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I am 18 years old, I am 5.8 weigh around 200...

I am 18 years old, I am 5.8 weigh around 200 pounds and I have a hour glass figure but i am just overweight. People tell me i should wait and have at least one kid but truth is myself or my husband are not able. I am very insecured about my body and I want to have a beautiful body like Kim K. I am still not sure. I received a quote from Dr. Luis Holguin in the Dominican Republic. It includes lipo in the back flanks and fat transfer. Also a girdle you must wear.

Im stuck between Duran & Yily. I dont know which...

Im stuck between Duran & Yily. I dont know which one to choose. I am not happy about the fact that The meds are like 250 each!

I am worried now because people are complaining a...

I am worried now because people are complaining a lot about Yily =[

Need to loose a good 20 pounds so I can get better...

Need to loose a good 20 pounds so I can get better results. Have until September. Any Yily dOLLS going In september ! Let me know I am looking for buddies !

Wasting more than I thoughtt. Ill update my list...

Wasting more than I thoughtt. Ill update my list of things ill be taking.. Going to get a doctors exam next week and make sure everything is Okay.. Buying the tickets next month & my amazon cart full of meds and faja and loose clothess.. Meds 200$ worth , Deposit 500$ Flight 492$ . Plus save money for housing plan.. I hope everything goes good . September here I come :). I cant sleep thinking about it. My goal is to leave bills paid, finish paying credit card . I dont want to waste all my savings so Ill try to limit as possible. Aiming for like Sep4-14 or something. I cant wait til I bought the tickets & sent deposit, ill be happy once I receive A set date! Hopefully I dont go alone.. :(

- soon to be YilyDoll.

Have a couple of questions for the ladies that...

Have a couple of questions for the ladies that went through it or is . Where can I buy like a foam seat with holes for the airplane upon return? I dont want to seat on my booty I dont want to get to NY and find it flat lol idk weird.. & if anybody is NY what is. Agood affordable drain doctor just incase I need it & a good lymphatic massager with good rates?

I have My Meds List ready ill post it later !

Diurex water pills Lady elegence female uriner(...

Diurex water pills

Lady elegence female uriner( it helps you pee thru the hole when u have the faja on so u dont have to take it off and it wont splash)

Vitamin C gummies ( ihate pills)

Volteral Emegul ( reduces pain )

Prilosec ( same as omebrazol , recommended by Yily for gas )

Nature Made Folic Acid ( also recommended by yily)
Nature Made B complex ( recommended by yily it helps make food into energy)

Advanced KeloCote Gel for scars very popular

Lipo Foam well it looks like a bed but ima cut holes into it for my ass n lay on it. Got it on Amazon I dont have luck finding some foam for my faja

Boiron Arnicare Gel- helps with pain
Nature Made Iron
All this came to like 216$

Anything Im missing? Please suggest!

1 Champion Hoodie
5 Cotton Tank Tops
3 Yoga Pants Cotton
3 Night Gowns
2 Leggins If I find good ones that u dont have to lift every 10 secs!
Fluffy Slippers and Regular 1s
Faja Salome 90$
10 100% Vs Panties well 5 Since Ill be wearing a Faja..


Dial Soap( antibactirial)
Dove deororant
Baby Wipes or Adult Wipes
Maxi Pads
Zipbag of cutips
Couple of gloves

Ive been seeing YILYS work and i am not liking the...

ive been seeing YILYS work and i am not liking the projection she is giving . girls want big asses from side and back not just backk ..

Surfing on for other dominican doctors....

Surfing on for other dominican doctors. I am not happy with what i saw .. shes not giving projection..

I am truly in love with Dr. Salamas work , I wish...

I am truly in love with Dr. Salamas work , I wish Yily did bootys like him . lol unfortunetly his too pricey so ima have to stick with yily =p i really hope she makes my booty really bigg...

Yily originally sent me a quote for 3350$ which...

Yily originally sent me a quote for 3350$ which included abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, and waist.. 150$ exrea for arms so 3500$ total . Sent her an email today of the many ( still waiting for response) to see how much extra it is for inner and outer thighs lipo..

Does anyone know what is the highest cc's Yily...

Does anyone know what is the highest cc's Yily injects and Duran? I need 1000-1300cc

Might change from Yily to Duran once I receive a...

