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Hello RS world! I'm new to this site. I've been...

Hello RS world! I'm new to this site. I've been basically stalking this site for the past few weeks. I'm from New Orleans and was watching the Saints vs Patriots and the Saints scored a touch down at the same time I was reading my email. I got a response from Dra Yily and started clapping and cheering. It was so funny because my friend thought I was clapping and cheering for the Saints! I'm a plus size gal weighing in at 285 lbs and I know that both Dra Yily and Dra Duran both have appointments that are months out, so I do intend on losing weight. I read on someone's blog that Dra Duran had tweeted that from now on all patients BMI must be at 35 and under. Losing 50lbs would get me to about 33. I'm going to keep you all posted and updated on my weight loss journey and hopefully I will hear from Dra Duran as well. Dra Yily responded and asked for pictures and wanted to know more about my weight. I'm hoping it won't be an issue.

You won't believe that I used to have a coke bottle shape! That was before the birth of , my three girls. Its funny how something so beautiful as in bearing children can destroy you from the inside out! Well anyway, I haven't been happy with myself since the birth of my oldest daughter whom is now 18. I'm tired of feeling ashamed and unhappy with my body. I can lose weight but losing weight makes me feel even worse because of the lose skin and a sagging belly. So I'm hoping and praying that one of these beautiful ladies can beautify me like I've seen so many girls on RS.

I'm going to post some pics up of me, I MUST WARN YOU! BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!
Oh and I only put 5000.00 up because i'm requested to. I did not get a quote yet.

Got my quote from Dr. Yily!!!

Wzup RS world! I got my quote from Dr. Yily last night. I sent her pics of me and I was nevous as heck. I thought for sure Dr Yily would think I was too durn BIG and would be like, "Hell-to-the-mutha-fuggin-NO!", but she quoted me $5500.00 USD (thank you JESUS). She told me that I also needed to lose 60lbs. I thought losing 50 would be hard, but SHEESH! I guess I can do it, I did it before. I do walk, but I don't think it's enough. I guess it's time for me to utilize my FREE gym by my apartments or at work. I didn't like going because the gyms are so small and packed. I guess I have to go in and be like "MOVE BISH GET OUT MY WAY, I HAVE 60LBS TO LOSE!". Normally I"m not an aggressive person, but I will be to have a banging body and to be a Yily doll or Duran Doll.

Just Curious!

Just curious..I read the tourist information for DR and they strongly advise that you DO NOT carry huge amounts of money, flashy jewlry or flashy clothing. I would like to know how much money should I carry on me? Should I bring my CC? They also said that sometimes criminals will put something in the ATM so that your CC get jammed. Should l leave my Ipad, and what about my cell phone?


trackin my weight

current 285lbs

tracking my weight

current 285lbs

How good is Dr Yily with Filling out Dr's slips for your job?

Does anyone know if Dr Yily is good with feeling out much needed documents for your job? My job requires certain forms to be filled out and a regular Dr's note will not excuse me from work. I need to put this time in ASAP since it's around Mardi Gras.


WZUP RS World! Just wanted to update you. My quote is no longer $5500 but is now $4500. I wanted a breast lift because I'm afraid of implants but Dr. Yily told me that if I get a breast lift, my breast would be really small. I'm already small (C cup). I guess I'll just stick with the itty bitty titty committee and be ok with it. But the rest of me is going to be like HOT DAMN!


Dr. Yily told me she had March 12th available for me, my friend and 2 other ladies I met here on RS. So it's official, MARCH 12, 2014.


My friend just worked it out and said that if I lose 3lbs a week, I would have lost 60lbs by my surgery date. I was at practice with my kids last night at their school and we walked home which is about a 1.1 mile. So, tonight I will go hard in the gym and on Thursday, I have to attend practice with them again; I will walk that night also. Friday night I have to work and if i'm not too worn out, I will get up Saturday and work out that morning as well. I have to work again Saturday night. Just pray for me...I need it!


Ok, I know I said that i was scared of breast implants but after reading up on the "Gummie Bear" implants, i'm considering doing it. I would love to get rid of these ORANGUTAN LOOKING TITTIES (EWW!). My breast really does look like Oranguan breast. They have no volume, seperated, and damn near making its way to my sides. They look like they can't stand each other (right and left breast) and don't want to be anywhere near each other so they both look like their tryig to go their seperate ways. I emailed Dr Yily, but it usually take a week before she responds. So do anyone on here know what brand she uses?



First of all, I just wanted to say that i am very much HETEROSEXUAL! I really did not want to post up any wish pics but as I was browsing along on this site, I ran across these pics. I...myself, do not care to see a page flooded with wish pics (to eaches own). I would rather see more pics of YOU; wheather it be before pics , after pics, or both. But anywho, back to the HETEROSEXUAL part and why I felt the need to annouce it.

