BBL with Yily! Switching to Vecchio in Boston

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*Treatment results may vary

{first 4 pics of me now (pre-op) & the rest are...

{first 4 pics of me now (pre-op) & the rest are wish pics and things I lifted from the site for what to buy prior, etc}

I have researched this site for a year and have decided that I like Yily's work the very best. I got a quote recently for $3500 but then they just made a totally inclusive package for $4400+ that includes a recovery house for a week, medicines, and transportation to and from the airport and appointments. Since I am going alone, I may have to opt for that package, although I'm a bit sketched at which recovery house they use and the reviews of that place (there was one RH that was blamed for infecting a handful of girls at once!)
After perusing so many before & after's, I'm convinced Yily is the best at sculpting a sexy body. I have had a BA 10 years ago, which I got the smallest size available and have honestly been convinced one of them deflated completely--- so I do need to get them done over, and thank goodness now Gummi bear silicone is an option, as it wasn't 10 years ago and the whole water balloon feeling would be welcomely replaced with something more natural. However, I do not believe Yily uses Gummi bear implants, and I have not been impressed seeing the incisions these doctors are using by either slicing right down the middle of the breast, or using the nipples which actually look like the heal MUCH better with Yily, but my nipples are far too small to use as an incision spot. The first time I had it done I got the incision under the breast, which I think is best for me although I hated having the scars peek out from a bikini top. Better than a full blown line down the bottom half of my breast. So, the point of all that is that I will have to wait to get my boobs done, and will probably pay full price in Boston to get it done with minimal scarring and to get the Gummies. I should note, if you're thinking of getting them too, I had them under my muscle and I experienced a LOT of pain for at least 6 months and could not sleep on my side without a lot of discomfort.
NOW, BACK TO THE BBL---- Yily knows her curves. I don't see alot of pictures of white girls getting this done but the results I see on other dolls are incredible.
This decision is half a self-satisfying thing and half that I enjoy the power that a beautiful body can bring. I can tell ya, after I got my implants when I was 19 and started a career in audio, I was getting the most amazing jobs in the state and partying with all the legendary rock stars. Since there are hardly any women in the profession already, my peers resented me for having an upper hand by my looks. But guess what, after being the "personality" companion to the hottest girls in my town growing up, I was so done with them reaping all the benefits solely due to looks. You can't underestimate how much better people treat you, want you around, and the opportunities they'll give you, just because they are attracted to you. It may sound shallow but it makes me think of the quote in House of Cards that said something like "Everything is about sex, except for sex. Sex is about power." I know that the extra curves I'm planning for will bring me power. As a woman, in this culture, I don't find anything wrong with using a man's weakness to allow a woman a step up-- any step up for any woman is a great thing, if you ask me. Use their weaknesses to strengthen your future. When I imagine myself as a Yily doll, I can just see the men falling to their knees to give me what I want. With all that perky breasts alone provided, I can only imagine the impact of having the full package of a tiny waist and nice big round booty. I'm sure all of this makes me seem calculating as a mofo. Well, after experiencing both sides of the coin (pre-op & post op), I have no problem facing the reality of our shallow world and letting it work for me. I don't think it's a bad thing- I've just learned to play the game. I can't wait to drive men crazy and to fill my ex's with deep regret. I can't wait to get in a bikini for the first time in my life and not be insecure about my giant love handles I've had since I was 12 years old and everyone thought I was anorexic (which tells me that no matter how skinny I become, those handles aren't going anywhere). I see the transformation of these women and it just makes me want to jump on a plane and do the operation today. However, after reading about the infections that some of the girls had (possibly related to an unclean recovery house), I know I must give the full 2 months to do the proper pre-op care of vitamins, eating iron rich food, and gaining weight. I bought a package for hot yoga & pilates (20 classes) and have been confused if I should do them now and just continue eating a lot, or to hold off until after recovery to do them.
One of my bigger concerns that I haven't found answers to is that I don't want a TT. I find the scar along the stomach unsightly and a dead giveaway. Will my stomach be sagging afterward if I don't elect to have that nasty scar?? What can be done to fix that?? I have never had children, although I've held at least 25 extra pounds for a couple of years and my stomach is certainly large. I don't have stretch marks on it and I don't want to have a ton of sagging skin. If that is what's to be expected by getting lipo without the TT, I considered possibly going to Sono Bello afterward to use their lazerlipo, which also tightens the skin but would probably cost around $4000 to do. I had chin lipo almost a year ago for around that cost and it was totally worth it. I no longer have a turkey face or worry about what I look like when I lay down next to my lover, or when I sing my neck doesn't inflate like a frog. After a couple months of wearing a face compressor to sleep, I was fine and the results have lasted with a natural look. Made a big difference in my confidence. I actually have a jawline now.
The date I'm looking at is the first week of February, maybe the 3rd. I figure this will give enough time that by spring I would be able to anticipate a bikini-wearing summer. I have to book my appt soon but I would really love a buddy for the whole experience. Anyone else planning to go then? Please contact me.

I will post my pre-op pic's for y'all. You can see my boobs were already done ten years ago and will see why I'm thinking to get them redone. Even though they look small in the pic, I wear a 34D, so I assume once the BBL is done I can still wait to get them redone if I want. It's just that one boob is probably an entire cup size smaller than the other.

Yily's New All-Inclusive Package - includes transportation, recovery house and med's

This is what Yily's office recently sent me---- it sure solves a lot of problems for the many girls coming from out of the country, although I have to wonder which recovery house they send you to. Another review said that 5 girls went to a certain recovery house and all 5 ended up with infections in the hospital. That is definitely worrisome. But being alone in a resort doesn't sound any safer. I thought I'd share this info for anyone else looking:

Thank you for contacting the office of Dr. Yily De Los Santos.
Our team has worked to prepare a surgical package all inclusive!!
That way you won’t have to worry about too many details and have everything secured though us. We're going to take care, not only the phenomenal change in your body, but your accommodations and your post-op care, things that are extremely important for you to have a successful recovery.
Here, we’ve send you a quote based on the procedures you want to have and the time you need to stay at the Recovery House (RH) after surgery. We have also included relevant information on the requested procedures and as well as important things you should know before and after surgery. Please read through the email and feel free to reach out to us should you require additional information. We look forward to help you achieve your dream body.
Please read this message entirely before sending us your questions, as you may already find the answer in the information provided below.

1. Removing areas, such as the armpits, arms, inner thighs from the Liposuction procedure does not change the quote.
2. You cannot substitute one area for another.
3. Liposuction is required to do a BBL. That is how the fat is obtained to do the grafting.
4. This quote also contains how to book your surgery. Please read the entire quote.
5. We do not offer group discount.
6. If you don’t do the BBL it doesn’t change the price.
7. The questions about surgery are answered to people that are already confirmed for surgery with a date scheduled and a deposit sent.
8. it’s recommended that you come to the clinic on the day before your surgery to get your labs done.
9. Everybody is needs to have somebody to spend the night with the day of surgery. It’s mandatory.
10. If you have any health condition (asthma, high blood pleasure, anemia, etc.) please, notify in advance.