Might change from Yily to Duran once I receive a quote . Yily doesnt give big asses. If Duran is too expensive might go with my origina doctor Dr. Luis Holguin.

Hopinq & prayinq Durans Quote is under 3800$ !! :/...

Hopinq & prayinq Durans Quote is under 3800$ !! :/ still waiting

I have decided to calm down and relax, Duran gives...

I have decided to calm down and relax, Duran gives nice bootys but she takes too long to reply thru email & on fb ! i have yet to receive a quote. I kinda have a butt and a little projection and perhaps with the bbl & thigh lipo it will stand out more and be the size i want it to . What u ladies think ? I really want my body like my wish pic realistically, not the 3rd pic shes not an expectation .Idc if my butt will look fake i just want it lol.

Yily just emailed me back ! Looks like my total...

Yily just emailed me back ! Looks like my total would be 3800$ BBl - abdomen, waist, flanks, fat transfer to buttocks, arm pits, entire back, arms & inner and outer thighs which is extra.. She locked me in August 2nd , will send her a 500$ via paypal to make sure is good and then call to confirm everything is good. Going to start buying my meds next week or next month still have lots of time.. I will keep up with you ladies and put up post pics !

For you ladies that need Dra Yilys paypal email to...

For you ladies that need Dra Yilys paypal email to send deposit her paypal email is



Diurex water pills
Lady elegence female uriner( it helps you pee thru the hole when u have the faja on so u dont have to take it off and it wont splash)
Vitamin Shoppe - Iron W/Vitamin C B12 Folic Acid And Copper, 100 tablets [ BEST THING EVER has everything in 1]
Volteral Emegul ( reduces pain ) idk if ill buy this
Prilosec ( same as omebrazol , recommended by Yily for gas )
Nature Made B complex ( recommended by yily it helps make food into energy)
Advanced KeloCote Gel for scars very popular
Lipo Foam
Boiron Arnicare Gel- helps with pain
Boppy pillow for airplane
Adult disposable wash cloths
Sleeping pills
Dial Antibacterial soap
Makemeheal Kit Post up &Preup - is about 100$ but worth it it comes with Sinnech & Scar Gel
Nature made iron with ferrous sulfate

Anything suggestions please add to the list !! thanks girls

Getting my meds first then worrying about suit case & girldes n other clothing stuff
I wont be able to get dicoflenac, hiperine or clavulin..

Hello Dolls, Confirmed my Sx date August 2nd ....

Hello Dolls, Confirmed my Sx date August 2nd . Will be buying the tickets soon $520+.. Yily suggested I should stay my weight bc she will need the fat to inject. My final quote ws 3800$ which includes everything plus arms & inner thighs.. Super anxious & excited working extra hard even tho i hate the job lol it will pay off I guess.

GUESS WHAt dolls ? Duran finally replied to me...

GUESS WHAt dolls ? Duran finally replied to me through facebook I must say I am excited with her reply. She said she will do 3500 including arms or legs but i want both so lets see how much extra.. I want Duran because I feel like she can give me the bigger butt I want.. ive seen Yily dolls and their butts look round very nice but not a lot of projection.. I feel like Duran can sculpt me and give me the butt I Desire at the same time. I am going to send her a wish pic and see what my realistic expectation should be like.. Any comments or Suggestions ? People have told me if I want a tiny waist go with yily if i want big butt go with duran . I need both guys lol.

I need to buy compression sleeves for my arms...

I need to buy compression sleeves for my arms after lipo. Any one know what size I would need? I dont want to buy it from Yily idk what quality she uses i know she sells it for 80$ & as for my girdle(faja) should i buy it with open butts or closed! Thanks guys.

Hello Dolls, I have decided to go with Duran. Why?...

Hello Dolls, I have decided to go with Duran. Why? Well let me say Yily is a great sergean but honestly I do not want to be handled by a doctor who takes 7 girls daily and does not give the fullness to the butt ladies desire. For the same price, Duran will do the same procedure & i have seen her work and is truly great, her dolls come out with huge donks and beaitiful bodies, and also none of her dolls have bashed about her or has gotten an infection. Her meds are also more affordable 125$ compared to Yily 250$ . Anyway my decision has been made and also Duran has paypal! :) Yily canceled hers so blah. I am looking for a Buddy I will be going under surgery August 1st - i will be first patient yay lol but anyway pleasse ladies any1 want to buddy up contact me!



