Breast Lift and Implants to Improve the Appearance of my Very Asymmetrical Breasts - Dominican Republic, DO

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So, for 3 months I've been reading reviews on...

So, for 3 months I've been reading reviews on RealSelf and it has been so helpful, so I HAVE to share my own experience. I just turned 30 years old, but I been thinking about breast surgery since I was a teen. My breasts have ALWAYS been too asymmetrical, so much that I've always had to fill one side of my bra. In the last few years the bigger breast became saggy which made the appearance even worse. So, even though I haven't had children yet, I decided that for my 30th birthday I would go ahead and get the surgery. I hope to have children in 4 or 5 years, but right now is my time and I want to be confortable with myself. Im getting silicone round implants and a breast lift (lollipop scar). My goal is for my breasts to be more symmetrical.

Hi! I had my surgery on Wednesday morning and I...

Hi! I had my surgery on Wednesday morning and I feel great! I remember taking a sleeping pill the doctor gave me at 8am and waking up in my room at the clinic in the afternoon... with my new breasts. It was nice to open my eyes and see my family there (husband, sister, cousin, dad and grandma). I can't imagine doing this all by myself, seeing those faces was so important. I thought I was going to feel pain, but no pain, just discomfort, as if I had bricks attached to my chest! By the way, I ended up getting 240 cc silicone implants, I wanted cute small boobs that fit my small frame (I weight 105 pounds and 5'6'' tall). And they look great so far, they look natural already... even though the implants still have to drop and the right boob is more swollen because it needed more lifting.

The doctor gave me painkillers to take every 8 hours, but I haven't taken any because I don't feel a lot of pain. I DO need help getting up and I can't lift my arms, but I feel better than I expected. Also, the day after the surgery I got to peek at my boobs when the doctor was putting on the bra and I was happy to see no bruising. I didn't see the scars, but my husband said they don't look scary or anything (before the surgery I told him that they would look scary because I wanted him to expect the worse hehe).

Im taking Nexium and a antibiotic. The only time I have felt sick was yesterday after I took the 1st antibiotic, I started to feel nausea and wanted to puke, but I decided to lay down and take deep breaths and felt better.

I know this is just the beginning of my recovery, but I already feel more confident about myself. Knowing that I don't have to fill my bra on one side feels great. I think that's the reason Im not in pain, it's hard to feel pain when you're so happy inside :) It shows you everything is mental.

My next consultation is on Tuesday, I look forward to seeing my boobies!

Hi, today I had my 1st post op consultation and...

Hi, today I had my 1st post op consultation and everything looks good. I asked the doctor how come I haven't felt any pain!! he said you're not supposed to feel a lot of pain if you take care of yourself, and that's what I've been doing, really resting and also walking around a bit. So, yeah, I bought the painkillers he prescribed right after the surgery, but I still haven't taken any, it's a great thing :)

Breasts are still very swollen, but they feel softer. The right breast the more swollen, but the doctor said it will go down and they will look more even.

Something really funny is that I thought I had stitches, but today I found out I don't have any (except 1 on the right breast). So, I guess is like glue or tape on my breasts, not stitches. Also, Im allowed to shower completely now!

Feeling good. Going back to my desktop job...

Feeling good. Going back to my desktop job tomorrow. Sleeping a lot better, Im able to turn to the sides a little, because sleeping on my back was getting annoying. Im still taking it easy when moving my arms, I don't lift anything heavy. There's no pain whatsoever.

Hi! last Thursday I went to my 2 weeks post op, my...

Hi! last Thursday I went to my 2 weeks post op, my doctor replaced the tape on my breasts and I was pleased to peek at my wounds and see that they're healing nice. My doctor told me that they're still very swollen and specially the right one (that was always bigger) will get smaller. Also, now I switched bras, this one is more confortable. Im sleeping better, I like to hug a big pillow so I can turn to the side a little bit. My next meeting with the doctor is in 2 weeks.

It's been 27 days and the healing has been good. I...

It's been 27 days and the healing has been good. I have been working from home and that makes a big difference, I can just relax, I still try not to lift my arms too much. I still have the tape on my breasts, I hope on Thursday the doctor will remove it. I took a peak under the tape (couldn't help myself) and Im very happy about the way everything is healing. I will post a new pic when the tape is removed. I also sleep a lot better now. They feel more soft everyday and more natural to me. I haven't gone out to party or anything like that, Im also still not drinking any alcohol, so in a way I see this healing process as a way to clean myself. Im drinking a lot of water and vitamin C, and I recently ordered some Chlorophyll that I will drink (my doctor said it's ok). My goal is that I won't have visible scars, for that I want to be hydrated and my skin as healthy as posible. I also ordered some silicone strips and Bio oil, I want to try them when the time comes. It's going great, I'll probably post a new pic on Thursday!