Package 1:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to buttocks (hips optional)
· 7 days of stay at one of the best Recovery Houses available in DR
· Post-op medication (listed below)

Makes a total of: $4,400 USD

With 10 days of stay in a Recovery House
Makes a total of: $4,550 USD

With 15 days of stay in a Recovery House
Makes a total of: $4,900 USD

Package 2:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to buttocks (hips optional)

Makes a total of: $3,500 USD *

*The quote above is valid for 6 months*

***If you want to stay in the RH for a few extra days that are not included in the package, each day would cost an additional $ 75 USD.
If you choose the package that only includes surgery, analysis and clinical fees, you must bring $ 400 extra to cover only transportation to and from the airport, post-surgical medications and accessories (anti-embolic stockings ....). To make your reservation, in this case, you must send a deposit of $ 300 (need photo of your receipt) and send your reservation of where you will stay, either if it’s a Recovery House or Hotel; whether it is a private residence, we will need to know the city and the neighborhood.***

We will need your flight information in order to schedule your airport pick-up.

Also included in the quote total are the following:
ü One compression garment
ü Post-op medication (listed below)
ü Pre-operative blood work (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
ü Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
ü Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, meals, surgical assistants, etc).

The compression socks are not included, but every patient must have them. You can either bring them from home or buy them her for $20 USD.

The Recovery House includes the following services:
ü Roundtrip transportation to airport
ü Transportation to medical appointments
ü Bilingual assistance 24/7 (may vary)
ü Medical service by a Certified Doctor (may vary)
ü Laundry service for surgical clothes
ü 3 meals, 2 snacks
ü Personalized drinking water
ü Air conditioner
ü WiFi
ü International TV
ü Change of sheets and towels 24/7
ü Pillows
ü All necessary help for your recovery!!

If you want t get a Tummy Tuck instead of just Lipo:
Tummy Tuck $1,000 additional if the first quote was just for lipo. If you want Hernia repair done with the Tummy Tuck, it’s $500 additional, for a $1,500 total extra.
The above prices are valid only if you add them to the quote above.

Optional Costs
· Lymphatic massages $25 to $30 each session (must get 10 sessions minimum)
· Additional garment $140
· Compression sleeves for your arms $60
· Compression Socks $20
· Blood Transfusion $250
· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present within the first 30 days after surgery if you’re still in Santo Domingo $150

The following medications will be prescribed to you after surgery. You can get them in your country, make sure it’s the same medication as listed. Please note some medications and/or doses may not be available in your country without a prescription.
Select the date you would like to have surgery. In order to confirm and guarantee your surgery date, you must secure your date with a deposit of $300 (non refundable). (WIRE TRANSFER).
A deposit is required as a show of good faith that you are serious about having surgery. In the past we have scheduled patients for surgery who did not show up. We apologize we cannot guarantee a surgery date without a deposit. Verbal confirmation a date is available for surgery does not guarantee you that date. Surgeries are scheduled on first come basis when the deposit is made. Once your deposit is made please send me an email with:
1. A picture or screenshot of the receipt of the transaction.

2. Name of the person who’s getting surgery and phone number.

3. Name of the account holder.

4. Date of transaction.

5. Deposit amount.

6. Confirmation number.

Notice: After you send me the required information, it will take me several days to confirm with my bank that your deposit was received, but don’t worry, your appointment we’ll be already secured.
You must retain the deposit receipt and present it the day of surgery and bring it with you. Send deposit from your bank. The receipt must have your name on it, if you send the deposit from another person’s account you have put a note on the receipt with your name so we know it’s coming from you. If you get to come for surgery and after you do your labs something comes out wrong and you can’t do the surgery, the $300 USD deposit will be used to cover the cost of the labs, meaning that the $300 will not be refunded. You can’t switch your deposit to another person under any circumstance. If you do not have a bank account search online on how to wire money internationally) Do not use

Deposit information:
§ Bank name: Banco de Reservas de la República Dominicana
§ Recipient: (first name) Yily (last name) De Los Santos
§ IBAN/Account Number: 200-02-280-001088-7
§ Swift Code: BRRDDOSD
§ Office: San Soucí
§ Address: Naval 27 de Febrero
§ City: Santo Domingo
§ Providence: Santo Domingo
§ Zip Code: 11603
§ Phone: 809-788-9696

Dr. Yily’s Address: Av. Pedro Henriquez Ureña #137, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Payment Forms
The balance of your surgery must be paid prior to your surgery. You can pay the morning of your surgery at the clinic. I only accept cash. You may pay in US dollars or Dominican pesos. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, money orders, bank check or personal checks.

About the procedures

The day of surgery
The night before the surgery don't eat or drink anything after 10 pm. You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. My assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.

After surgery
I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery. You will stay 1 night in the clinic. You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes a day without it during these months.

We usually use continuous epidural block. Although some patients prefer general anesthesia, it is at the discretion of the anesthesiologist. He is a trusted professional and knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.

Breast Augmentation
The implants are placed under the muscle. The stitches are absorbable; they do not need to be removed. I do not transfer fat to breast because of the issue of breast cancer.

Tummy Tuck
The tummy tuck scar/incision is 4cm from the pubic line. I use stitches that dissolve, so they do not have to be removed. I cannot tell you how many inches your waist will be reduced as that is dependent on your diastasis and the separation of your muscles. This will be determined during surgery. You will have a drain after surgery that will collect excess fluid. This drain will be removed in 7-14 days, depending on your recovery. Please note it is recommended you wait at least 1 year to get pregnant after having this procedure.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
This procedure entails grafting fat from other areas of your body and injecting it into your buttocks. I cannot determine how much fat I can graft before surgery. The amount of fat injected in the buttocks will depend on how much fat your buttocks can accept and your hip size. The fat will be injected in all directions as long as it does not compress the sciatic nerve. Too much fat injected in the buttocks can cause necrosis or form abscesses. This mainly occurs when the patient does not have proper post-op care. After having a BBL you CAN sit on your butt and sleep on your back.

Important notice about BBLs: Most of the butts in the “wish pics” that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA. I do not use PMMA. I solely do fat grafting and inject the fat in the buttock. I will always try to give my patients their desired results, but we have to be aware that there are limits when injecting fat.

Contact Us
My preferred method of contact for questions is via email. We have implemented new measures in responding to emails that has reduced the delay in response time. Should you want to call our office the number is listed below. We can be best reached during the hours of 9:00am-1:00pm EST.

Office Number

Office Hours 9:00AM-5:00PM UTC-4 EST
Secretary (Only speaks Spanish)
Assistant Yira (Speaks English & Spanish)

Additional Information

· The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas located on Av. Las Americas.
· Airport Code: SDQ

Clinic address
· Av. Pedro Henriquez Ureña #137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 504, 5th floor.

Blood Count Results

My hemo is 13.2~~ yay! The doctor says I'm a perfect candidate for surgery.
On Friday I am seeing Dr. Yarmachek in Boston about correcting my botched nose job from ten years ago. Yea, I waited that long with a crooked nose. Why? Honestly I was horrified that if I let them touch it again, it would come out even worse. What's worst about all of that is that I didn't even want a nose job. I had seen the doctor when I was 19 because after moving to Boston, my asthma was so bad I was just constantly light-headed. I couldn't breathe through my nose since I broke it in second grade, and hardly had any sense of smell. My mother jumped on the chance to send me to Boston's best rhinoplasty guy and must have told him all the awful things she thought about my normal appearance, because the guy really encouraged me to let him "shave that bump" and "refine that tip" while he was "going to be at it anyway" telling me that either way "the shape would change." So I consented. I signed away some paper just before surgery. And you know what? I'm almost 100% certain he let a student hack away at my face. They wrapped it wrong so that I immediately saw the huge bulge on the left side which hardly existed on the other side. Goodbye, wanting to take ANY pics of myself from the right side throughout ALL of my 20s! Goodbye confidence to perform my music, the dreams I held as a young girl! Same goes for my breast implants I had done at the same time, one of which WAS the bigger ended up becoming the smaller size and for years I've been convinced that it's totally deflated in there, although after a couple years the surgeon tried to convince me otherwise, and tried to tell me the nose operation was an improvement. It was not. So I am very cautious about even the Best, Top Rated do anything to me. And that's also why I am relieved that Yily is very upfront about her assistants' presence and activity in the operating room, and that I have been able to see the hundreds of pictures and read about others' experiences for an entire year before committing to this. She says that she does all of the grafting but that she allows her assistants to clean her up. That's okay. I just can't go through the experience again of being told you're in the best, most capable hands only to find myself looking like a botched job all over. I guess I am not vain enough that most people have never assumed I got work done. I would like to keep it that way. I'd like to make them wonder.

