Sept im ready..22nd any booty buddies

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Ok ladies here is where I am at , my sister in law...

ok ladies here is where I am at , my sister in law had hers done in the states but I think I wanna go to duran, she is affordable although I in boxed her via g mail, face book & now what's up app. I have yet to get a quote ,I see she is a high demand so imam be patient for a second but hell these plane tickets not getting any cheaper either. I am a bit nervous so if any former dolls can message me and let me know really what to expect it would be greatly appreciated. Imma start on these vitamins & iron & im really gonna go for it hopefully I hear something soon!! wish me luck ladies trying to fab before june 23rd my 38th bday

anxious as fk

Ok ladies its 11:29 central time and Duran quote was 3500 lipo and and bbl 4500 to add tt...I dont want tt but I will get breast has anyone had both breast and bbl at one time or is that Just TOO much..imma goin for jan now because I wanna be totally ready and I can work toward my goal of preparing and early planning..on top of my last baby graduation from h.s. this will b my gift to my self

ugggh decisions

I will be updating my journey...but more than likely imma shoot for july if my money be right

a lil shape

Need some volume

count down

Ok I am applying for my passport..and then friday I will put my deposit down I heard she is booked up till august..she havent got back with me on ba but I been researching it and a bbl and ba may be like 5 thous or 5500 so either way once I pay my dep I will get a def date then off to planning

lil breast but imma be a beast soon


more of me

Some ppl say girl why u wanna do that..I dont feel I have a messed up body..but I want an enhanced body

march 31 2014

Now I need to search for wish pics

can I pay thru paypal

My friend is gonna pay half on his credit card do I go about doing this b4 this boy change his mind

Damn i fell off

I am back on this journey and shooting for august do I pay my deposit first or what I emailed her last year but since then I decided I wanted a bad and bbl my initial quote was 3500 but now I want a bad also but I wanted to know what kind of breast she use and when do she insert. I have many questions and I'm ready to pay but I don't know where the hell to start. Do I pay then get a date

Hasan anyone...

ok I think I am ready, Dr Hasan looks to have what I m looking for 4500.00 isn't bad and it in the states. I am looking to go around Christmas time,a gift to myself. Hasan dolls pleased let me know if this is a good option?? I will pay my deposit OCT 15

back at it but i really need sum damn help!! (Vanity Shenanigans)

ok on the web site it say 3500 special till 11/26 but when you call it is only for Dr Ortega. Not Hasan or Fisher are any one else feeling dupped? like im ready to book but I don't wanna get got!!

dr hasan it is

I been stalkn, looking =, geeking you name it some be like girl you don't need that but when u know what you want you go for it whatever makes you happy. I am sending this update because now im serious and deposit will be paid dec 11 2015 I will then get a date and go from there. I think I wanna gain weight I rather them have too much fat then not enuff.

a time for A change

I am saying that I am 39 and a lot of ppl ask me like y want to do this, but I don't owe nobody an explanation. Don't get me wrong I do have a semi flat stomach and big legs but my ass is not where I want it. I say I have 3 grown boys and now its time to make me Happy. I am shooting for march so after I pay next week it wont be long. Once I put my dep down aint no turning back..i will officially be hassinified .. Ladies do you have any do & don'ts please share!!

price went up at vanity

Its five stacks right now for fisher or hasan..I was sold on hasan but damn I'm think fisher now.. I think imma gain some weight to make sure I get the hips and thighs I want...uggh decisions what y'all think which one FISHER OR HASAN VETS I NEED YALL HELP

called today

They said by next week when I pay they can't guarantee the price won't be done went up.. These ppl ain't playing they are like wall street.. I'm like well daymmm let me gone lock my BOOTY in .. Red bottoms and a sexy ass body is a perrrfect I have made up my mind. I always feel bad once its time to something for me but NOT THIS TIME ..sorry not sorry????????

Sx date 4/20/16 who else going #Hassan

Wish pics in .... Deposit paid ...I been stalks this stuff for years but now I'm getting nervous.

surgery on my mommy bday ????

