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I'm new to this website.I've been considering...

I'm new to this website.I've been considering doing this for a while but before I jump straight into this I hope some of my fellow BBL sisters could help me out.Ive been reading around and I see there are a few Dr.'s that are really popular.With that being said, Ive also noticed there are certain Dr.'s that are known for building certain body types.Ive been really interested in Dr.Yily because she does really well with creating a small waist and proportionate hips (which is what I'm really concerned with since I look like Gumby in the hips).I've always had a really delicate figure on the bottom half of my body.I have a chest that measures 36DD cup.I;m 5'1" and weigh 143.With that being said, I was hoping to hear some your experiences (especially Dr.Yily patients). I figured it would cost about 5,500 to get the procedure done by her along with the extra added expenses like these garments I hear everyone talking about. I want to get it done this year in November so if anyone else is planning around the same time let me know and maybe we can take this journey together :) Anywho, I'm just looking to hear from everyone so I can get some more direction as to how I should prepare and go about this experience. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

Lets try this again. Forreals this time.

Im finally back. It only took 3 years for me to find my back to realself but it happened. Last time I posted I was so hopeful and blind to what it would actually take to make my BBL happen. (To be young and dumb lol.) Anyways, Im back and I'm going full force this time around. Im in between doctors and would love some suggestions on who you think I should go with. My top 3 thus far are Dr. Yily, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Baez. Shit to be honest, all these doctor are starting to run together and my brain is turning to mush trying to keep everyone in order. Im leaning more towards Dr. Fisher. All of the girls that have gone to him look spectacular and they all have the projection and hips that I lack. They all have such womanly figures after he's done with them and I need him to sprinkle some of his magic on me. Nothing worse than looking like a linebacker in a swimsuit when your trying to be cute with your friends on the beach. Im 5'1" and currently 160 which is huge for me. I usually float around 140 but I know the extra weight is necessary for the surgery. I just hope I didn't put on too much weight because then I'll be shitty. I'll have pictures soon but until then, HELP ME LADIES! Tell me what you think doctor wise, RH opinions, packing suggestion. The whole 9.

Morning thoughts and Rambles.

So I spoke with a coordinator (Angie) from Vanity yesterday. I have to send my pictures and when they took my BMI, they said I was right on point! She told me not to gain one more pound. I'm so happy I decided to just go ahead and gain the weight because now I don't have to waist time trying to put it on in time for surgery. She said the next available date was August 12th so thats what I'm shooting for. Its about 3 months earlier than I originally planned but with what I read on here, Im sure that date will change quite a few times. I still haven't told anyone about it yet and to be completely honest, I don't know who I really want to tell. My sister is extremely judgmental so I don't even want to tell her Im even thinking about doing it. My father oblivious to everything. I feel like my mom might be the only semi-sensible person I can talk to about this. I planned on going down there on my own but all the post I read say bringing someone is the way to go. I don't know. I'll probably bring my best friend. I know he'll support me through it but I don't want to throw that responsibility on him. I really don't want to throw that responsibility on anyone. Im sure I'll figure it out. Im a smart girl. Until then, I'll just start preparing mentally for the changes to come to my life in the near future.

Had to buck up and post pictures.

My My My ladies. I must really want my BBL because I've gained so much weight. My figure was already a pain to look at but with this extra weight I look down right ridiculous. It's alright though. I sent my pictures to Vanity today and now I'm waiting to hear back.

How did you all pay for your procedures?

I was thinking about taking out a medical loan to pay for my procedure but Im not sure if thats the smartest thing to do. Im just so anxious about everything I really don't want to wait. Are there any ladies that did this? If so, would you suggest doing so or would you just save up for the procedure if you had a second chance?
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Im not going with Yily. Im going to Vanity with Dr. Fisher.

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