I've seen so many wish pics on here. Some were just ok, some banging, some pow wow , some were just plain unrealistic and rediculous ( bird legs with a bubble butt)! So, out of all the hello kitties', jug a luggs, and bubble butts I've seen on here or anywhere else for that matter, none of them made me moist! This a baaaadddd bish! This is a "WONDER WOMAN"! She made me question my sexuality! So I closed the page and went back on it three times to make sure I didn't switch over to lesbianism. It only happend that first time, so its confirmed, I'm still HETEROSEXUAL!

After getting that reaction, I had to post her as my wish pic. She has many more pics, but as I said before, I do not wish to flood my page with wish pics.

tracking my weight

Hello RS world! My weight loss journey is not going as planned. So far I've only lost 3lbs since my first weight lost entry. I was 285lbs and I'm now 282lbs. So a total of 3 lbs and a few inches in 1 month is NOT GOOD! I'm thinking of joining weight watchers again and I also order some garcinia cambogia pills. I'm hoping with all of that, I can up it up a notch or 2. I need to be losing weekly, not monthly. So hopefully the next time I update my weight loss journey, you as well as I will be able to SEE the progress.

tracking my weight

Finally booked my airline ticket

Hello RS World! My friend and I fianally purchased our airline tickets. It feel so surreal at times. I haven't done too much as far as my weight is concerned because I really didn't have the time. So, I recently quit my part-time job so that I can focus more on my weight loss and gym time. Ladies after working 60 hrs a week, attending my kids pratice and chaporoning, I really don't feel like working out much. So I felt as though somethings gotta give and the part-time job was the best choice. It was extra imcome but along with it came extra stress. I must admit, it feels good, i'm not as tired, and I have the energy I need for that xtra workout in the gym. Hopefully the NEXT TIME I update, you guys will see my results. I know I said that in my last blog, but it didn't happend. This time if it doesn't than I failed myself. I have no excuse!

Weight loss update

First let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The last time I reported my weight loss, I've only lost 3lbs. Well, today I'm at 270. Giving me a total weight loss of 15lbs. Even though I'm losing weight, I don't think I'm going to lose the required amount in time, nor do my friend. So we're thinking about resceduling our surgery date. We're still waiting on a response from Dr Yily to see what dates she has available.


I was worried about getting implants and then decided to get over my fears and go for it. Well after seeing Dr. Yily's latest boob jobs. I decided HELL TO THE MUTHAFUGGIN NO! I do not want to walk around with handicapp breast. What's up with all these uneven breast and nipples? Some of the women were like, i'll just get her to revise them. I'm like "what planet are you from"?!? She just gave you a big sister boob and a lil sister boob because they damn sure don't look like twin boobs! Why would you trust her to do it right the second time. Don't get me wrong, I am team Yily all the way. But I seen one too many of her boob jobs that made me say i'll pass. I'll just keep faking the fullness and volume with the best push up bra my money can buy.


Hi RealSelfers!!! My friend and I decided to change our dates. Even though we are losing the weight, we don't think we will lose the required amount thats due before sugery. We most definitely don't want to lose all the money we paid for our airplane ticket because it is nonrefundable. So our new date is April 30th.

New pics

I bought this dress for $5 last summer. My co-worker laughed at me and said "Girl, I know you didn't just buy that small ass dress!". Well the thing is, I know that I'm a big girl, but I didn't know that I was a BIG GIRL! I was in denial y'all.

I took the dress home and tried it on. Keyword is TRIED. I tried putting it on over my head, it wouldn't go pass my breast. I also tried to put it on from the bottom and couldn't get it pass my hips. Well after months of it being on hiatus, I decided to try it on last night. What do you know, it actually fits! The next time i will wear this dress will be after surgery. I'm not that crazy about the dress, i'm more excited about the fact that it fits. I can't wait to have this sugery

Got my passport today!



Hi realselfers, I have a situation. Well it may or may not be a situation. first of all, let me tell you that I rescheduled my date once again do to unforeseen circumstances. I changed my date to May 30th. Now here is where the situation comes in. I just found out that my coworker will be taking her vacation in June on 11th. Now I have planned on staying at the recovery house for at least 10 days and I wanted to take off from work for 3 weeks. Now looking at the fact that my coworker will be leaving on the 11th that means I have to be back to work on the 11th. So what I'm asking is that anyone who has had this surgery how soon did you go back to work? Do you think that I would be extremely swollen are too sore to work? I do have a desk job but plan on not sitting the whole day.


Hello Real Selfers. I know it's been a while since my last update. Well a lot has changed since my last update. Let me start off by saying, NO I did not have my surgery. Due to laziness and due to unforseen circumstances, I had to postpone my surgery until next year. First, my biggest hurdle was trying to lose the weight. I really didn't put forth any effort to try. Second, I was sensing that my surgery buddy was trying to back out of it because our communication started to deteriorate due to the lact of unaswered and unreturned phone calls along with text and emails on her end of course. Third, I end up spending the money I had saved for my surgery. And fourth, my mom end up being comatosed 3 weeks prior to my actual surgery date. Since my mom has been in a coma, I have recently gained back those few pounds I've lost and more. I'm now at 295lbs. I guess this just wasn't my time!