Found out today I weight 218ibs :'( i never been...

Found out today I weight 218ibs :'( i never been so heavy. My body doesnt even look like i weigh that much bc all my fat is in my legs and bottoms. Girls Any tips to loose 18 pounds in 2 months ? I told Duran I weigh 200 pounds :'( . Right now I am fasting eating once a day I dont have time for Gym right now so thats not an option please girls help :(

Durans INFO -...

Durans INFO - Paypal & Contact info
Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran - FB

July 31st needs to come already I cant wait =] lol...

July 31st needs to come already I cant wait =] lol Duran Doll . . gna come out wit a sexy body and most of all big bootayy

Took my pics down i am not happy with googling...

took my pics down i am not happy with googling myself and finding before pics of me BIG NO.

Question of the day, Im going to be taking all...

Question of the day, Im going to be taking all this vitamins and on top of that a make me heal kit.. pre up and post up . Is it healthy to be taking these stuff close to each other? I am not trying to get sick.

Looking for a Buddy

I am still looking for a buddy, I have purchased my flight and locked in my sx date and made reservations for RH. I am scared i might end up going alone.. any dolls going July31st or Aug1st to Cipla and want to buddy up let me know.. RH is 75$ for both includes transp, 3 meals, nurses, wifi & tv..

Btw I cant believe im hearing about Yilys giving infection to like 11 girls, and Some girl almost had a near death experience with Pantoja. I am just shock like wow this thing really scares me but it wont stop me I want to do this


Watching nip/tock lmao. I know i know.. But it gives me a sense of sx

Uploaded before Pics

Things Ive bought so far

Just came back from Cvs bought ebuprofen Pm /pain relever
Advil pm liquid gels
Large antibiotic with ointment adhesive pads
dial soap
Hand santizor
Dove deororant and toothpaste

I have also purchased from amazon

Iron Pills from vitamim shoppe purchased twice by mistake -_- has folic acid, vitamin c, b12 all in 1
Iron nature made pills just incase
B complex pills
Female urinal (pee standig up)
Boppy pillow for airplane
Prenatal hug pillow(buying from craigslist)
Arnicare Cream
10 Grandma panties
4 hanes tank tops
Comfy flops
Cozy blanket(havent bought)
Neosporrin+ pain relief
Cottonelle wipes
2 lipo foam

Thats basically what i have bought wasted like 100 something.. My last thing to buy for meds is the make me heal kit. I know duran is gna give me prescription other then heperine for blood cuts i wont buy pain killers or anything just stuff i need that she truly wants me to buy.. I dont think ill purchase meds for 125$ jasmin said shell take me to the pharmacy where is cheaper

Posted some

Preop pics

Preup pics

Decided to post my preup pics. The only reason I saw my pics on google was bc i searched my name and realself. Is very unlikey some1 will search me on google unless i have a stalker. Plus this is normal.. I feel like i would like to share my story as other ladies have and helped me thru my journey. If it wasnt for this website i would of never thought of surgery.. Anyway im 5.8 and weigh 218 pounds bla.. I think i lost 5 ppunds bc i have been eating 1 meal a day i still dont know.. Also i am still looking for a buddy leaving july31sr having sx aug1 and returning the 14th. Plesse if u have any questions or suggestions orcomments please contact me :)


Anyone have tried dentist Dr. jose alonso in dr? I know he bashes about cipla but whatever . He gave me a quote of 1800$ to give me a beautiful smile. For 6 porcelin veeners.. In my front row. Anyone has any reviews? I know he also does financing. Planning to do this next year on my round 2 next year . I just want to make sure this is what i want i dont want to end up toothless or wth rotten teeth. Is he board certified!

Posted a Picture

Of a patient giving a review about Yily. She did her Sx in bloody scrubs from her previous Sx!!! No wonder these girls are getting infections this is not acceptable. Thank god i havent heard this kind of complaints from Duran i will make sure i tell her all this knowledge ive learned and make sure they fuckin wear gloves & get my hemo up cus i dont want no dominican blood transfusion and contract HIV or Any STDs '!!!!!!!

