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I wasnt going to write this review until my friend...

I wasnt going to write this review until my friend talked to me about doing one since I was always saying that I wish I could read more recent reviews on my doctor. I didnt really need to much because I had my cousin and I seen her results which are amazing so I'm doing this one for the ladies that are curious and want to see something recent that's not on IG or Facebook. So I always wanted to get my bum done but never wanted implants and was to skinny before to have fat transfered. Found out my cousin went to the Dominican to get her bum done for the second time since she first had it done in Toronto with results she wasn't happy with. Once I seen her results it made me want to get mine done even more and once I found out about Realself I became addicted with the procedure and everyone else's results that I had to follow through with this. This is a real big step to be making in life since I've never had cosmetic surgery. I'm nervous, excited and anxious and kind of want to just get this over with. So the process with getting a quote from Dra Robles was so easy. I just emailed her with pictures and a health form and then within 2 days I had a quote. I'm going with her vip package that includes everything except my flights. Was considering on switching to Dra Duran and after a month in a half of harrassing her on Whatsapp she finally replies to me and gives me a quote and that was it wasn't able to ask her any questions and haven't been able to get in touch with her again. So I'm sticking with Dra Robles especially since I already paid my deposit and I'm Canadian so it was already a lot more to make then if I was an American to just switch up like that. I've been contacting I'm guessing it's Laura on Whatsapp and she is so good with answering any questions I have, she replies back to me within no longer then 10-15 mins. if that. This whole process has been real smooth since I sent in my request for a quote. I still can't believe I'm doing this still it just seems so unreal to me. It's nice that everyone around me is very supportive. I will be traveling alone that I'm aware of right now from Toronto.


So I got my hemoglobin checked in March and never asked the doctor for my results and just asked the receptionist and because I had no idea that here in Canada we have different measurements and different lab work she told me it was a 4.7. It was for a different measurement of hemoglobin so I was freaking out for like the last few weeks taking all my vitamins and eating everything that had high iron. Was terrified I was gonna have to cancel my surgery. Luckily went to the doctors and he told me that my hemo was perfect and that I'm right where I need to be. I don't have to do my blood work over again so it's one less stress.

Pain Medication

So I'm getting nervous for the pain after the surgery. My cousin told me that the pain medication you get isn't that strong, so I just wanted to know for the people that got a prescription for percs how many did you need to take a day?

A little bit about me!!

So I'm 5'4 I weight 153 pounds. I'm not sure of my measurements. I feel like since I was advised to eat healthy I'm losing some of my fat or I'm just toning up but my weight hasn't changed on the scale I just noticed a difference in my body. Here are some pictures!!

Hemo continued.

Sent Dra Robles my hemo results from March and my hemo is 12.7 so she advised me to start talking my vitamins. I also asked about getting a prescription for percs since I want to be highly medicated for the first 3-4 days so I'm waiting for a reply back. I'm getting extremely nervous since I only have 11 more days till I leave.

1 Day Away!!

So I'm leaving in 1 day, Tuesday early morning. I'm not that nervous anymore since I was talking to Dra Robles over email. She really calmed me down from the pain and about the surgery. Dra Robles is such a nice woman.
It's so crazy how fast the time went I can't believe I'll be leaving in 29 hours. I have everything packed and ready.
I bought a booty buddy and I can tell you it's comfortable. It's soft where you put your thighs but firm enough at the bottom that it gives you the right amount of support.

Arrival Day!!

So i made it to santo Domingo!!! My driver is Jerimah and I must say he's so nice hes helped me alot since ive been here.He says he can't speak good English but he is pretty good to me. He speaks more English than the ladies that do the blood work and other testings. I haven't ate all day so I felt light headed after the blood was taken from my hand so please ladies make sure you eat before arriving to the clinic. As soon as I got to the clinc I had to go do all of the testings. It's not as scary as I thought this would be.
All of my results came back fine. Found out my hemo is still 12.7 and I took all my vitamins and ate everything iron and it never changed. I had Jerimah take me to the mall to get food. He said he changes 10 to take you where ever you want. I'm staying at Paradise recovery house. It's nice and clean and the woman are nice there.

Day of Surgery.

I had one of the ladies come wake me up at 6, jerimah came at 20 after and we went and picked up another girl at another recovery house and we were brought back to the clinic. Just waited there for like 20 mins to see what was going on. There are other girls here waiting for surgery with other Dr. So I got sent into the room right when you walk in the building and that's when Dra Robles came in and marked me up. She told me i was the first patient today and that she will see me in the surgery room. The anesthesiologist come in and put in my Iv then I got put in a wheelchair and we took the elevator to the surgery room. I was told to lay down and then the anesthesiologist told me that she wasn't giving me the blue pill and put something in my iv and all I remember telling her is I'm nervous and she said that's normal and from there I woke up in my room with my garment on and Dra Robles sitting next to me on the couch. I never woke up once during surgery. I was told I slept for a few hours after.
So I haven't been in pain at all today. Not sure how much medication they been giving me. I'm very uncomfortable because I've been sitting on.my bum all day and it's numb and my back is so swollen it's stiff and that's the only thing that bothers me. My stomach is very swollen as well. One nurse been putting creams on my back and stomach. They gave me soup 2 times to eat. I've been in and out of sleep today. I really wanted to stand but they told me I can't. They checked my hemo and it went down to 8.10 so they suggested that I take some iron shots so I got 4 they said it usually helps in most cases. When they checked my hemo nothing changed so I got 2 blood transfusions the next day.

3rd Day

So I don't know if I mentioned this but this is my first surgery and probably my last but I have to admit that I was expecting this experience to be worst then what it is. I haven't had any pain like I thought I'd have except for in my back which I'm thinking it might be from the epidural. I don't feel any pain from the lipo I'm feeling very good. I was thinking I needed percocets before I left but if I brung them I wouldn't have used them the pain meds I have now are fine. So today they had me go to the oxygen chamber and I could only last 20 mins in there. I started to have an anxiety attack from the small space and it being so closed in. It sucks because I still have to pay the 100 for it when I didn't get my hour in. So I've been trying to do things on my own which is crazy but I'm honestly feeling good. A little tight in the belly so it takes a minute to stand up straight. Everyone I see has a flat stomach on here and I'm not sure how because mine is still really swollen and it sticks out a bit. I'm not bruised that bad. I've been drinking a lot of liquids.


So I'm home!! It feels so good. I got my friend to take some pictures of me. I'm still swollen. Never was bruised very much just on my hips and around my armpits where I was lipoed. Dr Robles only removed my back drain yesterday since that's the only time I seen her since surgery. I havent really drained at all since my back drain was removed, hoping to get this front drain removed on thursday. Also my back feels a lot better since the drain was removed.The other day Dr Gonzalez came to the Recovery house to clean my drain lines and to change the bandages on my incisions. I have to go get a new faja because the garment I got was to big from the start but she said it was so I didn't get blisters or burns so it had no compression so I been wearing my towel around my stomach for 3-4 days now. I just noticed in the picture it looks like one hip is bigger than the other but it doesn't really look like that when I'm naked in the mirror. I'll make sure I post a few new updated pictureshows in a few days after I have my new faja
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