Round 2 with Dra. Robles - Dominican Republic

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Next month I will be heading back to Santo...

Next month I will be heading back to Santo Domingo, DR for round 2 with Dra. Robles. This round I am planning to have a breast lift with implants, along with liposuction of my abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, and possibly my back if she feels there is fat there. I'm very undecided about the ideal size of my breasts. I love the idea of light and perky, but I also like DDs. I'm all over the place when it comes to that. I loved my round 1 experience with Dra. Robles and have no doubt she will do an excellent job this time around, as well.

My stats have changed dramatically since my first round. I am 5'5 and before round 1 my BMI was around 34. Almost one year later my BMI is 26 and I am 159lbs. My goal is 150lbs before surgery, but I honestly doubt I'll achieve it with only 5 weeks left, but I'm ok with that.

My hemo is my big concern right now. Currently at 12.7 and anyone who knows Dra. Robles knows you're pushing your luck if you're trying to have multiple procedures with anything less than 13.5. I'm going to see if I can get my primary doc to prescribe iron infusions.

My husband is coming with me and I do not do recovery houses. Round 1 we stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Jaragua and loved it. This round we're staying in a condo in the city center. My hope is that this will leave my husband with plenty of options to enjoy the city while I recover. We will be within walking distance of some nice restaurants and malls. Of course he says he doesn't need that and is just there for me, but this is his second round going through this, as well, and I would love for him to be able to enjoy Santo Domingo and the culture. Jose Vasquez will be our driver again and he's a great option for anyone who wants private transportation. Extremely reasonable, fluent in several languages, and a great guide throughout the city.

While I don't recommend this for others, I'm only planning to stay 6 days post-op. I feel comfortable with this, because if I feel I need to stay longer post surgery and we have to exchange our flights and extend our accommodations, it will not create a strain, but I would prefer to plan for the best case scenario. I'm also going back 1 month later, for a quick post op trip/visit to make sure my breast incisions are progressing nicely.

I have printed my tourist card, booked flights for both trips, reserved my condo, ordered all my supplies, and now I'm just working on hemo and waiting...

I think that's all for now. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me. I'm including a couple of recent pics.

Wish Pic

So after much consideration, I've decided that as much as I like the light and ultra perky look, I'm not prepared to go smaller than a DD. Here's my ideal size. Curious to find out how many CCs will get me there.

Back-up plan

You really need a back up plan in case your face to face consultation with your surgeon doesn't work out.

For example, Dra. Robles is conservative and having an unusually high hemo level is a must for multiple procedures with her. I'm at 12.7 and despite using a number of supplements and strategies to raise my hemo it's not budging much. Add to that the consideration that hemo levels are measured up to 1 point lower in DR versus US measurements and I have a real issue this close to showtime. A 13 hemo level here will likely measure as a 12 in DR.

If Dra. Robles will not perform my procedures my back-ups are Dr. Molina (by far 1st back up choice), but he may be booked; followed by Dr. Torres, or possibly Dr. Disla, Manon, or Collado. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that but I'm ready if it does.

Hemo Drama

So... I arrived in DR yesterday hoping for the best but prepared for the worst.

My hemoglobin level had been hovering at 12.7 for months now, despite my iron regimen. Well, in anticipation of my surgery I ordered a test from Direct Labs and it came back late last week at 11.8????????????. Yikes.

I contacted Dra. Robles' team to ask if I should reschedule or come anyway for iron treatment to see if that would help and they suggested I come. I did know there was a real possibility my hemo wouldn't budge and I'd go home without my new boobies.

Fortunately, by the time I arrived yesterday my hemo was back up to 12.6 and I'm taking iron shots up until my surgery in the hopes I get to 13 or higher. Hopefully surgery happens as scheduled tomorrow.

The ladies I've ran into in the clinic look nice already and no surprise to me but they all love Dra. Robles.

Surgery Today!

So I'm adding the most recent pre-op pics.

Surgery is a go. After iron shots and IV infusions I'm all set. We settled in 410cc implants.

I'm only getting lipo on my stomach because I don't have enough fat in the other areas I was considering. Dra. Robles really did a great job with my first round. She doesn't expect to be able to get more than 100 ccs out of my tummy so no contouring with a BBL either. I'm not too concerned because my goal wasn't to increase the volume there anyway. She is going to revise my TT scar however which is a huge win for me! Everyone familiar with her work knows she does the best TT incisions around with minimal scarring after recovery. I however messed all that up with round 1 because I wanted to walk upright quickly (even though they constantly scolded me at appts about it and told me to remain bent over in those first days). In any case, I'm ecstatic about the revision.

There are two of us today and I'm not sure but I believe I will be second. Thanks for your support!

Way late

So I'm obviously well overdue to provide an update. In summary I love my results. I have had a minor but lingering complication with an area opening on my left areola where the incisions meet. I honestly knew this was a possibility from the research I did beforehand and I've been treating it with manuka honey and non adhering bandages. I'm in regular contact with Dra. Robles office and they are always responsive. The right breast is healing perfectly however and I'm already using silicone sheeting and gel on it. I had my primary doctor check my left breast just to make sure there were no signs of infection and he confirmed it was healing ok. Incisions lines are beautiful, as expected with Dra. Robles.
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