Round 2 - Dominican Republic

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After much consideration I'm going to go for a...

After much consideration I'm going to go for a round 2. I'm stuck between Dr. Manon, Yily or Duran. Right now I'm leaning more toward Manon. Duran is so hard to get a quote from. I emailed her and sent her a message on whats app and nothing. I'm currently 4 months post op. My first round was with Dr. Medina and she did a great job. I still have a little back fat that needs to go and I want a little more volume in my butt. Im looking to go mid February 2017 and a buddy would be great! Anybody planning on going around that time?


So I'm going to go with Dr. Cabral. He has been very responsive and I believe he can snatch this waist like I really want it. I'm scheduled for February 17, 2017. I would love a surgery Buddy. I STILL have not heard anything back from Duran or Dr. Plazas. Dr. Manon has a very good deal but he specializes more in the booty and I'm more focused on my waist and just a little more volume and projection. Nothing outrageously big. I have thick legs so my butt matches now and I want to keep it that way. My 29th birthday is in March and I'm ready to wear skimpy bikinis next summer lol! any tips? buddies?

Wish pics for Round 2

Waists are extra snatched

Somebody HELP...

I finally got a quote from Plazas and he offers a lot more for bout $1000 less than Cabral which makes the decision even harder cause they both have great results. I really be trying to get insight from people who have been to both Cali and DR to get their perspectives but they block their page and won't accept friend requests on IG. That aggravates me. lol Guess I'll keep researching myself.

Recovery House

I'm thinking of staying at Princess Recovery House, Oasis or Bodied. Any recommendations? I would prefer to stay where they're aren't many rooms so there won't be a lot of people (no shade). It's just too much going on, too much noise and too many people needing help at one time from my round 1 experience. I want to be able to relax and recover smoothly.

Cabral vs. Duran

Who do you prefer and why? I'm torn between these two!
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