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Hello All Yes 2 Yily Ladies I'm 43 years old,...

Hello All Yes 2 Yily Ladies

I'm 43 years old, 5'6 feet tall, 163 lbs and I have decided my bday/anniversary gift from my bf will be to get a long awaited Butt.... Yeah!!! I've researched a few Docs and stumbled upon this site last year. I started my search again this year on a whim and I like Doc. Jimerson in ATL. However, I didn't like the holes left in the all over the butt in his patients. Then I looked in my area DC and I found Dr., Haiiki, but the price is out of my range 10k , and their is another Dr. in Baltimore Maryland Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriquez, and his price was also out of my range 10k.

I read the reviews for Dr. Yilly and viewed her work and decided to contact her on Feb., 7 to request a BBL, Lipo of Chin, Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs. I would like fat transferred to my hip, butt, breast, labial folds (area on both sides of nose, I currently get Juvederm Ultra 2x a year for this area)

Dr. Yily responded with a price of $3k for everything but the chin $150. and Thigh $250., and $250. for medications (vitamins, pain meds, antibiotics, anti coagulant cream and shots (prevent blood clots). Housing options $90 per day includes transportation to and from airport, 24 hours nurse, wifi and 3 meals a day. 1 day is included in the 3K price. I've decided to stay for 3 days at the Spa, b/c I want nurses available in case of emergency. Then I will move to another hotel for the remainder of the time (5 days). I've read that the lymphatic massages are helpful and plan to get these while in Santo Domingo and once I return to DC.

I emailed her my date request May 20., 2013 and I am waiting for confirmation of this date so I can send $500.00 deposit via pay pal and book my flight.
Very Excited to get a life long wish come true.....
I will keep ya'll updated.


Updated on 25 Feb 2013:

May 20., is my DATE!!!! Confirmed today!! Gonna book flight and pay deposit tonight.


Updated on 26 Feb 2013:
Received a email from Yily's, assistant last night requesting photos of my bf, b/c he wants to get some liposuction the same day while we are in Santo Domingo. I asked if he is allowed to stay in the same recovery house. I haven't heard of any men staying in the recovery house, but then again I don't know any men getting BBL's... Ha!

Asked her to send price quote for my bf liposuction and confirm the pay pal information before I send the money.


I'm sooo excited! Next thing on the agenda is to book my flight. I'm still waiting to hear back from her assistant about my bf getting his mid section suck out... LOL..... Its cute we will recover together.... We've decided to go to Punta Cana for 5 days and chill on the beach, get surgery and stay 8-10 days at Jacquelines.
Gonna book flights this weekend! Awww shit its ON!

*****STRETCH MARKS***** I worked hard not get...

I worked hard not get stretch marks when I had my daughter 23 years ago and I was successful. I see some of the women after their BBL and they have stretch marks GALORE!!! Gosh, I don't want that those things

***** VITAMINS******
Researching the best pace to purchase high quality vitamins. I wanna start as soon taking the vitamins. Hoping this will helps me heal quickly....

Based on LBP and Petitemami I've decided I will be going with a faja #12172 I'm trying not to purchase before my surgery, and I'm thinking, just thinking that if I get a large and a medium hopefully the medium will fit and I can sell the large.... I lack patience....

*******Changing May 20 to June UGH WTF****** Ok,...

*******Changing May 20 to June UGH WTF******
Ok, so after speaking to my boss, bf and Yira we come up with May 20th date.... Cool... Then I speak to bf on Sunday and he says his daughter's 8th grade promotion is on May 23., and we can't be in two places at one time, so the date has to change..... So I immediately reach out to a few women on her to switch dates, I mean who wouldn't want an earlier date? I also sent an email and vm to yira requesting a June 6., date. Last night Yily Yes Mate "sasha30" offered me her June 12th date, I countered her offer with my May 20th date and "sasha30" was SOOO GODDAMN Happy she offered me her KiDZ.... LMBAO.... "sasha30" don't mess around... She got da dates changed this morning... YOU BETTA Work Gurl.... Nothing comes between and girl and a Early Yily Date...... Awwwwwww.... Loving Real Self and da Gurls....

Thankfully, I didn't book my flight yet, so I will be doing that this week and sending my boss a request for June 10-28 off.... Yeah... We will Fly into Punta Cana to vacation before the surgery "The Reserve at Paradisus Palace". We will order a car to drive us to Santo Domingo $170.00 for the surgery and remain at the Medi Spa for a total of 8 days, then back home to DC....

******BOOTY GIFT BAG*********
Ok, so since my Bday is coming up in at the end of the month I have decided to ask my family and friends for a Booty Gift Bag, filled with the things I will need on this journey..... So last night I sent my daughter this list below. She is turning 24 the week after I turn 44.... I love my Baby Gurl....

