TT, Lipo & BBL with Dr Contreras. Dominican Republic, DO

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Good morning ladies, after stalking this site and...

Good morning ladies, after stalking this site and filtering through so many Doctors reviews I've decided to schedule my sx for June 2016. I know this is short notice but if I don't do is now, I'll just die from anticipation so in two short months I'll be on my way to the DR and flat side. Anyone with recent experience with Dr Contreras please help a sister or with as much information as possible. Thank you ladies in advance.

So many questions

Good morning Dolls. My surgery is scheduled for June 7th and the closer it get's the slower times seems to move. I am sooooo very excited to finally start my journey to the flat side. I will post my before and wish pics as soon as I get a moment to do some editing as well as my current measurements. I'm a little on the short side and I'm really concerned that the Dr. won't get enough fat to give the A** and hips I desire. I have sent him a message asking if I needed to loose or gain any weight and should I start taking any vitamins and his response was to start taking folic acid, vitamin C and iron but, he didn't say how much and how often. Can you ladies let me know what your daily pre sx cocktail was? Any advise you think I could use I would love to hear it. 53 days to go ladies, help me out.

!!!Help ladies!!!

I've just received some information they may or a hult to my June surgery plans. Does anyone know of the airlines requiring you to stay in the DR for a certain length of time sheet plastic surgery? If so what exactly is the policy? Where can I find it? I planned to stay 11 days after my TT, BBL and lipo, but now I'm being told I have to stay 4 weeks min for a tt alone. Any truth to this. Please help ladies in stressing over this!

SX Buddy needed May 17th 2016 Dr. Contreras

Good evening ladies, I'm looking for a SX buddy for May 2016. I am scheduled for Dr. Contreras for TT, BBL and Lipo on May 17th and stay at Serenity Recovery house. I will be in the DR for 13 days total arriving on the 16th and departing on the 28th. If any of you ladies will be there at the same time, leave me your date, Dr. and recovery house. Maybe we can link up or at least check up on each other . Only 25 day till take off ladies, please send prayers up for safe travels and health outcomes.

18 days and counting ladies

OK so, I have 19 days until I leave for the DR so things are starting to get real! I git my lab work back today and my hemo was 13.9 so in excited to get that news. I still haven't found a sx buddy but in holding out hope that someone will come through to help me through my journey. I'll keep you guys posted as time ticks away. Have a great day ladies.

39 Year Old Mother of 3 Ready to Start Anew

Tummy tuck, lipo and BBL scheduled with Dr. Edgar Contreras staying in the DR for 12 days at Sareinty RH. I'm a little on edge but the results are so amazing that I can't help but follow through. Can I get some advise on how to make it through this journey as healthy as possible? Any one song to link up in the DR in mid May?

OMG I'm so ready for the new me!

I still need a surgery buddy! where are all the May dolls?

Before pics I've been trying to wait till the last minute to post these awful pictures but here they are. Can't wait to post some afters

6 Days and counting!!!

Well I'm six days abreast from my dream come true! MY NEW BODY IS DO CLOSE ???? I still haven't found a surgery buddy but I'm hopeful that there will be some wonderful ladies at my RH to help me get through this time away from my family. I'm all packed and ready to go. In my excitement I forgot to take a photo of all my supplies but I'll list the all soon. TTYL dolls ????

A few wish pics

I forgot to post a few wish pics. These women look great but my expectations are realistic when it comes to my results. I have faith that Dr. Contreras will give my the body I truly want. My lips to God's ears.

Surgery day!

So...... I'm here at the clinic waiting to be taken in for surgery and I couldn't be more excited! I spent the night here, had blood work done this morning and my consult with the Dr????, now all that's left to do is wait. I've posted my before pics with the Dr's markings to highlight my trouble spots. I'll update you all as soon as I can. See tough on the flat side dolls.

1 week out!