Question ladies

How long did you guys wait to sit down after having bbl? I go back to school in a month after sx so u can understand my concern.. Ill take a pillow for the seats fuck it, idc if they look at me weird is 5grand im spending here... I could just say the seat is too hard for my delicate booty lol

Lipo foam.

Still havent found a body ... It looks like I will be going alone .. Anyways got my lipo foam today not what I expected is smaller then it looks.. paid 23$ including shipping for 2.. ill post a pic later =]

Vitamedica kit or Makemeheal kit?

Im not sure what kit i should buy any one has any reviews on any of them? The make me heal kit is the one in my album you can see at

Update :)

Getting ready physically and mentally for my surgery. I will be going with 2 buddies and we will stay at a Hotel and hire a nurse and call a massage lady. I already made reservations.. Its only gna cost us 236-276$ each for our stay.. Nurse. Ithink is 35$ Cook 15$ a day and massager 25$ a day.. We will end up saving money looking our for each other rather then stayinq with a stranger who sees us as $ signs

I bought the whole other list listed i just need to buy these thigs, ps girdle will be bought in Dr cus idk what size ill be..

- alcohol wipes
- gauze & surgical tape
- lysol disisfecting wipes
-bactine antiseptic spray
- arnica pills & cream
- bio oil
- red throw if i get cold
- snoogle prenatal pillow

- hiblicens wash
- maxi pads
- water pills
-5 maxi dresses
- 1 robe with pocket
- 4 pjs gowns
- 1 sweater
- 2 sandals
- compression socks

Anything i dont need or i might need that is essential please let me know i dont want to buy something and not use it. If anyone can tell me what they took with them and never used i know everyone needs are different but is good to know!

Also ill be taking some food snacks with me
20 pack of coconut water
10 shakes either special k or ensure
Cereal whole wheat
Whole wheat crackers
Protein bars
Pineapple pure juice..

Any other suggestions thanks girl.. Feel like the date is getting closer July31st. I currently lost 10 pounds and weigh 208. Im trying to be at 190-195 by the day of surgery if i go down anymore ill loose my stomach and wont have any booty :( lol im a tall girl 5.8 all my fat usually goes to my butt and thighs when i loose weight i need this stomach a decent size for duran to work with


Ever since i started my iron pills i been bruising on my left leg.. anyone has had this ? this is weird maybe im buggin lol .. i have no idea whatss causing the bruising i dont remember gettign hurt.

What size Garment should I buy?

I have no idea what size grment i should buy for stage 2.. I was thinking of buying it in DR but theres no way of knowing exactly.. these girdles like salome and fajate are like 100 plus a peace and i dont want to buy somethign that dont fit me ugh.

Changed my mind

Deciding to stay with Jasmine Rh it was all a made up lie and Bs i should of never asked for my deposit back.. I rather stay at a Rh then be stranded just incase some one backs out u know, stuff happens .. Is better to be safe then sorry


I have no idea why girls saying Duran is unprofessional.. She is obviously a busy woman and will answer your messages when ever she can. I honestly been facebooking her since day 1 and it takes her about 2-4 days to answer me. She doesnt answer all my questions sometimes but maybe shes in a rush. At least I know im booked and she knows who I am. She said that there are 5 girls for Aug1,2013. I pray and hope I am not the last one being I was the first person to reserve that date. I keep haering these crazy stories of girls waiting until like 10pm but of course they're Yily girls lol.. As far as Yasmine Rh I will be staying there those girls that bashed about her was all A lie and i feel bad asking for my deposit back thank god she had 2 openings so I can go with a buddy.. She is adding AC to the rooms now so it will be 45$ a night, 3 meals, transportation (she is only taking you to follow ups no more sight seeings, malls blah shes done with that bc of the horrible experienced she had)& nurses. Anyway counting down my days and taking my Vitamin shoppe Iron that has folic acid , b12 and vitamin c all in one. Thank god this shit was made.. lol = ] going to start the beet recipe next week,, beet + carrots and a hint of lemon..

downloaded more duran work for u ladies to see

more duran work..



Reposted my preup pics

Pics before and wish pics

Some people are so pathetic.

