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I've been lurking on this site, reading all posts...

I've been lurking on this site, reading all posts and experience. My podiatrist, who is an excellent podiatrist, told me about Dr. Walkiris Robles and showed me her tummy tuck procedure and ladies, it was excellent. I don't need a tummy tuck, but I need a breast augmentation and lipo.

I'm 5'7, weigh 155, I'm physically active. I run approximately 5-13 miles every day. I have very stubborn fat and after having 3 children, breastfed all 3, and lost 40 pounds, I need help. In talking to my podiatrist, I know Dr. Robles can do miracles. So, I wanted to give it a try.

I've asked all the pertinent questions from Laura, who is Dr. Robles administrator and the response back to me has been excellent. I booked my flight today and am scheduled for my physical next week for my Complete Blood Count (CBC).

I'm not looking for huge breasts, but just nice, perky, round ones that compliment my body or my future body.

No matter how much I excercise, I cannot get rid of some stubborn fat area, and I need some help in the butt area.

I will update more pictures as I go through the procedure. I'm sure this will help others like me thinking about doing this procedure.

My Complete Blood Count (CBC) results

I went to my doctor and received a full physical. She called me yesterday to tell me I was not anemic and my hemoglobin was 11.6. To me that seemed on the low side and my surgery is scheduled for November 14. I'm taking 300mg of iron twice a day and vitamin c and b. I hope that by November 14, my levels are much higher.

Arrival Day

I arrived in DR at 1:00pm and Wilson was waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. There was another girl coming at a later flight so he called the office to see if we needed to wait for her. Well, thank goodness we didn't because the other girl arrived at 4pm.

Wilson then took my luggage, paid for the airport parking and drove me to CECIP.

At CECIP, I waited about 1 hour waiting for Dra. Robles and her assistant Laura that were our to lunch.

When Laura gets there she asks me to show her the quote of the surgery. This surprised me, since I would have thought she would have had the information (the email confirmation) and not ask for me to produce it. This made me a tad uncomfortable, because I felt if I didn't have the email confirmation she would argue with me about the price or the procedure.

Well, I had the information and then we talked about the discount of $300, if you get surgery before 12/31/2013. She agreed, but then she said Dra. Robles said that I needed a breast lift? Now, this is where I was a little surprised, because I sent all my before pictures to the doctor prior to the quote and she clearly said that I needed a lift, but she didn't know which procedure. Well, anyways, the $300 discount, went out the water, because that's how much the breast lift was. I didn't want to argue so I agreed.

Another doctor, studying under Dra. Robles, Dra, Lara, takes me to get X-rays. That went fine.

Then she took me to get blood drawn in another department. The needles are big ladies. BIG. I was a little concerned what the results would be, because Dra. Lara said if my hemoglobin remained at 11.6, I would not be able to do the lipo on the back with fat transfer.

2 weeks before the surgery, I was taking 65mgs of ferrus iron, folic acid, vitamin B complex, and 1000 mg of vitamin C. I drank this with orange juice on an empty stomach. Also, about 30 minutes after, I ate a banana, to settle my stomach.

My hemoglobin levels came back at 12.7! So, I was good to do everything.

Then I was taken to another doctor, to get my EKG. He asked me questions about my health, ect. That was fine.

At this point, the other girl gets there and I have to wait for her to get all her tests ladies, I'm STARVED, but I get no food. I think this is something that it's important for them to do. Is FEED US something small during this time.

Dra. Robles then marks me up and explains what she will do. I chose 375cc for my breast size.

Then we are taken to another section, to pay for the procedure. I chose to pay credit card, because I didn't want to bring that much cash on me internationally.
After all the tests are complete, we are taken to our private rooms, with private bathroom, air-condition and TV to await our surgery the next day.

Day of Surgery

Dr Lara came in to my room at 5:30am the next day and told me I would be the first patient. I took another shower with the antibacterial soap and washed my hair thoroughly. Dra Robles came in and remarked me (because most of my initial markings washed away). Then as she finished marking me, 2 nurses came in with the blue pill. I asked them if I should take it now, they said yes.