This is the most expensive and I need medium $133

Abdominal Board $20

Orange PStyle $15

Boppy You had one of these when they came out... Only da best.... I need this to sit my ass on

Vitamin Kit $100

Epi Foam Helps keep my body healing properly $44.

Arnica Cream Montana Boericke
Water Pills
Compression Socks (My mom probably has a pair)
Bromelian Pills highest mg
Sewing Tape Measure (So I can measure my booty airy day)
Large Maxi Pads not the plastic ones (These go inside my garment to keep me from itching)

*******Me at 168 I can't stand it Bthrm...

*******Me at 168 I can't stand it Bthrm Pic********
So I just took updated Bthrm pics. In mortified! Why is the lighting so goddamn harsh at 43 years old. Goddamn. SMDH. Anyway I can't wait to get back down to 155. Omfg. I look like a stuffed TERD. All for da BBL. Short term misery for long term Joy.

******* Date Changed from May 20 to June 12 to...

******* Date Changed from May 20 to June 12 to June 6 ********
I got confirmation email from Yira, last week about coming June 6th., Next move make arrangements at Jacquelines...

*******Yily Getting Bad Reviews ********
I know she will give me a butt and shape, and then I think I don't want it to be to small since its a once in a lifetime thing for me. Although my bf says I'm sure there will be revisions. And he will be paying for them just like he is paying for this procedure....

I also do not want a big ass ASS.... That ain't me and I want more than a lil bump and I know Yily, can do that no problem.

I did check with Duran about giving my bf lipo cause I couldn't get him into Yily and his lipo was $3300.00 which I felt was alot. She is very nice and a lil flirty which matches my personality, but I know she is getting attention b/c Yily is getting all the work... Duran, can respond in 48 hours if she aint doing HELLA procedures. Also, I don't see any of her gurls post op results and most are going in the mid or late summer.... So who knows. (Duran Dolls Don't Hate) U know I speak da truth...Wink : )

I think alot of the women are not saying the truth, they picked DR b/c of the price and they knew the doctors in DR aint doing Jimerson, Salama, Okoro, Pantoja projection bootys.... Those doctors want 6500-11000 and we don't want to pay that price.

I also, know when you have wanted an ass since you were 11 years old, it's hard to be satisfied with anything you get.... I've seen some girls w/huge asses and going back for round 2... So I'm trying to keep that in mind.... When I got my breast reduction I didn't care what I looked like I just wanted them gone and I'm in love with them. However the girls who want implants are never satisfied b/c they have in their mind the perfect breast and that impossible to get. I have not seen many women who got their bbl wish pic even with the top doctors... IJS

I'm going to get my butt done in DR and pray for the best...That extra 4k-5K to go to one of the Doctors I mentioned above, will be spent on buying my Vespa so I can show off my ass in the summer riding around DC...

*****Please Get Insurance and Travel Information...

*****Please Get Insurance and Travel Information from Our Embassy in DR****
Ladies, be fully informed about DR through our local Embassy. They are there to guide, protect and inform us when traveling out of the U.S.
Below, is a link to our Embassy's page on Medical Emergencies while in DR.
I reviewed this before contacting Yily... They have a wealth of information and vetted insurance companies we should use. I will be getting insurance from one of the suggested companies...

***** Mentally Prepared *****
REAL SELF is an excellent support for all of US and I'm so glad to have you all to answer my questions, laugh and share my joy... My family and bf FULLY SUPPORT ALL my choice... I know this is not the case for many and I'm BLESSED to have them in my corner.

I have mentally prepared for the worst... I have since the beginning. I think of my age, I smoke last two years (sx is giving me the push I need to quit), blood clots and dying instantly, dying on the plane, having bad blood (Although I investigated this thru our Embassy and they DO Not say DR blood is bad and DO Not Warn against using it they have a 0.9% HIV/AIDS rate) And prevent American's from donating blood b/c of our extremely high rate of HIV/AIDS), I reviewed insurance b/c I didn't want to pay $250.00 for insurance in DR and used the insurance companies sanctioned by the US Embassy and they have a lot of options like all your bills being paid there for emergency care, flying a family member in to stay with you, arranging for air lift to the US, compensation for being delayed to work due to medical emergency and repatriation of my body to the US) and repatriation of my body to the US if I die. Once I make the decision I investigated all the options and set up all the precautions I can possibly take just as I would in the US... My Mom's a Hypochondriac so she's been dying for the last 43 years and aint dead yet, so I have a somewhat morbid mind.... Ha!

I remember putting my life on the line to have my daughter and I didn't even want her at the time... Now I can't imagine life without her, but there is no guarantee in any surgery or procedure we will get off that table...I'm choosing to go ahead with my bbl and get a healthy as possible before getting there, I have cut down on smoking, started to run again to increase lung capacity, taking vitamins and making sure none of medications will negatively impact my surgery...

