Tummy Tuck +lipo on Waist&arms +BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello dolls...... I'm 23 years old with two kids...

Hello dolls...... I'm 23 years old with two kids and no longer love body. After researching and chatting with a few of you guys I decided to go with dr. Robles. Her work is beautiful . I will be goin 03/24/14 for surgery on 03/25/14 I'm so excited for my new body. I already made my deposit and will be purchasing my ticket this week. I will be receiving a tummy tuck + lipo on waist back and arms + bbl. With the recovery house and mess and transportion I was quoted $5,200. I began taking my vitamins also. Any #roblesdoll goin in march 2014?

Purchased tickets

So today my ticket for march 23,2014!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm still #teamrobles...... I just hope she makes my butt the way I won't to..... I will be posting wish pics soon

Thinking about yily

So I might be going to yily . She would do my breast lift..... Ugh now I'm confused. But on the bright side I'm medically cleared from surgery and just a few more weeks to go. Anyone know where I can order compression sleeves and socks ???


So I've gained a few pounds And need to lose at least 8 pounds before I go. And yes I officially switched over to yily and with be staying at relax recovery armonia . 4 more weeks and counting

Going with my gut

So I only have 14 days till the big day ........ Imma stick with Robles .... I've been communicating with Laura and now that the day is gettin closer I'm nervous. I will be updating as the day gets closer . I lost 6 pounds so alil happy about it. Will keep you guys updated

7 more day!!!!

I will be leaving on Sunday with my husband ......I can't wait ..... I'm praying everything will be ok and I'll have the beautiful body I always wanted ......

2 more days

2 more days and I'm off to DR...... Excited and nervous .... Just can't wait till I'm on the flat side

1 day

Flying to tomorrow at 730AM. Packing all my last minute things..... Any Robles barbies I will see u 2mm


Sitting here at JFK ........ Hopefully they start boarding soon


Waiting to speak to Laura and dra Robles !!!! So excited and nervous at the same time....

9 days post op

I cried like a baby last nite and realize how strong I have to be for my kids. So I didn't have surgery on 3/24 but on 3/26/ with yily . At first I went to Robles and she said I was 4 days pregnant . I took a pregnancy test the night b4 I landed so I was sure it was. Mistake .

My crazy week so far

Had the surgery and let me tell u ladies this shit ain't no joke . On top of the that my husband just left as soon as we landed . As I sit here I threw up my life thinking it's the meds . I pissed on stick and guess what I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So fair great communication with DR.Walkiris and her assistant Laura.

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