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I'm new to this website.I've been considering...

I'm new to this website.I've been considering doing this for a while but before I jump straight into this I hope some of my fellow BBL sisters could help me out.Ive been reading around and I see there are a few Dr.'s that are really popular.With that being said, Ive also noticed there are certain Dr.'s that are known for building certain body types.Ive been really interested in Dr.Yily because she does really well with creating a small waist and proportionate hips (which is what I'm really concerned with since I look like Gumby in the hips).I've always had a really delicate figure on the bottom half of my body.I have a chest that measures 36DD cup.I;m 5'1" and weigh 143.With that being said, I was hoping to hear some your experiences (especially Dr.Yily patients). I figured it would cost about 5,500 to get the procedure done by her along with the extra added expenses like these garments I hear everyone talking about. I want to get it done this year in November so if anyone else is planning around the same time let me know and maybe we can take this journey together :) Anywho, I'm just looking to hear from everyone so I can get some more direction as to how I should prepare and go about this experience. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

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Im getting kinda anxious about this whole decision. I need to email Dr.Yily but there are 2 emails on her webpage.Does it matter which one 0.0?

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