Sent in Deposit Today, Awaiting Date!!

This has been quite the week. While I was scheduled for a Jan 7 BA revision after 10 yrs of having salines, I wimped out on it because I'm unsure if the size I wanted would be good for me (565cc's HP would probably make me an F cup! I'm 5'4'' and 145lbs), and moreso, I really wanted to get the BBL and thought it would be better to wait so that I can comfortably lay on my stomach post-op from the BBL. Also, I was scheduled for a revision on my nose and I am still going to do that on Jan 7. So today I wired my $300 deposit to Yily and asked what the soonest date open is that I could take, with appropriate waiting time after my rhinoplasty.
Although I was a little nervous as I filled out the wire, I took a second look at some Yily "after's" and went ahead and sent it. Immediately, I became a bit elated to realize that I too could look as sexy as some of these other girls!! Oh my goodness, I'm gonna be unstoppable! This feeling is way different than what I feel about doing my nose or my boobs over, which really were both operations my mother pushed me into, and while I don't regret my boobs, the doctor messed up my nose which didn't need it to begin with. I decided that I would rather wait to change out the implants- thinking about complications rates of 20% revisions done in 3 yrs after the second augmentation just frightens me with the future costs to maintain these puppies. Best to have each pair as long as possible, no? I like the size and shape, don't mind some size difference between them, because I still remember what it was like to have NO boobs. They look natural as they have "fallen" and I'd be more scared that these would be replaced by something I don't like. So I just pray that Dr. Darrow of Boston is going to do a great job-- well I really feel he will do the best anyone can do, based on everything I've experienced and read of him thus far-- I guess what I mean is that I hope I will heal correctly. I don't want to look too "done" especially on my face.

What feels best is knowing, based on previous experience with other changes I've made, that the insecurities and physical discomfort of certain areas will be replaced by great confidence. I've always had these giant love handles and they make my butt look concave... now we're going to reverse all this and give me more cushion for the pushin'! haha. I look forward to a life with smooth hourglass curves I'm happy to show off.

I await the reply from Yily to see when I can book.

you can see previous post for pre-op pics. caution, they're not too pretty!

Delaying BA, Sent Deposit for BBL, Getting Paranoid about CIPLA, Rhino on Jan 7th

I cancelled the BA because what I really want is a BBL. Darrow doesn't believe in the fat transfer but I've been so long obsessed with Yily's pictures that I sent her a deposit yesterday. Now I am regretting doing so and getting paranoid because of reading about the deaths there last year and 19 reported cases U.S. girls getting infected from going down there. Also, it seems Yily is allowing students to work on her behalf and I'll tell ya, that's how my first cosmetic procedures ended up with poor results. I tried warming up to the idea of just getting lipo, but nobody beats the Yily Dolls when it comes to sculpting a voluptuous, dramatic body. I don't see how it would be possible to give me the dramatic look without the fat transfer, but I am going to ask Darrow about it tomorrow as he thinks I'm a good lipo candidate... I just don't believe I could achieve that VaVoom butt without more volume put into the sides.... I checked out some pic's and see he's great at getting rid of fat but there is a certain aesthetic to Yily's curvy girls, that a lot of his more conservative patients wouldn't even want to ask for. He says typical volume loss of a BBL could be around 60%, but when he said that all I really heard was "You butt could be 40% larger!" So.... Well, here I am! ;) Surgery for my nose is on the 7th and I need to decide about the rest of me- quickly! Wish me luck!


I just ordered an Oversized Boppy Pillow from and only paid shipping! TO GET ONE FREE USE promo code 58EE9C968 (good for $ 40.00 off! of pillows that are $40-45!!!).
I paid $20 so I could get the soft minky kind. With all the talk of uncomfortable fajas, I have a feeling that thing and I will become besties real quick.
Besides, with all the things we need to get... you don't want to end up with a tiny neck boppy pillow for your big ol' thang!

Nose Jan 7// May Switch from Yily in DR to De Vecchio in Boston for BBL// BA Later

So this year is my last year before I turn 30, and although I've never had kids, I've been compelled for the last year to make a drastic change in my overall appearance and style, defining me in new ways and with new confidence. I have had some work done in the past (nose, boobs, chin) and while the first two came with some disappointments, I don't regret any of it because I had been consumed with insecurity over those areas before, and now there is nothing to be concerned about. Well, until I heard about the BBL procedure! I figure if I'm gonna get breast implants then the rest of my body should be bangin'.... but if I work out I always lose my butt and hate having a body backside! So I'd rather have some meat on me. Now, to know that the meat can be in all the right places with a BBL, I am sold!!
I have seen Vecchio's pics often but didn't realize he operated here in Boston too. I hope to have a consultation with him PRONTO so I can have this done. I sent in an email tonight and wrote ASAP about 3x- think they'll know I'm excited?

I had been set on Yily and was elated for a short time. I really love her pics and am just so paranoid about a variety of things- how many patients she takes in a day (7?), the infections those patients have gotten from the dirty CIPLA, burns from a hot scapula, and most of all her not even doing the procedures herself. Keep in mind ladies THIS HAPPENS IN THE USA TOO. They say the key to not getting burned is having a qualified surgeon, so with Yily's experience I would think it would be more of a student error than her own. But many top surgeons here in Boston also allow students to hack away on our bodies for practice. I have fallen prey to that incident and paid for it dearly with my face. Hence my revision rhino on Jan 7th.

My mother sent me all the articles she could about deaths at CIPLA today and that combined with my natural inclination to check out all the worst reviews I could of Yily just after sending my $300 deposit, has me feeling like OK, maybe it wouldn't be SO bad to stay here in the states to get it done on the downlow.
I think it will be better to get it done before the breast implants so that I can 1) know the width of my hips, which will help deciding which size implant would be best to give me an hourglass figure and 2)sleep on my stomach...which ironically I hate because of my current, 10 yr old saline implants.
The main thing I worry about with Yily is that she won't be the one doing the work. This is what happened with my first operation with Prebaz in Boston, who was meant to be a top doctor and who I thought was being honest with me. There's no way he did the work on me that I could immediately recognize stupid mistakes made that left their mark, literally on my face (getting nose revision on Jan 7! Praying it goes well!!!). While I've been happy to have my breast implants from Prebaz, I always wonder about silicone and the gummies, and if they will really feel more comfortable inside of me. I played with all types in Darrow's office. The highly cohesive gel ones seem to be a little more heavy. Silicones feel like they have the most viscosity. Salines are water balloons. Right now my right saline breast implant feels hard and smaller than it should be and that is what I am most motivated to correct. Maybe I have the capsular contracture, not sure. But I hope my next set is a lot more comfortable! I will be asking Vecchio about a fat transfer to my smaller breast or possibly to both because I like the idea of using my own fat much more than implants, due to the uncomfortable feeling and always assuming I have to admit I have implants to my boyfriends. Even if there is only a 60% retention of the fat, that's better than 0%! I would REALLY love if I could get a successful fat transfer to the breasts and then remove my implants and not need them anymore. However, then I wonder about cancer because Yily says she does not transfer fat to the breasts due to increased cancer rates.
Well, I hope this helps someone out there. I am glad I have a place to write and discuss all of these big choices and options and appreciate your support and comments.

