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Hello, I'm a 23 year old female no kids. I'm about...

Hello, I'm a 23 year old female no kids. I'm about 5'3" I weigh about 150/155. I recently decided to go with this procedure. I do not have the worse shape in fact people tell me all the time I have a cute shape. However, I am not happy with it. I have love handles out of this world, I hate the way I look in a dress and swim suit. I just hide it very well. I have been researching for the past month in a half I would say. So first and foremost I am interested in lipo of my sides, back, and upper/ bottom stomach. Inner thighs and arms maybe. I have small breast I will do implants but later down the road after kids. Any who, I have a ok size butt but its tooooo low. I have hips but would like more. Soooo I started by doing my research on Dr. Jimerson here in Atl he gave the prefect bodies but he was toooo much. Moved to Dr Okoro who is always in the Atl area. For a couple of days I had my mind set on him. I initially thought the credit care was best for me then reality hit me...I am not in debt and I do not want to be paying off this surgery for the next two years...back to the drawing board I went. I rather pay up front cash and get it over with! I didnt want to spend over $6000 for this procedure and i know i could have that in cash by the date of my procedure. I read several good reviews on Drs in DR narrowed it down to two females. Duran and Yily. When I tell you I read just about every review looked at every picture morning noon and night even on lunch breaks! I am hooked lol! So I emailed Yily first in Spanish and English. I found Duran on Facebook and sent her a message in Spanish she replied in a couple hours. Yily did reply about a week later. I think both ladies are wonderful Yily is about $400 cheaper. However, I decided to go with Duran for a couple reasons. I've read she gave bigger butts, it's easier to communicate with her (which I have experienced personally) and she is more personable. I haven't decided on rather i would want to get a hotel and hire a nurse or stay at a recovery house...so many pros and cons with both. I plan on going April/ May of 2014 I honest don't want to wait that long but I just started a new job about 6 months ago and I do not have enough sick leave hours to take off 4 weeks. After I did my calculations by April/May 2014 I will have enough hours.

Changing my date

So I decided that April/May was too long! I've decided to change my date to Jan 20, 2014 and my friend decided she will tag along with me and get some work done. I just emailed Duran to see if its extra for chin lipo my friend wants that. As far as the work issue I would have to use some of my annual leave time because I won't have enough sick leave time. I will just have to take off 3 weeks in stead of 4. Good thing about my job is I work 12 hrs shifts. For ex I will work Monday and Tuesday I will be off Wednesday and Thursday work Friday Saturday and Sunday off Monday and Tuesday work Wednesday and Thursday and off Friday Saturday and Sunday. I sit at my job but I can stand if I need to.

How many days after procedure should I take off work?

Any ladies have any suggestions? 10 days in DR to recover, maybe another week at home? I know there will be pain and I don't want to underestimate it.

Changed my date.

Ok so spoke with Duran there is a festival going on the day I picked so I must change the date. Thinking a week earlier or a couple days later I'm not sure. My friend decided she is down 100% and she is coming along for sure! So I know I won't be in pain alone lol! Still deciding about this recovery house thing :-/

Switching To Dra Baez

I love Duran's work but she is overwhelmed with ladies emails and I can't get the rest of my questions answered. And i have so many! I know Dra Baez doesn't have a lot of her work posted on here by the few I saw and the ones on her website is impressive. I will keep you guys updated. My date is still the same. Bittersweet moment!

Looking for a buddy.

Hey ladies, my friend and I are going to Baez Jan 21 & 22. We are renting an apartment near by. There is an extra room available. We will be there Jan 20-30 so if anyone is interested or if you know someone let me know.

A lot has changed.

Date changed to Jan 28. My friend is no longer going with me. So just going to stay at a Recovery house thinking about Yasmine. Now I need to figure out which airline to take because the departing and arrival times are all crazy times. I'm still looking for a buddy.

Getting healthier!

Hey ladies, any suggestions on what brand of vitamins to buy? And also what foods do you suggest? I'm such a junk food person..thnx

Hemoglobin vitamin

So thanks to User bklynbeauty I found some vitamins with great reviews that will raise my hemoglobin. I don't know if its high or low but it doesn't hurt to start taking supplements now. I will go to the DR late Nov or early Dec. I hope this one vitamin is enough because I don't see myself taking 4/5 vitamins a day.