I called Dr. Yily and rescheduled and paid my $300 deposit for March 3rd and American Airlines approved me for a voucher because of my current situation with my mom. If not, I would have been out of $691.00. I also recently purchased a treadmill to help with my weight. There are times that I just don't feel like jumping up and down to a DVD or going to the gym, so walking comes naturally and I can still lose weight. When my favorite reality shows are on, I don't even realize how long I've been walking on the treadmill. Also, my friend (surgery buddy) decided she wanted to go and have the gastric sleeve done instead somewhere in Mexico. So she will be having her surgery in August. I wish her luck and wish I can go with her but unfortunately, I don't know what my mother's outcome will be, so I would rather be here. I'm going to post some pics soon of my current size because I'm starting my NEW WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY. Well wish me luck RealSelfers and prayers are always welcomed and needed (more for my mom than me). Thank you, good luck to all you future dolls, happy healing to the dolls who are in the healing phase, and GOD BLESS!


Hello Real Selfers. I decided to come on and give you all an update. My mom's situation is no longer a situation. My mom passed on August 5th. I'm sad and also happy. I miss my mom, but I know she's no longer in pain and or suffering. So far, I've gain 20 pounds while my mom was in a coma due to stress and worrying. I've now lost 11 of those pounds. I'm scheduled to have my surgery with Dr. Yily on March 3rd. I'm now getting back into my routine of working out and dieting. If god say the same, there will be nothing preventing me from having it done. GOD BLESS DOLLS!

New Wish Pic

I found this pic on someone else's page. I don't know who the original owner or person is, but their body is banging.

Thinking of changing to Cebral

My reasons for wanting to switch are due to the latest reviews I've been reading on Dr. Yily. I've read on several blogs that Dr. Yily didn't lipo the top part of their adomen leaving those women with a protruding pouch. Also, her scars are not the prettiest anymore either. When I first came on and read alot of the reviews and looked at pics from 2012 and the beginning of 2013, Dr. Yily was the shit!!! Her scars were on point..low and straight. Now they are sitting kind of high and not so straight. I know that Dr. Yily as well as most of PS in DR are giving you more for your buck than in the US, but why does it have to be half ass done? If I'm going to pay my money in the DR PERIOD (flight, RH, MEDS, etc.), I want it to be done right the first time. If I'm paying for full lipo of the adomen, then the TOP should be included. I'm a single mother of three who pays her own rent, bills, car notes, and etc. I don't have it to be waisting or going back for a revision to be done because it wasn't done right the first time. I'm not ruling out a round 2 for something else, but of course it will be around tax season again. Unless Dr. Cebral gives me that video vixen body and I'll have them lining up to pay my bills, then I will go for a round 2 before then :). I also sent Dr. Yily an email letting her know that she's not having a lot of good reveiws so I wanted to know if lipo to the top of the adomen was included or do you not do it anymore. Of course, I got no response, even though she has my $300 deposit.

I'm not liking this new RS

I'm trying to reply to someone's comment, but this new RS is driving me nuts! I have to actually search for her comment to respond. WTF!


Ok, this is ridiculous! I'm so disgusted I almost feel like going on a RS strike. Maybe there is something wrong with my settings or something, I don't know. I'm trying to respond to comments that I'm getting in my email but when I click on "reply back to", i'm directed back to my page where I don't even see the comments nor the comment box for me to respond. You know what this reminds me of? You know when you're in a club at night and you see this big fine brother across the room. He looking all scrumbcious and all Idris Elba looking. You looking at him like "GOOD LAWD THE HEAVENS HAS OPENED IT GATE AND SENT THIS GODLY ANGEL"! But then you get closer to him and the lights come on he really look like flavor flave. Well this is what RS is doing to me right now. I'm so ancious to get on and then when I get here, I'm like WTF! This is some BULL-ISH! I think we need to hold a RS press meeting or something. Don't get me wrong I'm all for change, but only if it makes sense.

So since I'm having technical difficulties responding to my comments, I'm going to reply here. CHZN7GAME: Good luck with your weight loss goal. WE CAN DO THIS GIRL!!!! ANGEL86371: Yes, it does comes down to us taking care of ourselves. Good luck on your journey. I hope you're able to get the doctor of your choice and LILNOSE: Thank you chica!

Change of PS and weight update

Hi RealSelfers! After doing somemore research, I've decided to go with Dr. Almonte. Dr. Yily makes me nervous because it's a hit or miss with her and I don't want to take that chance. It's like playing Rushinroulette with your body with her. I have had 3 C-sections and a hysterectomy. I have a scar from my belly button on down. My oldest will be 20-years-old this month. So I have had that scar for 20 years. With that being said, I DO NOT want another scar that can be seen above my bikini line! I'm saying this because I've seen some recent reviews of Dr. Yily's work and her scars are sitting hight and uneven. I sent Dr. Yily an email expressing my feelings about her recent reviews because I don't want to waist her time nor do I want to waist my time and money. This is her response:

Good afternoon!