Yily of D.R. vs. Vecchio of Boston/NYC vs. Fisher of Miami.... BBL Time!! LAST WK OF JAN '15-- ANY BUDDIES?

[[[ I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A BUDDY IF ANYONE IS LEAVING THE LAST WEEK OF JANUARY 2015! also here's a code for a free, oversized boppy pillow!!! I got an Oversized Boppy Pillow from and only paid shipping! TO GET ONE FREE USE promo code 58EE9C968 ~~~ you're welcome!! :) ]]]

Well I already made my deposit with Yily but thanks to my mom sending a bunch of articles about the 28 year old who died getting liposuction in the D.R., and the USA warnings of more than 19 girls getting infected from D.R. procedures, and the temporary closing of CIPLA last year for sanitary issues, I did look into state-side surgeons to weigh the pro's and con's. Here's where I'm at:

Yily: Initially quick response for both requests for quotes, one in October 2013 ($3200) and one in November 2014 ($3500).
Sent deposit while they were out of the office for a few days, but received confirmation about 4 or 5 days later and they asked for what date I would like. I told them I was having a rhinoplasty in Boston and they seemed a little confused by my English message, asking if I was requesting rhinoplasty and a BBL there. No, I just want a couple of weeks to heal from the nose and to take 3 weeks of vitamins they tell us to take. The date I'm looking at is January 23rd or in that week. I feel like I'd have to get a package rate for $4600 because I don't have anyone who can go with me yet, except my big dud of a brother who coincidentally wants to go to the D.R. the same time that I do, but knows nothing of my interest in the BBL and doesn't even realize I have had a nose or boob job. I'm sure if I brought him, he'd be no help, probably be flirting with girls resting on their tummys with their big ol' butts, and then go and tell the entire hometown what I had done. Ohhh how those losers would love to have a juicy tidbit like that! But nope! They will have to suffer the mystery lol. Although I've had a hard time NOT telling the people closest to me since I made up my mind to do it. Previously I just kept making jokes about it and telling them what it was, and probably how Nikki Minaj got her big fat ass cuz that chick was a stick before-- I know her previous producer who loves to post pics of the old Nikki lol. I swear, that chick can't make music for the life of her, but who cares, she won the world over with those round hips and that unbelievably round ass. Well, get ready to be an unbeliever of me too! hahhaa. (And my music actually sounds good. So I'm thinking this will boost my confidence as a performer, the same confidence that was destroyed from my first nose job that I had at a time while I was in a band, gigging, and could have really kept up the momentum through my 20s had I not imagined the nightmare of being ridiculed for my obviously fucked up nose. Well, I still have the splint on from the revision done this morning, and praying that I will be looking normal again, if not cute pretty dang soon! I will settle for normal though lol. Better than botched!)

Vecchio: This guy has been referred to as the "Mendietta of Boston" although he also works in NYC. St. Elizabeth's hospital in Allston is where he works, which is a great hospital, and very easy for anyone around Boston to use-- way more than the other major hospitals, because it's pretty quiet there. Those are appealing reasons to go to Vecchio when I think about recovery--- getting home 5 minutes away to my own bed and family helper is a much nicer prospect than staying in a foreign country for 10 days and having to take an awkward and uncomfortable flight home alone. Also, if anything goes wrong, the follow-up doesn't involve an international quest and investment. I've read that the pricetag is about $7200. So, still a few thousand more expensive than going to the D.R. with flights and RH included. Another con is that I made a request for a consultation ASAP a week ago right after I sent Yily my deposit. I still haven't heard back but I do see some other members saying they're getting their BBL's as we speak in Boston with him, so he's around. His online calendar does not express his availability whatsoever, but he also takes virtual consultations which is cool.

Fisher: Pricetag has jumped from $4500 to $6000 since New Years due to Fisher's popularity, demand, and well I guess he knows now that he is the Man of the Bootay in USA (Figure I end up talking to them on the 4th! A same-day callback was appreciated though, and I was offered a free garment, lipo boards and foam ($200value) if I put down my $1000 same day as the call. I did not because I needed to see what was up with Yily, and then learned my deposit went through although I haven't made a date because I want my answers first and they're taking days to get back to me on those). $6000 is still less than many, such as Atlanta's Jimmerson who is amazing but I think charges more like $10,000 per booty. Fisher's aesthetic is great-- he understands the Video Vixen body. I told them about Yily and they were familiar with her. The consultant told me that the risk you run is that you could come back with undesirable results and have to pay in full for a revision, however if enough fat is relocated, it may be very difficult to do another lipo procedure because you may not have sufficient fat in the right places. Tricky part about that is that many people who review their BBL say that when they gain weight, it's going to their booties and not their tummies--- great unless you need a revision with tummy/back fat. The consultant said many people from the DR come back with lumps and bumps and some cannot be corrected at all. The BEST INFO she gave me was that if Dr. Fisher did an *admittedly* poor job, the REVISION COST WOULD BE FREE, sans the $700-1000 for anesthesia. Now, granted, I've lived with obviously poor work done to my nose and that "top" doctor of Boston did everything he could to convince me I was better off than where I started (pure lies! Would you rather have a slightly larger, perfectly symmetrical nose or a slightly smaller assymetrical nose with over 4 obvious botched bits in it? Let's see how today's revision surgery turns out Fingers crossed!!!).

I hope this helps anyone else who is considering ALL the best and most affordable options for a BBL. I honestly wish so much to be a Yily Doll and just have to pray that things have dramatically improved at CIPLA. I wrote a letter to Yily's office telling them that my PR team could help them craft a press release addressing these exact concerns so they wouldn't have to explain them to each worried patient. We'll see. She really could benefit from that. Right now I take solace in seeing hundreds of AMAZING reviews on her that far outweigh the negatives. I specifically requested she herself do the entire procedure mostly due to my past trauma with my nose, because that doctor also allowed a student to work on me and that student didn't know what the hell they were doing. I will update when I get a response from Yily.

I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A BUDDY IF ANYONE IS LEAVING THE LAST WEEK OF JANUARY 2015! also here's a code for a free, oversized boppy pillow!!! I got an Oversized Boppy Pillow from and only paid shipping! TO GET ONE FREE USE promo code 58EE9C968 ~~~ you're welcome!! :)

Still Waiting on Yily... Sent my deposit 6 days ago!

I may have just bombarded them with too many emails.
I wanted to ask about the current state of CIPLA regarding the infections and few deaths that happened last year. It does worry me! I don't want to be off-putting to them but I would think they'd have prepared answers for these common concerns, especially after the bad press. I am eager to book in the next few weeks- before the end of January, but have not yet gotten any confirmation or answers back from them.

Nonetheless, I am still set on Yily, but I am asking for some specifics like getting me in early in the day and not allowing any students to work on me.

I found a great spot just walking distance to CIPLA on AirBnB for about $600 a week. I figure that plus a $400 ticket for a companion would be better than going to a recovery house for the extra $1100, where it seems most chicas are ignored except to be given meals. I'd rather have a friend to talk to and be real with, although then I worry that something could happen if they don't know how to help, or worse yet something happen to them if they're out there walking around the beaches alone or whatever while I'm unable to move much or contact them. I'm still not sure which I'll choose and appreciate the advice anyone might want to share. Anyone have an EXCELLENT experience with a RH that you went to alone? Or had a friend stay with you at a RH?