It's been a month since the surgery! Went to my...

It's been a month since the surgery! Went to my appointment with the Doctor on Thursday, everything looks good. Still have to wear the tape over the wounds, but they're healing, still swollen and have some black crust or scab, but the parts without scab you can see it's healing so clean and nice!
Breasts feel softer everyday and look more symmetrical everyday. I thought maybe this was going to be my last post op, but I have to go back in 2 weeks. I feel that my doctor really cares for my wellbeing.

I would like to add that this surgery requires A LOT of patience, if you are not a patient person then this is not for you.

Hi! it's been 1 month and 24 days and still...

Hi! it's been 1 month and 24 days and still feeling better everyday. I wore a bikini for the 1st time since the surgery and felt so confortable! Before, when I had to tie the top around my neck it would hurt, but now I can just tie it softly and no neck pain! I've started using silicone gel strips on the scars and so far they work good.
I will post a pic of the scars when I take off the strips.

Almost 2 months

In 3 days it will be 2 months, Im loving the shape, they're a little bigger than I expected, but look very natural. I can see that they keep changing, like falling into place.

it's been 2 1/2 months

Just wanted to give a quick update! Been really busy with life, but feeling great! Breast keep healing, trying my best to treat the scars, keep them hydrated. Patience, patience...

3 months

It's been 3 months and my breasts feel softer, I hope in 1 year the scars have diminished, still very happy.

Just over 5 months

Hi, just wanted to post some new photos, it's been just over 5 months since my surgery. Breasts feel very soft, scars seem to be improving. Overall Im very satisfied. I stopped using silicone strips almost 2 months ago, but I plan to start again.

It's been a process, Im grateful for the results, didn't have any complications, my doctor was AMAZING.

Im still getting used to my new boobs, I feel more confident, my husband likes them too. At first it was WEIRD, the first time he touched them in a "sexy" way hehe. He thought they felt weird, but overtime, they don't feel strange anymore, just have to get used to them.
I don't need/want to wear push up bras anymore, gave them all away, now I only wear comfortable sports bras or delicate lace bras.

1 year

Hi! it's been a while since I updated, but on March 20th it was 1 year since I had my surgery, so here are some new photos :)
I also want to talk a little about scars, oils and concealers...

My scars have improved A LOT, however they're still there... I use Bio oil and it works. I also started using hemp oil a few weeks ago to massage the scars every morning and night. I can see they are getting lighter and massaging really helps because it makes the scars smoother. I wash my boobs with Palmer's cocoa butter soap.
My scars are very smooth, but with some small red areas, when I want to hide them I apply concealer + powder and that works fine. However, my goal is for the red areas to fade, if they would fade to white they would look like a stretch mark, that would be great!
On my right boob you can feel the implant if you try, Im trying to gain some weight (Im only 105 pounds), I know if I gain weight my boobs will look more natural.
Overall Im very happy with my boobs, I will keep trying different oils to improve the appearance of my skin and I will keep updating. If anybody has any tips for me, let me know!

1 1/2 year

Hi, it's been 1 1/2 year and they look more natural because the implants have dropped. They are also softer.
I thought after 1 year they had dropped completely into their place, but it turns out the right one still needed to drop a little more and it did, less than a month ago... Im very happy about that, they feel great.

1 year and 9 months after...

Just want to say how important it is to take care of your scars... I use Bio Oil everyday and it works... they are fading gradually, some parts are invisible.
I made a mistake in the summer and started using make up (Dermablend) to cover the scars... they became dry... and then I needed to put more and more make up everytime... I learned that only putting Bio Oil EVERYDAY the skin is hydrated and I can see the scars fading... no more make up for me.

Before and after...

I've been taking good care of my skin and it shows... OILS!!!! Bio Oil, Rosa Mosqueta Oil, Moringa Oil, Coconut oil... Because after you've had the procedure and the scars have healed, the only thing you'll think about is how much you want the scars to fade... but there's no magic that will make them fade overnight.... oils, oils, Bio Oil is fantastic... after a few months you will see...
Dr. Manuel Espaillat

I chose to have my surgery in Santo Domingo because that's where I live and I have friends that had very good experiences with this doctor. He's a member of the Dominican Plastic Surgery Society. I will rate the doctor after my surgery, I will also upload post-op pics after the surgery.

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