Going All The Way... Again - Round 2 W/Cabral - Dominican Republic

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Previous post is called "Going All The Way". This...

Previous post is called "Going All The Way". This is my second journey. Excited and nervous. This time my husband knows that I am planning to have surgery, and is ok with it. I know that my previous review said that I wasn't going back again, but I am going to get far less done this time so I am not worried about such extreme fluid loss.

I am getting touch up lipo sculpting (I want to smooth out my waist, smooth out my hips, and flatten the top of my butt - feel like my butt is too "shelfy"), fat grafting to round out the bottom of my butt cheeks, fat to my face and cheeks, and possible eye lift.

I still fit easily into my size small faja, so I am taking the small to start stage 2 (for coming home) and am ordering an extra small to transition into a couple weeks after surgery. Will keep updating as I get closer.

Ready to Go!

Flights booked: leaving on Sunday, June 19 returning Tuesday, June 28. RH booked: Sea Lily. Supplies gathered... Now all that I need to do is go! I have tried to work hard to ensure that I am only taking what I absolutely need this time, and to not leave anything out. I had to get a transfusion last time, so I am making sure that I have iron boosting supplements, juices, etc with me when I go to CIPLA to stay the nights before surgery and after surgery. I am going to bring a small soft-sided cooler with me with a re-usable ice pack in it so that I can bring fruit, bottled water, and juices, and will ensure that I also bring the standard wipes, alcohol, gloves (didn't bring those to CIPLA last time, and needed them for THEIR nurses!), small bottle of Lysol spray, a cheap sheet and a blanket, a heating pad, a pillow, chux, toiletries, pain and other meds, thermometer, pads. That's all I can think of for now. I don't want any issues. The rest is in God's hands... Will update again this week.

On my way to the airport...

Last night, all of a sudden, I became very nervous. I was packing my final supplies, and it really got me to thinking about my previous trip. I am praying that I don't get sick (taking airborne just in case, although I didn't get sick like that last time), and am going to request from Cabral that I get IV abx and IV iron after surgery, even before they decide to test if it is low (I dropped to a 7 last time) so I am hoping that helps. I think what got me over the hump this morning is that my husband reassured me that he was ok this time around. Just knowing that my best friend is in my corner gave me a ton of relief!! I really want this, and I really love him, so this makes a huge difference in my sentiment.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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