I do put my best on every surgery i perform. I'm very realistic when i give a consult to a patient about what to expect (because of that, people have even said that i'm not nice), with plastic surgery you can't get the body you dream about, you're results will be based on what you already have. I'm telling you this because i know i have many good reviews with happy patients that are pleased with their results, most of them are actually, but i also know some of them might not be happy, maybe because their expectations were way too far from reality or it's something they didn't do right during their recovery process, that i can't control it. What i can assure you is that from my side, i do my best, if things don't come out as desired, we have to analyze the situation and do whatever is necessary, it's about been clear about the fact that not everybody can always be pleased.

My email to her:
Good Afternoon Dr. Yily,

As you can see from an earlier email, I've paid my deposit. I emailed you asking if your "full lipo of the abdomen", includes lipo to the top part of your abdomen. I'm asking because of the recent reviews I've been reading and pics I've been seeing. A lot of the patients are not happy about their results. I know to eaches own, but I would like to know if that is something you do not do anymore or was it something the "patient" has done? I know you're a really good PS which is why I've chosen to go with you. I just want to get it right the first time and not have to come back or go somewhere else to get a revision.

Sincerly yours,

That still doesn't explain why the scars are so uneven and high or why the patient's stomach muscle are not intact. (as i've read and seen on some reviews).
So on to Dr. Almonte I go. I'd rather lose $300.00 than $4500.00.

Weight: I started off at 285 in October of last year went down to 275. My mother end up comotosed and I end up going from 275 to 295. Since my mom passed in August, I'm now down to 278.8. I've reached a plateau because I was stuck between 284-281 for the month of October. The scale just recently started going down again. Good luck Dolls, I will post some more pics once I reach 270!

What's the point

Hi ladies, I just noticed a few blogs that makes no sence what so ever. Now, I'm on RS waaaay more than I should be reading reviews. Well, I don't understand why a person would come on and want all the advice in the world from Vets on here, but when they've finally reached their side of beauty, they act kind of shitty!?! I've read a blog where one lady said she does not wish to post any pics because of people stealing her pics. Heres the thing about that. I don't give a rat's ass who steals my photos as long as my FACE is not showing. Unless you're posting pics of your family members, animals, home (with address), kids, who cares? We basically read the same reviews almost everytime, but pictures are worth a thousand words in itself. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to feel that way, but why be nasty about it?

Another review I've read, a young lady said that she's starting a new blog for her round 2 and for everyone to check it out. Several people asked her what is the name of her new blog and her response was "read it in my review". The thing about that is that, some people reviews are 2 to 3 pages long. There are soooo many, no one actually has the time to read EVERY POST. Another problem with that is that SHE DIDN'T MENTION THE NAME OF THE NEW BLOG! Obviously she needed to go back and read it herself, because she never mentioned the name. My point is, why be so difficult. If you have more than 5 people asking you what is the name of your blog, then what's so hard about responding with the name? You post for people to check it out more than once, but refuse to say the name. If it's a secret, then why even mention it?

I'm just saying, I know this is a resourceful site and people come on for advice and support.

My email from Lesley

Happy New Years RS! I decided to go to Dr. Almonte because she's known to operate on us BIG girls. Well anyway, I got an email from Lesley, and get this... I'm being told that my BMI has to be 35 and under. Now I emailed her a few months ago and asked her if there was a weight limit and I was told no, which is why I decided to go to her.I'm also being told that she can only do my TT, waist, flanks, and armpits. But with Dr. Yily, my BMI need to be at 35, but she's doing TT, waiste, flanks, armpits, back, and BBL. I guess I'm going back to Yily.


Ok ladies, I'm so tired of having this losing battle with my weight and these yoyo diets. So I'm now schedule to have the gastric sleeve. I need to do this the right way. I don't want to waist my hard earn money. So I'm scheduled in March in Tijuana, Mexico for gastric sleeve. If god says the same, I will follow up next year with Dr. Almonte or Dr. Yily for my tt, bbl, ba, and lipo. I will still keep you guys updated on my weight loss until then. As so many others, when I lose the amount of weight and hoping to lose, I will do another RS blog as it relates to my surgery in DR. I appreciate all the helpful tips on how to lose weight, but most of the diets and advice I've been given, has not worked due to the fact that everyone's metabolism is not the same. What works for one may not work or the other. Plus I am a diabetic and has high blood pressure, so a lot of these diets, I cannot do. But anyway, the gastric sleeve can help me in more ways than one. I can lose the weight and hopefully my diabetes and HBP as well. I also have gallstones and I plan on having my gallbladder removed as well. I wish you all luck on your journey's and I will still keep you all updated.

New Gasric Sleeve blog

Hi RealSelfers...I just figured that since I'm on a new journey, I would start a new blog. I'll come back to this one when I'm ready for my tt, lipo, and bbl. zaria63_GS.

Thank you guys for all your support and advice!