But I know she will be watching over me from heaven ????????????????

she tried it

I paid my deposit last week never got an invoice.. They quoted 5k with balance 4k after paying 1000.00 get the invoice its say 6k and 5 thou remaining.. O I said Houston we have a problem but she changed it... No other choice

Gotta gain 10 lbs for 1000 cc

Wants at least 1000-1200 Cc in each cheek and 200 in each hip.. So weight gain is what it is.. I'm still confused with the vanity girls sum saying hasan will be back in march surely hope so because I don't have time to keep worrying Bout this hell survey itself is enough to worry about

started iron and ordering supplies

Meanwhile went out to to club reign.. Enjoyed my girls nite out

April 20 2016 Any Body going around this date ...let's link up #positive vibes and support

Girls let's link up with tips and positivity... April 20 th it is

hasan vets needed

Please give feed back on dos and don't all help will be greatly appreciated????

Kayla's Recovery

Locked in....omg ish gettn real

I dont know whether to laugh or cry!!

Hasan will not be back by my surgery date of of april 20 th they are saying it may be May but my thoughts is this shit bigger than we know is more going on with Hasan.. Fisher Dolls please chime in..i need some reassurance that going with Fisher will be just as good.. Damn Im mad!!

can someone send me pics of Fisher best work...

I was booked with Hasan and now im going to Fisher... but I am not sold on what ive seen so far.. Please ladies help me out!!!


I am so unsure.. Fisher vets please help.. I was so focused on Hasan that I haven't really done any research on Fisher. im 168 I feel like I don't have enough fat plus im worried if he can give me the ASS I want

May 3rd any body going to vanity

Blood was 9.5 lord I hope its up before I go.....

Pre op pics

Vanity Called

HASAN Won't be back in May either.. Although I wanted him bad I'm moving on I hope fisher will give me the sillouette I want and project I need

Shawty need sum more ass ????

Y'all please tell me what can I do to et my blood up I am scheduled to have sx 5/3 and I still think iron too low...HELP

Anyone want to switch

I have to go to hemo Dr although iron is coming up it only went from 9.5 to 10 so I have to get iron infusion. I have may 2 so I am looking for early June now

May 2nd up for grabs

May 2nd I will switch for early or mid June....

Date changed may 24th yayyy

Ok ladies I am ready to get this over with I now have a lil more time to get this hemo shit right .. And my girl dd is going on that day we been friends 15 years so we will be each others support...super geeked ..thanks all who made this possible . lords well I will be fisherfied the end of MAY

Club dress ATLANTA JUNE 24 ...

After I'm fisherfied

Pics of me

Just want some enhancements...

More old pics

Sept 22nd fisherfied or hasanafied

What do yall think .honest opinions and where was hasan in the first place... now he back my iron up and everything falling into place but im still undecided...meanwhile enjoyed my 40th bday ..we turned atl out

11.5 2 weeks out

date with fisher sept 21 need.5 more for iron any suggestions ladies

Almost ready

Well oct 13th is the day with cancellations and iton not up. Finally cleared and somewhat ready trusting that my results are amazing and everything is ok. Hope i get the projection and fulfillment im lookn for

15 days to go as... had anybody got 1700 cc from fisher

Is this possible i am thinking more fat injected because i know sum is going to die .. i want 1600 cc in my butt and 200 in hips is this possible ladies.. i want to go big cuz i know someone who didnt get enough fat injected and it look like she never had surgery so i am trying to avoid round 2..your thoughts ladies only 15 days to go

yall get that floradix liquid iron

I swear I never had a good iron count and now im normal, keep taking it even when this over. I mix it with a small cup of oj and down it goes. I was going to the iron dr and he was like what do you need me for whatever you are taking is boosting you up every time I take your test, it has increased. So ladies even fisher recommend this, you can get this from your local vitamin store on ebay it runs like 25-27 dollars and it does the j.o.b.