Only wish picture

So I have been taking my vitamins for 3 weeks now. I will schedule a doctors appt next month sometime. I haven't posted a wish picture so he is one.

Found a RH.

I'm not a last minute person at all. After researching and speaking to several different host I decided to stay with Angie. "Silothuette Recovery House" I have attached photos she sent me as well as her email with her rates included
Hello,The recovery home fee is $85 a day and $65 with a companion and this includes :24hr care
3 meals and snacks
Fresh fruit juices
Cable, WiFi
Hot water
Backup power generators in case of power outage (which is a given in DR) lol..
Transportation to all pre and post office visits
Help with all your needs while recovering like bathing, getting in and out of bed etc...
Washing of your garment
This is on a 7th floor and you get a full panoramic view of the whole city!!! Elevator included!
Airport transportation is an additional fee of $40 each way Payment in full is made in cash upon arrival. And a $100 deposit is required to reserve a room. The deposit is deducted from your total and is nonrefundableI can run you by the store or beauty shop if you'd like!Prices may change by next year, hopefully not ! let me know what you decide. I would love to have you!!!Thanks,

Staying in the U.S for my bbl

So, recently I went to Vegas from ATL the plane ride was about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. All I could think about is flying back from DR after having my surgery. I don't want to be so uncomfortable for what seems like forever 1st class or not. The bathrooms are so small ugh! I had a issue at baggage claim here in ATL I couldn't help but think about being in DR with the language barrier ! It's a even more hassle for me with trying to get medicine, phone cards, etc! I decided to stay here. I recieved a quote from Dr Lagrosso's office for $ 6,000 and i am waiting on a quote from one of the doctors that work for Vanity Cosmetics. Hopefully Dr Salas he quoted a Facebook friend of mines $3,500. These doctors are in Fl so my plane ride will be about a hour and a half and the tickets are half the price than the DR tickets. My boyfriend said he will pay half and come with me so I am happy about that. My sister also said she will tag along. So I feel much much better! I will still take my blood builder pills and drink the pur absorb. Also another reason I am staying here is because the communication is better I plan on taking FMLA and papers need to be faxed from the doctors office before. However Baez couldn't provide the papers until after. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking surgery in the DR I'm just not prepared for all the extra! I still love Baez and will always recommend her to people that are interested in getting work done there.

Deposit paid with Vanity

I was originally quoted $4,000 and was offered a $200 discount if I could pay $1900 today. I paid it yay! That money was burning a hole in my pocket. The office also has a lady they refer who has a recovery house.

Which doctor Salas or Hassan?

They both work in the same clinic. I want my body sculpted. Not just a big butt I want a small waist. Confused.com I have spoken to a patient of Hassan and saw pictures if another girl that went to him both look amazing! Torn!!! I wish I had more pictures. They really don't have a lot of reviews on here.

Plane ticket purchased!!

So I co worker of mines new I was planning a trip to Miami in Feb. He called me this morning because he saw on the news that all airlines was matching the price of $155 round trip tickets ATL to MIA... That's a deal I couldn't pass up! Ticket price came up to $177.80. I got a seat in the back of the plane so I can stand if necessary.


Right after surgery is it better to have your butt cut out? I'm talking like hours after? Did you ladies purchase your second garment when you got back home or before you left your doctors office?


Where do I start...I'm going to read as many reviews on here and put a list together.i just don't want to purchase unnecessary things.

Switching to Dr Hassan

After talking to one if his patients and looking at her photos I have decided to switch to him... I'm confident that he will sculpt my body right!


Haven't had my first surgery yet and planning my second one I want breast implants...but I am staying here in ATL...wonder how long I will have to wait?

In my feelings :(

I am soooo excited about this surgery but as I am reading others reviews I wish I had someone to go with me...my friend says she will come but I don't think she Understands that this isn't a vacation... A nurse is about $200 plus a day ugh what to do??

Count down begins!!!

Time to start SERIOUSLY taking my iron (pur absorb) and blood builder pills...I started taking them for about 3 weeks rigorously but fell off :( ugh I have to get it together and quick 2 months and 3 days until the new me!!!!!

My head is spinning!

Finding a place to recover is far my stressful than finding a doctor...Really wish there was an affordable recovery house in Miami..*sighs* HELP ANYONE!

