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Hi Real Self! I've been "stalking" this site just...

Hi Real Self! I've been "stalking" this site just like I see alot of others have been before they even say a word. I had a tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift with Dr. Konrad Dawson here in DC almost a year ago to the date. My result were great... so why am I considering going to the DR for the BBL (and maybe arm lift)? Because from the years and years I've been researching sx online (on and off rs), in magazines, consultations, I've never seen the snatched waists and "S" curves that I've seen come out of the DR! I paid over $12K cash for my extended TT, lipo and BL and trust me it was worth every penny, but I want to go further! I want to be even more amazing!!! Dr. Dawson is one of the best, but he is reasonable and I want my body to be outside of reason (lol). Now where can I go that's on the edge of reason, quicker, snatchy-er for less cost? Answer: DR baby!!! As you can see I'm planning to go in 2017 right after my daughters birthday but I'm looking now to see which doctor I should see. I've seen so many posts for the various dolls it's making my head spin. I'm leaning towards Almonte and Baez. Does anyone have any input about which doctor to go to????

Where I am Now and my Goals

My measurements are 40-34-50. I'm 5'5' and I weigh 235 pounds. I wear between a size 12 and 14. My thighs are 28" a piece!!!! (O_o) That is more then some peoples waist size!!! I've been actively/aggressively losing for the last 2 months. I weighed 235 after my last surgery and managed to put on 20 pounds between the winter holidays and my daughters birthday in January. Its crazy how bad eating habits take no time to redevelop in your life and how hard it is to get back on track. I finally had enough - so in February @ 255 pounds, I got serious and lost 20. I want to lose 35 more. I have no desire to be small, however I do believe if I lose this next 35 pounds my BBL, lipo and arm lift will have even better results.
For weight loss: I pay close attention to my diet, especially my carbs and I drink alot of water. I found that you have to find out what eating works for you. Protein and veggies with limited carbs gives me fuel for the gym and helps my body have better weight lose results. My work out has changed the most! I'm a gym rat, but only for weight lifting. I've included cardio with my weight training and its made all the difference in the world!

Between my workout regimen, my diet and my surgery my goals are to:
(1) lipo of waist (down to 30" - which is 4 inches smaller then what I am now)
(2) lipo of ALL back fat
(3) lipo of upper inner leg fat
(4) lipo of inner knee fat
(5) removal of swinging arm fat
Overall to be as muscular toned as I can possible be with getting surgery at 200 pounds.
I want to keep my thighs, just more toned. I always love woman's profile pictures where their legs are bigger then their torso area.
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