****** Things to Consider about YILY before you...

****** Things to Consider about YILY before you Decide ********

You know when reading all the reviews 5 months ago till today. I read on other blogs from the women Superflygurl LittleBoyPink Ensure Addict NYblackbeauty with great results complaints about Yily, not understanding peoples request, the office being very busy, maybe needing more staff for the volume, the RH overbooking, imperfections in her work, not having the correct size faja's on hand, wait times, slow response time, no bedside manner, 1 infection, no gloves during surgery, not changing her scrubs with each surgery. What I was looking for was gross negligence (deaths, tainted blood, near death experience, ambulance, medi-vac losing a limb, etc...) Most of these complaints have been with all the Dr.'s, so I see it is par for course in US and out of US... but I concentrated on I just want everyone who doesn't get around to reading every blog to understand the concerns others have voiced on RS. Yily the last 5 months b/c I liked her natural shape. Yily is Minz and I am Yily's.

*******Please add your Surgery Dates to the Real...

*******Please add your Surgery Dates to the Real Self Surgery Calendar*******
I love RS, Once you confirm please get your information added to the "Upcoming BBL Upcoming Surgery Dates for Real Self"

******* Translation Apps ******** I highly...

******* Translation Apps ********
I highly suggest research translation apps to download onto your phone to minimize the language barrier. I have an Iphone and use iTranslate...

******** BF Leaning ON Me about My YILY...

******** BF Leaning ON Me about My YILY ********
BF, is paying so he has some concerns and wants the best outcome for me from the surgery.... That said, if it's btwn Yily or Dr. D or him not paying for it, it will be Dr. D... Ugh... We will See...

****** Can't Nothing Make Me Mad ****** Anytime...

****** Can't Nothing Make Me Mad ******
Anytime I get a lil bit annoyed, I just say... Gurl, you getting an ASS.... Voila Instant JOY... Ha!

*********Pre Surgical Consult********** I've...

*********Pre Surgical Consult**********
I've been going to Georgetown University Hospital for over 25 years and I called to get my last blood results which they say I had in April 2011... I already have an appointment with my Dr., May 7., to get testing done, however the nurse says I should go to a Pre Surgical Consult... ???? So this is a team of doctors at Georgetown formed to meet with patients in my situation... So I now I have a May 6., appointment with them and I have given them Yily's name and phone number. They want her fax number and I couldn't find on the confirmation email so I have sent Yily a email letting her know Georgetown will be calling her for this information... I'm really concerned as I was anemic in 2010-2011 before I had a fibroid removed, so I need to know my Hemaglobin levels... But anyway I will continue taking iron pills and eating iron rich foods b/c this is the only thing that I think will be a problem for me....

**********TURNED ALL DA WAY UP AT...

**********TURNED ALL DA WAY UP AT 44**********
Ok I turned 44 on March 26., and I need to keep it honest on here I'm no longer 43... I'm 44 and Holding.....

********************A Banking OPTION IN...

********************A Banking OPTION IN DR*************************
For all the people who are concerns about taking large sums of money to DR. Citibank has a location in Santo Domingo and the fee to use your ATM is 3% and they are open regular business hours so you can go to the branch and get money. Give them a Call if you wanna set up an account call them 1-800-627-3999. Make sure to ask about currency exchange rates pesos to dollars and if you can exchange money at the bank.

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:- This post...

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

This post does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

**********DAMN********* just realized that I go...

just realized that I go to see the Plastic Surgery Team and My PCP at Georgetown next week... WTF, I will be a month away... Weird... Ha!

**********Rolling Pin for Massage****************
I have a Man Tamer BKA Rolling Pin at home and researched and some doctors say to use it and some say their patients use a rolling pin to help massage and move fluid and hard spots... WTF I'll give it a try...

