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I have been researching heavily, I originally was...

I have been researching heavily, I originally was interested in Yily but her results are too inconsistent. Dra Robles does immaculate tummy tucks but is rather conservative with lipo and BBL. Lima is still being researched, I am having a difficult time finding info on him. Almonte will do all that I want in one SX but communication has been difficult after I received my quote. I inquired with Duran in November and finally received my quote in Mid March. Cabral has been very vocal with me and YES I know of his history. I will include my quotes with procedures and what they include.

Cabral- BBL TT LIPO 4500
Cabral- BBL TT LIPO BA 6500

Cabral quote is only for SX you will be looking at about 500$ in additional fees plus massages and RH

Almonte- tt bbl lipo 4850
Almonte- tt bbl lipo bl ba 5950

Almonte quote is all inclusive which includes everything except massages

Robles- tt lipo bbl 5300
Robles-tt lipo ba 6000

Robles quote is also all inclusive including everything except the massages

Lima- tt lipo bbl ba 4500

Lima quote isn't all inclusive but includes insurance not RH or Massages

Yily- tt lipo bbl ba 5500

quote for sx only

Duran- bbl tt lipo BA 6800

Quote for sx only

I am still trying to decide on a dr but I think I have narrowed it down between Cabral, Lima, and Almonte.

I have decide on a dr finally

After much consideration of multiple surgeons I have decided that I will be using the KING.

They call Hector Cabral the king of the barbies for a reason.

I am in perfect health and yes I am aware of his history so no need to post links in my comments, I have been researching for months.

I am choosing him based on results and his signature bodies.

I am so damn indecisive

I spoke to Cabral and he gave me conflicting info, so IDK what to do. I really like Almonte work and she is more affordable. I don't like being told one thing by him and then something completely different.

This week

After talking to Almonte this week and her wanting me to get a procedure that I don't need Im just gonna stick to my original plan and go with Dra. Robles

This week from hell

Lots going on this week. Let me start by saying I am an admin for a Robles group on another site, it has came to light that she has been burning people and being very negligent (ie leaving gauze in patients, giving TT where they aren't wanted etc) so I'm going with Luis Lima. I have been a fan of his work for a while. I will share some photos. I think his TT is every bit as good as Robles. His assistant Janet is fucking amazing. I contact her via whatsapp and literally get a response within minutes. My quote from him is 4500 for TT bbl BA and lipo. I spoke to a patient of his that was 6 months post and she stated that he still even now messages her to check on her weekly. I'm posting photos of his work that I have scoured and searched for.

More Lima work

Here is his breast work ladies. I just wanted to share what I have found bc his work is hard to find unless you really dig.

Recovery House

I will either be staying with Dr.Lima's assistant Janet or Gianna Colombo. Most likely Janet., she has been so helpful in this process. I know I have asked her a million questions and she is so sweet and patient. From the girls I have spoken to that have stayed with her they said the care was awesome and that she goes out of the way to make sure your needs are met. A friend of mine had sx 3 weeks ago and stayed with her and she said that Janet even took them to the beach twice.

I am feeling very excited about all this. Everything feels like it is getting real.
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Going to Lima

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