[[[ If you haven't bought your oversized boppy pillow yet, here's a free code I got to get yours for only S&H--- Promo code 58EE9C968 ]]]

Fisher Running Special for BBL $5200 for 3 days (reg. price now is $6k)

Just got a call from Dr. Fisher's "Vanity" office.
I had inquired a few days ago about why their prices suddenly jumped from $4500 to $6000. They explained Fisher's popularity, quality of results, yada yada, and offered a 1-day-only $200 discount that would cover the garment, foam and boards. Well today they called back and offered a deal for $5200 that's good for 3 days only. I figure they're kind of hard-selling but at the same time really appreciate an $800 discount which could go toward a plane ticket and hotel!
I'm not sure if this offer is open to everyone but I'm posting it just incase someone catches this in time to mention it. They said today was the first day of the special.

Overall, the cost of going to Yily is going to be around $6k total (with airfare, hotel or RH, meds, etc) as well, so it is something to consider.

Not the Greatest communication with Yily...

I sent her an email asking about the guarantee that she will be performing on me, not assistants, and if I would be able to be seen earlier in the day.
Below is her response, after I admittedly bombarded their inbox with long anxious messages also regarding the risk for infection or death and previous incidents---

"Hi, Very Good Morning.
I have read your email, and no details will be made only in person and gladly.
My jobs, I do, if I have assistants for demonstrations, swim, and more.
I sent the information necessary for the procedure.
Any questions please call me at the office."

I'm not sure if they're using a translator app that is miscommunicating. I don't think I'll be swimming lol. But I guess I've got to go with the flow. I just emailed again asking for the open dates between Jan 23-Feb 6.

I will probably have to call the office tomorrow. Shucks, I don't know spanish well enough. I hope we will understand each other.

NEED A YILY BUDDY for any dates btw Jan 23-Feb 6 (I haven't confirmed date yet!)

I take it back! Somehow my email box moved the two messages she sent yesterday. One was the complete prepatory info, and the other was a thank you note for the deposit and asking me which date I want again. I NEED A BUDDY!! anybody going between Jan 23- Feb 6 that wants to buddy up? I haven't set my date in stone yet because I want a buddy.

Canceling with Yily & Looking Local

Well I was all gung-ho and had found a realself sister to buddy up with at Yasmin's Recovery House, but it looks like I am going to cancel. My mother agreed to pay half of the costs, which I estimated in total would be $5500 to go to Yily with all travel and boarding and supplies included. However, she passionately fought me over going to the D.R. and sent me all the news reports about girls coming home with infections while not getting the right post op attention, or worse yet the random deaths that have occured there, or the facility being shut down for sanitation issues. I have been trying to get some assurance from Yily to ease those concerns but they just don't want to acknowledge the issues when I ask, told me I'd have to come down there for my questions to be answered, and that just doesn't seem fair. Now I'm very disappointed, because I really love and adore Yily's work above all others, but at this point I am looking at getting it done by a local doctor. Finding one with the right aesthetic is difficult. I discovered one, however, that may work for me.
There is a doctor in Boston/NYC named Daniel Vecchio and he specializes in "high volume transfers" for the butt. I looked at his pic's and they do seem dramatic, although I am not nearly as much a fan as I am of Yily's work. It seems he really straightens out the mid-section and makes giant bubble butts with a shelf, which is good for some people I guess.... but when I see Yily's girls, there is such a cohesive flow from tiny waist to giant hips and the great slopes down the back. I am seriously thinking of bringing him some Yily's post op's as wish pic's. I have booked a consultation this morning, fairly easily through his site and will be going there to his office on Newbury Street in Boston on Tuesday. I think he charges around $7000 and would do the job at St Elizabeth's in Allston which is close to home, so that's convenient.

My issues with Yily....
Don't get me wrong, I am a Yilyhead and obsessed with her work over anyone's on this site. Through my research, I had read about the poor communication others have had with Yily's office. I did experience this as well. I made my deposit 3 weeks ago but could not have any questions answered beyond setting a date and that Yily would indeed perform the procedure herself, which I requested because of complaints of letting assistants do the work....which brings me to the siderant: This DOES happen and can happen almost anywhere-- ALWAYS ask your surgeon if he allows others to do the job under his supervision and consider the risk of an amateur working on your body or face. That is how my first rhinoplasty was a bust, and the recent correction I had may have only replaced a dent with a bump and a tip deformity with a nostril deformity instead. You have to weigh the risks of doing this crap over and over because of the first time being handled improperly.
Anyway, because I could not have any questions answered about my other concerns regarding CIPLA's most recent sanitation review, doctors wearing gloves, or scheduling excessive amounts of patients for a single day, today I asked for my deposit back. We will now see the valor of Yily's office and whether they can take responsibility for the lack of thorough and honest communication. They've got $300 of mine that may have Vecchio's name on it.
Anyone have opinions about Vecchio's work compared to Yily's? I hope I'm not making a mistake to stay here and do it when I've been idealizing Yily's sculpting. This guy just seems to see BUTT rather than Yily's full body contouring and shaping to remain curvy all around.

No Refund Response from Yily Yet..... Careful sending your deposit, They won't answer any Q's til you're in DR!!

Since I could not have my questions answered from Yily & Yira, I told them I could not make my appointment because I needed my answers first.
It has been four days since asking for a refund and I have not yet received an answer. I know their email had said No Refunds but I did not even get a proper consultation so I don't understand why they would need to keep $300, especially when consultations with the best in the US are only a hundred bucks anyway.

I still wish I could go to Yily.

I have my consultation with Vecchio in Boston on Tuesday. People say he's a jerk but does great work. He is the only one I've found in the northeast giving dramatic results. However, I still think the girls who go to Yily look way more banging than any pics I've seen of Vecchio's. My mother plead with me to not go to the Dominican so badly that she offered to pay whatever difference to have me stay safe and do it close to home. I am not as excited as I would be to become a Yily Doll but if it puts my mother's mind at ease to spend all her own money on this.... I may as well just take the opportunity to make things less complicated and/or dangerous. One would hope.

Today's the Day!!!