***************Plane Tix/Housing************************
Will purchase tix next week and decide on housing next week...

**************Plastic Surgery Team Appt...

**************Plastic Surgery Team Appt Today******************
So I arrived late to my appointment wtf was I thinking... They saw me anyway... My EKG was good... They say I have slow heart beat anything below 60 is not ideal. I'm 55, they say it's because I work out (which I hardly every do and something to do w/me sleeping alot which I DO). The senior surgeon came in and we discussed the surgery and he was blown away about me getting fat injected in my Ass and wanted to see me when I came back from my trip... Me thinks he liked Chocolate... Ha! They give me order for my blood work. (Hemo, Sugar, Cholesterol) I pay my $20 and make a appointment for June 17th for my follow up visit. I went down stairs to get blood work and chatted up a older gentleman about 60 and comes my nipple in height... We both had blood drawn at the same time the conversation ranged from cars, traffic, how starbucks got kids addicted to coffee, how coffee drinking was for older adults not children (in my time) and then I excused myself to get da needle... I asked my Needle Poker was she Ready to Inflict Pain Upon Me and she Readily said Yes w/a sense of authority sorta like a Mistress (S&M)... Stick w/me its just da mind of Ms. Gray... So the guy comes in and gets his blood drawn across from me I try not to notice his tiny feet do not meet the ground and continue talking to My Mistress of Pain... He bends across the divide and gives me his number on a piece of paper and mouths "call me".... Oooohhhhhh How very Nostalgic... I immediately flashed back to the 80-90's where you wrote on pieces of paper, used your house phone, then your pager, then the pay phone, then the cell phone... Just is that order... Wow, this hasn't happened in a very long time... I said Thank you, and gingerly tucked the number into the side pocket of my purse, while the Mistress tied me off and I released the hard angel fish tub toy she'd given me to make a nice fat juicy vein...As the wide blue rubber band was released a cotton ball replaced the needle and two pieces of tape where adhered to my skin and hair.... WTF happened to Band Aids... I stood up said my good byes to the Mistress and Man and headed to work... Tomorrow I met with my PCP and will discuss pain medication.

Big and I will check into the Jr. Suites at Hotel Del So.... Now hear me OUT... I heard the HOTEL is not good, but they have these Jr. Suites full of Ikea furniture and upgraded appliances and I emailed them to make sure my room will look just like the photo and they confirmed so I booked for one night... Big will stay at Cipla w/me on June 6th overnight, then we will move to another place on airbnb titled "The Perfect Stay" from June 7-10., I'm waiting for the payment to be confirmed. I haven't decided where we will go from June 11-16, I will wait to hear from LITM about her hotel, b/c I wanna stay on the beach but near the city....

I want to get my teeth cleaned, some filling and whitened while I'm there and have asked for a quote from mommy_to_7 dentist Jose Alonso, and waiting to hear back from him on a date and the cost... I would like to get it done on June 5th.


***************************PCP Update*****************************
Met with my PCP today to review my labs and discuss pain medication. She greeted me with a warm broad smile and long embrace.. I love dat women. She is very happy for me to be going out of the US for the surgery.

Hemo 12.8 (This was my biggest concern b/c I have been anemic in the past) I spoke to her about things to do to increase my number she said getting Womens One a Day Vitamin and/or Iron Pills. I've been taking Iron pills since last month. I want my levels to get as far up as possible. All my other labs were good.

My doctor called Yily's office a few times to no avail, so she can discuss procedure and medication management... She agrees that its safer to take meds from the U.S. I asked for Flexirill a muscle relaxant.

**************In Santo Domingo Chillin********

Got in to Punta Cana and Julio Brito (littleinthemiddle) driver picked me up. He had a sign with my name on it and urrythang! I love when ppl realize just how Special I Am! Ha! YOU MUST use him as your driver! He's in Whatsapp. And HIGHLY fucking recommended by MOI. He drove me 2 hours I Santo Domingo we stopped for a couple hours in Boca Chica and ate fresh fish on da Beach my treat b/c he really is a sweet guy. He drove me to several places and dropped me off 6 hours after picking me up.

That's all I got for now I'm sticky and need a shower and some sleep.

**************No Appt 2Day*************

So I was just to tired to go to a 9:00am appointment so I emailed Baez and let her know I couldn't make it today.

**** Visited 3 Yily Dolls 2Day*******
I visited chocolatedrops lovemeorleaveme and another Gurl who isn't on RS. They all were recovering nicely although they say the pain was unbearable and I made them hurt more from laughing. Ha! There waist were small and they were all happy with their TT and BBL. We had a home cooked meal of chicken fresh salad fried plantains and I brought Tres Leches for dessert. We chatted and I left for my next stop.

************Duran Gurl*************
Stopped by the Barcelo hotel which is really nice just for the record. Met up with a Duran girl who goes in tomorrow morning and just laughed and talked butts and hips for a hour or so then I headed home. I contacted my driver Jose Brito to pick her up in the am to get her surgery. Ill stop by Cipla tomorrow to see her and make some other inquiries.

I've been in contact with a few other Gurls I hope to meet up with before and after their surgeries. As you can see I'm quite da social butterfly.

Thanking God for RS Mmbrs I Love Ya'Loving Life.

***********Cabral Consultation********

I went to see Cabral for a consultation instead of Baez. I figured I might as well go with one of the best BBL surgeons outside the US. He owns Cipla and has the 5th floor to himself. He had a staff 5 his office could seat 25 people and decorated in a contemporary style.

He had English speaking staff Maria Isabel is his office manager. She gathered all my info $45 consultation fee at the desk. DR. Cabral breezes thru a few times speaking with patients bad staff with ease in the waiting room.

He call me back to his office which is big as the front office and very comfortable. I compliment his talent he compliments my age then my dress comes off. He pinches my fat we agree BBL Chin Thigh and arm Lipo $4k I have to talk to him about fat in my face and pastry tomorrow.

