look mighty strange to someone outside of this community. Smh.

I haven't built the nerve to post pre op photos just yet. I'm usually private. A bit shy. Give me time :)

Some before pics... Wayyyy before...

39 days....

I still haven built the nerve to post more pre pics, but.... I did take care of a few things today.

1. Registered with the U.S. Embassy - I just wanted to try it. It isnt necessary, but you never know. And its free... I like free.
2. Got my Tourist Visa/Card - $10. Avoid the line once you arrive at your destination. Its highly unorganized, and i dont have the patience to wait ANYWHERE except in the waiting area of my Dr's office. Shooooot.
3. Got my labs done - Results tomorrow. VERY nervous, but it had to be done. Hopefully my levels are close to what they need to be to have my procedures done. We shall see...
4. Contacted Arelis - IDK about you all but all of these "Must have supply lists" have my head spinning. I figure, I am paying good money for after care, a RH should have all things needed for one to heal comfortably. My RH claims to have those things. Again... We shall see.

If anyone will be at Arelis in March, let me know....

Hemo at 14.8 38 days to go

Can't believe this is happening...

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