Dr. Cabral Summer 2016!!!!! - Dominican Republic

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Hi Sx community! I'm booked for my surgery with...

Hi Sx community! I'm booked for my surgery with Dra Yily de los Santos on 8/2/16 and have some question for you all. So I'm getting a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of full back, flanks and waist, and breast lift. I already have junk in the trunk so I don't really need a larger butt. What I want is a more rounded shapely but and hips. My question is will a BBL with fat grafting help me achieve the loom I'm going for? I've posted some pics of me and a wish pic. I'm also new to the community but I work in surgery so I'm familiar with most procedures.im nervous and excited at the same time. I hope I made the right decision. I love Dra Yily's work and I believe she will do an excellent job just not sure what I tell her as far as my butt goes lol....Help!!

42 days to Yily Barbie!!!

I am waiting patiently for my sx date to come. I'm spending time making a list of what I will need and eating as healthy as possible. I'm taking my vitamins religiously and trying to get some exercise in. I need to lose at least 20 lbs but it's been hard since I'm working overtime to pay for my procedure, I really can't find the time but my job is physical so hopefully with my decrease in calorie intake I can see a significant change. I'm so ready to get this done it's been a long time since I felt confident about my body. I'm expecting realistic results but with Dra Yily you can expect the best results because her work is so on point. Yily Barbie In 6 weeks!!!

Before Pics...Pre Op

Here are some before pics. I have had 2 children and 2 c sections which left ugly stretch marks and loose skin. I have a naturally small waist so with tummy tuck and muscle repair I'm hoping I'll be back to normal again or somewhere close to it. My bra size has grown from 34C to a 34 G over the years. My back is still small but my cup size is way too big for my frame and my back and neck hurts all the time. I'm not getting a reduction though, I plan to lose weight before and after surgery so I just want to go with a lift without implants for now. I also want inner thigh and upper arm liposuction but I may wait for round 2. I don't want to be in too much pain.

6 days to the new me!!

I am so excited and scared at the same time. Time has flown by and my sx date is fast approaching. After much anguish, going back and fourth and some research here on real self I have decided to switch my PS to Dr. Cabral. I just feel like Yily will not give me the results I'm looking for and King Cabral is an obvious choice for me. My surgery buddy and I have both made the switch. We talked it over for several days, day and night and feel like we've made the best decision. I know about his past and risks come with all surgery. He quoted me the same price at Yily which is $5500 for BBL TT Lipo and Breast Lift, recovery house is separate fee. I'm on the fence about the Breat lift but I'll see what he says during my consultation with him. So yes, King Cabral it is. I have all of my supplies and I'm pretty much ready and excited. My weight has not gone down much and I'm right on the BMI cut off so pray for me ladies!!! I'm going to take diuretics for the next 5 days to decrease water weight and that should help me out a lot. I'm so ready for this and God willing I will come out with the results I want. My date is Aug 3rd and I will keep you all posted throughout my journey...????????

Time is flying...

Hi sx community! So my flight leaves on Sunday and I'm getting cold feet. Not that I will change my surgeon or in anyway cancel my surgery date but I'm just nervous and anxious. I would appreciate any dolls who can offer some encouraging and calming words. I can't sleep and I'm constantly thinking about the big day. I have all supplies, vitamins, maxi dresses and all but as the day approaches it gets very real. I just pray to God I come out healthy and whole and super happy with my results. Dr. Cabral certaintly has his work cut out with me.

August 1st!!!!

So I will update you all on my progress as time and pain allows lol. I want the whole packag but I may leave my Breast lift for round 2 and just go with Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL. Don't want to do too much even though theses boobs need a serious make over. I'll see what Cabral says after consultation. I will post more before pics as well. I'm going to enjoy this weekend pain free and relax before my transformation. Xoxo

Ready Set Go....!!! D.R. Here I come

I'm packed and ready for my flight . All is worked out and I'm on my way in the morning!! I will keep you all posted.

I'm here!!!

I arrived at Cipla at 7:00am. My sx buddy and I wanted to be the very first to start our labs. We made it. There are other girls here for various doctors having various procedures as well. I've seen some girls here for Duran and Yily as well as Cabral. Waiting for Cardiologist and EKG now.

I made it to the flat side

Thank you ladies for all of your well wishes on my journey. I had surgery yesterday around 4pm. I'm now back at the recovery house resting. Sweetheart recovery house is awesome they are taking such good care of my surgery buddy and I. I will update with pics later this week. I'm a little weak and need to rest for now.

Cabral Barbie!!!

So I'm recovering well, but had a few rough nights as well. Last night had a slight fever but they brought it down immediately at the recovery house. They didn't leave my side until they knew I was ok for the night. I love them here at Sweetheart RH. The food is good but haven't had much of an appetite lately. Gatorade is your best friend! I mean I felt 10 times better after drinking it, and also ensure. Have to keep your strength up. The other dolls here are looking gorgeous. There are 3 of us for Cabral and the rest are Baez and Medina dolls. Ok I'm gonna send pics soon I promise. Post op Follow up tomorrow then maybe I can start massages over the weekend. Ladies this is no joke this pain is serious, you have to be brave to do this. I commend anyone who has gone through this process. Thank you all for the well wishes...????????

Cabral's office -side note

Dr. Cabral's office is big and beautiful. Very plush and elegant. You can see the difference in other doctor's offices at Cipla. I felt like a diva going in there. If I had booked surgery with another doctor in that building the fact that his office was so nice and so packed and busy I would have switched right there. I made the right choice of Dictor for my preference. They call him the King for a reason. My consultation with him went well he listened to me and I felt reassured and relaxed with him. He's so humble and sweet in person. I'm super happy with my results so far.

5 days post op pics..Dr. Cabral's work

I'm feeling good most days, some days not so good. It's a slow process to get back to 100%. I'm no longer feeling weak I'm just achey and sore with occasional headaches. I also have a slight cold that I had before surgery which is causing me to cough and the pain I feel from the TT when I cough is almost unbearable. I'm using cough medicine for that. My drain gets clogged and needs to be changed frequently but that's not such an issue. I'm bruised all over and using the Thrombocid crime and arnica. Dr. Cabral said I can't have massages yet but I'm draining well so I'm doing good so far. Other than that I'm healing and being taken care of well. Can't wait to go home to my family.

Before and after pics-5 days post op

I'm liking my results so far and it's only 5 days. My stomach has some fluid in the front because my drain is not working correctly but I have another drain on the way to me right now. I'm very bruised as you can see. The Lipo was very aggressive and with this type of Lipo your skin is very fragile after. I won't even put tape on my skin. If I do it's a very small amount. I look feel like I went back in time to my 20's again with these results. What do you think?

Cabral Doll August 2016

I know it's says Yily but I switched to Cabral last minute but was not able to change the title of my post. Just wanted to give you an up to date photo of my results. 2 months post op. Ice. I've noticed that my results stopped changing from day to day and the swelling is almost completely gone.
Dr. Cabral

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