I'm sleeved y'all!

I just dropped in to say hello and to let you all know that I am now 10 days post-op gastric sleeve. I've lost a total of 24lbs. From 280 down to 256. I have updates on my new blog zaria63_GS

1 Month Post-Op Gastric Sleeve!

BMI 35.9

3 months post op

Hi RealSelfers!

I know it's been awhile since my last update....SORRY! Its been 4 months since I had the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. So far my weight loss is slowing down. But that's ok; slow progress is better than no progress. So far I've lost a total of 58lbs. I'm now 222lbs of pure sexiness!

I'm also scheduled to have a tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo done in November with Dr Cabral in the Domincan Republic. I do have a question for anyone who has had surgery with him. Well several questions. What all was covered in your quote? His email didn't say much. It just said it covers my lodging and medical expenses. Did you he provide you with a garment afterwards or did you have to purchase your own? As far as "lodging " goes, di he provide you with a hotel or recovery house?

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Cute sleepwear

Hi RealSelfers! I purchased these cute sleepwear dresses from Walmart back when I was 281lbs. I'm now 220lbs. My "friend with benefits", thinks that they are sexy. They look long but are actually short. They stop at my thighs. Anywho, loosing weight has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. For example, the SEX!

The sex is OFF THE CHAIN! I've been working out with this boot camp group and my Stamina is amazing! My friend can't seem to keep his hands off me and I'm just getting started. I will be upgrading this body of mine in November. I just pray this man don't become overly obsessive. Other than the sex, there are a lot of other good things that comes with weight loss. I used to hate taking photos. I love them now. I also used to hate shopping. I'm shopping almost every week now. I'm also finally going on a family vacation to an amusement park..something I feared because of my size.

Hi Realselfers

I know it's been a really long time since I've visited this account but I just wanted to drop in and say hello. All is well with me so far. I'm now 206lbs and I will be going to the Domincan Republic in November to see the King of Barbies, Dr. Cabral. I will be sure to keep you updated. God Bless!

Dr Cabral

Hi Realselfers! I just wanted to let you know how I contacted Dr. Cabral. I emailed him at hcabralplasticsurg@hotmail.com

I emailed him information regarding how many pregnancies and c-sections I had, along with my medical conditions, age, height, size, and BMI. I also attached 3 nude photos of my front, back, and side.

Dr. Cabral responded within the first 3 days with a qoute of $5000 For lipo of full back, waist, flanks and armpits. Also a tummy tuck and bbl. I was at that time 220lbs. I'm now 206lbs and he gave me a new qoute, $4800. I wanted to stay a total of 8 days, but his assistant said that won't work so she gave me Dr. Cabral's personal cell number to call him. I don't feel comfortable giving his number out without his permission so I'm not going to list it. But he would rather his patients stay a tital of 14 days, but he told me to stay for at least 12 days.

That's all I have for now, but I will be sure to keep you all updated. God Bless!

Hi Realselfers!

Hi all, I just wanted to give you all an update. So far my weight loss is still at a standstill. I've been going up and down between 208lbs and 206lbs for about 2 months now. I decided not to get on the scale for the whole month of October.

On another note, I'm excited about my new transformation that's coming up in November. I finally purchased my airline tickets. I found that they were much cheaper By booking my departure flight from Mississippi. I live in New Orleans and Mississippi is about an 1 or 1 1/2 hours away. So I booked that flight. I also sent my $100 deposit to "The Princess Recovery" house in the Dominican Republic.
There aren't too many reviews on them because they've only been open for 3 months.

At the moment, I'm taking only prenatal vitamins. I will begin to take my B12, vitamin C, folic acid, and iron in mid October, as well as drinking beet and carrot juice to help build up my hemoglobin. I've gotten lazy with working out since I stopped going to boot camp, so I think I'm going to dust off my treadmill and start doing 30 mins a day 4 days out of the week. I've only stopped because my daughter and I both have braces now and I paid it out. So I could no longer afford the $99 a month for boot camp. BTW, I love my braces. They are gold and I get a lot of compliments. After telling the receptionist at my Orthodontist office my whole experience and journey, she told me, I was her hero. Made be blush from ear to ear.

Exercise Breathing Machine

Just got this in the mail today. I had one before when I had my hysterectomy and I threw it away. Never thought I would need it again. Since I'm having a tt, I know I will need this aftetwards. It was only $9 on Amazon.

He's an awesome God!

Our God is an awesome God, yes he is! I have been thinking abiut getting my breast done but I knew I wouldn't have enough funds. I need at least an extra $1000. So I have been thinking about doing some overtime in another department where I work.

The problem I have with working overtime is that it's time away from my girls and it's tiresome as well. But I was like, "lord I wish some money would just fall into my lap".

So anyway about 3 months ago, I was told that I needed a crown when I was getting my root canal. I paid for everything at that moment. The Dr. who was doing my root canal said I needed the crown before I get my braces. Fast forward to a month later I was getting a filling from a diff dentist and he said it was ok to get my braces now and then do the crown. Fast forward to now. I went for my 6 months cleaning and was told that I misunderstood what he was saying. He said that I would have to wait until I'm done with my braces and THEN get the crown, which is basically 1year and 3 months from now.

