30 Year Old in NY, Never Had Kids but Have Saggy Boobs with Large Areolas.

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Today I begin documenting my journey to plastic...

Today I begin documenting my journey to plastic surgery. It all actually began last year, in February, I went to see a surgeon in Long Island, NY recommended by a family member who got saline implants inserted through the armpits and a tummy tuck. I always wanted fuller boobs but didn't want any scars so I was very happy to know I can get implants without any visible scars. I spent days and hours researching. I learned I preferred silicone over saline. When we went for my consultation, the surgeon spent about an hour going over the procedure, my options, pricing and he even showed me lots of pictures of other breast augmentations he had done. After all the overwhelming amount of information, he says "it's time to go try some implants on". I was so excited! I went into the next room where I took my top and bra off. When he walked in, he was shocked, I wasn't sure why....he paused for a few minutes and said "I am soooo sorry, I should've went over these options"...I was still confused and feared what he was about to say. He grabs a measuring tape and explains in medical terms that my breast were way below the breast line, in other words, I couldn't get implants without a lift. I immediately began crying. My dreams were crushed, I wanted no scars at all. I got dressed again, went back to his office and he began the consultation all over again, this time, showing me pictures of breast lifts. I thought I was in a nightmare. The surgeon felt so bad, he waived the $150 consultation fee. I cried my entire drive home. I went for a second opinion with a different surgeon also in Long Island. His opinion was the same. So I put my boob augmentation wishes to rest....until a few weeks ago...I'm back at it again, I realized I'm not happy with them now, without scars, so I decided having fuller breasts with smaller areolas would make me happier than I am now. I'm back on the internet researching tons of doctor's. This time I looked in LA, found Dr. Rimini, his work is amazing but I was quoted at $10,000. I also looked internationally, first I looked into doctor's in Medellin, Colombia then the Dominican Republic which is where I'm from. I emailed various surgeons, their replies have been slow. However, I was able to sucessfully communicate with Dr. Lopez Collado's team. He has a good website and keeps up with the latest technologies, he even has a facebook and instagram account. His team has been extremely helpful and friendly. I am in contact with Mildred, she works in administration and has been able to help me set up my surgery which is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 27th. I'm extremely excited.  His office looks modern and clean, they perform blood tests and have you seen by a cardiologyst the same day as the surgery to make sure all is well. I will keep you all updated on my progress and will upload pictures. Oh and I'm happy to know their implants are made in France.

Picture Before Surgery

These are my saggy breasts, you can see the asymmetry and large areolas. I'm hoping I can get the results I want.

15 days post op - lift with implants

All went very well with Dr. Lopez Collado, the clinic (Cecilip) was beautiful, it turned out to be one of the most high end clinics in Santo Domingo. I was taken care of very well while I was there by the staff at the clinic. I had my breast lift with silicone high profile 350 cc implants. Here are some photos 15 days post op. I still have some stitches (the dark areas around the areola). I had a small scab on my left areola which is making me feel like it won't heel as well as the right one but we will see. I'm desperate for the swelling and the tightness to go down so I can see the final result.
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