1 month 26 day pre op

My current measurements are 34 35 42 :( ugh I really really want a 24 in waist...praying Hassan can work that out for me and of course with waist training ...

online vs store

I'm in the business if saving money my bday is next month....I want to start buying supplies I have finally gotten my list together...is it cheaper to buy online or physically go to the store? I also stumbled across this beauty body on someone's page and fell in LOVE!!!!

Caregiver info

Came across a good inexpensive company that offers surgical aftercare services in Miami $15-$19 a hour. Home Watch Care Givers contact number is (305) 222-7942
Www.homewatchcaregivers.com I am using them for transportation (errands, grocery shopping, prescription pick up etc)

Another discount

Jessica just called from Vanity offering a $300 discount on my quote if I was to pay another $1000 to my $1900 deposit. I missed her call so I will def be calling back tomorrow and paying that..that will bring my total down to $3500!

Switching doctors again (bare with me)

Have you guys seen feelinmyself ????? Her results are amazzzzinnngggg I need a big ole booty with volume and projection and I need Dr Fisher to do it.....just worked a 12hr shift got off at 6a waiting on Vanity to open to switch and also Jessica hasn't sent my receipt for my $1,000 payment ( wtf)

Supply list

I'm not buying unnecessary things to take to Miami I'm taking ONE carry on bag THANKS to the ladies with helpful hints and supply list. I'm packing these things
4x4 gauze
Medical tape
Arnica gel/tablets
Antibacterial soap
Over the counter pain pills
Alcohol pads
P ez
Maxi pads
Compression socks
Baby wipes
Boppy pillow

That's it for my time in Miami I will buy everything else when I get back to ATL. If I left any thing out please let me know.

Hips vs no hips

I'm just obsessed with hips I have hips now but I think I need a little more... Can't have booty without the hips! I just want a little bit more :) what you guys think?

Pre op booty (no projection)

I need some projection like yesterday lol!!! I'm nominating feelinmyself for best booty! I have a vacation planned April 2014 do you guys think I can get in a swimsuit by then?

Ok it finally hit me!

Wow I'm actually going through with this....2nd night in a row I've dreamed about having this done....not nervous at all so ready to get this over with. I'm anxious more than anything! Finally doing something for me. I know a lot of people will disapprove heck I don't care...I truly don't care about their opinions and I mean that from my whole heart ..like I say" some people save up for a new car, well I saved up for a new body!" 36 more days!!!

Example of a prefect waist

Still waiting on her permission to post her photo but I want my waist to look like bklynbeauty...now that's what I call a silhouette!

Change of plans

Due to the lack of communication and because the girls at Vanity are unorganized I will not be going to Fisher....which is ok because I looovveee Dr Hasan too! I love his results too!

Hasan patient before & after


Well my hemoglobin is a 12 and everything else is good and came back normal! Yay 23 days left. I really didn't do much I drunk pur absorb and took mega foods blood builder (when I remembered) not everyday I suck with the whole pill thing. I do eat liver a lot I love it with grits and gravy I know I know very country lol! Ordered the make me heal pre and post op kit yesterday I read good reviews about it. Finally all the supplies from Amazon came 6 shipments took about a month. So order 2 months in advance. The rest of the things I need I will get from Dollar Tree! Yesterday was my 24th bday yay #teamcapricorn my new body is my gift to myself!

Time is ticking!

So ready to get this over with...so far no other issues with Vanity. Jessica did confirm my date AGAIN w/ Dr Hasan. I think that emailing her is better. Next issue is what to eat post op....


Finally got my FMLA approved Vanity gave HR at my job the run around like they do the future patients lol lol lol. Everything is purchased lipo foam came in yesterday. Just need to clean up now because when I get back I KNOW for a fact I'm not doing a damn thing. Feb will be a busy busy month for me! I am indecisive about posting before pics (nudes) but it's only fair that I do. Maybe with short shorts.


How does this boppy pillow work? My ass now is smushing it smh

Quick update

Well surprisingly Vanity as called me 3 times in the last hour...and nope I didn't even call them. 1st call was Jessica confirming 2nd call was Kayla Dr Hasan's nurse verifying that my FMLA paperwork was received 3rd call Kayla again calling about a later date. I'm changing my date to the 5th instead of the 4th. When I land Monday there will not be enough time to do the consultation and blood work. I have no problem with that because I can get ALOT of stuff done on Monday once I land including meeting a nurse. Everything is coming along. Excuse typos I'm typing from my cell and also I'm sleepy.