Well what a rollercoaster it's been so far....
I am leaving my apt in about 30min to get down to St. Elizabeth's for the 1:30pm procedure with Dr. Del Vecchio, a pioneer of the high volume fat transfer who works in Boston, NYC and Boca Raton FL. He is excited and says I am going to look awesome. I showed him my wish pic (above) and he said I could look like her. I sure hope so! We will have to see! I had to specify that I wanted an X/hourglass shape because Vecchio's aesthetic is more to make a straight middle and have all the curves occur after the lower waist. I told him I want my upper waist to be tiny and to not lose all my curves, but to slope them down into the butt like the girl in my picture. I sure do hope I come out of there bangin', even though realistically I am going to have to withhold judgement for several months as I have read a load of reviews where the shape changes and changes. I don't even have a full length mirror at this temporary apartment so it should be easier to not obsess. I will take pics when I can though, or have a friend take some for me to share with you ladies.
My biggest fears the day-of are of being alone and the whole "not-sitting" thing. My bestie who was the only girl in the city I told about this, was going to take care of me, but last night called and told me she took a gig in NYC for a lot of money that I couldn't compete with.... I am not even speaking with my mother but it looks like I need to call her in and endure her nagging unsupportive company for a few days while I'm immobile. Although she offered to pay the difference for me not to go to Yily and risk infection in the D.R. (who, by the way, refuses to return my $300 deposit even though I never got a consultation!!!) but at this point I would have been more at ease taking a full package deal with personal nurse, a clean bed, meals delivered, help getting in and out of the faja and washing it, and just looking out for any adverse reactions. Doing it alone is not recommended, if I were to impart any advice.... I haven't even gone through it yet and I've already been having a hard time and worrying about being abandoned and unable to move or get to the bathroom.
I bought plenty of frozen meals to make this week easy, as well as disposable dishware, because I am not doing any dishes this week. My other concern is about laying on my tummy which I hate and said to myself I would practice but it's just uncomfortable so I don't. I will have to suck it up and deal for the next three weeks. I brought Melatonin, a natural sleep supplement, because so many girls said they couldn't sleep for days after. I have fiber to throw into a smoothie instead of getting a stool softener. I've got my big pack of maxipads, wee pad's for the bed/drainage, and all my pills filled.
I took a video of myself last night and I can say with 100% certainty that this is a great decision. I have been eating like a pig for the past couple of months to grow my fat and to have a fiesta of the last of my excessive junk food eating days. The fridge is packed with fresh fruit and green veggies, no salty foods which would retain fluid in my body.
I ate a bowl of fresh pineapple last night and have 5 cans of it because something in it reduces swelling.
I cut a hole in a piece of foam and have it on my lazyboy. I am not sure if maybe I should have gotten two pieces of foam because it compresses completely, not really keeping my butt of anything. SEriously, how do chicks stay off their butts and still sit? I bought the boppy pillow and have loved sleeping with it this week under my neck. But I don't see how one is supossed to sit on it to relieve pressure--- Does it go under the thighs or under the butt?
Also, Vecchio's office says that Spanx will do the job and surgical fajas are not needed. Really?! Why does everyone obsess over the different types of fajas then? I have a ton of shapewear that I bought at TJ Maxx for cheap but I just pray it does the job a proper faja would have done.
That's all I've got for now.... Please stay with me ladies, I'm nervous about being alone through this, especially now that my favorite friend is leaving me and all I have is a mean spirited mother for company and care.... all respect to all the mothers out there but mine is seriously out of her mind so she is the last person I want near me at a time like this. She made my rhinoplasty revision hell, telling me to stay at her house but the very day I got the brace off my face and was still bruised, she came down on me so hard to go out and interview for jobs right away. I was like are you kidding me? Now I have a fantastic new job she battles me about, and I can do it all on the phone from home so that's crucial, but I don't get paid for a few months (real estate thing) so I don't have money for a personal care aid... but if I did have the dough that's exactly where it'd go. I might try to get a college student to come over for cheap labor.
Alrighty,.... I'm a ball of nerves!! Thanks for your support ladies! I appreciate your tips and questions.

The Grueling Recovery: Day 1

I got out of the hospital at 6:30ish tonight. I had gone in at 11:30am and Dr. Del Vecchio was a bit behind (no pun intended lol), but came and said "We've saved the best for last." I agree with others that he is very straight forward and may be dismissive, but he does listen if you persist with your point. I had shown him my wish pic and then a drawing I had made to show how he has two aesthetics: one where girls are straight down the middle then WAM BOOTY and the other less common aesthetic of sloping it all down gradually from the tiny waist. He definitely delivered. He said "You want a big butt right?" and I said "Yep." Really I had thought I was getting 1200 cc's each which would have been plenty, but I got 1900 cc's in each cheek. Still I don't think my booty is gigantic, although it is MUCH to early to assess the full outcome. I was surprised and a little disappointed to hear that the girl who came out before me had actually immediately complained that not enough was taken out, and she was ripping her garments off and freaking out on the nurses. Ladies, we have to be really patient to see our results!! I am swollen as a mofo right now and would not like my results to stay as they are, but that's okay because I know they won't, and will be changing alot over the next few months.

Now I'll share the scary things and helpful tips I'm going through and using, to give you ladies a real wake up call in terms of what to expect.

1. You really do need a personal care attendant. My mother and I don't get along and my best friend, the only one in the city who knew what I was up to, had to take a gig in NYC this weekend instead of helping me out. I was really taken aback by it but I couldn't compete with what she was being paid, so I just had to accept that I would have nobody to help me except my mother, who just makes me want to scream and bitch and tell off, which I did when I got home to see she had come into my apt and destroyed my pillow fort and had put a ton of my stuff on the damn floor where there was no way to reach it. I know that's terrible to dislike one's mother so very much and some of you mama lovers may think I'm awful for it, but it's been a lifetime abusive relationship that I am literally sick to my stomach over being near her. I have been most excited to get this done so that I will be one step closer to leaving her and this state and its 8 ft of legendary snow behind forever. But I digress. My tip is to definitely have more than one caretaker, since one may flake. I had to put up an ad on craigslist to invite some random stranger to help me out in various ways, such as: 1a. changing my bloody dressing I can't reach, helping me out of bed (I think I ripped a stitch open by shimmying around to get out of it, and it wiped fresh red blood all over the pure white comforter my mother brought over. It looks like I was murdered in my bed.
1b. Picking up anything I've dropped--- I underestimated the power of a grabber stick which I know I should have gotten. 1c. Walking around--- I would not be opposed to a walker or a cane right now. I didn't even get my thighs lipo'd but I must take tiny awkward babysteps to get around. 1d. Making meals and tea for me and going to the grocery store for things like straws (if you must sleep on your side, it's the only way to drink without spilling everywhere).

2. This is embarassing. I finally made it out of bed--- give yourself a good 20 minutes to accomplish that feat, btw--- and made it to the toilet, but just pissed all over my faja. Not every stream of piss comes out in one direction, especially when the faja is squeezing you all around your privates! I bought a raised toilet seat and that was definitely a wise investment because bending down at all is a serious bitch, but the faja with the holes in 'em are dangerous. I used a wet towel to rub the area I had pissed on, and now I'm worried if it would infect the incision under the butt. Since my gracious mother turned her phone off tonight, I don't know who to ask for help or if it's going to be an issue. Piss is sterile, right?

Of course this is the day I have to get my period. Ugh. Took me a good 10 minutes to get a pair of underwear and a pad on.


4. Expect to sleep in 2 hour spurts.

I am nauceous and think I'll throw up now. Will write more later.

Day 2 Post-Op

I woke up in the night and threw up. I felt like I couldn't breathe with the faja around my waist and had to remove it for a couple of minutes just to catch my breath. I hope it's on tight enough now because I don't want to mess all this up.

I have been sleeping on a set of pillows and one under my butt made of foam that I cut a hole into. It's been moderately comfortable but if I get stuck in any position it is very difficult to move, so I am very sore in the areas I could not accomodate.
I find it extremely difficult to not lay on my butt.

