Wife and Mom Needing Take Care of Me - Dominican Republic

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I have been searching this site for a while now...

I have been searching this site for a while now and was stuck between yily and Duran. I already have a big booty with some projection but I want to lipo my waiste and stomach and add more projection. I am a mom of 2 and a military wife but my husband and I may be separating. This has motivated me to finish my degree and take some time to take care of me. I have no idea how to get started with getting a quote but I'm hoping to go some time in December before or a few days after Christmas.

luv her look

Luv this.. I'm getting excited at the prospect of finally doing something for me

changed dates

I'm postponing school until next summer so I'm thinking about going in March so I can be healed by then. I am on my way to losing weight joined a gym last week and down 5 pounds so far. I'm going to shape and stop weight now so I can get ultimate results..

On to the next journey

Well it's been forever. . I got in to school early so I will be graduating in 4 weeks..I'm so excited.
Now if I could only get a new quote from Duran. Contacted a consultant and they don't want to get a quote until I drop more weight.. idk seems my BMI is less than what Duran requires so back to stalking her again I gues... so frustrated I'd like to go in December... new career, nwe oppurtunities so why not new body? ? Any advice would be appreciated! !

Ready to get this done

I graduated from nursing school over a month ago and am waiting to take boards. I have gotten a quote from dr Cabral and am seriously considering going to him in March 2016. I still have a lot of questions. Like how long did people stay in DR after surgery, and Weighing TT vs Lipo only when they want more kids? Any advice is welcome.. can't wait!!!!

Deposit paid

Been a while yall. I finished my degree, things are looking betrer for me and my hubby and been obsessed w my new self. Was still really wanting Dura but still no quote even after paying a Consultant (who is so sweet btw) I decided Cabral is my guy. I paid my deposit for my RH and and going March 30. I'm so nervous and excited so saving mode is on and hubby is supposed to help me pay. Still torn about TT vs just lipo bc I had w csection and want more babies w my Hubby as he has no biological. . Any advice?

Love this shape

Wish pics

Countdown begins

I am so nervous I have about 30 days to have my surgery and trying to lose this weight fast so I don't have to reschedule. Getting excited and really nervous
Dr. Cabral

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