Girl died at cipla :(

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Well hello I'm gonna start off about me. I'm 20...

Well hello I'm gonna start off about me. I'm 20 years old , 5'4ft and weight 164 lbs. I don't have kids. I work and am a student. Anyways I've been wanting a bbl since 16 years old. Been doing research all these years, and am debating between yily & baez. Yily quoted me 3,100 and baez quoted me 2,800. But she says if I really want a small waist and flat stomach ill need a TT. I honestly don't think I should get a TT cause 1. I don't even have kids yet and 2. I don't look to the point of needing one. My only bigg concern is really my ass. I have a flatass lol. I would love a flat tummy. But anywho. Im gonna post some pics of me as well as my wish pics.I would love your opinions. Thank you girls.



Here's my pics..

Girl died yesterday at cipla :/

A mother of 3, and a wife, Yashica Martes died yesterday. I believe her doctor was Hector Cabral. This is so devastating , I feel so sorry for her family. My condolences are sent to them, may she rest in peace. Ladies I'm really starting to feel scared. I really want this. But then I think to my self, is this really worth it. To get surgery in order to feel happy about yourself, and then to find out you're dead. Possibly leaving behind your kids, family and husbands? But I guess this decision its something you have to seek within. I'm still debating wether I should do this. I'm with Dr.Duran for march. Does anyone know if duran ever had any deaths. I heard a rumor that a girl almost died on her. If you know anything please let me know. And one more thing ladies. Please take your precautions. If you know you have health issues check yourself first. And please do research on your doctors before getting surgery. Because the deaths are increasing more and more.
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