Day 3 Post Op

Yesterday was a sleepy day. My med's just wouldn't let me focus on some work I had hoped to do on the computer. So I took many naps, as did the personal care attendant that I hired off of Craigslist. Unfortunately, while I was asleep, she got up and took $200 out of my wallet, along with a $25 Amazon card laying around, and left with all her things. She was supposed to stay the night and I had paid her $200 to stay from Friday night through Sunday night. When things were going well and I was tired earlier in the day, I paid her the second $100. I guess I should not have hired a stranger (not that I had any other options) and should not have paid her upfront before her services were completed. I had budgeted only $150 and she talked me into $200, but then to steal another $225 from a person who is post-op and almost entirely immobile is just fucking low, low, low and wrong. Of course all the money she took was leant to me, as well. I tried to throw pants and boots on but I cannot even get my own shoes on by myself so all I could do was call the police. They will probably not find her. I am just so disgusted with humanity right now. This is the 5th time I've been robbed by someone who I was putting my complete trust in since September. At this point I hate everybody. I hope they catch her and I can press charges because I just can't think of a more shallow, evil thing to do than what she pulled on me. And of course she had to steal my clothes and leave me a sink full of her dirty dishes from 3 meals she made and excluded me from. I'm just so disgusted. I know, I have only to blame myself. I had relied on a best friend to be there for me through the weekend and she bailed the night before, so I really had no choice. I could not have even moved my body in the bed without the assistance, or gone to the bathroom, or changed my garments, or put on socks, or anything. But what she did was just so wrong. She could have been a junkie hoe for all I know. She was all about smoking all my weed even though I told her I had hardly any and saved it for the worst recovery days. Ugh. I'm just flabbergasted that it seems people have no morality anymore. I mean, I found a stranger's wallet last week, just the night before the operation, and walked a mile each way in the snow to return it to its rightful owner. Did I need money? Yes, badly. But I was not about to do something evil to get ahead or even accept a reward for doing the right thing- it should just be done for righteousness' sake. I thought this was the norm but I guess my peers have no moral compass and only think of themselves nowadays.
So I'm alone today. That friend who had bailed is going to come over later. I hope she wants to be generous with me with weed for all the risk and loss I just had to take bringing a complete stranger in to handle my body personally and in my home when I couldn't move. I am honestly really disappointed she could do that to me, abandon me the night before when this was months in the planning, but what can I say when a gig is offering $1400 and I only have $150 of borrowed money to pay a helper.... Again, if it were my friend, I don't think I could do that to them, or I would have at least found and offered a trusted replacement. I couldn't do that. This whole thing was a secret except from a few people, and I knew if I called on certain friends, they would tell everyone else what I'd done and they'd know how crazy I am to go through such an intensive recovery. I would prefer to keep my business private.
Anyway. My butt looks ok, still bruised and big. My hips are huge and round and my belly and back looks flat, though not too skinny yet. The arms are in bandages and bulges can come out of the top if not wrapped correctly. I wrapped them too tight a couple times and my hands ballooned up swollen. So there's a medium in the mix there for the right effect. I am looking for a faja with sleeves that will make the pressure more even as I really don't want to have bulgy arms...

Ugh. Pray for me ladies. my karma's all fucked up no matter how much good I try to do. It's like the more I offer in generosity and kindness, the more I find people who just want to suck me dry and disappear. Having faith in others is my greatest folly at this point, and that's just sad. I don't want to be so guarded and untrusting, but I can't seem to find one person who doesn't want to take complete advantage of me. It's terrible.

At least I will have a big booty to look forward to, since my relations aren't cutting it right now. I am happy I have one guy in DC who is a sweetheart to me, and was the only guy I told about this. He is excited for me and when I told him about the girl who stole from me, he kept saying he would have come up there for me to take care of me. I am hoping to deliver him this bootay because he is one of the rare men of principle I have found in this world and he deserves it.

If you're reading this and you are one of those people who looks for any chance to get ahead, at the expense of those who think you love them or can be trusted, SHAME ON YOU, where is your heart? There is a sickness in the minds of too many who don't understand you get a lot further ahead by being a consistently good person instead of smiling in the faces of the people you know you only want to hurt. Anyone like that can go straight to hell, in my book. Seriously. Of the 3 people I know who've been robbed this year, including me, 2 of us nearly killed ourselves and had to move home to family, and one of them did indeed kill himself with pills. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE WHEN YOU PUT YOURSELF FIRST. sMdH.

2.5 wks post op

I must excuse myself for being so depressed in the last post. I was still in shock that someone would be indecent enough to rob someone and run out the way my little assistant did. I got very emotional there at the end! Happily, the friend I mentioned I had hoped would bring me some treats did indeed gift a nice stash for the week for which I was most grateful. So I guess she sensed my wish and the world is not so bad. Or is it... that "man of principle" I spoke of changed his whole tone with me ON my birthday and ended up cutting off communication after I acted surprised about it. Sooo, well, I'm glad I've got great friends and didn't yet move my whole life down there, as he had often requested.
Random thoughts on healing.....
I have been healing up slowly. It's been so difficult to not sit on my ass, how can one not, for so long? #1 thing I want to recommend is getting many types of seats to help, including a raised toilet seat because your legs will be so shot--- I didn't even get them lipo'd but could hardly move or walk, let alone squat.I shift side to side but am pretty sure I've killed the fat cells in the hips Dr. Del Vecchio gave me at first, and now I can clearly see that one cheek is about an inch and a half taller than the other, from the top ie poking out of bottoms.... which I suppose I should bind with bandage to compress and make even with the other side, but am dissappointed because I like how the bigger side looks best. I can't magically make fat appear where I need it now, so I've got to work with what I've got and try to restore symmetry as best as I can...

I have to say, it's hard to enjoy or evaluate the results right now, because you can only be out of the garment temporarily, and with the bruising and swelling still apparent, I have to remind myself it will be another 6-10 weeks or so before I can really start to assess what I've got.

Right now I have lumps forming, or maybe just getting more apparent now that the swelling is reducing. One tip Ifound from a RS video of a BBL surgeon was to buy 2 rolling pins (the kind for baking) and to roll over the areas to smooth out the fat. You get one small one, maybe 6 inch and one 10 inch. That way you can reach your back with the bigger one.

My pain is at a 4 and I have not been taking the pills this week. The pain pills had me so constipated that I didn't have a bowel movement more than twice in one whole week. After I stopped taking the pain pills for two days, --please excuse this but it should be known if you're planning--- everything came out of me. It was awful. I should have been taking stool softeners from the beginning instead of waiting.

I am pretty sure that I've made it a lot smaller by cheating and sitting on cushions that were not giving the proper support. My boppy pillow is totally squashed at this point- I would definitely recommend buying 2 or even 3 of them. I got 1900 cc's--- that should be mASSive but I don't think it looks like 1900 anymore.

Also, I realized my favorite brand of panties was causing indentations enough that I had to ditch the nickers.
Losing my love handles helped dramatically. I am going to enjoy that.

I have no sagging skin. My bellybutton looks really weird and one upper hip is more flared out than the other side, but I can deal with that. My biggest concern is the lumps becoming permanent and being a dead giveaway. I'm gonna get those rollers.

I'll throw pics in later.

Debuting my booty --PICS!

just a teaser but more to come

5 weeks post op.... Lumps & Bumps...

