UK Doll Having a BBL and Lipo by Dr Duran/Tania Madina - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys! So after months and months of researching...

Hi guys! So after months and months of researching (I've wanted to do it for years but just never was to deep into the idea) I've decided to take the biggest life changing step and get lipo and bbl Eeek! So I had a list of my top 5 doctors I wanted to go to and I researched them in and out my list included Cabral, Madina, Duran, Molina and Beaz. I finally cut it down to 3 which was Madina, Cabral and Duran THEN I cut it down to the last 2 after doing thorough research on all 3 and seeing who's results was close to the ones I wanted aswell as reviews (I know ALOT of research right? but I felt better doing it this way that way I know within my heart I know I did as much research as I could before I went ahead with it.) I've now got a quote with Duran and Madina but I'm stuck who to finally go with! There both just as great tbh and I like the fact I could watch Dr Tania Madina on snapchat in action so it all wasn't just pictures I was going by which also was one of the reasons why I picked her. Duran I've heard nothingggg but good reviews and of course seen nothing but good. There both near enough the same price so it's really not about the price for me. What do you guys think? Who would you/have you gone with? Let me know!

Wish pics!

Date secured!

Finally I've secured my date I feel like I've been to war just to get it lol but I'm happy it's out the way and I can now start looking to preparing myself for my surgery. I've received this from Durans assistant after my date was secured (picture above) am I supposed to receive anything else? Like a email of what to bring what to wear ect? I'm not sure if another email should follow after this or I need to contact them to send me one? let me know girls. Btw I booked directly through Duran I didn't use Surgi coordinator but I know they send you a email once you've secured your date so I just presumed maybe Durans assistant would do the same? The first email you get with your quote sort of says what medicines to bring ect so I'm just wondering do they expect you to go by that cause they did resend me that email aswell as this email on top idk I'm so confused help!!

Veneers before or after?

Girls do you think I should get my veneers done Before my surgery (bbl and lipo) or after?? Has anyone done both together? If so how many days between did you leave? I'm thinking of getting it done a few days after my surgery while I'm still recovering so I'm not bored in the recovery house but then I just think will I be in to much pain to go while I'm recovering? Let me know your thoughts.

what room to pick at the RH house?

Ladies is it best to stay in a single, double or triple room? I want to stay in a single room because I like my space and I'm Gna be in pain which leads to irritation so I personally just want my own room, but is it safe to stay in a room on your own? Also what RH would you recommend in DR?
Dr Duran

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