Yily is my girl! Perfect shape coming soon!

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I'm trying to decide if I can just stay at a hotel...

I'm trying to decide if I can just stay at a hotel near by and not a RH and hire a nurse. Have anyone picked package 2? What medications are a must? What all did you take with you? Where did you stay? I really need serious feedback. If you stayed at a recovery house, how much was it? I don't want to make a regretful decision

Deposit sent!

Now it's time to decide on date! I really want this month (JAN) do anyone know if Yily do surgery on Saturdays? I'm currently 5'0 and 130! I'm a great Size but need a little fat moved around. If anyone have advice on things to order in advance PLEASE let me know now! Thanks

Recovery house set!

I will be staying at Highclass rocovery house. Need to figure out my first night living situation. That's the only night it wasn't available.

Finally in DR

Surgery tomorrow and praying for a speedy recovery! Couldn't get labs today because it's a holiday here.

Made it!

ass hurts so bad! But I'm now laying on my stomach at the recovery house. Not sleep at all just very sore. Not sure how my butt looks butt belly very flat and waist very small ;)

Need a Lymphatic drainage massage chicago

I'm having to work luck of finding help when I get back home! Can someone please help me if you have found someone in the Chicago land area who can get this little fluid out of me! Pleaseeee. The lady here says I prob need like 5 more and all be ok. The problem started from them putting a loose Faja on me from the start with not enough compression! :( WTF

Almost 2 months post op

( 128 5'1 )I'm praying my problems go away with time. I had two seromas (right and left side of stomach)that are now gone but skin looks weird! Shelf like fat sitting on top of my butt that I hope settles!????. I've always been in shape but had a little love handles that I wanted gone and lateral dents filled in. I looked great after surgery until maybe 3 weeks ago my results started to fade. WTF. I don't care about the fat not taking because my stomach is flat,but what is this sitting up like I asked for a shelf! I've always had a nice ass and this might just have me looking worse then before surgery. Lower back is hard right above where I was getting drained. If anything improve I'll up date you ladies.

Stomach getting better

Everyday I'm massaging my stomach with almond oil and I'm seeing results! FINALLY. Let's pray the progress continues. The marble size lump on the top portion of my left cheek is not showing progress but I'm being patient.

Lipo burn

I'm am so upset that I'm getting quoted 2500 to have this darn scar removed! That's almost what I paid for surgery! Wtf and still trying to get my stomach all the way smooth

Gotta get fixed after yily!

Fibrosis and lipo butt from this year has me so upset! I reached out to yily and they said they would contact me for a round 2 quote. I sent pics and they never contacted me back! Is it because yily didn't do my surgery or did she mess me up! Pisssed!

Round 2 with plazas Cali Columbia

Hopefully I can send my deposit soon so I can secure my date in feb 2017
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