Mommy Makeover After 4 Babies - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am on week 6 post op. I had a Breast lift with...

I am on week 6 post op. I had a Breast lift with implant, tummy tuck and lipo on my love handles. Everything is looking wonderful very happy with my decision. The 1week of my recovery was the hardest mainly because of the lipo. The tummy tuck went well I just had to be careful when getting up out of bed.
The only issue I had was on my BL , I started spitting out stitches. It is now healing very slowly.

week 1

The first week of my surgery of a tummy tuck , breast lift and lipo on my love handles was definitely the hardest for me. I have to say the liposuction was by far the worst pain compared to the other two. It wasn't until the 3rd day that I was able to stand up without feeling like I was going to faint. The nurses at Cecilip were great and treated me with much care.

the clinic is Cecilip

I recommend this clinic for travelers , rooms are spacious, clean, modern, and with air conditioning (very important when staying in DR) depending on what type of surgery you have will determine how many days you stay. They do offer their clinic as an extended stay at additional cost. The nurses are very attentive to your needs. My experience was so nice.

before and 1 week after pics TT, BL, LIPO FLANKS

This is my story ... I am a mother of Four children I was not blessed with the gift of elasticity. Even though I actively work out and eat well. I would lose my body fat but my stomach was beyond stretched out that my tummy would hang down. Not to mentioned what a toll your breast take from breastfeeding. I wouldn't change my life, my children or the fact that I breastfed for so many years. But I do thank God that I don't have to stay looking like I did. I am now 6 weeks post op ... I'm going to wait another month before hitting the gym hard again in order to allow my body to fully recover.

Pics After 6 weeks

My progress today, my TT scar is healing nicely, I'm putting vitamin E & also tapping it with micropore to lighten up the scar. My BL is still in the process of healing ... my body did not absorb the sutures and started what is called spitting stitches or stitch abscess, this started developing on week 4 after I arrived back home. My PS explained what to expect during this time. I will get into thatIin a different post. As for my Lipo of the flanks I'm not fully healed ... I still feel the burning, pulling feeling everyone says they feel. The good thing is that each waking morning I feel better and better !!!!

more after 6 weeks pics

I hit update without adding these.

Spitting Stiches or Stitch Abscess

Hi ladies ... This is for those who are considering Breast lift. Please discuss with your doctor the side effects to some stitches, now this doesn't happen to everyone but some woman (like myself) are apparently sensitive to absorbable sutures and the body rejects the stitches as if it were a foreign object and needs to get rid of it. This is called " spitting stitches" . I am now better but I did freak out a bit when it started happening after week 4 po. It wasn'tuuntil I was able to remove 12 spitting stitches that my wounds did not heal.

week 8 post op Progress - measurements

I've reached the end of week 8 & finally I'm feeling more like myself again. The swelling has gone down drastically, where I can now tell the difference. I've been asked what my measurements are from fellow Realself members, so here you go. As many of you know that the scale is not the best way to measure weightloss especially if your working out because muscle weighs more than fat. So I am going to give you my pre & post surgery numbers to guide you on how amazing both excercing and a mommy makeover can be for you.

I'm 5'6" tall ... here ya go

6 months prior to surgery in inches
Chest: 36.5, waist: 35.5, hips: 42.5, arm: 12

1 month prior to surgery
Chest: 35, waist: 32, hips: 41, arm: 11.5

8 weeks post surgery
Chest: 36, waist: 29, hips: 40.5, arm: 11

I haven't been able to continue CrossFit till next month but I have been really good at eating healthy, which is key to a healthy lean body. Thanks to my shakes I'm able to be on the go and still have a healthy meal supplement. But truly can't wait to return to the gym and see my body transform some more.

Feeling young again ! Surgery is not for everyone but it was the best decision I've made for myself.

Why I chose surgery ?

I have always been skinny ... skinny legs , skinny arms flat belly. Skinny is what I was used to. After having FOUR babies my body was no longer what I was used to. After each pregnancy I would go into Rambo rage and start working out like I was training for combat. I hardly ate bad so I know my weight gain was not because of bad habits. The problem is my body just changed after each baby belly, it was never going to go back to what it was before. I would lose the pounds but my stomach and boobs where far stretched out that no matter how much I work out the belly was there to stay.
My hubby loves me just how I "was" he didn't see the need for surgery because I was tone everywhere else but there.
The main reason I did it was because my clothes wouldn't fit right, I'm a realtor and I have to dress to impress. When I'm with my children I would avoid public pools and beaches because of my belly, if I went I would cover up. I felt limited and trapped in a body that was the outcome of being a wonderful mommy. But I'm young and I also want to feel pretty ! You know a pretty mommy.

Life after surgery is blissful

It's been 3 1/2 months after my surgery and I wanted to update that I'm loving my results ... I'm finally feeling like my old self again before children. My clothes fit better, I'm not embarrassed to wear bathing suits, I find myself more active with my children and in return they are happy to have an involved mother. These days my only worries are how to make my scars lighter. Which is not a worry but more of a challenge.

2014 New Year resolution

My main new year resolution is not to worry about the small things. But my secondary res. Will be to go back to the gym. Has anyone post surgery started working out .. If so what type of workout do you recommend ... I used to do crossfit for about a year but I'm afraid to go so aggressive since it's only been 4 months post sx .... any advice is appreciated.

interview of Dr. Jesus Areu (spanish)

I found an interview of Dr Areu on YouTube. I thought this might help those who are considering surgery in Dominican Republic. This interview conveys exactly his personality and confidence he has with his surgery. Exceptional surgeon !!!!!!

Watch "Jesús Abreu - interview" on YouTube -

Attention: Dr Jesus Abreu will be in NY Feb.13th

For those of you whom are considering having PS in Dominican Republic the doctor that operated on me will be in NYC taking consultation. If you are interested in meeting with Dr. ABREU please inbox me for details. Just passing on information ...
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