So it's been a week and I must admit that I am not happy with my results. I believe my tummy is good and flat and that he did an OK job on my back with the lipo but my ass..... Not a bit happy! I have spoken with some of the ladies here at the recovery house (all of which have donks) and they say they can see a little projection. A little projection? I paid for a Butt! Smh, I guess you can add disappointment to my discomfort.

My recovery house details

Serienty Recovery House

It's been it's long road, but I'm still here.

Hi ladies,
I know is been a long time but believe me, it's with good reason. I said I wanted to wait the required time before I wrote my review and I think it's been long enough.
1. The clinic- it was nice looking but horrible beds, horrible service, no food provided at all! I was here for three days damn it! Not but two people that work there can speak and understand English. Keep in mind this place is huge a fajah store, restaurants, clinic, surgical center, recovery house ect...
2. Dr. Contreras is sweet as hell, but he rushes you in and out of his office.
3. The rooms are just like hospital rooms, nothing special but the beds are the worst. I would imagine prison mattresses would be better. Your basically sleeping on the iron frame.
3. When you first check in your able to move around and get assistance but after surgery we Found ourselves screaming out for nurses to come help (no kind of call mutton and they shut your door) but they act like that don't hear you. Especially late at night. When they do respond, if you don't speak Spanish, well.. your screwed. When t g email Dr comes to check on you, he will tell you not to be concerned if you have a problem or question his work (you swollen so you can't do anything but take husband word that your results will be great. Hated my experience at the BE Center.
4. Finally time to go to the RH and I just can't wait! I loved, loved, loved our driver and loved the recovery house even more. I was in a lot of pain when I got there but they got me comfortable quick and started taking care of me. I've got nothing but good things to say about Serenity RH but I'll do another review just for them, let me get to my results!
My recovery why well during my time in the DR, I had three follow up appointments, one extra because I was really concerned with my tt scar. It seemed to start out fine on one side, then started to get crooked, wrinkle and overlapped on the other. (Will post pics) Dr Contreras assured me it would flatten and look good once it healed. The other appointments were in the clinic with someone else. Never saw Contreras again after the scar concern visit. I was supposed to be in the DR from May 16th to May 30th but I was,feeling good so I went home two days earlier. FYI Contreras waits forever to put you in a fajah and let you get your first massage so be prepared to be full of fulid. i had fluid drained three times by needle because I had so much! The flight home was a bit uncomfortable m, but worth it to be home. You will swell but you have you make sure you in your fajah and you pack pads in you carry on to stuff your fajah once you get back in the US and don't have to have anymore screenings done.
Recovery continued to go well at home, but I started having problems with a small section of my scar. The healing slowed down and it was taking longer to close. I followed up with my PC and g email told me to keep putting the antibiotic cream on it. I was on oral antibiotics so infection really wasn't an issue. 1 month out I was really beginning to worry that my tt was OK, my lipo, was alright on my back but not my arms or thighs and my BBL was non existing. I went back to work on June 28th but during my recovery I had developed a small knot on my top right stomach (under my right breast) that I was told was a lipo lump, don't worry. By the time I went back to work it was very sore but I thought it was from my garment rubbing. After two weeks at work and a lot of pain fron t g email lump I went to the ER on Friday July 8th, strig g the from work. They did a CT scan and Said not only was it and abcesses but they had found two more and each had a collection of fulid under them. I was admitted, given I've antibiotics, strong pain meds and told I would need to have them drained. I spent one week in the hospital and had two drained at bed side by scalpel slicing t g email open and letting them drain and another needle drained via CT scan. I was told that they would run test on the fluid the removed from the abcesses and get back to me with the results. A few days later I was told I had some sort of infection but ghetto didn't know what yet. The test would take a few weeks but put me on strong antibiotics anyway. Went home with two open wounds draining with wet packing twice a day. I had a nurse come to my home daily to change the messy dressings.
Having issues uploading pics up to this point but I'll keep trying and continue my story.




At this point I have sect Contreras messages via email, text (yes I hpave his cell number) and what's whatsapp. He has not responded.
Dr Edgar Contreras

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