I find out garment blood work and meds are not included. Ugh more money. But I'm good I believe I'm in good hands and my mind is made up and appreciate all the support RS Mmbrs have given me thru this process.

I will have surgery on June 7th! Yeah..

****************Visiting Dolls***********
Met up with Brown Betty Boop and went to see a Duran Doll after her surgery. Then BBB & I headed over to her hotel to meet up with here buddy and her buddy Mama. We chit chatted took some pics and I heard over to Cipla to see Raquelgg. Awwwwwwww she so LIL and young traveling with her Abuela. Since I got there past midnight they didn't want to let me in but they relented and I got to see baby Gurl. She was in pain and unable to keep anything down when she got out of surgery but the last 20 minutes she held down some sprite after given anti nausea meds via IV. We chatted I rolled her over tool pics of he butt and breast for her to post at will.

Then stopped by McDonalds got a salad and small fry. I have no appetite ugh really it's just gone.

That's All for Now

******************Yesterday Bikini Day*****************************

Throw on da brown bikini call my Driver Jose Brito and were off to the Fajate store got there and they have all da faja Colombiana line and the place had a economically diver set Group of patients. Because Cabral use Marena brand that zips up the side.

Jose drops me at Barcelo and I hook up with Brown Betty Boop we walk to the FAJATE store I try on medium zipper and it fit with no problem but this isn't the one I want so she asked me to check back 2mrw. We headed to clinic to get nurse for BBB has low hemo and needs a nurse to give her an IV for 5 days. Then we walk and check out a few stores but the clothes are so poorly made. Then we walk to grocery store catch a cab back to !Barcelo and chat with her BBB buddy and her buddy mother. BBB I leave to visit with Raquelgg and shot da shit with her for an hour shit it's almost 10 o'clock I've been waking around in a bikini and cover up all day and did even see da pool.

I get home cook da fish I bought for dinner drank some mango juice showered and slept.

*********CIPLA & Visiting DOLLS******

Up and out to Cipla at 11:00 am yesterday got blood hemo 12.5 chest X-ray blood pressure then went to visit Bella but she was still in surgery.

So I went home cooked and had my driver take me grocery shopping b/c I checked into CIPLA the night before my surgery. I bout a TRES LECHES cake for da nurses so they would be nicer to me Ha! I bought cheesecake for the Dolls but since they were recovering they could eat or drink.

I finally get to meet BellaBooty she's so sweet and speaks Spanish we talked she fell asleep.

I headed back to my cold room and finished off a whole containers of Pringles. I was getting my fat Gurl ON!

Woke up and I saw Cabral dat Niggah can dress ferragamo shoes belt and goddamn Hermes shirt. I'm all marked up & ready to go

***************Caterpillar *****************

Caterpillar pics

*******Just got da BLUE PILL********

Hey I was asleep already I'm just sleepy it was freezing in my room last night so i didn't sleep well. So they woke me up and gave me my Blue Pill. I'm not nervous one bit I've been able to meet some RS & FB Dolls and I just feel da love from everyone and Maribel is coming to sit with me now until tomorrow so I'm not alone. This has been the best trip I've been on in a few years. 1. RS/FB Mmbrs (laughing hanging out eating talking) 2. My Drive Jose Brito ( translates grocery shopping carried my things never left me unless I was safe comes every time I call changes my money). I love DR and I'm sure I will be back. See y'all on da other side.

**********Ass 2Big. ;(. ************

Dayum it looks huge hoping it goes down 3 inches I haven't measured.. Leaving Cipla now.


Here are some more pics


Just some pics I took today I'll have someone else take some before I leave on Sunday and post. Then I will post weekly thru 3rd month. Miss Ya'Ll and I will never leave the RS members who supported me thru out urry decision. Heart is full and my Ass Aches.
My but is going down and I'm happy.

Some Pics

These pics are shitty but I promise to post weekly and it's my second week post op. I'm super stiff I have a ongoing Seroma I have appt to get drained by plastic surgeon here going for massage tomorrow. I'm still in my original faja a faja sleeves. CabraWoW did an excellent job in my chin and arms. He scooped out the sides of my armrest to give the appearance of round sexy kissable shoulders ummmmmmmmmmm.

Week 3 Pic Update

Ok I always said I wouldn't be dat chick who took her own fucked up pics but I did! Big is busy and I'm pressed to post. LolBVS. I promise I will give full update this week.

*********Cant get Small Fajate Over My Thighs but I CAN get this Small Squeem Vest ON!

IDK I feel like at 171 I might need a Medium Fajate but I tried on one and it fit but I know I need to keep my small b/c I will loose another 10 lbs and will need smaller fajate. Thinking of ordering a Medium or wearing my Medium post op garment w/da Squeem b/c I want more compression. Ill take 4 wk Post Op pics next week and post just wanted to post mt squeem.

