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I've always hated my boobs since forever. I went...

I've always hated my boobs since forever. I went from 0 to 100 real quick and skipped everything in between and i wear a DDD in VS at the moment. And the sag that comes with that size, NOT cute. I spoke to my parents about it a couple years back and my dad told me to at least wait till i'm done having kids because they'll get bigger. Since then, i've thought about it a lot and i just simply refuse to wait. I don't even want kids, maybe that might change in the future but right now i dont. So what am i really waiting for? And besides i'm in my prime years now, i find it pointless to wait till later when i want to live my life to the fullest now and my boobs are just holding me back. I can't even wear anything sleeveless and definitely don't dare to go braless. The struggle has been too real and i'm just so over it. And i figured if i'm going to go under then might as well get some extra lipo and a little more booty because i mean, why not? lol

Ticket bought and deposit paid!

I wish it was January already or at least December ????

Price break down

$4,500 - Breast lift, lipo, bbl
$400 - Labs
$800 - Janet recovery house for whole time i'm there
$200 - Massages ($20 each)
$230 - All inclusive medicine kit
$150 - Stage 2 garment (i'll rather get it there than try to figure it out on my own when i get back)
Total: $6,280

P.S: I asked how much extra money to bring with me and was told $500. I won't need money for anything other than things i want to buy on my own if i choose to but you never know so that's how much i'm bringing with me.

Calling all dolls, someone HELP!

So i keep asking Janet what items to bring because im trying to purchase everything now so in January i'm not having to spend additional money as $6300 at once is a lot on its own. Janet's recovery house includes everything down to supplies so i don't have to bring not a damn thing with the exception of 3 packs of baby wipes, 3 packs of pads, and 10 bottles of ensure. When i asked about how i'll sleep, she said on my back. Now getting a bbl and sleeping on my back is completely pointless, no? But i can't sleep on my belly because i'll be getting a breast lift and i can't sleep on my sides either because i'll have fat transfered to my hips as well. I done bugged the woman so much about sleeping on my ass i'm surprised she hasn't yelled at me lol but she finally said ok fine then to bring a pillow. But what pillow am i supposed to bring? Can someone help me? Do i bring a boppy pillow, a bbl pillow, or the booty buddy? I keep reading different reviews and everyone picks one but like, which one do i know to pick? I'm not paying all this money for nothing so that fat needs to stay lol


A week away and everything changes. I just lost one of my grandmothers and that has just halted everything in my house. I'm needed at home so this surgery is going to be put on hold. I spoke to Janet and she's fine with me rescheduling, I'm waiting to figure out when I would be able to go so I can change my date on my flights. It's kind of annoying because I've been ready for months, taking pills and all that jus to get ready and then just as I'm so close, circumstances I can't control cause changes. But I mean I guess it wasn't meant to happen right now. The only problem and reason I wanted to do it now was because it's winter break from school but once school starts I'll have to take two weeks off of school just to go and I'm not sure how that will pan out exactly but I'm planning right now to go latest by somewhere in February around the second week. I had my lie for my parents ready and everything now I have to come up with an explanation to them as to why I'm leaving the country for two weeks in the middle of school. But there's a reason for everything so we'll see how it falls together.

Current Stats

Height: 5"8
Weight: 200+ (haven't weighed myself in months and I don't really care honestly)
Bust: 38 DDD in Vs so probably a full 38DD
Waist: 34/35
Hips/ass: 49/50
I already have an ass hence why the boobs are more so my concern. Everything else is just extra

Although I'm low key upset I'm not getting to go in a week, I'll look at it as extra time to prep myself physically and mentally. After all, it is what it is
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