2nd TIME AROUND!!!! TT Revision Coming Soon!!

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Hello ladies let me introduce myself to Breast...

Hello ladies let me introduce myself to Breast Implants portion of RS.. I'm Nikkibunz my name from the BBL review.. to catch you ladies up on things I had sx done earlier this yr with Dr. Contreras in the Dominican Republic and everything went well for me THANK GOD. For a few minor things like finding out once in DR I had Hbp probably was scared as shit MOST LIKELY, I lost a significant amount of blood so I had a blood transfusion which worked out for me I'm here looking great and bless..
Well my story is I hate my frigging breast it's not like I just want some I need them things ASAP I have tried everything smh from extra padded bras to gel bras to tape it's embarrassing when you wear all this stuff and your damn breast still frigging sags..
When I wear certain tops or dresses it's a big let down NO CLEAVAGE, NO PROJECTION, NO BREAST, NO NOTHING....
Ladies since I could remember I hated my boobs I was so happy when I hit puberty so I could get them and look like a young lady as they came in shit they stop right in the damn middle of forming so yes I have the breast of an adolescent soooo sad..
A little FYI might be a tad bit TMI what grown woman gets intimate with their man and hides under a shirt or a camey lol he always tried to make me think it's ok to show my breast.. LADIES IM TOO OLD FOR THIS COVERING UP SHIT!!!
I can't wait to be able to show my entire body from head to toe and feel sexy..

RS I've been to BOOTYLAND, now I want to go to BOOBYWORLD

For you vets out there come on help a sister out please with some info on how it feels from going from A to a C possibly a D cup just want to know what to expect from one day having none to BOOM HOLY SHIT!!! Since I scar easily I tod my PS that I don't want my scars to be on my boobs and he said ok he can go transaxillary endoscopic technique (armpit incision) I was like SOLD. it's one thing to have sx then a next to have the residue on you body for yrs to come long after the Sx is done NOT CUTE especially when this suppose to be between myself, my ps, and damn the scars is a tell all they telling all your business withoit you saying a word ladies there's somethings we want to keep to ourselves RIGHT..

I want 500-550 cc but what incision site is best

Since I'm interested in the armpit incision I would like to hear from anyone who had their implants placed this way what do you think do you regret having them placed this way if so why.. How about under the breast how was healing is there anyone with scar issues...

got my days APPROVED!!!

So I got my 2 wks vacation time approved from work.. my last sx I got a month off I figure ain't shit worst that a TT so this time I went shorter.. I know I said I was ready but once again no ticket bought no supplies no NOTHING lol where the hell I'm going yall know the answer to that to get what's mine MY TAH-TAHS!!! Its been a long time coming and I'm READY!!!

I'm on the BOOKS!! Date set ready to Go..

I guess a few months back when I was setting up everything I wasn't put in the appt book.. Being the smart woman that I am I whatsapp Cabral himself and shit to my surprise he contact ME on a Sunday which I appreciated and he told me to call the numbers he gave me for an appt.. Done!!!

Rnd 2 sx on 2/16/16

Hey ladies sx in bsck been a crazy long time and sx is arriving fast.. What do you ladies think of a scar revision vs a full tt revision.. I pretty much my tt from two yrs ago is still intact i can use some lipo tho lol...
I didnt get a lot of time off so i dont want to the tt not enough down time...
Some good advice is needed so please help a sister out...
Dr. Contreras

Love him I need his hands to work magic once again.. This man is the best in my opinion he was there for me every step of the way..

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