7 days to go

This ish expensive .im am asking for prayers and a big bootyyyyy... i know some get nervous and most excited i pray all of us get the projection we are lookn for cuz this can be more stressful than planning a damn wedding

3 days before miami...

Nervous as ever. But i know the good Lord will see me thru. Church was good today..will be flying out wed and staying at Keylas recovery house. I sure hope to have enough fat for my 12 areas if not in the thighs we will go. I am doing the cell saver as well


Today is the day headed to vanity because i made it in so late caught a cab to keylas recovery. She dont meet no strangers. She grinds hard. Couldnt really sleep. O pray for me as God giodes this surgery to sucess. I will give u guys a better update once i get situated. Wish me luck and lots of projection.....

I made it ..thank you LORD

My surgery date was oct13 2016. Everything happened happened that can steer me away from doing so. I arrived umin miami at 12:35 i got a cab for$24. I was greeted by my booty buddy where we talked till we fell asleep. I had to be at vanity at 9am. I did sign a gang of paperwork. Then i was asked to dress into surgery clothes and fisher came in a jokester he is. I felt really comfortable with him. About 20 mins later the feel good juice was pumped in me and like a lamp i wàs out

I will try to post later 3 days post op...heavily medicated


Ok 2nd times a charm (review of bbl experience)

Ok i arrived at 12:35 am caught an uber to keyla recovery house. There i met my surgery partna we talked a while then off to booty dream we went. Woke up around 8am keyla fixed breakfast i showed and at 9am was taken by her hubby to vanity. I arrived there went to a room to do ppwrk. They were friendly as ever. As i was doing ppwrk in comes fisher ..we talked about everything even politics. He was super cool. He looked at my wished pics told me that they are obtainable but will fit what can due to my skin being tight and im a soiled weight. He took lots of pics there we reviewed them together and off he went about 30 mins later they told me to prep for surgery. I prayed and the juice man was prepping me in about 5 mins or less i wàs out . I woke up faja was on and i was facing frontwards on my knees shivering like crazy. I waiting there about anothr 20 mins and then keyla hubby had me lay down in their truck. 1ST DAY i felt like bricks hit me. Ate light and slept whole nite. I got cell saver so i was never dizzy or drowsy. Just stiff and sore. Day 2 laid around got massages hurt but felt good. Day 3 checked out of recovery and me and my surgery buddy checked into hotel. Day 4 getting better moving better just take it ez. Went to mall walked alot and then shower and meds and bed.. day 5 got drains and stitches out. Now day six just resting at hotel. Day 7 heading home. I see a difference but i cant wait to fluff. I got 1400 cc in each butt

10 days post op

10 days post op

2 week post op fisherdoll

2 weeks still need fluff fairy tho

Final review in a nut shell

Six months post op.. oct 22nd was the date. I flew in that nite stay at keylas recovery. First imma say this she was God sent. She went above and beyond my expectations. Neat and clean house and she made you feel at home from the moment of hello. Since i missed my consult thar day the next day my appt was 9am. I went back nervous af. Fisher said you have a ok shape he took pics drew me up told me what he will try to do and made a couple jokes and chatted then he left. About 40 mins later they said you ready. I was supa scared. I guy came in gave me the juice as he calls it wheeled me to the op room. I remember getting moved to the table and away we went. I woke up sore but not unbearable sore. I paid the xtra 500. For the blood or whatever to reinserted into me so i was gucci. I was cold and shaking out of control but it felt more or less like a surgery of any other. The lipo hurted more than the bbl. I waited on recovery for approx hr to make sure all vitals were clear keyla came scooped me up. For the next 2 days me and my surgery buddy was in the battle together. Hell after that we got a room together and did the damn thang. We took walks and stayed medicated and stuck it out. Drains were out in five days flew out six day... all those extra meds n stuff was not needed we had the necessary stuff i left alot of stuff with keyla.

Inbox me

If you have questions i will help with what i can..

Come thru ????????????????

He lovin it
dr hasan

so far the reviews I seen im impressed ladies please share your view.. u guys already been thru it so gimme the real & raw

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