So (Ifonlyicould) sent me a message asking for donations on her website for BBL. She said it will change her life. No offense but this is pathetic, whyre u even considering this when u dont have the money? This isnt somethig. U need like children who need food in Africa. This offends me, i worked hard over a year to come up with my Sx money meanwhile people are asking for donations to have their BBL done. Yes we all support ourselves here but not in that kind of way, this is not a charity affair. Believe me if u work and raise money you will come up with it much faster then asking for donations that no one will give

I told

I told Bustydreams310 to be careful getting ass shots cus ive seen horror stories on realself about girls getting green butts and dimples. So she gets offended goes off and on , I understand if u wanna call me a bitch a smut whatever u want, but saying to some one i wish u die on the BBL TABLE!!? That is somethig u dont wish upon any one not even ur worse enemy. This tramp has some serious issues she needs to solve . Realself has become a facebook a place of dramatic people, haters at that. No one is gna hate on u if u look at ur picture ur side has no projection and her ass is BOXY. I may not have a lot of ass now but thats gna change after Sx meanwhile ur risking ur body infections wth ur silicone shots which your body will detox in a few years!

My ass

May not be big enough but i have a better chance looking like in my wish pics. Im done with this website is full of drama and haters is unbelievable u give advice to some one and take it the wrong way. The last thing ill do is wish complications or some one elses death. Some people lack common sense .

Almost ready

Almost ready :) Surgery is One month away next thing u know is July. Thank god i Found a buddy and wont be going thru this alone. I am mentally prepared and aware of the risks. God forbid anything bad happens. Dont know my iron yet but last year it was like 11.5 I been taking my iron pills daily.. Going to check it again in 2 weeks and see how is going.. Ill keep u ladies posted with my Journey. Still going with Duran . I think ill buy my garment over there idk what size ill be . These phentermine pills are the truth lol , i lost almost all my stomach but i stopped taking it 3 days ago bc i cant go in like that i need the fat.. But if u guys tryna loose weight i recommend them.

Hey Guys

Havent posted in a while, My current weight is 208.8 And I will be leaving in 9 days to become a Duran doll ..

Question for Post op Dolls.

Did anybody use Heparin or Antibiotics after surgery? What Meds did u guys buy and did not use.. Im only planning to buy antibiotics cus Heparin is to prevent blood clots but I dont want my body fighting a clot that I dont have.. Anybody else Opted out of it?

Hi Dollies ..

Hey guys so 3 more days for my departure.. I leave On wednesday at 10:25pm I arrive the next day and will be heading streight to CIPLA. I cant wait to have the body of my dremas =] , Still dont know my Iron but I will be finding that out tomorrow I have really high hopes is above 12.

hey guys..

Hey dollies, I leave tomorrow night but I am about to basically get everything together now my suitcase is ready just going to go buy 2 dresses to add.. mY hemoglobin is 13.5!! I also found out I have freakin HypoThyroid which is crazy cus no1 in my family has that I won the apple smh.. Anyway once i GET back I will start my meds recommended by the endo doc.. i ALWAys wondered how come i GAINed weight so fast and I cant seem to control it? well theres your answer, I think i have the mild one cus i dont have all those crazy symptoms.. Anyway u guys probably wondering what i look like well ill be posting a side by side b4 and after i dont comfortable posting it now u know... good luck ladies

Preup Stats..

Pre up Stats 5.8 207 Pounds



Hey guys I landed at 235.. After getting my bag like 3:05 I had to pay 10$ for tourist pass . I left Jasmin waiting an hour :( she said is okay I didnt know i was going to be so long. She was there to pick me up on time she didnt have a sign but recognized me from facebook. I am at her home now is beautiful super clean and peaceful. She gave me a fresh towel I took a nice shower with hiblicens and brushed my teeth . I will be awake until 640 we leave be there at 7am and what not. She said the people wont get in til 7am so ill be waiting longer if I go in at 6am.. Her bathroom is so clean I am satisfied with the service so far.. I havent seened the bedroom since people are there (I reserved august 2nd) so is okay lol she didnt charge me for the driving today its included but usually on the days u stay which is nice. I am NOt nervous I am rather excited and ready to do this' !

I will be posting pictures after surgery a before and after and what not. Please i beg you do not steal my pictures and if u need to use it ask me.. I decided to post pics cus i know people were waiting on my transformation and i dont wanna be mean and stuff..