Dra. Robles then tells me to lay down because I was going to get sleepy. I did, and then a gentleman comes in and wheels me to the operating room. As I'm going into the operating room, I saw another patient being operated was WEIRD. I was calm though, thinking, heck, I'm still I'm seated on the operating table and nurses are all around me preparing and then one nurse sticks the IV in my arm and that's all I remember. I don't remember laying down, I don't remember anything else, but walking up during surgery and I'm shaking all over. This shaking happened to me when I had my son...I attributed it to losing so much fluid so rapidly. They tried to calm me down and the next thing, I'm in my room, still shaking and they are asking me if I'm cold. I said yes. Then a couple of hours later they bring me soup and jello...I'm still STARVING, but that's all I get and I'm in so much pain. I keep calling for the nurse to give me more pain meds and she keeps saying I have to wait for 6 more hours. The nurse that was suppose to stay with me, actually stays with the other girl who was operated on and she rarely checks up on me. And when she does, she doesn't offer any ice chips, soda, juice NOTHING. Then she calls me from the other girl's room to translate for her, because she doesn't understand what the girl is saying. Yes, I speak Spanish, thank goodness for that. I'm a good person, so this didn't annoy me, because I wanted to make sure the other girl was okay and she was STARVING too.

The next day, Dra Robles and Lara come in to check me and put my garmet on. They tugged and tugged and finally it was on. Make sure you ask the size of the garmet, because they gave me a large and that's too big for me now.
The next day couldn't come any faster and I was picked up by Wilson and sent to the Recovery House.

Virginia's Recovery House

I arrived at Virginia's Recovery House and Wilson put my luggage in my room. I shared a room with another girl who had surgery the same day I did, and I was perfectly okay with that. No one should feel that they do not want to room with anyone, when all you're really going to do is eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. I had plenty of room and I was fine.

I did keep everything locked in my luggage, my purse, medicine, etc. Make sure you buy a lock for your luggage that's either combination or key. I had a key combination, and I kept the keys on a bracelet. This made it easy for me. Not that I didn't trust my roommate, it's just best to make sure there is no need not to have to ask those questions.

The ladies at the recovery house were amazing. They woke me up to eat breakfast, gave me my daily medicines, put medicine all over my body, and drained me, and put my garmet back on.

The only complain I have is that they fed us dinner too later. Dinner should be before 6pm, especially when you are not exercising and need to be able to have plenty of time to burn calories.

Leaving Santo Domingo

The doctor removed the drain the day before I left, I was happy. I brought with me a 32 ounce water bottle and made sure to fill it 4 times a day. Drink plenty of water and take your medicines. Take your time with the medicines because they upset your stomach. Eat first and then take them…it will be easier for you.

At the second appointment the doctor gave me the garmet bra. It was very nice. And it supported me better than the after surgery wrap.

If you have breast implants make sure they give the implant guarantee. I asked for it.
Laura gave me a notebook with the guarantee and the after surgery care. You will leave with stitches that you will have to take out yourself, or have someone take out. Before you take out the stitches you need to take a picture of them and email them to Dr Robles and she will tell you to take them out (I still haven't taken them out, because I'm only 2 weeks out).

I made sure to call the Airline to tell them that I would need wheelchair assistance, the doctor will give you a letter as well, but make sure you call the airline, so everything is done before hand. This was a lifesaver. I navigated through like a breeze. Although Delta Airlines doesn't really give you better seat accommodations (they suck).

Weight Gain

So, when I got home, I got on the scale (please do not do this!!) I gained 15 pounds in 7 days!!! This was due to swelling and some the eating after 7pm. I modified my diet, since I can't work out. This is what I did:

Breakfast: 1 banana, spinach and cheese omelet (2 eggs), half of cup of hot chocolate, 2 glasses of water.

Lunch: a bowl of fruit, 2 glasses of water

Snack: 1/2 cup of wasabi peas, 2 glasses of water

Dinner (at 4:30pm): an apple, baked chicken, a salad, 2 glasses water

Bedtime: a glass of orange juice (to quench any lingering hunger), 2 glasses of water

In a week's time, I lost all the 15 pounds of water weight, and probably a little bit more, because I'm still very swollen, and I still cannot fit my size 6 bottoms (suits).

My swollen body looks really good. My husband made a comment this morning that my body looks great..and again I'm still swollen.

I did cry hysterically when I got off the scale and saw the 15 pounds, and couldn't fit my bottoms…I started questioning my decision about the surgery. But I'm so much better…time ladies…it takes time to heal. Do rest as much as possible, because swelling comes back quick if you overdo it.

2 Months Post Op

I started running, about 4 miles every other day and some spin classes. When I do these activities, my body feels extremely sore and my breast get tight. I massage them regularly.

I wanted to update my profile with before and after pics.

My right breast seems to be much softer than the left, and the areola a bit bigger.

All in all, my recovery is going very well.


I am now using Scarguard around my scar. That's the shiny (tape looking) think around my areolas.

I also use vitamin E oil.

I kept my sterstrips on for 2 months, until they fell off on their own.

Compression Garment


I still use the compression garment pretty much 24 hours a day. I even exercise with it on. I have about 4 compression garments. One is a small and the other 3 are Xsmalls. It helps keeps everything in place. I still wear the compression garment for my breasts and I also use sports bras.
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