Doing my happy dance !

Why does my boyfriend think I'm going to Miami for ass shots??? What an idiot lol! Either way he is supportive. By the way I have the best surgery buddy every sooooo thankful we found each other! S/O to her...on another note praying my glasses are here by Saturday no contacts surgery day. The weather in ATL is so jacked up EVERYTHING is close even WALMART smh.

Pre op w/ Dr Hasan

I had an appt at 9 to get bloodwork. I also filled out paper work. The wait time was about 25 minutes. I did meet Dr Hasan he is very cute and has a nice body. No issues everything was great. No confusion no drama. Surgery tomorrow at 12:30.

Today is the DAY!

My surgery time was changed to 1:30 I'm so hungry!!!! Sitting here texting LisaFox( funny as heck) she is in the recovery room. She went to Dr Hasan. Hope I am as strong as her! I appreciate her updating me on my surgery buddy!!! Will update later.

Post op a couple hours

I had a great experience at Vanity! The nurses are so sweet and caring! The Anesthesiologist aka the bartender ( that's how he introduced himself) was hilarious it's 2:40 am I was dizzy right after surgery. Very nauseous when I stood up. When I got back to the room around 9pm I took my pain med and something for nausea I threw it up. Went to sleep around 10:30 woke up at 1a and took a pill I was sore. On a scale to 1-10 I am a 5 in soreness 0 pain. Booty cheeks are hard like bricks. I can get up by myself. The pee funnel is a must works wonders.

Today is hellll

Ok sore level is at a 10 now. Lower back, arms and stomach is soooo sore it's hard to move now can't get comfortable.... I use to be able to make it to pee now I can't. I pee like every freaking 30 minutes so glad I have these adult diapers ( most helpful thing on my list) I am bleeding a lot had to change bed pads twice. The nurse will be here soon thank God!

Garment is being washed

I have abs now lol pictures don't do justice! I have. Great shape !

Day 2 (7:15am)

Stomach is less sore but I can feel the fluid when I try to get up. Feels weird little painful. Garment is getting big around my waist. It's shrinking yes! I'm very numb. I still pee all freaking day. I walk a lot can't keep still. Last night I slept with pillows under my stomach very comfortable. This morning my faja is cutting off the circulation under my booty cheeks. They are itching as well. Here are 2 pictures after my shower yesterday.

Recovery house w/ nurse

Found her from airbnb.... Killian Acre Bed&Breakfast. Please email her for rates Khconstruction@aol.com tell her Tashe' sent you!!! Wonderful and speaks Spanish. Also ask her for pictures.

Volcano stomach! Word of the night "FLUID"

It's hot and moves around when I get up and lay down I call it lava! Still glad I have no drains. Woke up stiff I only took one pain med yesterday before massage. Which wasn't painful at all. I have no bruises so I suggest the make me heal pre and post op pills. Leaving Tuesday so I hope I lose some fluid. We used a mobile massage company in Miami BODY WELL MOBILE MASSAGE
(305) 771-3205... Def no way around them I will do them every single day twice if I have to (found a good deal at home). 2nd massage tomorrow can't wait OMG! Well update later. Excuses typos and grammar errors I'm up walking.

No lumps in my tummy

I love to see pictures in people's review. That was my favorite part so here are pictures. Before and 4 days post op stomach photos. I am more concerned about my waist than booty. Getting 2nd massage in a few and washing faja!

Kiss your sleep goodbye!

My lower back started itching tonight idk if it's from the meds or what but this sucks x10!!!! Scratching doesn't help because I'm numb...since the procedure I have not slept longer than 2 hours. Looks good but you have to prepare yourself mentally for this. After my massage I left my faja off big mistake I blew up like a pumpkin. Well let me get back to rubbing my back.


I had my final post op visit with Dr Hasan cute self lol he said stay off my booty 8 weeks because he injected a lot of fat. Didn't ask the amount of ccs. His assistant Kayla is a sweetheart as well. But seriously this was my 3 massage and I regret not coming to vanity for the first 2 it was $100 for one and $350 for 5 please please please please go to Vanity it was more intense BUT I feel sooooooooooooooo much better words can't explain. I have not had any problems out of them they have called everyday since my surgery to check on me. No waiting or anything and everyone remembers your name. They don't don't speak English here btw. But seriously if you are going to vanity please let them do your massages I feel soo freaking good OMG! Excuse run on sentence and other errors I'm on my phone.