So the $521 I paid out of pocket will be reimbursed to me. I really wasn't expecting this, but God is good!

Supplies, me, and my braces

Hi all, I was bored on Saturday so I decided to start packing the following:
Prilosec (sample packs I got from work)
Arnica gel and pills
Pepto Bismol
Bio Oil and scarquard for scar therapy
Compression socks
Breathing Machine
Lipo boards
Depends (to help protect garment from leaking fluids). I wore these after my hysterectomy and it helped a lot.
Boppy pillow
Butterfly closures
Sterile pads
Antibacterial wipes
To go wipes
8 packs of Bath wipes
And of course my personal toiletries.
Bed pads
Instead of maxi pads, I'm using bladder pads. They are longer and thicker.
Butterfly needles to help drain fluid if needed. I work in a clinic and one of the nurses showed me how to drain myself if needed.

This is all I have for now. All I need to do now is get some undershirts, washcloths, and maybe some lose sweat clothes since the weather is changing. I had some maxi dresses, but it may be too cool for them by the time of my surgery.

The pic is of my friend and I. She had the Gastric Sleeve done in Mexico with me. I'm The one on the right.


Hi Realselfers!

Hi Realselfers! I just wanted to give you all an update. So I went to visit my PCP to make sure I'm healthy enough for this upcoming surgery. If you have been following me, you should know that I'm a diabetic and has High Blood Pressure. I asked her to order some blood work, mainly a CBC panel because I really wanted to check my Hemoglobin level. Well she ordered blood work but it wasn't the CBC panel.

She told me that if my BW come back abnormal, she would give me a call and if I want a copy of it to come pick it up. Well, after a week and no phone call, assuming everything was ok, I decided to go get a copy. I didn't understand the results but I can read. The Doctor had written notes on it. It said that my creatinine levels were a bit too high which indicates kidney damage and given the level it indicates "Stage 3 kidney disease ". So imagine my shock! I cried and cried because I watch my mom start to deteriorate after finding out she had kidney damage which led to complete kidney failure.

So I had to wait another week just to meet with her for her to explain everything with me. She said that it wasn't her notes but I do have kidney damage which was caused by my HBP and she doesn't know the extent of it. I would have to meet with the Nephrologist to determine it. I asked her if I can still have my upcoming surgery and she said yes, it shouldn't be a problem.

Right now we're working on keeping my BP at a stable level which can ultimately slow the damage to my kidneys or reverse it. I also did the finger prick to check my Hemoglobin level and it was 13.7. I haven't been taking my meds for my diabetes but my A1C levels were perfect which means I now have control over my diabetes and at the moment, do not need to take any meds. I decided not to cry, stress, or worry and just put it all in God's hand.

With all that being said, I'm still a ball of nerves because I'm getting closer to my date!!! Pray for me Realselfers, I neeeeed all the prayers I can get. Well only the prayers that are for me and not against me. Some people are real haters. I work with a few. Thank you all and a God Bless!

Almost there!

Good Morning!

I arrived yesterday here in Santo Domingo. The plane ride here was a smooth one. I didn't have any long layovers even though when I booked my ticket, it said 1 1/2 hour layover. I'm guessing because it is so close to the holidays, the lines here to get your tourist card and immigration line was damn near out the door. The whole process took about 40 mins. While leaving, I was called beautiful by 4 differrnt guys. I think they judt wanted a tip...lol.

When I exited the building, there were so many people out there holding up name signs. Mine wasn't one of them. So, I walked outside and had a bunch of taxi drivers coming at me. Well I waited and decided to go back inside to use another phone because unfortunately, my phone no longer worked. A young lady helped me, but then charged me a $1. Long story short, I was able to contact Ninoska from Princess Recovery Houss. She was already there looking for me. She's such a doll. She greeted me with opened arms and they fed me as soon as I arrived. The other virls there and my roommate has been so nice, including the staff.

Right now I'm in Dr. Cabral's office awaiting his arrival. I've done my blood work and I'm just sitting and waiting patiently.

That's all I have for noe, I will be sure to update you guys. God Bless!

Hello Realselfers

Sorry it took me awhile but this pain is no joke and plus the wifi here sucks. Just wanted you to know I made it to the land of sexy. I will update soon. God Bless!

Hello Realselfers!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. Right now at this moment I'm feeling ok. This healing process has been up and down for me. I'm now retaining a lot of fluid in my belly so my stomach is not as flat as I hoped. The pain has been unbareable. Today is the first day since I had surgery on the 24th that I was a led to get out of bed with no help.

That's it for now. I will give a more detailed review once I'm back home. I will be leaving the DR on Saturday. God Bless!

Warning: Really long update

Hi Realselfers! I tried uploading photos but it didn't work. I will try again later. This will be a lot so forgive me if I'm all over the place.

