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Hello lady's.... So once again I was told to loss...

Hello lady's.... So once again I was told to loss 40bls by Dra Tania medina.... Not sure if I should go on a Liquid diet or what.... Lady's if u can plz help a sister out....The most I do is drink a lot of water and walk.... When I can... So again if u lady's can help I will really Appreciated. Thanks

28yrs Old.... No Kids... 240bls Need to Drop at Please Lease 40bls Before my Surgery Date

Happy about making my down payment to... Dra medina ..... She's very professional and sweet... So I hope she gives me the works lmao wish all u lady's the best.... Have any of u lady's had surgery by her recently if So would love to see pictures...... O do u lady's think a liquid diet will work.. If so I sure will like to know what type.

Can't Wait for the Day of my Surgery

Hello lady's....so I'm going to make my deposit to Dra medina. Like I told u lady's from my other post she ask me to loss 40bls... I'm just hoping I'm down 40 or more bls... I'm worried about if she's still going to do the surgery... I'm not sure how long it's going to take but I'm determined to do whatever it is lol

Jenny Craig my New BF

Good afternoon Dolls..quick update so Jenny Craig is my new BF ????I loss 14bls in 2weeks 65bls to go lord know it's a working progress for me.... The low calories are killing me. Just taking it day by day... pics coming soon I can't wait to this is over... Then I'll be On my way! To DR.. Great day lady's

My Boyfriend Wants a Baby/ I Wanna Have So You Surgery Done

I'm really not sure what I want to do first.... And it's really driven me crazy can u dolls help me make the best decision I have no kids... I will love to have one but I'm thinking I sure do my surgery first because this something I really what ugh Help I'm sure I can do the surgery wait 2years and have a baby and still get my figure back lmao

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Wleppp... Lady's I just made my nonrefundable down payment.... To Dra medina... I sure hope I'm Down 40bls by January 2015... I'm really going to push myself... If I ladys can help with others diets it sure will help... Lords knows I don't have 300$ to just go to wast.... I also was told by the dr I can pay the rest when I get there that's great... So I'm happy on that part... Once again any type of help will be great.

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