Hey guys

Hey guys im okay in lots of pain god cant explain.. Im alone but jasmin came to see me a few times and my mom called me.. My room mate came to see me too b4 her surgery. Dra Duran is a sweat heart i love heart i got 1750cc in each cheek ill update later guys love u thansk for checkin up on me my body hurts my arms inner thighs my ass everything my stomach burns when i touch it and i cant really move but i have to try


Please excuse my hair kuka


Hope te pics goes thu

Hey guys

Just had a bowl of mango and pineapple.. Ladies bring ensure cus u cant eat well ur not gna want to eat. Finally was able to get out of bed alone. Jasmin is super nice I cant thank her enouhh she gave me this long funnel so i can pee in it. They empty my drain rigiously, i peed on the floor i felt so bad. Is hard cus when we have clothes on even if it had a whole our body protects us and doesnt let us pee until fully naked took me a while. Feelin from 10% to 25%

Hey guys

Body still in pain.. Im scared to get a massage only 2 days post my skin still burns. This arm sleeve and faja is so tight. My faja is m and sleeves M S.. Dra duran is so nice she came to c me b4 she left sent mr my pics and told me how many ccs i got. Then she came the next morning to give me a px. She so cool she stayed extra cus michelle had to wait for her results she was there from 7am-8pm around there. She genuinely cares about her patients


More pics.. If u guys have question just pm me or leave em there ill answer when. Ican.. Jasmin is cooking matched potatoes with porkchops im excited i hope i can eat i have to if i want to get betteer. Im eating small portion cus my faja too tight. Still on the first button

Hey guys

I feel a little better i got up this morning for the bathroom i saw myself in the mirror and omg what a big ass and small waist.. Whoo ill try to take a mirror pic so u guys can see what am talking about.. So far jasmin has been makin me a pineapple smoothie with mango is so good.. Her sister juanita food is so delicious too. Manyoris came by today second time to clean me and washed my socks and clothes. When i get home ill let u guys noe what i didnt use.. What i wished i brought was chux pads , gloves and disisfecting wipes.. I really appreciate the support

For Jasmin RH inquiries her email is

Her house is super clean her sistsd cmes and clean the room everyday.. The Ac is always on point i have it on like 24.7 but sometimes i get cold so the fan will do. She gives u a menu to chiose what u want to eat or sometimes they cook what they want which is also good

Hey guys

Hey guys im Okay i was at cipla getting 2 blood transfusions.. I had bad headache and couldnt stand for long. Shortness of breath. My hemo went from 7.8 to 6 .. I was swollen n they couldnt find a vein it was like a Hit and miss they poked me 10 times it hurt so bad.. Then i had to stay lver night cus each transfusion took 4 hours.. I feel much better now. Ill post pics when i feel more recovered


Okay So I dont want to be rude Like I dont mind answerig questions but please dont ask me something thats already been answered in my review. If u didnt take the time to read thru it why should i waste my time and write it all over for you. ? Where I stayed , massause everything is there just scroll up. If I dont answer ur message is bc what u asked me is on my review.. Thanks guys..

Hello guys need ur help

I got this mark like 3 days ago.. The doc prescribed thrombocid she said it will break it apart so it doesnt become a burn.. Its pink it doesnt look like a burn more like a sort of bruise.. Im scared it wont go away people telling me it will but are there any vets that had this same color case and what were ur results? I mean is right on my stomach like i wont feel comfortable showing that.. My garment was put on wrong or something idk what caused it.. It seems to lighten up a bit but its slow healing looks like is gna take more then 3 months.. Im sad everytime i take my garment off n see that.


Services I used .

Nurse - She is wonderful , patient and takes her time to care for u. She makes visits and washes your garment , cleans ur drain and anything else u may need.
809-xxx-xxxx her name is Manyoris

Rh services Yasmins Recovery house.. - her email is

She can answer all ur questions
I leave wednesday and so far her sister and mother treated me very well. Her mom noris always came to my room and rub my feet lol she so funny n juanitas food and her mom are so good they both cook as delicious. I was always fed on time.
Jasmin took me to all my appoiintments and cared for me as well but u most likely will see juanita and noris more theyre like the 24.7 nurses/cheffs.. They clean ur room every other day disefectant everything. If u dolls have anymore questions u can ask or email jasmin.. I think if i do round 2 im going back cus is so affordable and worth it.. What i loved about my room it was a full size bed Ac cold and a bathroom in it .