I didn't have my surgery on the 23rd as planned. I spent most of that day on the 23rd doing lab work. I was never told by Dr. Cabral nor his assistant that I would have to pay $300 to see the Endocrinologist or pay an extra $50 for more blood work because I'm a diabetic. Unfortunately, all I had was $350 after paying Dr. Cabral and the Recovery House. So I pleaded with Dr. Cabral to change my qoute since he was already about to give it to me for 4500. He qouted me 4800 through email but was about to write 4500. He asked me what price he gave me and I told him 4800, so he scratched out the 5 and put 8. Well after explaining to him that I would be completely broke because I was never told anything about having to pay the Endocrinologist, he gave it to me for 4500. I had my surger. on the 24th.


My stay at Cipla was the worst experience ever! I had a nurse stay over night with me but she wasn't much help. The language barrier is so difficult. I woke up twice during surgery. I wasn't scare or worried. I felt no pain only pressure. I called Dr. Cabral' s name while my back was being lipoed and a woman responded and said "He's working on you sweetheart", and I went back under. I woke up again when he was doing my tummy tuck and I didn't say anything, I just rubbed my eyes and I was back out again. I woke up in my room wrapped up and in a bed of blood and fluid. I was not allowed to move and my ass felt like rocks. It was cold in the room and I only had a sheet to cover up with. I was his first patient that morning so I had to lye there in a pool of blood all that day and night until the nurses came in the next morning to clean me and put me in a faja. There was so much fluid when they pulled the sheets threre was a puddle of fluid underneath it. I was so miserable and cold. I couldn't sleep at all. Some of the other girls who had surgery at Cecip or other clinics did not have the same experience. They were put in their faja right after surgery and was cleaned. I don't think I would ever go there for surgery again. I also needed 1 pt of blood and they wouldn't give it to me until I pay $120 first. The days after surgery I would be in extreme pain and looked sick.

Recovery House: Princess Recovery House

The young ladies there were pretty helpful. They feed you 3 meals a day and a snack if you want it. They also will was your clothes andfaja as well. On the negative side, when you're really sick, they don't really know what they are doing. If you have a really bad headache, weak, or pale, they think it's. normal and all you need to do is eat. My roomate suffered with really bad headaches and she was told she needed to eat but Dr. Cabral checked her hemo and it was low. I on the other hand was weak, tired, and pale. No one picked it up nor did Dr. Cabral. My flight back home wasn't until 3:00 that evening. They took me to the airport at 10:45 in the morning. So I had to sit there in a wheel chair inpain until 3 and then my first flight was 3 hours long. I fogot to mentioned I was full of fluids once they removed my drains. They had to manually drain me for the next few days.


When I got home, It didn't seem like I was getting any better. I came home on Saturday and went to see my PCP on Monday. I was full of fluids and wanted to know if she could drain me. She said she didn't feel comfortable doing it so I had to go to the ER. This ER basically told me they couldn't help me. I called a friend of mine (lab tech) to see if she can get me a needle and syringe to drain myself,but the needle was too small. I went to another ER and they did blood work and an ultrasound to locate the fluid pockets. Not only did I have a lot of fluid, My blood count was low, I was dehydrated, my belly button was infected, and my kidneys were close to renal failure. I believe all this was going on while I was in the Dominican Republic, but Dr. Cabral didn't take notice or try to. After surgery, I only seen his nurses and according to them, everything I was feeling was normal. Well, while I was in thr hospital, I was given 2 bags of blood and 5 bags of fluid. They are also running test to see if I have Lupus. It does run in my family. They think thst may be the cause of my kidney damage and othet things. I was in there for 4 days. I'm feeling better noe and should be returning to work tomorrow.

That's all I have for now. I'll keep trying to upload some pics. God Bless!


I just want to mention that I have 2 profiles and I try to update both. The word "Research" was mentioned in few of the comments. I just want you to know that I did not go into this with a blind eye. I have done my research on this Dr and several others. I know that there are risk when going under the knife with any Dr. I also know that in the Dominican Republic you may not get the best aftercare. Some have and so,e may not. I knew whst I eas doing snd why I chose to go to Dr. Cabral. I know that God is an awesome God. I didn't put my life in Dr. Cabral's hand, I put it in God's hands. Yes, I had complications but I'm still here and getting better. I'm glad I can help anyone with their decision on going to the Dominican Republic or not. I had surgery here at the best trauma hospital in the state of Louisiana and still had complications. It happens no matter where you go. I was told that I may have an illness that may explain why I'm going through all of these complications but test are being done to determine that. I choise to go there and I read probably the same negative things you all read, seen, or heard, but like I said earlier. God got this. He always has and I believe he always will.

Now, what I didn'tresearch on is the fact that they have earthquakes in the Dominican Republic. It was the day after I had surgery that an Earthquake happened. It was a 5.6 in another city but it was strong enough for us to feel it in Santo Domingo. I thank God for sooooo many reasons. He brought me this far. I've survived and made it through hurricane Katrina, 3 c-sections 3rd being the hardest, I lost a lot of blood, hysterectomy with complications (took 2 months to heal), gastric sleeve, earthquake, this surgery and whatever is going on with my kidneys.