Updated Closet Pics

4th Week and I'm getting in trouble for not posting my experience with Cabral and his staff Dr Suarez. I'm gonna take time today to do it promises.

*Sparkle* Giving Ya Something U Can Feel

Love Ya'll


Hey Ladies

Week 5

These pics show the tenderness of my skin after surgery it's like plays doh.


You can still see back fat lines not sure if compression and massages will take these away. I've contact Dr CabraWow about it b/c I'm just 5 weeks its not a big deal.

Arm Pic

Hey ppl ask about my arms hope this helps and 2 pics I forgot to add from my 4th week. Ill update this weeks pics tonite.

Da Full Monty

Maria: CabraWow Assistant:

Let me tell you something this sister WORKS! I saw her tirelessly and effortlessly take phone calls at the front desk, process payments, answer cabral’s questions, translate, book appointments, step in to assist English speaking clients like myself. She’s petite, with an infectious smile, keeps her shoulder length black hair off her face and wears glasses……… BUT GURLS when she takes da glasses off and lets her hair down she is a Beautiful Morenita inside and out…. Kocco, can do her accent and its super cute… She joked that she could not speak English b/c I’m uncomfortable speaking Spanish as I’m on a two year old level and I would say I can’t speak Spanish very well (and I said this in Spanish) and from them on da running joke was I can’t speak English. Dr. CabraWow doesn’t make a move w/out her knowing, her tiny office is the size of 2 bathrooms stalls, and is adjacent to Dr. CabraWow’s office and within earshot so he can call her in at any moment. She is more than thorough she is meticulous with her paperwork, money and consistently made herself available to me by giving me her cell phone number. I’m an Executive Assistant and I know a Phenomenal Assistant when I see one and she is everything that I am and All I wish to be to my Boss… You can buy a lot of things but Loyalty and Trust are never for sale with Dr. CabraWow’s Team.

Dr. Suarez
Who is this light skinned charming, well mannered (Mama did a Fantastic Job raising him) soft spoken, He assisted with the help paperwork take notes during the surgery. Cabral does not allow anyone to touch his patients thru out the surgery he called when he was off work drained my seroma

After the Blue Pill

I was rolled to pre-surgery room but I was nearly out for the count however I was up enough to fight with the people to let me keep my pillowcase I carry around (LINUS from Charlie Brown). We went back and forth 3 times I said NO I wouldn’t relinquish the coveted pillow case however I agreed it may not be the most sanitary thing to have in the room during surgery.

During Surgery

I remember feeling a small prick in my back and was told not to move then I was out like a light…. Then I felt a small stabbing pain in my arm and I shifted and squinched my face and but could not open my eyes and then I felt pressure on my face from Cabral’s fingers moving the fat around my nasiolabial folds. These things happen as the anesthesia begins to wear off by the time he finishes perfecting your tummy, flanks, thighs and culo. Not to be alarmed as I was not in pain and was given more anesthesia.

After the Surgery w/Luz
Well I’m not a good patient so I complained that Cabral had not touched my culo, while being wheeled to my room after surgery. I was sooooooo MESSY…. In my hallucinatory state I deduced that if I could feel my arms and face being worked on by the master then I should have been able to feel him work on my lower body….. OOOOOHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE was I a belligerent Puta to da nurses, Dr. Suarez and my caretaker Luz… I remember being adamant, demanding, short and aggressive with everyone and by the time I got to my room…. SMDH…. Upon entering my room I was lucid enough to decipher my driver Jose Brito and caretaker Luz faces as they glance down upon me in a loving concerned manner, I demanded to have m Sha Sha after all I had to give it up during the surgery and I need it know more than ever. Luz, a tall women of 5’9 short curly auburn hair, skin peppered with freckles and the touch like cashmere a smile so gentle it could stop and crying child the patience, tolerance and of a Hebrew Slave…. I continued to spit out orders in and out of consciousness Luz, look at my culo, Luz take a pic of my face, Luz take a pic of my culo, Luz turn me over, Luz why does my culo feel like a soccer team used my right cheek for warm up practice, Luz I need medication, Luz stand me up, Luz where is my phone, Luz where is my charger…. SMDH She complied with each demand until I became aware I should give her a break and let her get some rest or watch TV while I took in a moment to be grateful my most intimate wish had been granted and know I can tell the little 11 year old gurl inside of me to grow up and be happy we got our wish we got our culo no need to feel less than anymore..

