DRA BAEZ CURVES AHEAD!! Dominican Republic

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Helloooo everybody I will be emailing/stalking...

Helloooo everybody I will be emailing/stalking doctors today whatever it takes 4 quotes including tummy tuck lipo & bbl possibly breast augmentation I will post prices when I receive quotes. I had a good shape until kids BUT everrrrryboddddy says that even the ppl who never had kids?? Lol best believe I will be there early Feb 2016 before that 1st income tax check is issued cuz I know everybody & their momma will be up in club Dominican then so early bird gets the worm I guess :D


People will tell you that you don't need surger so they dont support it but they have no clue what my reality under my clothes is how it affects different aspects of MY LIFE and they ain't lived a day in my body so I don't need their approval . If people who know me in person seen me naked with thier own eyes they prob wouldn't believe its me and I don't either THATS MY REASON for sx my body changed drastically I wanna look & feel like myself again. Luckily I do have somebody who tells me I am perfect the way I am and they love me but my happiness is what matters so if this will help me to be even happier I got their support. Ladies don't DEPEND ON NOBODY 2 understand or support your decision its YOUR BODY & nobody knows your body better than you. if you have support great but have your OWN backrolls I mean back lmao


To give a better idea of my problem area MY STOMACH is in need of a tummy tuck with muscle repair . Ready to get rid of the mummy tummy C sections suck!!


These are quotes I got and still waiting on quotes from Almonte,Baez,and need an updated quote from Duran

Tummy tuck & bbl 5,200 (R.house INCLUDED)

Tummy tuck & bbl 4,350 (WITHOUT R.house)

If I add breast implants it is 1,200 more (Hemo must be really good to get all procedures)


Tummy tuck bbl & breast implants 6,000

Tummy tuck bbl & breast implants +r.home 6,850

*Extra area of lipo $300


Tummy tuck bbl and breast augmentation 5,500

I can find a RH for usually $75 a night to add to that 6,250

Also guest are approx $55 per night @ RH

I seen ppl with different quotes for the same procedures some less ,some more but ppl gotta understand you ain't her & she ain't you & usually its only a couple hundred $ difference I noticed so why even fuss?? Ppl get all offended over $200 when it might be cuz you got $200 more worth of belly just pay what u wiegh lol

These quotes went up slightly from last time I checked but I ain't gonna cry about that cuz that's lifeeee. You snooze you lose


I'm just aiming 4 whatever works & looks best 4 me but I think petite with curves is beautiful just as much as extra thick don't wanna wish for somebody else's shape I just look 4 inspiration think its better 2 enhance & customize ur own 2 suit u

Dra Baez QUOTE

So this has been this highest quote I received so far but I truly do think she is worth it. I do think 2,700 more to add implants is more than most in the DR .Usually I see 1,200-1,800 when you add it w TT & bbl procedures I emailed her to see if that was with a lift added but regardless of her quote being more I'm still heavily considering her. What y'all think??

TT & bbl 3,900
TT,Bbl,& breast implants 6,600

This DOES NOT include RH!!


For the dolls who asked about her correct info I came across this post on IG . Also I have seen her active in the past on Sundays thru social media so if u catch her online hit her up OFF TOP W NUDES & ALL ur info instead of saying "I want 2 have surgery can u give me a quote" I mean wth would she be quoting don't be shy include those pics & be straight forward 2 the point. Hope this helps future dolls


It never alerts me when I get a new mssg It sucks that u dont get an alert 4 new mssgs like the newsfeed alerts .I spend a lot of my time on here lately trying 2 prepare myself I've met some great ladies 2 discuss upcoming sx with but sometimes it takes awhile communicating on here so PLS get a mssngr app RS!! Until then if anybody wants 2 chat thru KIK message me ur name & I will get it 2yrs from now *rolls eyes*

HEMO 14+

CHEEAAAH my hemo was 14.7!! I'm sooo happy that I prob won't have 2 deal with the struggle since every time I've checked its always naturally over 14 I did not do anything to try to bring it up but NOW I will try to see if & how long it will take me to get it to a 15. Anything over 15.1 is supposed to be to considered to high but 15 is just high enough without being too much. I'm doing this since I want to get TT,BBL,BA,ARM LIPO,INNER THIGH LIPO I was thinking I might take off the breast if my hemo wasnt good ...BUT now I'll be eating up some musk/canteloupes because oohhh I want me a nice set of melons #TeamoHemo :))


5,200 bbl,lipo including armpits,tt,& INCLUDES RH cool but I really don't feel there is good communication with her assistant. After patiently waiting for a quote & then you get one kinda thrown at you cuz after I received it any questions I asked were not being answered ...I would see her online ,my mssg read,then typing but NO mssg back even days later ...I get they deal with alot of girls some who are probably time wasters or ask questions repeatedly but if you can't even give me a quote that includes BA??? Its all good tho I'm just thinking this is MY sign 2 go with Baez! Besides i sensed she was a little attitudish or maybe just putting the ASS in assistant so I'll carry on but hey Lesley assist deeez!!!!! Got heeer lol I know i ain't shiii ;)))


These are all *inspiration* pics I dont want 2 expect somebody else's body & disappoint myself BUT HEY! IF?? I can get within reach of one of these figures I'd be happier than a pig in sh*t but the only things I'm really counting on is a stomach with no flab at the bottom some more definition to booty even if its not major I'm looking at anything above those expectations as a bonus


continued it cut off my last post

LOSE 25 lbs (GOAL)

I'm giving myself 60 days 2 go hard & lose 25 . That's about 3 lbs a wk even though it won't work out exactly like that its achievable

LADIES if you have trouble sticking 2 a certain exercise routine...DANCEHALL
Its saving my life right nah lol
I slacked off from my routine a bit BUT I lost 5 lbs unintentionally cos I been on my dancehall lately been burning up helps calories without feeling like it
if yuh ain't got chu yuh own mix go get 1 on yt ;)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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