Got Chubby After My BBL! Time to Lose Some Weight and Get Some More Lifts! Dominican Republic, DO

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A few years ago, I had a BBL in Phila, PA by Dr...

A few years ago, I had a BBL in Phila, PA by Dr Carmen Dimario for about 6000$. He was great, no complications and my results were ALL THAT. However, I've gained about 70 pounds since my surgery. I mean, once you get the surgery, you can pretty much gain 50 pounds and still have a bomb ass waist to hip ratio. So, I ate..alot. :(. Here I am, way heavier than I need to be. My goal is to go on a drastic diet (I've done them before and they work!) and juice for the next 3 months to lose at least 40 pounds. I don't wanna be toooo small. Just thick. Once I get smaller, I want to go for round two. This time with Walkiris Robles. I'm choosing to go to the DR because of the price. I hope I get the same quality I did here in the states. I want a arm lift and breast lift. Because my weight is always up and down, my breasts now sag a bit. I need that fixed, asap. I also want a arm lift. Any thick girl that gets a BBL could start to look like a gorilla if she gains weight. Seriously. Upper back fat and huge arms with a small waist looks weird as hell. I need that fixed too. Right now, I'll let the weight loss take care of my upper back fat and I'll get the BL & AL during surgery. If the price is right, I'll also get ano th e BBL and full body lipo but, its not necessary. My ass is still fat. Lol. Anyway, I chose Dr Robles. Although Yily and Cabral do great work, it's sooooooooo many stories of death and botched work with Cabral and Yily is soo busy and popular that I'm afraid my surgery will be rushed. I heard a few bad reveiws about her too. She's still an option but, I think I'm going with Robles. Her work is all that and I've been corresponding with her assistant everyday. I got my quote of 4850 for BL & AL. I started an additional job this week to save and a diet to lose. Right now I'm 240. Hopefully you ladies will keep me motivated to get my weight down. Anyway, I'll post some details tommorrow along with photos. I gotta sleep. I'm working 65+ hours a week between both jobs to pay for this surgery. Smh.

Hmmm, Hector Cabral ain't killed no one lately..?

I just talked to someone close to me ain't their ass is in a recovery house in the DR after getting surgery from Cabral. OMG. And it looks great so far. And best of all, they are alive. Her bestie also went to him and had a bomb ass TT. And her bestie told me someone she knows went. I saw the photo and was like damnnnnn. I also saw what she looks like now- a damn gorilla. Ctfu, idk why we eat like this after surgery. Haha. All them damn free meals we get on them dates I guess. Haha. Seriously. Anyway, it has me considering Cabral. Idk. I'm 1 pound down. :) It's a start. Thanks for the comments. Knowing people are watching it kinda motivating. Anyway, I have two hours to sleep before my double. I'll update tmrw.

My Quote from Robles and Yily

I got these like two weeks ago I guess. The photo is of Robles. Below is the text from yily. Btw, Robles said $1800 more for back and stomach lipo. Oh yea, & Robles accepts CREDIT CARDS!!
Please read this message entirely before sending us your questions, as you may already find the answer in the information provided below.



1.       Removing areas, such as the armpits, from the Liposuction procedure does not change the quote.

2.       You cannot substitute one area for another.

3.       Liposuction is required to do a BBL. That is how the fat is obtained to do the grafting.

4.       This quote also contains how to book your surgery. Please read the entire quote.

5.       If you don’t do the BBL it does not change the price.

6.       It is recommended you come to the clinic on the day before your surgery to get your labs done.

7.       You are required to have someone to spend the night with the day of surgery. It’s mandatory.

8.       If you have any health condition (asthma, high blood pleasure, anemia, etc.) please, notify our office in advance.



 Your all-inclusive quote for surgery & accommodations: (AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED)

·         Liposuction of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist     

·         Arm Lift

·         Breast Lift OR Breast Augmentation(Choose One)

·         Recovery House accommodations: 10 days, 9 nights in a triple room (YOU MUST STAY 10 DAYS)

·         Round Trip Airport Transportation from Las Americas - SDQ

·         Round Trip Transportation for all doctor visits related to your surgery

Quote for everything listed above: $6,200.00 USD

(If you do not want the recovery house & transportation deduct $700 USD)

*The quote above is valid thru May 2016*


Additional Costs:

·       Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present itself within the first 30 days after surgery if you’re still in Santo Domingo. Cost is $150 USD. You must purchase this insurance prior to surgery. It is mandatory.

·       Blood Transfusion: A deposit of $250 USD must be paid prior to surgery. If you do not need a blood transfusion after surgery, this deposit will be refunded to you. Kindly note this deposit is mandatory.

·       Compression Socks. These socks are required for all patients. This is mandatory. You have the option to obtain these on your own or purchase them at our office prior to surgery for $20 USD.

·       Overnight Caregiver. You must have a companion spend the 1st night after surgery with you at the clinic or hire a caregiver. You can usually hire a caregiver through your recovery house for approx. $50 USD.


Please note surgeries are only performed Monday thru Friday. All pre-admission testing is done Monday thru Friday until 5pm and on Saturdays until 1pm. If you elect to have surgery on Monday, your pre-admission testing will be done the morning of your surgery. The clinic and laboratory is closed on Sunday.

Secure your date:

Option #1

In order to secure a date for surgery you will need to send a $300.00 USD deposit

I Don't Wanna Be a Dumb Broad...

This is no shade to anyone.. I'm referring to my own situation. If the shoe don't fit, swerve... Listen..I'm not tryna be one of those chicks the rappers talk about in their songs..Yu know the ones that don't got nothing. If I can spend 5-10 thousand on looking sexy, why can't I put a down payment on a house? I mean, it don't make sense to be tryna look like Kim Kardashian when I ain't got her type of money. My man told me the other day "Just because yu got the money don't mean yu can afford it". Smh, ain't that the damn truth. I mean, I'ma be fine as hell with a fat ass and 18 year old boobs walking down the street and stopping traffic as I get out of my car I still owe $10000 on and going into a apartment I have to pay rent on. It just sounds kinda dumb to me. Idk. I know that we have desires to look good but, I wanna make sure my priorities are in order. I mean dont get it twisted...Ima BRICK HOUSE! Just..a big Brick house. Idk, maybe if my greedy ass stopped eating so much, I could eliminate the cost of my lipo because I lost the weight. I would only need a breast lift then. I mean bruh..I'm really not HUGE. I've been weight is the first problem. I should try to lose some weight and THEN decide. Not lose weight because I've decided I want surgery already. We be losing weight to be sexy, not for our health. Having my photo on cabral or yilys page is not gone get me no money. Neither is 1000 likes per IG photo. I just think if I'm gonna do this, I need to make sure my intentions are correct. I also need to make sure I'm not saving for 3 months for a surgery only to come home to bills that I can't pay because I used the money on implants. How that look? Most of all, I wanna make sure that my priorities are straight. A fine ass struggling girl ain't fine. Seriously. Advice of the day- Get Money & Brains along with ya bomb ass body OR , go get ya bomb ass body and call ray j and ask him if he's down for his next tape. Hey, ya just might make it. Kim did. I'm going with option one though. .. just my thoughts.. no shade. No shadeeee.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Robles assistant is great. She responds everyday and is very patient! I can't wait to meet her and the doctor.

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