As the anesthesia began to wear off I started to kick and move my legs to make sure the blood moved freely to minimize any blood clots. I felt my tummy and my curves but couldn’t see my culo b/c it was just too much to get up out of the bed. I would have to wait to see her in the morning. I was given Tramadol for pain thru out the night. I moved the bed up for comfort and grabbed the side bar of the bed to alleviate the discomforting pain emanating from my fucking RIGHT CHEEK….. OMG…. My Face, My Arms, My Thighs, My Tummy, My Back, My Hips, My Pastry and My Left Cheek didn’t hurt SOOOOO Why in da name of His Holiness did my Right Cheek give me such a hurt. I cooed, complained,….. to Luz about this and she came to my side tilted her head lowered herself to my level and said, “I don’t know Chemayn,” in the most loving way how could I continue with this self pity. Her slender fingers caressed my forehead my hair and my legs with a touch so much like my mothers I was instantly calmed.

The sun came up and my veins began to collapse, they sent several nurses to get that poor vein to work… SMDH.. Didn’t happen, so it was removed. Maria and 3 other nurses came in to clean me off and place pads on my incision tape me down and put on my Faja… And like a SUNBURST of Joy Dr. Cabral entered the room with his thick accent saying I look beautiful the surgery was a success, he checked me out and gave the ok for me to leave.

AFTERCARE to Cabral you MUST purchase the following:
6 Poise Pads
4 Baby Wipes
6 Paper Tape
3 packs of Chux
***Extra Faja (if you can get a used one or borrow one this would be great)

Since the incision are open you drain right on to the pads and your faja will get bloody so that means you will be out of it b/c it needs to be washed. It’s a complete bloody nuisance. Girls, don’t fuck around get what I tell ya.

As soon as everyone left the room I was Finally able to stand I looked in the mirror and my ASS was too fucking BIG… Dr. Suarez, called me right as I just to check on me on his day off and I wasn’t nice to him I demanded he assure me my ass would go down 30%! I was HOT, I could not fathom having such a big ass and putting clothes on it… I sent out text w/pics to friends and family complaining about the size and my driver picked me up and took me home to my apartment in Gazcue (Gasqway) I went thru 3 nurses until I found the one I liked and she cared for me until Big arrived and he took over Cray Cray care…. Ha!

After a few days we moved to the Barcelo Hotel, and I went to Cipla urry day to meet the gurls coming in and going out and to get my pads changed. I also had a seroma, which Dr. Suarez drained for me 3 times… Me Love Dr. Suarez…. Mwah….


I highly recommend Joylista at the Spa at Cipla on the 5th floor. Dr. Suarez, noticed my swelling and lines forming b/c I wasn’t draining properly and walked me next door to get a massage…. I was HOT b/c the paperwork Cabral gives says have massages 10 days after surgery… Gurls on your 4th day you need to go… I was on my 7th day getting my first massage. I told him to get that information changed on their paperwork b/c I could have been going… Ugh…. Joylista drained me and shook her head and I almost kicked her pregnant ass b/c da pain was sooooo great I was near tears, BUT JOY Cometh in da Morning… I felt 100% better and couldn’t get back to her the next day b/c I was in Boca Chica at the beach resort w/Big and we were leaving the next day… So Gurls Get them done before leaving… She charged $32.00 and gave me a Paraffin Treatment after it was over…. Cabral suggests 10 massages. So you can get 3 massages for what 1 massage cost in DC so get as many as you can get.

MY BIG on Booty Patrol

Shopping with Big and he can't stop noticing men noticing me. He's so cute.

He took da jean shots and I did da rest.

My back is still swollen I'm getting massages and ordered a new faja last night to help with compression.

Ok so my back is coming back to life after being numb for 7 weeks so I'm itching. Big rubs me down with alcohol that helps I've taken Benedryl and I use a soft bristle brush, ya know da kind that the boys use to brush in their waves. This is perfect b/c it hits Urry spot. Ummmm