I'm not offended because I know that all of you mean well. I just want you to know that I have done my research on this Dr, not the earthquakes though. I don't ever plan on going back!

Hi RealSelfers!

!Today is my first day back at work and I'm excited. I need my coins. I sit at a desk all day so I'm good. I've finally got a chance to upload my photos. As you can see, 2 weeks post-op I was developing saromas and swollen. I've since then had a drain put back in and it was removed yesterday. Tomorrow I will be 1 month post-op. I'm feeling and getting around much better. As far as my health, I'm not sure what is what until I see each specialist to determine what's going on. I hope you all are doing well. Happy Holidays to you and be Blessed!

Hi Realselfers!

I'm 5 weeks post-op and I'm doing feeling much better. I'm not as stiff as I used to be. I'm now able to lay down on my stomach. The pain is mild but I'm still comfortable. My body seems to take on a different shape everyday. I'm loving my body, even with my bat wings and saggy thighs. Well this is all I have for now Realselfers. Be Blessed!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Realselfers!

Hi Realselfers!

Great news you guys! I went for my rheumatology appointment and I DO NOT HAVE LUPUS! THANK GOD!!! I'm still waiting on my renal appointment regarding my kidneys, but I'm not worried. God Bless!

My new Faja

I've finally ordered a stage 2 Faja! I've been wearing a stage 1 Faja with a lipo board and a waist cincher for extra compression for the longest to try and save money. I'm loving the fit and how comfortable it is. It's the DPrada 11066. I ordered it in a 1x from Amazon.

Hi Realselfers!

I'm currently 2 months and 16 days post-op. Everything is going well and I'm feeling great. Yesterday was Mardi Gras here in New Orleans and I've gotten so much attention. I'm loving the new me. Here are some pics I took yesterday. God bless!

3 months post-op

Hi Realselfers! I've finally reached my 3 months mark! So far everything is going well. I still have a little numbness around my tummy tuck scar and I still can't feel my belly button. Every now and then, depending on how I'm sitting, I may still have the burning sensation in my back. It doesn't last long....maybe a minute or two and then it goes away.

I had a lot of ups and downs during this journey since 2013. Other than the death of my mom, there is nothing else I would want to change. You live and learn.. some the easy way and others, the hard way. Either way, it's an experience that can either make or break you; its up to you to figure out which one.

So far I'm enjoying my new body. I enjoy shopping now and playing dress up like a kid. I have a new chair now! One that I've always wanted; It's my boo's lap....lol. Yes, he's my permanent seat now. I sit in his lap when we're watching TV together. It feels good being able to sit on him and not hear " YOUR'RE BREAKING MY LEG"! Well, this is all I have for now. God Bless and Happy Healing to all you Realselfers in the recovery stage!

1 year post-op Gastric Sleeve!

Hi my realself family! I was so excited about my plastic surgery journey, I've practically forgotten about my Gastric Sleeve. This has been an amazing journey. I'm so happy with my new body. It feels so surreal at times. I'm now 1 year post-op and I've lost a total of 115lbs. I started at 285lbs with a BMI of 40.9 (obesity) and I'm now 170lbs with a BMI of 24.4 (Normal Weight).

If you're tired of being tired and just feel like you have to remain in that shell of a body that's making you unhappy, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If exercise and yoyo diets aren't doing you any justice, go for the surgery. Your benefits will outweigh the risks. Stop listening to nay Sayers and do what you feel is the right thing for you. Because after all, no one will carry that extra weight for you, take those high blood pressure pills for you, take insulin shots for you, or even help you breath and sleep better at night. Only YOU can do those things for you.

Thank all of you who has followed, commented, messaged, and gave me words of encouragement, prayers, and advice. Had it not been for realself, I still may be sitting here feeling sorry for myself and just big and miserable because I would still be thinking that I couldn't afford this type of surgery. I learned about Dr. Almanza (Gastric Sleeve) and Dr. Cabral (plastic surgery) through RealSelf.

That's all I have for now. Good luck to you all who are having surgery sometime in the future. Happy Healing to everyone who is in the healing process and God Bless you all!

Hi Realselfers!

Sorry it's been awhile, but I have a lot of personal things going on in my life right now. I can and will tell you that I've finally gotten the proposal of my dreams. It was beautiful y'all! He came to my job, dressed all nice, with pink roses, and a beautiful ring. He dropped down to one knee in front of everyone and proposed. I said No.

Don't take the person your with love for granted. Mine took me for granted for almost seven years. I left him and now he's trying to win me back. The problem with that is that, I don't want him back. Show the person your with how much you love them during your relationship, not after its over. Sometimes you're just a little too late.

On a more happier note. I'm enjoying my new body. I've been on several dates since my breakup and I'm enjoying the single life.
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