I been laying on my back since day one. After my follow up app dra said I lost a little which worried me she said is not mucch but i dont want to loose nothing. I want to lay on my stomach but is so uncomfortable and it hurts. Any tips?? Also amy tips for a stage 2 garment?


Please stop saying that the dominican republic blood banks carry hiv cus that is nonsense they test their blood just like in the united states idiots. Writing that stuff in my page to try to scare me , i just hope when ur in my position and have to take a blood transfusion cus ur so weak i wanna see if u still will talk shit! Im out of this website im removing my pictures and wont update for another 3 months c u guys.. Some people just know how to piss people off and mess it up for u guys

I need help

I cant find a garment big enough for my waist butt and thighs and small enough for my waist.. A Medium and Large fajate fit me but the Large is too loose on my waist and the medium is not comfortable.. Idk what to do same for salome brand

HellEr Dolls

I cant stay away lol, Idc people always gna hate no matter where u go so idc some girls on here have been nice to me some havent but thats why they get no replies.


Ive been healing fine , my hips have gone down i guess it was prone to happen since I noticed a lot of woman loose their hips.. My butt is still the same. . I ordered this Salome vest 0313 in a Large in ready to stop using my faja.. I think of it as a Faja but just with out the legs lol.. Anyway i ordered a large because this brand runs small.. Very small.

Hey guysz

I got my Salome Corset 0313 i love it.. Its a large. This model is usually run 2 sizes smaller then the usual faja.. It was so hard to put it on but i managed lol ! I recommend this. Im one month basically and i dont use the full faja anymore just this Corset/Vest. U can purchase it or just google it ..

Hey guys

Hey guys Im back... I have planned to get my boobs done early March with Duran i already have my quote i just dont know how to lock in the date i dont even have their number .. Who knows how i can call and set it up?

have my date

Starting my round 2 journey with my buddy highsiddy were leaving may 22 and staying at jasmines . Cant wait this will top of my body i think i will literally look like a barbie doll lol yay love that fake look =] I'm getting a BA and more lipo arms thighs and waist thats all. I think my booty is too gigantic already .

measurements 34c-29-50
goal- 34DD-24-53

thats my pic at 5 months post op please don't share it thanks =]


Please do not share my photos Id highly appreciate it .. this is my results after 5 months I still have my booty didn't loose any of it if anything it got bigger. These pictures don't do justice intact my butt looks bigger in person but yeah My wish is just a 24 inch waist like i said before.. hope u guys take time to read my review before asking questions that might have been answered if u don't find answers u can gladly ask me .. I feel great no pain at all.

My Shelf

Back view

My shelf

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Liz Vicent

I follow her on Facebook and instagram and I LOVE her work , I want to get ab etching by her .. however i notice that theres no real patients commenting her work like as you would c with the other doctors on ig.. people say she's rude not consistent etc but i would like to hear actual experience from people that had gone to her or know someone that went to her.. I LIKE DR but lately I'm scared of getting burned by dr surgeons .. i will be getting arm lipo back and front lipo and inner thigh lipo, BA/BL.. if i don't end up getting enough information on her i will have to opt for DR cus i know ill be getting my moneys worth i just don't want to be one of those girls that goes into surgery and comes out looking the same only with new scars. u know what i mean/? I've seen a lot of those and i don't like.. i mean is not like she has to go hard with me lol i just want a decent nice tummy like in her pics.. shit. anyway ladies feel free to comment and let me know what u guys think of her.. she is located in medellin colombia and she even told me about the recovery housee 60 a day not bad ..

dr villalobos

I already had a round 1 with dra duran in dominican republic.. I want a round 2 in colombia because they are good with breasts and ab etching.. I will be getting Lipo front back and arms , Fibrosis correction and Ab etching along with brest lift and high profile implants. I like dominican republic but i mean people mainly go there to get hips and a big butt and i already have those.. i just want a more defined waist and sexy stomach.. Ive seen a few dr villalobos patients and i like his breast work and body work.. i was quoted 4200$ which includes all labs 10 post op massages , 2 surgical bras and fajas. the flight may be expensive but is worth it.. Anyone else looking into colombia? I AM looking for a buddie so if u looking to go tocolombia lets talk!. btw i changed my mind on LiZ Because she had no real patients that can provide actual experience plus i found out she had an outstanding suit for malpractice.
Luis Holguin

Dra Duran

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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