*Mi Cabral da Man da Myth the Living Legend da Undisputed KING OF BARBIES*

I see I have overlooked posting my entire experience with Mi Cabral. A couple of weeks before my surgery date I contacted Cabral via FB. I asked him for a quote and included a front/back/side photo of myself and I was quoted $3500. I arrived in Santo Domingo with Mi Cabral in mind as my surgeon... We set up a consultation the next day. I walked into CIPLA and rode the elevator up to the 5th Floor and and let the front desk know I had a consultation with Cabral. I filled out some forms and waited for my appointment. I got my first glimpse of Cabral in his white coat used while making rounds, he checked in with the front desk, smiled and spoke to patients, updated nurses and never once showed anything other that utter humility in his interactions with staff and patients. I knew I was in the right place... My name was called and I entered the WONDERFUL WORLD OF Cabral da King of Barbies. He greeted me at the door with open arms and a warm smile. We got right to business and my dress went up as he started to examine my abdomen and my butt. He was very complimentary and a true professional. I was completely at ease speaking with him in English my entire stay. He listened and agreed to what I wanted and told me "I would love to do a beautiful bbl on your body," I blushed, smiled and nodded letting him know I sure you will... He said, "I love my work and you wont know how much until you see yourself after the surgery." Not a OUNCE of Vanity in his statement. I saw the gleam of a little boy in his eye the excitement you feel when something wonderful is about to happen. At that moment I knew he was the doctor for my BBL. I had read all the information about court, looked at video's, prayed and decided to turn my entire life over to the care of this humble unassuming soft spoken curly haired man whose smile, story and sensitivity had captured my heart and my money... Ha! We discussed a date he agreed and I paid my money to his assistant in the next room...
I spent the night at Cipla and Cabral came to see me at the end of the night. He was dressed in Ferragamo belt and shoes, a bad ass white jacket, checkered shirt and pants... Dis Moreno, can DRESS OKAY.... Git is Dr. Cabral...We went over what we agreed in my file and ofcourse I added my arms, inside thighs fat grafted to my face and puffy pastry. He agreed and called his assistant to let her know about the additional changes. I disrobed and he pulled out his Blue Marker. He marked all the spots not missing a spot, and put a Big CG (my initials) on the front of my stomach, and although it is after 10pm he's still happy, and excited to make my dreams come true... As he marks me he continues to assure me the surgery will be a success and I will be satisfied. We chat for a lil while and he off for home.
He comes to get me for surgery and they roll me upstairs and the next time I see him is the next morning and he's happy again... I mean where does he get his energy and happiness? SMDH... He's like a lil boy that never gets tired, worn or depleted running his business, operations, consultations, owning CIPLA, the doubts that people have for his talent, even the stain of his past can't touch his Glow.... You can't help but to smile till your cheeks hurt when you see him... He assures me I have BIG Butt, Beautiful Outcome, I gave you your Wish with his accent flowing over every word, and he's off to work....

I left the country as I was well taken care of by Dr. Suarez b/c I had a seroma that he drained for me two times. Although, he did stop by to see Dr. Suarez while he was draining my seroma and we chatted briefly and this was around 6pm a week later.

A few days after my surgery Brown Betty Boop was in crisis about her low hemo levels and we talked and I asked Maria, to get her an consultation with Cabral while I had my seroma drained again. She emerged happy and hopeful about the surgery. Maria and Dr. Suarez worked to get her a blood transfusion to bring her hemo level up for surgery. The next day she was told she probably wouldn't have the surgery and the tears came and Cabral, showed his compassion for her and said wait a minute let me see what I can do. He checked with the anesthesiologist who didn't want to do the surgery and Cabral promised he would just do a lil bit and be very careful and the lady agreed. BBB, was ecstatic and so was I, Cabral came back to make sure she knew he was limited and would do all he could to give her the most he could... After surgery Cabral came to see BBB atleast 6 times while I visited with her within a 24 hour period. It seemed as though every time he was on the 3rd floor he was in her room. He came in and said he did a beautiful job on her butt and did as much as he could to give her da bbl she wanted... When we were checking her out of CIPLA he came again and her faja was dirty and he called a nurse in to wash and dry it and re-wrap her incisions b/c he didn't want her to leave bloody. The nurses treated him just like any other doctor and he treated her not like a boss but a equal. I say that b/c this guy owns and is the President of CIPLA, he doesn't have to work, but he does anyway... He doesn't have to be humble, but its who he is.... He could overcharge or but he doesn't... He could have quit all together but he hasn't... When He fell down by making mistakes He Got Back Up....He continues his practice making ppl's dreams come true. He bring lots of notoriety and revenue to his country.. He has two of the baddest female doctors Yily and Duran taking this male dominated field to another level... Quite Simply He is the da Man da Myth the Living Legend da Undisputed KING OF BARBIES and MY SURGEON No Apologies....

DC MD VA Brunch Cheesecake Factory Sunday @1 pm

Hey gurls all gurls from da DMV area PM me so I can confirm seating this Sunday at Chevy Chase Cheesecake Factory at 1pm. I'm excited!
I hope to get to meet some of you this Sunday. We've blogged bitched and recovered together so now let's meet up this Sunday.

Tanning on da Rooftop

Here's a few Pic

Hey y'all I've been bad at updating but I haven't forgotten where I came from. I love y'all and Real Self

Got another Small Fajate

I just got this last week and again I'm in love with the Fajate brand!

Hey Ladies

I'm still stiff in my arms some days but overall I'm good. Here's some pics. I took the one in da dress 2 weeks ago and the others one just now. Miss y'all

Lotsa drama at CIPLA and with my Cabral. Saddened by the events and the loss of life. Ill be returning to Cabral in December for a lateral touch up and some fat grafted to my lips and around my eyes.

Late Ass Hell Merry XMas

Damn I'm soooo lame for not posting.... Please forgive me... I'll try to do better....
Dr. Hector Cabral

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