Going to fisher October 24 2016~ Miami ~

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Ive wanted a bbl for a while now and now have the...

Ive wanted a bbl for a while now and now have the courage to get it done ...Ive had a couple of doctors in mind yily being the first but there are so many bad review about her ..thinking about duran but it seems theres no way to get in contact with her ..can someone tell me how i can get in contact with her..but any way im so happy theres a place i can communicate with other women about this surgery because lord only knows noone else seems to understand the confidence i lack.

Weight goals

im 5'6 158 ibs looking to gain about 15 to 20 pounds

Weight goals

Side view and back at 158 lbs


I need a doctor who can give me exactly or at least close to what i want..Definitely a small waist the tighter the better..wider rounder hips the bigger the better..and last a nice big juicy booty normal natural but just a tad bit bigger lol..its funny writing what i actually want..any help i would greatly appreciate some weight gaining solutions? Thanks :)

Wish picssss yayyyy lol

Ive been stalking this site for awhile and came across some wish pics i just love ..

Decisions Decisions

The more reviews i read the more i feel like yily can give me the results i want despite the worst reviews about her and staff..still looking for a doctor that may be able to give me my results and can be trusted if any.

More wish pics

PLease Help Recovery Homes

I think that dr fisher will give me the shape that i want and i dont have to gain any weight ..i might gain just 5 more pounds jut because my bmi is 26 if im 5'5 n 158 but went to the the doctor n im actually 5'6 so just want to be a couple pounds over 160 maybe just 165..Should be easy. I also picked a date january 22 2015..bbl is 5000 not including Recovery house which is an extra 1200..if i can save a couple more dollars on where im going to recover i would be most happy..Ive seen alot of ladies on here going to cheaper homes or hotels..Can anybody hook me up with some info about recovery homes or hotels?//

Help Me ._. Noo tummy tuck

So i just got my quote from duran. Bbl ,lipo and what a tummy tuck? Now why would i need a tummy tuck. I've seen women with bigger tummies than me who only received lipo and their tummies are flat enough . Can somebody please tell me if this should Be necessary ._.

Money issues

Well i no longer have a job and actually need someone to cosign on a loan for me ..life sucks right now..so on to job searching ..my family sucks because they are not supportive at all with my decision to go through this procedure but trying to kepp pushing because im not caving on my dreams.

OMG Dr.Alexander Aslani, MD, EBOPRAS

Ive been researching dr aslani and his results on his patients seem to be very consistent and is exactly the way i want my out come to be but just so afraid to go so far away to get this procedure done has anyone traveled from the states to get this procedure from him? Ive been trying to find any realself sisters that have traveled abroad to get this procedure done from him...PLeaaase Help!


Has any of you ladies had surgery bbl and or lipo then have gotten on a plane n go home for a recovery house n have your own doctor look after you ..please let me know ..give all advice

Fisher or Hasan

Who would be the best doctor to go to hasan or fisher if you want a big ass and wider thicker hips please drop them comments ..im planning to get a bbl either in may or june and im trying to lock a date but i need some advice so that i can lock the date but definitely leaning towards fisher please help

I want to switch my date. Please hit me up

Is there any bbl fisher dolls who want to switch their date to june 25?..i really want a may date ..please hit me asap

My date is june 30 2016

Ive paid my deposit to book with fisher on june 30 2016 . i would love to have a buddy with little support that i get from my family i would love to have a fellow fisher doll along for the ride.

Hey girls i need help

So i just wanted to ask are there things that i should be doing before my surgery..any tips ladies

Looking for a surgery buddy

Surgery with doctor Jonathan Fisher on june 30th 2016 and im looking for a sx buddy to share recovery with if interested please inbox me. I really dont want to be alone and would rather share this experience with someone.

Weight update

So during the last two months I've gained 10 lbs looks like its all in my arms and stomach but im now 168 trying to gain at least 8 - 10 lbs. I really want wider juicy hips with a matching juicy booty lol.Just love the juiciness lol. Tell me what you ladies think?

Interested in switching my june 30th date for a july or August date

Ive been so fixated on getting this sx done that i was not contemplatung everything that has to be done and with work and school and my son its just too stressful so to prevent most if the stress ..i want to switch my date to a later date so if anyone has a date in july or August with fisher and would like a june 30th date please inbox me.

Almost 2 months to go

The wait has been very overwhelming but i am ready for this change..Ive found me a surgery buddy and im so happy me and her are on the same page we found a place on airbnb for a very chep cost and will be sharing a nice for the first two days after surgery we will be splitting the cost for the stay which was 350 i think and 125 each for each night with the nurse so great deal and my boyfriend will be tagging along to oversee things. So Excited i cant believe that the one thing ive ever wanted will be coming true ..I actually have a weird twisted story to tell that has brought me to making such a life changing decision like surgery..im not sure if i should share because its so personal but im here to share and maybe help someone who could be going through it or relate to those who have been and im sure i will so ttyl ????????

Needed a do over so date change due to job not...

Needed a do over so date change due to job not allowing time off. Im 5'6 and 174 pounds . Im 26 years old from brooklyn and will be having the Bbl with dr johnathan fisher in Miami on october 24 2016 if vanity can't get me a sooner date. I was suppose to be getting sx on July 8 2016 but it was cancelled due to not having time off work ._im just so ready to get this done and over.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Officially going with dr Jonathan Fisher on june 30 2016.

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