2 weeks post op tomorrow!

Swelling has went down. I am no longer sore. No fluid. I can do everything I did before surgery. Lost some 2 1/2 inches around the booty and 1 around the waist...I am wearing a small squeem. So far so good. I recommend the inflatable donut verses the boppy pillow. My clothing fits nicely. I'm happy so far. Ready for the fluff fairy :)

First day out exactly 2 weeks

Went to the gun range with my boyfriend yesterday. I wore the same outfit I posted in my review a couple months again to show comparison.

Compare these

Dec 8 and yesterday Feb 19

28" 4 more to lose!

Experiencing sharp pains in my stomach and back that come and go no longer than a couple seconds. I am wearing garment with small squeem. And it's time for a extra small. I did order a butt out garment that is longer ( to my knees) the short one that stops mid thigh shows through my clothing. My waist is now a 28 yayyyy hoping I can get down to a 24. Booty is 42 I guess it's staying there. Love Hasan! Vanity calls me all the time to check on me! I have had one massage since I've been back so I've had a total of 4. Very happy with my results! Thinking about boobs now. Returning to work Wed I will be exactly 3 weeks! Boy is time flying! We all love pictures here are some!

One month today!

Still having sharp pains that come & go. I get very stiff if I'm without garments too long. Booty is soft still hard spots though. Oh and the bottom of my stomach is a little hard. I am 100% mobile. It doesn't seem like I had surgery. Here are some photos xoxo!

Everything is still the same

Pic for the future Hasan girls. No changes. XS SQUEEM arrived today. Still want a second round. Waiting a year though. I started sitting and it's uncomfortable I still need my donut. I was having lower back issues I believe I need more compression. So hopefully this XS squeem does the trick.

XS squeem

XS squeem is in I wish there was a smaller size but this is as small as it gets.... Sighs! Nothing new to update just wanted to post a picture. And yes I still want a bigger butt so yes I will be doing a second round. I want my arms done and more lipo to my upper back. I never noticed fat up there but since my lower back is so small now it looks big to me. Goodnight!

Bbl vs BA

Yes I'm getting the girls done. Just don't know if I want to do that next or my round 2 of bbl. I'm going back to Hasan for both. I want C cups because right now baby these As look ridiculous with my new shape.

My stomach

It's not as small as I want it but I love it...I am still at a 28" around the belly button hoping for a 26". No lumps or bruises!!!!

Oh yea I'm still doing a second round

Yes I'm going back the end of this year. I want a bigger but I'm at a 42 now shooting for a 44/46 *sighs* booty greed is real.

Round 2 is a go!

Enjoying this shape for now. After my cruise in Aug I will gain weight and go for round 2 in Nov or Dec...I love me some bklynbeauty so hopefully we can go together for our 2nd rounds. I was quoted $3500 for saline implants if Dr Hassan uses the TUBA method. This is where he inserts it thru your belly button which leaves no scars. Measurements are the same.

Hanging in there!

Still having lower back issues when I wake up from sleeping. I haven't been eating right *sighs* no exercising just yet. Measurements are still the same. I will take more pictures this weekend. I stopped wearing my garment long ago it's to hot. I haven't wore my squeem in a month. I started breaking out in hives so the doctor told me tight clothing makes it worse along with exercise yessss the struggle :(

Booty greed is real

Vanity still calls to check on me. Stomach getting a little bigger (eating habits) I will work out and change my eating habits soon. Still have lower back issues. Still want a bigger butt! Yes I'm still doing round 2...went on a date fri so here is a photo !

IM BACK!!!!!

So, ALOT has changed. I had my BBL in Feb 2014 with Dr. Hassan . I got pregnant Nov 2014. YEAH i blame it on the booty. I will be going back for round 2 but only for lipo to full stomach, back and sides. My booty has grown sooooooooooo much. I will upload photos later.

Post pregnancy

So I gave birth 8 weeks ago. I'm going back to Hassan. I have to wait 6 months so I will be going in March. I probably will stay at the same place I did last year. I called Vanity for price. $ 3,500 for 12 areas of lipo.
Miami Physician

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