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I've always hated my boobs since forever. I went...

I've always hated my boobs since forever. I went from 0 to 100 real quick and skipped everything in between and i wear a DDD in VS at the moment. And the sag that comes with that size, NOT cute. I spoke to my parents about it a couple years back and my dad told me to at least wait till i'm done having kids because they'll get bigger. Since then, i've thought about it a lot and i just simply refuse to wait. I don't even want kids, maybe that might change in the future but right now i dont. So what am i really waiting for? And besides i'm in my prime years now, i find it pointless to wait till later when i want to live my life to the fullest now and my boobs are just holding me back. I can't even wear anything sleeveless and definitely don't dare to go braless. The struggle has been too real and i'm just so over it. And i figured if i'm going to go under then might as well get some extra lipo and a little more booty because i mean, why not? lol

Ticket bought and deposit paid!

I wish it was January already or at least December ????

Price break down

$4,500 - Breast lift, lipo, bbl
$400 - Labs
$800 - Janet recovery house for whole time i'm there
$200 - Massages ($20 each)
$230 - All inclusive medicine kit
$150 - Stage 2 garment (i'll rather get it there than try to figure it out on my own when i get back)
Total: $6,280

P.S: I asked how much extra money to bring with me and was told $500. I won't need money for anything other than things i want to buy on my own if i choose to but you never know so that's how much i'm bringing with me.

Calling all dolls, someone HELP!

So i keep asking Janet what items to bring because im trying to purchase everything now so in January i'm not having to spend additional money as $6300 at once is a lot on its own. Janet's recovery house includes everything down to supplies so i don't have to bring not a damn thing with the exception of 3 packs of baby wipes, 3 packs of pads, and 10 bottles of ensure. When i asked about how i'll sleep, she said on my back. Now getting a bbl and sleeping on my back is completely pointless, no? But i can't sleep on my belly because i'll be getting a breast lift and i can't sleep on my sides either because i'll have fat transfered to my hips as well. I done bugged the woman so much about sleeping on my ass i'm surprised she hasn't yelled at me lol but she finally said ok fine then to bring a pillow. But what pillow am i supposed to bring? Can someone help me? Do i bring a boppy pillow, a bbl pillow, or the booty buddy? I keep reading different reviews and everyone picks one but like, which one do i know to pick? I'm not paying all this money for nothing so that fat needs to stay lol
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