I have my post op appt in a couple of days and am so worried that I won't be told the truth about the ridges, lumps and bumps I see happening.
I've been thinking about their attitude and the post op care there. I'm honestly not impressed. They didn't call for days after the procedure, while I was in terrible pain. The office assistant told me I could just wear spanx instead of the garments and that I did not need to buy another special garment. I was given ZERO post op instructions on my arms and when I called about my concerns that the bandages I was told to wrap around my arms were causing ridges and unevenness, they told me it was fine. But when I got to the post op appt 8 days after surgery, I was told that the noticable ridge in my upper arm (from there the bandage could be wrapped up the highest) would be permanent. I switched to some cheap compression sleeves and they did the same thing, at least not as much irregularity though because obviously wrapping a 20 foot bandage around your upper arm is going to have unevenness.
I wish they had told me or given me the proper sleeve garments. I see them online now and wonder why it wasn't recommended, since it would have saved me the FAT upper arms around my shoulders and the RIDGE that translates that fat into my new skinny arm.
I had another deep ridge at my belly button which I had asked on the 8th day if it would be permanent and I was told it would not be. It's still there. There are hard, long, very tender ridges along my belly.
I am terrified that I am going to have a Tara Reid belly. Noooo.... what can I do NOW to stop this???
I am already investigating Dr. Seckle to do smart lipo revision on me since it's less invasive, more precise, melts the fat more uniformally and he can spot-treat with a syringe.
My boyfriend is on a world tour and thinks I'm working out.... and that's how I'm becoming so fine. I really wanted to surprise him when he comes back in another 6 weeks... and now I am feeling like I need to break up with him and fix my body before I let anyone touch me or see me again.
Thank God I have my business to concentrate on, for distraction and morale as well as earning the dough I'll need to fix these irregularities....
My biggest tip for anyone doing this procedure is to learn as much as you can about post-op self-care, the proper boppy pillow and seats, and to invest in every bit of it, despite what one's surgeon says. Mine and his whole office staff are far too casual about the post-op protocol that I noticed was wayyy more on point for the Dominican patients, and they were dismissive about my worrisome results, wanting to give quick assurances, meanwhile the clock is ticking and these lumps could be turning into permanent scar tissue if they're not dealt with in a timely manner. Afterward it's JUST TOO LATE and you can look at a whole new procedure. FML...

At least I do have a fatter booty now, even if one cheek has maybe 250 more cc's on the top half than the other side. That is probably because of the way I was awkwardly sitting soon after surgery.

I am leaving my compression binder off today to work on massaging myself. It is still so tender to touch and I couldn't imagine doing this earlier, however I would have doled out the pain if I had known not doing it would leave me with these hardening ridges and lumps. If I didn't want the fat put into my butt so much, and just wanted lipo, I definitely would have gone with SmartLipo on my stomach and arms, since I had a really good experience with that for my double chin. Although I gotta say, I do recall having marble-like bumps that were not too visible but certainly could be felt, and after a few weeks of using my massager in the shower on them, they completely resolved. I can only pray that's what'll happen here. 20% of lipo patients end up with lumpy bumpy bellies, from what I just read. AY ay ay.... the price of perfection.......

Lumps & Bumps at 2 Months

Tomorrow is the 2 month post op date.... I wish I could celebrate. While I have enjoyed a few more heads turning my way and a couple of comments about my behind, I also have loads of lumps and bumps on my stomach and back that are driving me nuts. I have done a few endermologie treatments, where this giant vaccuum sucks the skin in, and I've bought a handheld massager and have been using it every day for over a week now, but have not had much results. I bought a new garment for like 80 bucks and it seems to smooth me out more, but when I lean back I can see all the tracks covering my entire stomach and a bit of my upper back, where strangely the surgeon did not take any out at all, leaving my upper back meatier than I had hoped to be made over. At best this fat will have to be used to revise my lumps and bumps. I think I've read enough reviews suggesting that at this point I should assume these to be permanent, so if anyone knows or has experienced otherwise, please do speak up!
This is exactly what I had feared. I did not want the Tara Reid belly, but looks like I've got it. I'm wondering if it is something I did wrong or if it's the result of over aggressive technique...which would really confuse me since del Vecchio has been doing lipo since I was in pre-school and has rave reviews. Is this something that will go away? I have already spent around $500 post op trying to get the massages, garment and massager to help smooth the lumps. I am waiting on a set of derma rollers with the needles that I plan to use on my stomach to even out the bumps, if it will work, I don't really know but it's used for cellulite so I hope so.
I am going to call the office on Monday to see if there's anything more they can do to help, ie I read about steroid injections that could help somehow. I don't care what it is or what it takes, but I just want to know that this is temporary and that there is a way out of this condition. Thank god my beloved is away for a month or so longer, as I really hope this resolves to a decent condition by then.

On another note, I started doing some pilates reformer classes this week. It was not intense but it felt good. I could not do the curls where you lean back and thrust yourself up with your arms out, because even at 2 months the butt hurts to sit on and certainly to roll on. Otherwise, the exercise was well tolerated. I would start running, but the extra fat on the behind hurts when it bounces. This will surely resolve in time. There are slight assymetries of the buttocks, one being larger and higher than the other, but I do not think it is terribly noticeable so I don't much mind. I can say that although I was turned off to the idea of the Brazilian style of BBL with "more on the top," the cheek with more on the top definitely looks way better on the body than the lower cheek. So if I did a revision I'd ask for a bit on the lower cheek.

I must also say that the thought of a revision for a surgery that has left me in REAL healing for 2 months and not even done yet, is a serious commitment and one I had hoped I wouldn't have to make. I am going to be patient because that's all that I can do, and enjoy my new figure despite the obvious glaring rails of ropes, bubbles and bumps that is now the landscape of my stomach. On a better note, I tried on a tight minidress today and was looking amazing. I could have never imagined filling out a dress so nicely. Now, of course that just attracts men, and then I'm back to thinking about the lumpy stomach underneath. UGh.
Someone please tell me you had a LOT of bumps at 2 months that went away completely and what you did to encourage them to disappear!
I would post a pic but it's been hard to get the right light on them to really capture it. That is not to say they are subtle, when I'm stretching back it's very unsightly, like a snake crawled through my insides and took bites out where he pleased.

5 months post op with obvious cannula marks, assymitries and irregularities... Must revise.

Well we can't say I'm not getting more attention for my figure with my clothes on, but with them off, it's a bit of a nightmare. Spiderweb-like red broken cappilaries all over my stomach, uneven bulges where there are still hard areas the size of an apple, and worst of all.... I have several giant cannula marks running up my back. One side of my upper back was not touched while the other was and left a long mark. So one side of my upper back has a huge fat pad and the other side is skinny with a line. My arms have marks too which have slightly improved. The post op care for arms was next to nil. They wrapped them up in bandages and told me to do the same, even when I asked wouldn't that create unevenness. As a result the top-most portion where short sleeves would cover is noticeably fatter.

One side of my butt is about 2 inches higher and very full, while the adjacent side is skinny and slopes more than has shelf. I have to put shirts over the top part to make sure this isn't seen.

I have to cover my back this summer and get a very concealing bathing suit because the lines are so noticeable I am sure I'll be asked by the people I'm working with at a holistic center where beach trips are often.

Dr. Del Vecchio has readily admitted I have irregularities in basically every single area that I could. He has offered a revision. He says "I do butts, if you want things to look even and symmetrical we'd need to do it over" as if it's irrelevant what the result of the bodily lipo would look like....

As well as this I got a rash on my stomach, mainly in areas where the healing was still going on, and it has been difficult to resolve. My post op appt was embarassing to have these marks all over me and terrible results.

The one good thing I can say is that I do like having more meat on my rear and I appreciate his offer to revise what is so obvious to the eye even from 6 feet away.
My only hope is that the revision does not leave me worse off, and that these track marks can be resolved, even if just the upper part so I can wear a tank top or swimsuit without them peaking 3 inches over the seams!! Looks like it's going to be a summer of coverups.

I also damaged my vocal chords in the surgery and have certain ranges of notes where I sounds like Marge Simpson. I love to sing so this was really terrible to happen. I am going to request something other than going under for the revision since it's just on my back and the SmartLipo people always keep you awake and give a pill instead of a grated tube down your throat. Maybe he can do the same.

Oi vey ladies.... This surgery is a serious tradeoff. I have to hide most of my body even 5 months post op just for the glory of a bigger, assymetrical booty. Praying he can revise as well as the results I have seen of so many other patients..... I know I am an anomaly and it sucks but I must deal. I will put pics up later today.
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