31 Years Old 2 Children Ready for my Body Back! Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction & Lift - Dominican Republic

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Mother of 2 I had my first child at the age of 18...

Mother of 2 I had my first child at the age of 18 yrs old my body has been stretched stomach is ugly and boobs sag. I'm ready for a change my shoulders hurt for my boobs I have dents in my shoulders from my bras and boobs being to heavy. my stomach looks like an Oreo cookie. my husband is very supportive.my surgery is booked for June 16,2015. with Tania Medina I have been researching this for 2 years now an I finally found the perfect doctor. she responds to all my emails

Change date

So I had to change my surgery date to October 21,2015 . Having babysitter issues. Has any one had surgery with Taina medina an have pics she sent me some but I want to see results of some breast lifts that she has done.

Surgery date Feburary 18

Hey realself so much has change went to the doctor for a check up told her I was in a lot of pain. She game me a referral for physical therapy started that when I was done then she referred me to a plastic surge he told me I needed a breast reduction submitted everything to my insurance it took 3 weeks for an approval I'm so happy I'm getting it done finally i told the dr I wanted a tummy tuck as well so I'm excited. Will post pre op pics tonight!

New boobs and tummy !!

So my insurance approved my breast reduction back in January.so I had surgery here with a local doctor. I had my breast reduction and added a tummy tuck I had surgery on 2/18 it was a 7 hour surgery I woke up in the recovery room with oxygen in my nose I stop breathing in the recovery room. I was in so much pain in my stomach it felt tight . My doctor kept me in the hospital for 2 days I am feeling much better now. 7 weeks post op today ladies one thing I will tell you please don't think this is easy I thought I was going to wake up walking an back to work in 10 days no I just started feeling back to my normal self and I'm 7 weeks post op.

5 months post op

So I'm 5 months post op I'm loving my results except there is the swelling around my ribs and my stomach at the end of the day an also, I don't know how long this takes to completely go away. I go to the doctor tomorrow I'm going to see what he says if I need additional lipo or what.. Happy Healing to all you beautiful ladies.

Thinking about round 2 with another DR

Hello ladies so I'm 6 months post op all though I love my body he looks better than before. I went to see my doctor for my 6 months post op visit an I spoken with him about my concerns I have some fat at the bottom of my stomach were my incision is also I have fat on my flanks. He explained that his tummy tuck wouldn't have took that away. But I also paid for lipo that should have took it away at this point I'm pissed now. He saids I have to wait until Feburary when I will be 1 year post op. Smfh then if I want to he can lipo it then Smfh it should have been done right in the first damn place. I have been wearing my garment everyday I'm going to buy a new one see if that helps .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

very nice, honest responds quickly to email caring

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